(DKC3) Donkey Kong Country 3: Versus. (FINAL) [HD]

oh hey there guys this is gutsy and with me is gamer domi and we’re gonna pick up this game where we left off last time we’re at world 8 basically necked next so it could be anybody’s game right now yep so you ready to start this oh yeah okay go ahead and do the countdown 3 2 1 go okay let’s do this the way we’re like no this okay this world a loan okay yeah this stage my bad this world yes it’s were late there’s this ok I just get up actually I should lead with a kitty Kong on this because if I lose Dixie I’m pretty screwed yeah you really are dude this level you didn’t oh no I must unless you you want to have Dixie in this level so I’m saying I got you died no I just got hit but I had both songs but I just lost kitty and that’s not bursting in the world see I got hit I lost Dixie I’m gonna go with Kitty now okay midway point I was like right at the midway point yes well you must have been flying because I mean I did fairly fast were you leading with kitty ah I was 20 no there oh thank you oh shoot choo choo choo choo ok oh shoot ok oh nice Christmas oh I just got the bonus barrel by Exeter oh please nice nice eyeball the bone spurs dude I was right at the checkpoint earlier Wow mmm I shouldn’t wow this report can be tricky ok alright got Kitty back at least boom hopefully I don’t grab just officeport can meet really tricky wow how both Kong’s that’s I normally never do that did you die no I’m actually doing really good uh oh sweet sweet sweet I’m doing really good and before I die oh oh wow oh this hit LeBron okay stage world done stage world thank you I keep I keep wanting to say world page give me to hunger that’s good okay cave stage no I went to shoot her school of that that was stupid okay dawn going into the Bears for wasting time oh no I hate this stage the stage is my favorite just kidding here here no there’s some parts Aegis with the white barrels yeah the white ghost barrels not the white goes bro this one sucks I know it does especially one part Oh during a speedrun it messed me up so bad I was trying so hard to get the stupid barrel to go the way I wanted to but it wouldn’t yeah I’m sure you’ve been in that case before I could just I always die at the end like they’re just one barrel that I always seem to diet ok this one they’re just open Kitty’s pretty good for this with all that Wow okay I just brushed that I shouldn’t I should just face I am scared because dr really Payton I don’t have kitty right now so I’m okay I got midway point dang I did not see that okay well I’m choking on world eight no I was ah i know i was close to that midway point too that’s what makes me mad I know it was close to the midway point Oh too late okay all right I just gotta be I just got to take my time with this and I and not die that’s the point but you could die stupid barrel please tell me you died oh man i keep getting i can getting my second come back that sucks i’m just being lucky right now hockey okay this isn’t a real vs. coz it’s just based on luck according to kathy oh yeah sure I make my own luck I win automatic win no but no barrel come on tighter wow wow how does that mean whoa I’m instability frame thanks I hate this barrel this is the one that I hate the most okay there we go

okay i know there’s a barrel here okay there damn right like rain barrel quarter so I got it in I can’t okay the spider anymore oh shoot ok nevermind ok done with the stage ok I’m pretty close to end Wow come on there we go what’s oh the lightning stage oh I hate this stage it’s gonna be a big one for the whole complete person ok run run run run run run ignore the Lightning run run run Oh ignore the Lightning for the most part no I can’t pick up that o undead I died ok um this is gonna be a big one ok done sweet you die ya did sweet nice you like sweet this is so awesome like you got it yes it’s like the best news ever huh Oh slight breeze is a defining level Wow right when I say that I think has it out for me I think oh god did ahead of you right here pretty opiate this lightning unless the lightning this has to be a punk at you I’m ope be quiet shoot water please okay halfway point speeding from this halfway point yeah no I’m sink halfway point for me the water there we go oh man oh dang it okay come on it no I needed that barrel for protection dang it I things Burrell protected you the what bonus borough I thought have protected you hmm I don’t know how but I shoot it’s a barrel above your head all the other boroughs protect you well yeah but you can’t grab the bonus barrel I would still you’d think it would protect no oh Thank You Beryl thank you shoot this jump Wow okay okay i beat the stage oh come on please true now this next one’s the one that might actually kill me quite a bit special in so i don’t have dixie well now you’re gonna get her yeah shoot this stage i hate it with a passion with a passion people okay I’m being nimble at the moment no no no no no no okay there we go oh yes just yeah actually no it’s still with [ __ ] Donkey Kong barrel right there okay there we go midway point come on now what oh wow dude I had a barrel in my hand and the lightning hit me shoot I just got killed good I need it loose I’m at the halfway through when I was like right at the end you know yeah and though a lightning hit me well I had a barrel in my hand Oh lightning almost hit me while I had a barrel but it hit the barrel instead somehow it normally hits the barrel yeah I don’t know I guess I was just too far right yeah let’s take this little slower there we go what wow that’s bad I’m really like I’m like getting lucky decks like unlucky lucky dad’s like like you ought to see how I’m dying it’s like how could you die like

that no no no no no okay there we go oh ok done with this stage so you’re on final boss ya know I got the embedded pipe level I thought the next one wasn’t worried right no the next one was the Kremlin’s that knock you off oh yeah ok so if you guys don’t know about this stage basically controls are inverted so left this right and Latin ritis lift I have never done that like I thought these barrels were supposed to protect you oh no dude this is the biggest choke what I know I hate that stage with a passion dude well actually both stages the lightning and the Kremlin’s I game over 00 know about like three times three times three deaths um I was like throwing the barrel you know like I wouldn’t got hit by the barrel if I was holding the bear okay I’m gonna try that okay no one but like I threw it right as the lightning hit me so like right after I through the barrel and it was like a donkey kong barrel to oh well I don’t have that halfway point anymore uh should I wait because I know you had more lives before but you say you didn’t save so maybe wait till I get to the like the halfway point we’ll just edit this out okay go ahead and if you start doing okay just us I mean oh dang it I just died again nice I hate it’s so nerve-racking it’s like you you don’t you don’t know if you’re doing gonna do it right or not yeah yeah I know what you mean oh they’re gonna push you off okay okay you finished it no no I died at the stage so I have to start from the beginning oh nice have to be careful there I really should not be dying on us i was like i said before i’m actually pretty good on this level it’s just right now i’m just really doing bad it’s it’s difficult like it’s no way like not you can’t be really sure if you’re going to do it pull it off hundred percent successfully or not yeah cuz the Lightning’s are random the well not really that random but they can like psych you out it’s kind of weird randomness to it’s not completely random but it is it’s not a complete random because it actually tries to predict where you’re going to be yeah so you have to stop in order to bypass its prediction yeah but I guess it yeah oh boy well I’m I just passed the halfway point in this stage okay I’m doing good i think i’m gonna pass this level this time I have full songs oh boy bonefish no no no huh I really dude how did I get that jump I really should get in guard on the stage it makes it so much easier dude I had this crazy-looking jump straight through the bees like how did I get that jump but then I down like the easiest shame I died again I really should have gotten in guard I’m glad it’s okay dude I don’t even know where handguard is I will take one of the bonus barrels I won’t get him either though dude why isn’t dude my button to switch cons wasn’t working sex and I died because standing still trying to switch Kong’s and one of those pushing things got me because my button wasn’t working Oh sometimes like you have to be like completely sits I even in some platforms you can’t actually switch until you change platforms but that’s very rare occasions yeah I find it funny that you can’t switch under water wow you can can you oh you mean like like regular swimming like not actually on the water level but uh a level with water yeah yeah you can’t do that it’s just whenever you got a full water level it’s like when you’re fully in like like that i shoot i’m going back let me or Dixie he’s going backwards or do these new strats okay this this stage I hate it it really is

bad stage especially with the controls it really gets you like you wouldn’t notice how much the controls get you in Reverse unless you actually did that stage it’s pretty yeah it can be pretty tricky okay I’m up if I can pick up if I can make it out of the water there we go ok done with the stage now I’m going to the final stage final boss yeah I’m on the inverted whatever oh man ok enter to the final boss entrance this is no I’m guide to stinking clown fish hmm a dad to several of them actually ok so all you gotta be kidding me shoot hope I get my cone back yeah I do you get it after the first part yeah yeah yeah yeah this fight can be really hard with just kitty though at the end part okay um oh there’s the barrel I didn’t notice it train in the middle no it’s on the side oh oh that feral I thought you were talking about the young DK barrel after you beat the first phase i was wondering cuz I’m being really fast first phase of you beat the first base or I’ll shoot i forgot out i forgot what to do next I gotta avoid dismissals how much I know okay here we go I kind of lead his missiles ok done with this part go away chaos or whatever his name is I don’t know if his name changes on the second phase or like only like I’m the final boss or not i’m pretty sure it’s okay wow you can’t know those things down those things are faster than you that makes no sense what these um merchants you know in the inverter yeah like I was swimming down and I was ahead of them but they still beat me down and hurt me oh no i didn’t know like they’re fast oh shoot tried to remember this wow I’m gonna get hit again thank you spin a while in part wow your voice up I better make it this time okay well Alyssa I’ll have to beat chaos again I don’t believe you will if you die I think no I don’t I don’t you don’t uh wow that’s really what was once you beat chaos you don’t have to beat him again that’s really lame that’s kind of an easy boss then like cause chaos is nothing really he’s not he’s like nothing tricky to be yeah I know what you mean it seems kind of weird that they would split boss into two parts like that make it easy right wow what happened I died game over GG shoot do you remember how many lives you had before you know 18 or 19 Oh correcting this long okay oh man have you beat him already no I’m I’m luck on this third face okay I’m going back in the local shoot shoot again oh okay wow I got a shoot that failed again you dying on the final boss no I just keep missing his jetpack thing was about to say either you hard to die I’m final boss yeah it’s not that oh i forgot i gotta ride this thing music is really cool of course all like all the music’s really cool in this game yeah i don’t think it’s as good as donkey kong country to them yeah there

we go now Wow Oh what happened there’s this one clown fish before you get to the checkpoint and it’s swimming left and right hit it and I died now I have to go all the way back to the beginning of the level oh shoot okay Letta have Dixie left on this cuz man through that’s good it’s really good if you did not have Dixie left on this you would ya be screwed in pain and suffering we’ll be screwed big time I figured this level would give me this much trouble that I had no idea linking mobile would okay shoot please count fish I feel like the checkpoints right under this clown fish like it’s a trap oh good I died because I tried to rush it in but oh well oh he died the choke now does it yeah it’s just me from the first cycle okay come on I at least want to get to the boss in this versus no shouldn’t press be so fast come on I get still catch up you’re choking I’m gonna win a little a little bit little bit it’s a huge joke wow that’s pretty bad can I well no no these things it doesn’t make sense that they should be faster than you it just doesn’t make sense to me you’re talking about the right clownfish the urgent like they swim down faster than use one down oh yeah so you have to like wait for him and that just doesn’t make sense to me okay I always do that I always do that why do I do that why do I do that ah dang it what wow that was really weird I keep on rushing this I’m about to game over again I keep rushing this too luckily I have like 30 some lives please 30 lives it’s too many hey boo that’s close there’s just an up there I thought that was another route maybe okay why did I even hit me early so probly stop mm-hmm okay answer it’s a very good answer are you done no not yet almost uh I think I’m on his last face I just need to feel like three times or something like that okay has the electricity came on the bottom yeah yeah yeah it should be on my last face I need to stop doing that okay whoa whoa whoa whatever now I touched an urchin but it didn’t hurt me like dude it was like really touching me you could see it I god I think these are just trolling like you don’t touch him they hit you you hit did you touch them and they don’t hit you like the logic no ah it should be it ah that’s game over that’s pretty much over for me ok I finished the game ok so that’s the end of the verses hopcat see you one so speech speech speech oh well what I’ve

gotta say is that you’re definitely much better at this game then don’t get going country to for sure good like I mean here we’re actually neck to neck on donkey kong country 2 I was like two worlds ahead of you yeah definitely yeah I’m a lot better I put a lot more time into this game then like donkey kong country 2 i’ve really only beat like one time this is one I fire I’m really surprised about that because everybody considers don’t kick on Conda to the bills to be the best of the trilogy yeah I didn’t even know why put more time I guess this game just is easier to speedrun i guess but donkey kong country 2 is overall better game yeah yeah there was an eye purses I mean personally I consider donkey kong country 2 easier to speedrun as well but that I mean that’s a matter of personal opinion yeah I think dkc 3 a little bit easier overall then to like the levels well yeah definitely the levels because donkey kong country 2 has like the highest difficulty out of all three i think yeah especially the plane is the bosses in Donkey Kong Country 2 are really just just really hard compared to it ok phone hun 33 is very close second in difficulty yeah yeah I would say three’s the second hardest definitely and then one’s the easiest probably yeah definitely but yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed this versus you got anything left to say um well I guess I mean classes are starting soon so I’m not sure if we have time to do something like this anytime soon but hopefully later on we might be able to yeah I’m sure we’ll find something new to do because I really enjoy according with cats doing versus and stuff with him yeah so I guess that’s it until next verses or something definitely be sure to check out cat seats channel his link will be down below you can go ahead and subscribe to him he makes Let’s Plays of Nintendo pretty much everything so he’s really epic and has some awesome content so definitely be sure to check him out yeah and you can also go ahead and check gamer throw me out he also does some let’s play stuff he’s actually doing 06 stuff and that’s actually pretty awesome to watch because you know I broken the game is yeah sonic no.6 is really broken and he also does like you know technology reviews and social stuff like that so I I found some pretty useful stuff myself like the H now the component to hdmi converter but that’s that thing is awesome yeah that thing’s awesome me and him both use it so that’s what we’re recording with right now I think both of us yeah that’s how that’s your recording that’s that’s actually how I record my non HD consoles on my flat screen and the hot dog that thing’s really epic so so hope you guys enjoyed and until next time um gamer domi or tristan from techno and gaming signing out in this and this is gutsy and I’ll see you guys later see ya