GTA Online Episode 2 [PC] Prison Break Part 1 & 2 Plane and the Bus.

I’m all skaters welcome to Heist the [ __ ] don’t break this the first part see if I can even do this with random people I don’t do this video’s with French bigger state speak Finnish and well I can’t talk assessed anymore so mr. krest said we should talk about work but not here cuz my friend wants to do I lost any knowledge there room in the back or something cool I’ll get set up so mr. krest said you might be able to help me out with something well not me so that’s clear it’s not me you’re gonna be helping and I want understood that I am not involved just a bystander doing a favor and this is not an offer of employment so much as an opportunity and well anyway that’s just get a bit technical but the point is sometimes our fair and legal justice system makes mistakes and this is one such time here he is professor maxim brash cocky you know the professor used to be head of research for the army three doctorates overconfident polymath vain sociopath tedious egomaniac control free geneticist weapons development engineer car nut but definitely not a people person accused of espionage along with everything else you don’t remember well lucky you exceedingly vain and self-absorbed man brilliant at everything he does yadda yadda yadda makes you want to puke it’s a goddamn traitor I mean he’s a rat but he pays incarcerated for a crime he did commit but well let’s just say money talks and he is going to walk so we got a few things to get ready all pretty straightforward do them one at a time but anyway you like standard off for a gov fact break out you know what I mean rad all right first things a plane then we got a bus and then well two things we got the inmate transfer schedule and rash costs keys car more on that later let me show you we need a plane to get the professor out of the country it’s currently being used to traffic drugs by transnational street gang the Vagos the bus need a standard bolingbrook transport vehicle the lease traffic is on the route from paleto Bay all right that’s we’re gonna be able to get a hold of one you can get a hard copy of the inmate transit schedule at the El SPD’s mission row station go in unarmed play it cool you might not have a problem that’s a two-person job max the other two handers our guys prize Casco we believe it’s about to be shipped to Korea by luxury car theft ring okay mr krest said you guys are at least semi-competent so well professor rush kofsky pays well Jerry still the [ __ ] plan first to know her mouth because we have level 42 desertion dash what come on come on oh you to your new account team okay no I don’t want the motorcycle or dish I might die you

in plesk stop the car can’t go in like there might be a bit down to skip do need to kill me very funny no cell phones ago go people expect more than any second now remember the mission has the plane I’ll I would beg to play if you guys are predicted to me and [ __ ] pilot call out and fire on who Oh hoping hey all right again I have a new Duke we’re back to alpha hey going in there’s no go ahead out there is do it don’t [ __ ] around in there both of the right do it [ __ ] all right just gonna die boy dear traffics telling me you’re airborne rest of the team’s gonna clean up the Vagos the Gang Task Force better sent us a thank you for this even more vagos comin at ya come in sir niko go on the plane [ __ ] gun small animals I guess if you’re flying you haven’t been charged by a coked-up crash your idols you know last week three customs officers died from spider bites doctor opening a mirror Bunter grande shipment of untaxed the size of the creepy-crawlies and any drugs on that plane belong to me I love selling drugs after all my team’s waiting at lsi can we hurry this up please no just blends [ __ ] slow you cannot arrange the photo I don’t expect any more Fargo’s activity in that part of the state for a day six hours minimal quick flights a good fight everyone

knows that displaying his part in snow [ __ ] you the third time was the charm Oh unless I crash the plane now exit to the max just kidding I’m awesome wild like a crush good thing that we got one life someone dies for some stupid reason they went [ __ ] fail right away all i need to do ocean and somewhere in turn drive digital de place right only cleared stay in the airport yeah you’re doing it she has to shake it right good job take care this no I just need time oh it’s done yay first part of the patient back shmokin made shmokin all right under the second part efficiently we got the airplane now you need to kinda get very some transport boss yeah I will take guruma which my fastest go yeah you should let it

okay it’s time to catch the bus I’m here if he needed me the way we need to go over to that place catch it I know you’re thinking if they can be easier to take an old school bus painted bar the windows make it smell like quiet bells your brother’s high school tube sock sure go we could do that but it costs money in this is costing us up a is casting brush kofsky so yes I just again seems we have a my asian guy she do it if you want to join me on a heist at me they are French I got you some good people and not [ __ ] random devices my name is speedy butchering the game yes I might even let you join my crew if you were interested or Anita crew Christmas is set to move they’re holding a great excavate last national security risk the bad news is that means there’s not security detail the good news is the authorities will think we’re trying to break him out and I’ll be distracted from what’s really going on you made me okay so we need the bus intact greatest way to do that just so you know jumper I love making a collage artist to just drive get his down you just do that get the [ __ ] out I don’t let the gosh you can do this alone just let the lush the cops look at this thing stuck here i wonder if i can use Lester hey it’s Lester I don’t listen to my messages but [ __ ] not just Nicholas to coax I am in the dirt italian getting away don’t [ __ ] die you’re not even hear what the [ __ ] are you going to okay I lost the cops no there’s just need to wash them most cops to wash them could follow me if they’re after you not forgot the caption the guy saw a lot of a promise they know where to go right point of interest I need to take this year maybe

all right 30 [ __ ] to the flesh ouais bring the transport to the junkyard outside sandy shores dare association ah Questor cop car oh it showed oh gosh no go forward especially justification for guides owning it out you don’t [ __ ] night damn straight it’s nice everyone with the stupid essay but 950 think I unlocked something