Прохождение Second Sight (Ясновидение) — Часть 2: Подготовка

dobra zindagi drizelda reposado desde que tiene que NOS defense anchor business erika midori hadees second skin Elias naging in Brazil dr. John barrack finally colonel joshua stock US Marines good to meet you colonel this way dr Radek thanks call me John what’s all this about no I’m glad to be of help but one day’s notice is barely enough time from work out of time dr. Fadden did you handle the sidearm they said my role is strictly advisory then advise yourself to get some weapons training my squad nursemaid Tori I’m in a squad now intermatic pants on you need getting over the options are over be there fig visits by de leche de villa ok military training huh I wasn’t expecting this I guess I should find someone who knows what’s going on there stood me and i just paid some physical training before you’re given a fire up i’m good tele coms expert follow me and we’ll see what kind of shape you’re in no they’re credible but no prints precision air right a more energetic or projector noise near Buddha Broncos distance possessed of connection but it looks like you keep yourself in good shape no I will be right there Jackson will continue your training I would know Jackson said Wamba visions at a schottky suggest momoya natsuki upon your bosom this nation’s Rosco prolly know what they showed the rotor summer from rider he dropped a manager with a 3-2 Newport jewelers the ruskin Osaka free is stark so the doctor logic why do so dr. of logic which I wanna solve logic let’s get to work okay quantic mr. peckerwoods about using lean against the wall of this block now move along the wall try leaning out and peeking around the corner good now try Pekin and push into the corner you should move around on to the next wall like 10 that sorry doc just er y’know you

practice this technique Oh around the block good thinking keeping your head down makes you harder to see right hot MC get to the other side of the end block and try to sneak back past me to the tunnel entrance here I come ready or not remember I got a weapon perhaps I’ll shoot you if I see you Darden mmm not bad of course I knew where you were but felt like it was time to let you move on Oh super boat Elsa prasina problem de Kamp amo mucho de nada it seemed there are just don’t like Oprah Hudson ohio kazeem yet yay children stupa home now go to the mat reach them I’m good joke is jessica’s armagh let’s talk Lamia if Prost proposal doctor sir maybe sick oblem looks like there’s hope for you yet go see JC at the rifle range to continue your training the super distribution positions would stay luminous coca oh my gosh hyperbole time right I hear you’re finally ready for your pistol training come on this way first of all I want to show you how to aim your weapons take this pistol and aim it at the indicated target in front of you that’s good now move your M to the next indicated target that’s good now move your aim to the next indicated target alright so that’s how you lock on to and cycle you’re aiming between individual targets next we’ll look at the fine tuning you’re aiming ok lock on to indicated target as before good now gently adjuster in until you’re pointing at the head just by the media but you know the department that does not expose too much lip a machine excellent that’s it now you know how to aim a firearm of course knowing up to aim is pointless without knowing at the fire luckily firing is the easy part just keep your em steady and I squeeze the trigger here take this ammo and fire it all into the range practice everything I just showed you will continue on what your girls every finger serve a pistol elbin osmium yes your simulated still owe to the

words bottle cap pajama premier good as much pressure on us these bullets I see how many of these targets you can heat you’ll get bonus points for Eddie impacts you’re going to need 250 points before I let you perceive with your training get into position and wait for my signal to start on the Hawaii yep assume stir sorrows they’re this desert ash off the stupid nonsense inch dowel into place system of the cellular service mr. smolka a prayer tomahawk roster previous almost on offense parish it in a pod joystiq a destiny Padma Shri have not paid them all on a scarf on Superboy information an Xbox Playstation play it now company exiting yes to any aperture of Kampala here’s what to do there will be a number of hostiles taking up strategic positions in this room you’ll need to use cover if you want to beat them crouched behind a barrier and stealth against it like that showed you before good now try leaning out with your gun raised to acquire target sports clips to the deputy machine a Christian as I Jim good knee left right or even up over the barrier different targets will be easier to eat from different shooting positions ok now we’re ready to start each hostile would take three it’s from your training weapon before they give up no algebra stray is just like felicitated I still can admit when you’re off costo prospects ma No black look honey bum knee pop wallah uh-huh rottens I spring no secrets in the papa doc was lead no no stalls though I was modem stood a sigep establish all right let’s move on to the next phase of your training come on follow me now on the bus today was not acceptable I would match the stash cough okay make your way to the compound gate this time you need to shoot your way through you don’t have to run in gundo remember your stealth training it might be better to choose your shots carefully and keep the situation under control don’t worry about being shot these test starts sting a bit but their arm ‘less if you’re taking too many hits I’ll call you back just remember the real enemy don’t fire blanks and neither do we take this seriously and you’ll do okay haha create well thanks nations this is the way to the briefing room but

I haven’t finished my training I go through here i’ll skip training I don’t think the colonel be too happy no the head shop podner year was dil hehe ya crook yeah John Rambo module the drastic Western Europe magn Adam would you stake man huggy huggy of logic you got me with a general it’s a dick computer stop police yella go on take an abortion eugenic arisaka Shasta via google apology the Cybermen the logic on estaba would worship which Americans covered for Wyatt wag na leadership tak tak logic kakarotto pressure / news / 0 stin earshot

no they’re not Roy debuffs oh no that dick register hello dr. vadik I’m Franklin i’m here to show you how to handle a sniper rifle sniffing guys severus snipers current off cannot switch them questions you already know what to expect it’s pretty much the same as before except for one main difference this time around you’ll be practicing your long-distance skills so take this sniper rifle and get yourself into position you’ll need 250 points to satisfy me and as before bonus points will be awarded for headshots all right get ready yet yeah bacuna que esto en la mas that nutrient governor it’s a monster at very quiet numeral God’s seward st instead of awesome so sniper k yamaga roses excited gula which gym so sly later sisters dds dch of the person in the room can you Stephen Aaron your car assures me that under this Patrol officials College grass whoa the executors own mystical in this problem petzl introduced additional boot Thank You Dylan I’m impressed technician is romo fastest concludes your training doctor it’s time we headed to the briefing room for the lowdown on our mission come with me lagunas has expressed some concern that his research could be enriched if a nice area kakarotto the times by his identity as Victor grianne co seen here studying in st. Petersburg good it’s cool Oh kicked out for unethical practices nine years later he found a happy home with the Germans running experiments into psychic phenomena at a poww camp on the fellow Russian border in 1944 the red army liberated the camp and claimed that Greg who was killed in the assault however rumor student surfaced of a research project initiated by Stalin in Western Siberia which ties in nicely with his recent appearances at the US outside to you in Oakland if you go sir we like you to go okay this is not a demon yep along with a crane nice shot David Rees Costas was fighting Western Command regime adorable the winter I squad will drop here to human or blacks just 30 klicks from the hydrocarbyl I’m from there we will track down BRE anko and his research any questions yeah are you crazy no dr. vet any other questions how did the u.s. approve anything so politically risky that’s classified well then how did you confirm psychic research also classic then why do you want me here our advisor tells us we may need your expertise on the ground okay

well my expertise says that it’s a fraud I debunk psychics I don’t confirmed perhaps you never met a real one meet Jane Wilde dr. fatty I know who she is she’s a mystic she’s a fake she’s your advisor hello John good to see you again every time is special adviser attacks my work for being straight jacketed by the scientific method doesn’t the scientific method call for weighing evidence before drawing the exactly then how do you know grianne Co is a fraud why I’m not going to Siberia a pity because no one else can save us she