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[Applause] hey guys welcome to bodybuilders trying to look at volume 74 all right guys the first moves check it out it’s going to be jump and cross so we’re going to start with right foot so you’re going to take it right forward one jab across check out the thoughts on the cross down to the nose punch okay so you might have to punch here so i’m going to bring from here to here cross i’m going to convert the foot down from here and bring it back here so all you want to make sure is that when you do the jump and cross movement from the waist okay that’s when the force coming up right forward good jump and cross three two one bring it up one two is a nice punch now take the heel up and twist your body now under the cross punch the second punch we breathe out 40 seconds on 20 seconds off volume 74 in the house start now 20 more seconds a great way to warm up a great way to lift the hardware all right so warm does a lot of things it pushes the artwood up it pushes the circulation of blood to the muscles and makes your body last five seconds you’re good here yeah awesome three two and one take it easy shake it out a little bit now the next hair comes stick your left foot in the front so i like one thing that you can do you this time all right because we already know the movements turn that first bit towards the camera towards the screen on your mobile or tv good job all right there’s something really familiar with the punches you can start throwing like young you can see the foot moving nice and easy split movement hip movements good job here right here all right we got the rebound faster we keep punching all right nine seconds now start here last one four three two and one good job so we got about ten exercise we’re going to repeat that for one more time all right start feet right now it’s quite standing if you do actually comfortably all right good job starting three two to make sure your body goes below the knees and start in three two one and go one so sit lower you want to make sure to keep the spine straight let that chips up and sit down and look you can go easy here if you want to it’s all right stand up good job hi everybody 20 seconds margo now three two one rest listen up now the back becomes like this so from here when you look at the back of the shoulders and kick so drop a little heel and kick up all right once i do a little bit okay so to shuffle three two one here take the kick inside one two three here and kick right three two one let’s go here and kick one shift here check same thing shift drive hold on just be careful yeah good check it out it’s up here driving here to start comparison one two three kick pull back one two three kick for that i tell you some new movement this is about okay drop the heated stomach last five seconds two and one awesome nice and easy all right here comes the squad tradition judge so we’re gonna be here scroll down jump into it starting in ten seconds three two one up lift one and one what you bring your hands down is to

make you understand the regular marshmallow so here one one just one yep is okay you’re right let’s try the best one that’s four three two and one ah pick up the push-ups taking the floor you have two options one on the knees or one toes huh all right let’s go let me see what you can do three two one let’s go all right getting seven years i’m making i’m making it happen good job here look at the front exact the beautiful push-ups sorry make sure the shoulder stays forward and bring the brace down all right 15 seconds now there we go that’s eight five four three two and one good job nice work all right here comes the real new movement okay check it out you give your hands to the floor right now right from here now let’s now try and do it now the key is to keep that hips up and constantly keep moving all right to pretty much help me down let’s look outside right now from here we shift and lift good job [Applause] all right three two and one one again all right listen up we’re going to be here now on the side with kick set go bare crown goodbye man so from here we sit back shut short foot keep the knees tight let’s go left 10 second steal shift the body stay up that’s three two one and turn around to your back now put it in there crack hip cross first we’re gonna be here with the hip one two pull back and thrust one two let’s go three two one up now we’re moving down let’s go up knees knees straight

good check check stroke up okay this time in place let’s go okay i’m trying one two three on the second punch to your body a little bit so we create first on the cross punch check out the foot 15 seconds all right add up speed up now that’s five four three ten and one good change left look forward we’re gonna go for this one starting in ten seconds set the body up now exchange stay shot on the punch but pull back past the face all right 15 seconds and that’s where you are keep punching to the finish line all right moving right side side front hips like three two one pick up the start place down the start so make sure you go down from the hip john to the below the knee part that’s gonna time that you actually activate your gluteus maximus which helps you burn a lot of calories all right 15 more seconds yes gonna be nice because you’ve got mine right yes bro last five seconds [Applause] three foot and it is self-loathing i don’t know if you’re gonna look back you wanna do the kick so look back and kick look back and kick so now where we’re getting from reaction for the stomach stay up a little bit uh you’re actually facing me good turn

around and give your hips to me okay if the other way you can face the opposite side so here switch down 20 seconds 20 seconds so shift now let’s go all the way around jump back lift the body up in there now choose your options knees or the toes that’s it all right five seconds in three two everybody down now let’s go come on that’s 15 seconds now everybody’s still he’s done seven already good good job good wrench we got 15 more seconds let’s go and we’re going to push last stream all right let’s go what’s the maximum that’s eight five four four three yeah two and one good one all right check it out next one they can’t see beer crab so from here wanna keep your hands rotate one side now let’s go in three two knees bend flips up lift and last one ah okay three two one now we should run let’s go on the other side right now from here keep on here all right guys stay up i am done all right [Applause] kick step back crawl we’re going to shift forward okay do a kickstart start with five stitches get the knee up and move it up three two one let’s go fix it one one two three four and kick sets this is what we want we want coordination with agility kick shift chip shirt okay stand on three two and one bring it down sit back in the blank in five seconds three two one let’s sit back sit back shift the body forward what you’re gonna learn is back slowly nice it’s going to control me now stay here so what i can see right now here is that my body the trick travels forward this way all right shoulder the bow knockers 20 more seconds sift your hips down shift the body forward control move let’s do it last five seconds ago three two and watching away all right turn around you’re back for the last time putting off the hip thrust to reverse back starting five seconds thumbs turn around in the back let’s go

make sure you really lift the hips high and up let’s go 15 more seconds three two and one good job that’s done volume seventy four in the house with my man stay here again i can show you a complete split check him out take him out guys yeah nice stay yeah we’re gonna go for last three two one and turn around where you go split first meeting right which means right is gonna be focusing the friend the meeting left so right in front left or back down if you’re doing for the first time you don’t see this with flexibility but that’s fine okay all right it’s just recovering from injury so i’m going kind of easy on that stay here turn around now let’s go for the next one right there turn this around push it down by going for 20 seconds here your flexibility plays a huge zone into your overall performance off your fitness three two one take down we’re gonna go for right glutes turn around take it right into it we’re gonna start in three two one stretch the key is to maintain a 90 degree cell on the way and turn around into the movement all right stay here undress the floor elbows to the front and make a leg into the glute muscles if you can’t lie down that’s all i can sit down here but actually try to lie down like here there you go switches around next time comes in place let’s do the same thing get onto it right now last stretch off the dab ttrg 74 ace of the house so you want to make sure that you subscribe hit that bell icon and please do share the channel with your friends and family and do a thumbs up if you like the video let me know in the comments or the deal on the instagram that you are literally getting with us thank you so much i’m looking forward to you next time in ttmd by number 75 thank you thank you it’s nice to have you here he said that he likes to thank you