Portal 2 User-Created Levels Commentary – #9 (End In Sight / Recycle)

and inside now what’s this one this was sent more meta made three total so it should make for pretty good view in time plus it’s some smart Thea morning no I think ill be sort of longer episode than usual and this makes sense because special me play my maps I don’t remember what’s hit or about these talk about shallots oh that’s the Cape Johnson that just family said says chariots even though that’s supposed to be the code word for the real cave johnson no and insight that’s basically me making fun of everyone cuz the end is right there also there’s a ball that keeps dropping their and falling into the water you’ll notice why who knows cuz I’m a genius that’s why I need to grab it so now a you galva hello ok I don’t things coming um alright let’s think of all places we can put hell that’s cool i really was a cruel person i was just like a you can get this door except you can oh good lord alright like them one of my doing no two buttons that seems like overkill can I just put over into Wong buttons then point to bonds that what’s this supposed to be I don’t know I want that for you maybe I can jump to it yo what made it I wasn’t spent night okay well just do do like stop coming the cumin trying to do that um okay that flip this up and all those time is really long well take your time passed me punk make them Hammerfell give it all I guess it changes that was this do oh I guess that makes sense JK co do something wrong like an idiot person idiot what that do I don’t know what most things I have no clue uh I just realized I’ve stuck here again I proved my genius by getting stoked and then easy to oh there’s a thing here I guess I couldn’t go poo here right okay I remember this part now remember it basically okay what you have to do let me jump back over and then well first I should wait is this control list fridge oh oh my god I’m with Belle that was silly um yes I can leave that here and then jump back over here and go so you again doing this junk is annoying even though I’m not been missing snowing but yapping yep you have to do this and then after make portal that goes over there and I’m not gonna walk through it and over here and knock over this random toilet that’s that one thing I like to do my own pest maps is just put to its anywhere could like anytime I thought it would be funny i’ll just put tow it down like everywhere for be inspector like people will gather and be like yes I cover and then they’ll beat I’ll know any be like war heart and what was this dude is it open I oh ok now i can use this go back through it and over here don’t deactivate lat I’ll get stupid up all that did I could have sworn it open mat didn’t it I’m pretty sure something maybe my eyes I’m stupid it seemed like it closed i okay did close don’t fall in how decide java there’s no way that I won’t earth to that sappy a victory like a poor and come off it pass impossible we will finish this testing if it takes us a million years am I thought that moto it’s right you over there thank goodness um does thing here let’s do it I’m in the air nominee Oh am I gonna put your feet place everywhere its color like this will look cool oh whoa oh and now I land here it doesn’t it just seems like an unnecessary time wastes I bouncing all the way over there I hope I don’t have to do that again luck I’ll get annoying if I do oh my god honestly those again little annoying just suddenly to it by the more just a minor nuisance rather than screwing you over and the test chamber my god you know what well is it big this skin test chambers enormous oh my god this is so much to this the waterfall I could be so confusing um okay as I am as laser who does a button oh there’s a cube Allison was this do oh

yeah I’ve got you I’ve got you I’ve got you passed me I now have this some cube lighter cube thing I can point it through there and what those do is anything else need doing this room oh I need to get that okay um can put the portal left there we go good actually vaguely remember this pulse gently I wasn’t expecting to I thought I’d forgotten them all because of some reason this one seemed to have stuck in my head because I actually remember it quite well hit the ball oh my god what did I even do was that um fingers like honestly what what does this do well then let’s put that back there what does that do I’m not even sure I need to leave back somewhere and there’s a there’s one nice and we’ve already pressed out all again I don’t even know I’m doing I test chambers just don’t make sense this stuff ever um after back then but don’t stand what all those did to be four honestly to be honestly to be honestly I’m quite stupid I’m not gonna go back to bounce back as well when i get the cube at hmm Isis is open now for some reason but let’s do okay I’m out to get back half touch the art of it oh my God my words but you have to actually press that button to be able to get back with it the most annoying thing in the stupid planet I would go screwing at that um I want to get back over that uh uh I have to do this again to to do attack the open now God but can’t get it in but what ok now I’m just confused but because I don’t guess after weight that master patient Bill Walton that before so assume one the thing must’ve turned it off so after go back and get that and get this ball and go back after this again oh my god Stetson birds annoying I made some annoying testing but I don’t think I realize it but I did these are really annoying Boston back one last time curse that curse that purse that I have another one same plus I mean shoot that elegant doable gosh that’s just my worst possible outcome how do you manage to fall anyway a gun right press the stupid cuttable notable my god this literally the most annoying by my supposed to do anything somehow I mansion makes terrible testing but I think this is in 2013 as well back or not making always come back and into universe video live making nice oh no oh no I just let the time when I don’t know why I was too busy being distraught ask how does that’s why this this ball is just fine oh this is awful it’s the worst test ever ever ever played and it’s my own I hate it it’s so bad annoying and oh my god it fell again just take me back over that y ver die i can’t believe i do all this again time I’ll remember the stupid q I think hopefully all right you over I don’t think I would ever say this but I hate this i truly hate the person who made this and this that person 130 but he is a number one most annoying person on the planet don’t you dare fall or I’ll fall you myself don’t stay there stay in there you go you better stay you know what’s coming to you I pressed Jim I pressed jump I press the spacebar like that like that I’m good ty now I was last one well it’s not last one note isn’t earth glass there’s only free because i don’t think i could put up by much more than that jump jump it’s annoying why would I do that why did i do any of this level maybe the next one makeup face call this cycle that’s all I remember about it oh I need to cover that oh okay good but nothing about you go over there all right you come with me wait knees we just put leave it there while they don’t move okay i know i need to come back up that passaic it’s just

annoying me now it’s not even it’s not even funny it’s just annoying me you can come with me filthy martini come with me you just failed and fell over at least I’m going whoo this is so much fun I’m definitely not boring and repetitive or anything I’m having so much fun the time of my life while in case you couldn’t tell that what sarcasm all right i’ll press that button and then or just opens up wait then what’s the point happened just open I don’t oh good lord but yeah I do a lot of things I’d understand there’s a lot upon this massive moon something I complicated it literally just do this and there you go you sold that you saw the magic puzzle good job your genius I’m really afraid my pass out but really that last one was all right except for the conversion of this is atrocious it’s just the puddles are good I think but they’re just really really annoying that’s the problem I last problem i have of them my lad have on my own maps I think I don’t know the yellow ago and then just need to go all the way back to the stupid stupid ball us all the way back there were you expecting to walk or way back through there I seem that made mistake i could play about before people making too big test chambers come on at least ease let me go faster than a walk in the distance a cube I mean ball it’s not cube a absolute good okay let’s not panic we don’t we don’t need to panic we don’t need to panic we understand polar and get back again I’m saving for start because I don’t want to screw this up cuz i press this button and get back by doing this so all is well let’s not over panic things out alga you shouldn’t overdo it and then holy [ __ ] two met oh this this test chambers jemmye and jemmye how boring it is ah i will not overrun over to a box and whoops he has slacked my something and do something else hey it’s opened faithful old thank goodness take me somewhere else please I’m icon after call it stupid Ariel play play and I am The Adventures can actually manage remember at least some of the details I’m one who claimed this for the first time when no clue what’s happening will be so annoyed with it were all long walks and all the confusion the thing for this is just about the worst possible thing I could have made in this stupid engine I guess amazing engine with all these tools to make things and not go ahead and book through it with this mess why is it oh my god preaches turned off oh my god I’m gonna go back in time and kill past me what have I done what have I done I genuinely don’t you remember how how to do this part I saw two remembered the best bit but what even is this it’s completely blocked Oh God what do you want for me that doesn’t make any sense always do a flexion cube because it at this point I’m done without flexing Cuban all things need to do with it so I need to be used in flexion cube for this the apple also smart but all the times I’ve have until you be used to stupid aerial a plate thing it makes me want to gouge my eye on stickam by in my mouth and eat them and digest them and then em all over again when I bumped them out inevitably and then eat that too and then eat everything else yes just the worst thing ever it’s not even interesting is boring it’s awful I don’t even know why make such a leave negative comment my own map saying but I’m terrible it is you know what this is four years older point2 so well I can’t make fun of it but ya think might be able to navigate it round with this cuz I certainly can’t get it back over here because I moved it so no okay just stop it stop it stop doing it stop not working why doesn’t this work what do you want okay i’m giving up higher than the nine that don’t know what to do I’ve given up on my own test chamber how sad is that but that’s what happens when you make a load of bollocks I like that inlet I’m the lesson we’re teaching today kids is don’t make a boat founder and CEO of aperture science yes I know yeah go up to science I wasn’t finished

buccaneers hello universe Frank Stein monster not Frankenstein sabong I’m gonna get so annoyed of this minus crap and say how dare you by the way they signed Peter just like a glider said or Catalina whatever you want call it good oh I’m so expected okay this looking vaguely familiar but still potentially annoying I like the way did the geometry though I kept it interesting you learn just a basic cube room I think that’s something I’ve tried to do in purpose so that’s nice okay I need a ball it always comes down two balls doesn’t it that’s it that’s the core of the day it always come down to balls oh my god yes like this the last one nut balls was annoying me but maybe I can do this one balls otherwise it’s just just why the um ya think i’m confused now okay I remember after pulling myself up that by doing it for loop like this I remember that part no and after a get it there we go no I’m okay thank goodness and then have to do something about what don’t ask make us a deadly lasers thank goodness i’ll save will look something up is open that pedestal again like the thing oh my god this room this is almost identical we’ve got the the floaty thing over and the cube of their laser like after I just when I have ideas on this with all I did maybe that’s why I called the map old I recycle my ideas I honestly didn’t expect them to be this rubbish both devilish at the time I was like man such genius these are so smart you know thinking focus too much on making myself look like a genius rather than making them not annoying to play I think that might be a I think I might need a funnel to grab that can I do that ya can ok I think I need to go with it or something well I need to get back habla ok but how would I doing that I’ll take my pills are so boring and annoying right oh good ok that’s all I wanted but how would I know but you can haha i figured it out ok that that is smart i’ll give him I’ll give him that I’ll save as if it’s a completely different person I keep again nice me yeah I’ll give myself for that that that that passed quite smart i will agree on that we can agree on that now what does this do there’s turn off the lasers please say yes I would not comment I think I’m those a bleb might though that button so that’s nice butter and why did I put it in such a random wait place like it’s so pointless to have it appear like I’m just jump up am i well just put it on the floor why did I even bother maybe it’s part of my interesting geometry thing I’m focusing it’s just a massive wall here master ball massive all oh my god watch what I do now I’m clueless again someone help I can’t believe I’m gonna need help with my own test chamber my own test chambers someone’s gonna be someone’s gonna be in the comments like actually where why he supposed to do this and you’re collecting the person made the test chamber I don’t even know how to do that Oh Chester how ridiculous of that I could even do the conversion gel one will allows more tedious than hard so I guess these are actually quite hard own talking to though I’ll say I’m decent less less less focus some finish on that i’m i’m at least decent that’s annoying now huh yeah I need to block that off while somehow also being on this bone but this is the only Cuba have that don’t a few cubes for put it on it oh [ __ ] jumpin sat Oh see i was looking down there and i sort of recognize the like I think now open till that and it does now walks it done it doesn’t even called the thing yet am I gonna him a mouse ow how does it because it can’t portal on to any of these these are supposed clothes somehow at some point I don’t know how I don’t know when I don’t know what if the any of it is just I was being in the entire history of the human race think of a single thing worse than this map there’s nothing nothing what Samantha oh yeah i’m sure this rapid it was enough room hmm I me being slightly tired it wasn’t everyone’s worst problems of Michael so according be going to over an hour please end this torture I can’t put up with him or please i want to finish as that other water finish the glaze I’m getting sick of portal maps now just let me finish I think I’m fully burn down portal guys boner I I don’t think I’ll

mind having a bit of a break after this oh my god i believe i legitimately be recorded now what some hold on it’s no wonder it’s a wonder long guy record the more i refused to speak properly it’s like a mansome if you want me to speak properly like this video no well you can’t like the video everyone always do the thing at the end except it’s kind of pointless of these cosplay morph into multiple parts anyway so sorry venport i could burn antigen in the end but then i’ll just look like a moan and no one will see it even less people pay attention to it than those who already just click off the video soon as the storm out Joe I look at the audience retention stats I know that people got a good good you might not be supplied by this book good majority people click away the moment I start the I chose just like thank you for watching look like a white cliq white quick way is involution be a surprise maybe I should just stick in video spasms of the fourth listen to it people like oh and this test chamber is thank you for watching my believe I can scrub if you enjoyed don’t forget that power passport yeah then I’ll catch my bus pass and airborne will do it maybe that’s why they’ve lost portal Parker so many like school it’ll pass didn’t get like but that one did and I was the only one which i did my actual so make that explains it but then no one watches anyway so whether I just only one talking nicely doing the test I called mostly I don’t even know what to do I need some out of this cube both here and up there at the same time but we both know that’s impossible and it hasn’t even opened a platform maybe have to go back out enough back back wait I don’t think I can go back no I can I can’t fight the thing of this i’m unable to go back because my pager good there too so i have to solve this part of the puzzle be able to go back yeah i remember that part of it sort of maybe this thing comes at play a bit more I don’t know do I I shall I know what I’m doing look just get dude something like this after beyond the old time I honestly have no idea what’s even doing likes it doing anything I can’t even tell maybe he’s just there to be pointless it’s whole existence purpose in life is to be pointless yeah don’t even know how to say belize and didn’t even stay on the stupid button oh my god I can’t believe I’m stuck on my own maps like this is just absolutely one gypsum pure depressing video just me failing on my own maps how much worse can I get honestly reached a new low for the channel you fought last load was with them well I think it’s just been well after Lobo oh that’s later she is just so annoying this this thing here but look it is just over there oh my god okay i’m going to activate gates at eat on my own test i just wanna see what’s compare it doesn’t make sense I know there’s a way to do it cuz I did it before but I don’t know what solution is and the problem is I can’t look it up oh my god there’s a cube here there’s something up here I don’t know what maybe that clay um it’s just a button I’ve got such a convoluted met look at this why is this just it’s nonsense I hate my own test chamber what’s up with all this unnecessary to run some storage room anyone can it just be that lucky the soap now I can oh oh there you go I play for your mom apps and all moms complete view of them and I couldn’t do the rest of you know what to do they leave the comfort I honestly have no idea to do my own pulse my old bulls imagine that I can’t do my own poles maybe maybe that just means it’s so good but probably probably not also what the hell does do why Weiss is so unclear like I’m no idea what’s going on most of these so many of these things don’t seem to be marketed at all like zenthon back here no oh as a mohel there’s a thing here don’t know what that’s supposed to do supposed to drop a cue that ball aspose so suppose us after you do whatever we supposed to do over there what hell’s this even if I don’t know just look pretty cuz why not I’m wanna help I don’t even know what single bit of any of this is it just makes sense yeah couple of a cunning daman testing people should have written down like notes of how to do with somewhere for future me I don’t think I quite anticipated I’d be in three years time I’ll be making YouTube videos on my own rubbish portal map so there you go tell me what you think about my maps I’ve been just a note you think pass me maps are good not they honestly seem really annoying tedious to me more than

anything but they are sort of creatives in the funnel sir they loose term anyway I should finally an assassin a look plenty of videos ago about probably up like pot 10 just need alone like said but anyway thank you for watching them play like subscribe if you gently feedback the concept possible help me bhumibol me 24 days a pretty well coming videos as the actual that must give oh no sooner said the actual because now we’re phone will stop watching what may are all IP about fifty percent of the viewers our currently watching although most of the time most people don’t even like the even the Vee views don’t know what he seemed not impressive like you already again like only like by the time you get like one minute into the video you already only had like thirty percent of viewers just ridiculous yeah only that many people bother to the ground for video actually I think it normally like twenty percent not many people actually bother to stick the whole thing although there are spikes up funny moments normally so I like that I appreciate that and just pony see spike when something crazy happens like oh no I’m going to die I’m then the spike yeah so that’s how it works oh yeah you could tell me what you think about my maps and have obviously of and tell me how to do them you have to tell me I be my own Maps I can’t believe it it’s just too much my brains by day neither best I need a vest you all need a rest from watching all these you’ll probably all be sick visitors born even the people who were looking forward to this will be sick of it at this time so yes no big loss I’ll keep these two just in case I figure malleable this one this one’s not really worth coming back to it was cool as it looks it’s just like am always convey things i’ma gonna one say it once he solution now I was he óleo but compute people yes coolsies I don’t think so was coming back to even but do somehow figure it out the somatic tell me great clever minimalist puzzle us see that’s what not what I like about is more minimalist one’s clean portal style from ya know satu appreciated that smells nice video solutions available the out like one walked on the blind playthrough on it too can we check out his video while on on here will stop recording yeah I can watch video while the nightly i’m actually watching a video i don’t know if it’s popular to features got video on my videos probably some sort of like wrongdoing and also i didn’t i can actually watch youtube on the steam thing while I’m recording that is weird whoo Oh Connie does the occoquan still I’ll make a move oh my god everyone’s gonna think I’m copy in this card so I’m doing almost all week like same apps he’s doing it’s just like me he you called it workshop went there so club on my field his name cuz i still haven’t put up the first part good about three hours of footage already will shop without thinking about just gonna be boring maybe and allow force me to stick to your schedule a bit of those wednesdays specifically and i simply cannot do that the hundredth episode oh my god you’ve done that many episodes this guy’s great i would he likes guy once God’s this guy quick skype he’s amazing hold on oh my gosh double video am I gonna book in it so much oh my god the videos that no no I got it wrong or I can just meet him post anyway but yeah he’s doing five chambers and takes him less than 20 minutes what does that tells you about me he’s putting it down I’m gonna cut it down to book oh well I think I’m just gonna leave now after randomly promoting like a channel for no reason just call you up and put a link in his team thing this is the ward chop Wednesdays his name is afraid even mine isn’t going to be i’ll call it portal total trying trip I’m not good alliteration is nice but I don’t think I can do it just portal user levels let’s just be basic with it don’t even call it prado museum class sounds absolutely stupid why don’t I call it to your museum anyone geo museum no way to sounds to you but six months or more regarding the name job I still think young Wanda this video’s overtone even watch gold coating just end it and if you of course you wanna see more disabled now cuz I’m according lolz episode color really wanted to record more maybe a feature little pots to discuss video in and then that could be like if you want to watch all thing but then I don’t have its consent I don’t know it’s it it’s a it’s a it’s all gray area but I probably I’m sure you won’t mind if I like a look at this guide channel he’s so good but you know I can do whatever I want I’m meaning i I’m great I can do whatever I don’t know lost I’ve lost the plot I don’t you know one person is in video just stop watching why you we’ve been still watching just stop it stop it you could do you could be doing so much else right now I could be doing so much else although that applies to any anytime you watch a video you could be you can be like out there doing good for the world no you could be Prime Minister right now or president or whether Y bill is where you live but you know instead you’re sitting there watching a video imagine you could be rich i’m doing a bad deed for the world i’m preventing people getting rich and doing good just got

that cube idiota my videos Oh No I’ve ruined the world and I’ve ruin this video and this outro goodbye