Train Simulator 2018 | Medway Valley Line, Hill Test & Portsmouth Tidying

but back sorry about just photo restart stream just to make sure everything was running what I’m going to do is just shoot you straight in on the live and go for the full capture mode and close up so you can’t see with human address look on the workshop see what’s on it if I actually click so transitions over and you’ll make sense sounds like you didn’t see it don’t worry looking for most recent elephan interesting brighter wedding bar what it’s fish yesterday in a cage it’s fish you know Charlie crying all the way to Edinburgh I’m pretty sure you’d want a diesel for not well definitely not uh now that actually dual mode hmm understand it’s better that’s gonna take a while to I’m produce everything on Riesling version probably hmm is there any any that really stand out what a sovereign rescue you know if we should have done that one before what’s this let’s Gordon London Bridge I don’t know now that’s a bit jaqen Gatwick this brush from Gatwick into London Victoria and go down figure out what goes first halfway says it’s difficult we’re installed it and if we can find it I play it in Vanessa someone like the Kings Cross interesting run on a dog Toria alright let’s let’s start training them we’ll see what’s happening oh you’ll notice I hadn’t I plan for this so I don’t know what we’ll give it away to you perhaps the effect there’s some no real title having their training later believe it who knows come come on till they click play I didn’t okay I did okay come on in show me what you got show me what you have whenever you are ready it’s not like we’re way in no it’s not like we’re way in that yeah if you wouldn’t mind picking up train to them it’ll be able to hope there we are that could have been a smoother transition now can black screen everyone right then and then changing me like that right where would that be oh yes any bit in it and Twitter’s deciding there’s a problem with the system that detects our trains across the network oh dear that’s a South Western Railway having a few issues right workshop oh she was way to put this in night most reason okay thank you very much no yep am I missing anything no Drive probably I’m missing something doesn’t know I’ve got them or they got a scroll bow what can I try it what am i what exactly am I missing then gone oh come on literally have them all 54 I’ve got that I’ve got all of them literally all of them no you won’t do that Carmel Sittingbourne mostly Christmas schedule what’s this them cysteine

why is there a pitch from a pacer white when it’s fishers of paces now I’m missing EWS missing the North summit so row away just so we just have a look what’s in the career and I haven’t done yet might be a bit easier welcome to part one of this 15 9:30 service take an empty aggregate from Allington to what the quarry that’s a bit what’s listen whoever isn’t looking great it’s most don’t know 65 minutes so let’s go this one this will also form tomorrow’s video so if you’re watching tomorrow hello you get slightly extended I know this hit version wave and overlay because everybody loves an overlay so have the gross things about it in case you’re wondering how much you play trains in yeah there we go a plate windowed well I’ve done it again I’ve got studio mode on for some reason when it’s really awkward well I had it on for the slower stream and I’ve just forgot to turn it off right hey we’re nude oh no oh we’re okay yep I broke it my teaching with your phone around run it where has it gone hello train simulator do you think no it is right also that’s all that bit a bit there he’s no damp it was I caught this I’ve caught it a stupid name of the night here there it is train simulator or no look at that well see me later on simulates she got it right in front of me no that’s about it see you later 2018 number on that med way alley line no you actually see a tie-pin didn’t know that no yeah try and send to it up a little bit yeah looks about central how much actually move moved a little bit definitely read a little bit right here we go anyway sure we actually do like trains in herself good morning dry though we’re ready for the long haul this morning you’ll be in charge of this freight service take an empty ever Cooper from Pearlie Foster’s yeoman to huge engine up yard starting from Tom Ridge West yard you may depart we’re ready okay awesome and forwards rescue released brakes Hey right this guy and wife this never look out straight up truck listen to the three other from Trenton particular like headlights thanks ed headlights Now button for markers it’s up here on these in it headlines never get you should amazing can making cowboy not speeding i’ma blast yeah – 26 it’s good start Vegas where in Freight mode that’s good anything else I need to press I’m good now I got it we’re good do we have a little to do we’re on the Midway valley line at Tunbridge and i’m just playing around the cap locks at the moment which is awesome that’s all right

the toothless of the Ancient Mariner make sense they’re really likes a 59 let’s just make sure that actually says now actually no I’m doing I can i spell value wrong I think I spell value wrong did spell Valley wrong be 800 E is that he’s for barley having him that’s been Haysbert Valley King that’s right I’m actually having a moment here I continue that’s right it’s a safe honey anyway that’s an away nice our weights team ba ll e why why was I having such a moment about that it’s not that hard I want to spell Oh yep get on horn us why are we so far back all words even know yeah very short train for a good strain that’s incredibly short actually get out 2:45 don’t what we do bit more a bit together nowadays maybe keep it nice too nope not cheese too much much one oh there’s a 20 why is it a 20 tell me your reasoning no I’d never been on this partner network he runs a new part for me I thought I’ve been past Maidstone on this we’ve got this in Spartacus and I’m completely lost where am I oh yeah this is just after barracks and then I’m not even gonna bother so now for that 20 not really ruin this you see how low in school it was a whole narrow midst as well what kinds of actually live-streaming trains him for once I’ve done it completely wrong starland this isn’t snot and why’s this honest I noticed Al’s – oh yeah we started at ellington didn’t we all right here comes the pain so good you are you’re back tricks hello there we go this way let’s actually try and not lose any more score – twelve thousand is good enough just and we started not 45 yes now full power let’s jump out I actually have to carry about driving this anymore I’ve failed this one yes depart from me stoned to strewed ironically know quite well when a passenger train in a freight train when you start in the siding I know nothing about it and get lost to add directions aren’t my strong points anyway keeping to hold me apparently too is a little bit too fast

do is do fast what’s one like still increasing came here for a tutorial this is not the place you’re on the west coast main line eludes me I live about a two minute walk now from the Southwest May night this used to be my local but is yeah I knew it turns out I’ve forgotten almost everything about it yeah one still speeds up our incredibly short word strain is just too light that could be fun no because it’s 59 that will be make boring train either whistle bored why do I always struggle so much with a good stream they’re not that much different to a passenger train there we’re snide learned I’ve got this line so wrong literally my cousin loose like those houses there however I am on time which is something about a minute earlier that’s something I suppose least I’m away in the east coast of America oh really yeah it’s very good maybe I don’t have much that isn’t actually English this tends to be what I know more right did he completely mess up the North Wales to be fair I don’t know the rule other than it was near what is it Conway Bay I went there one day into a dream I can’t member is not famously yeah do I have the North Wales not entirely sure where I ever got it on up no I didn’t because technically I don’t have trains in 18 I just have the update then a reskin dojo in the way I was rude to expensive anyway he’s hauling it’s been again like a second I try a trunk sterling time that’s all that matters timing is key yeah and finish this what am I going to do a line I know currently operate the brakes not in the cab do you have to kind of look they’re somewhat annoying is that Alright how long’s this got my song stuck in my head now haven’t I Phil that was probably a whistle ball about that I missed so just in case that’ll keep them happy cuz only didn’t know the train was coming in with a tune

like that is 50 is 45.9 really speeding them still technically 45 no faster we go with three minutes early into constant yeah I see where we might have been speeding now sorry I was reading with discord at the same time there probably some of you have more terrible driving no aware support we go perfect just what we wanted I thought you can identify the tune damn well done to you you successfully want to look out this window now there you go did your prize Tony’s miss again there is no need to arrest and throw the driver in jail he’s just making sure everybody’s safe with the catchy news from June which I am people would be everywhere I was doing better than any of the women understand do you mean the driver has a horn is he a rhino all-terrain driver should be rhinos and then we were to us worry about horns there already happened that’s about as political as I’m gonna get they’re terrible Boris Johnson depression there’s gotta be another signal I it’s just pushing train team on how much let me get away with what we six washed up there and I got away of it 46.1 is yeah yeah thingies stuff that knit what Oh 45 no 25 actually not sure break seems not a notch it’s not an option this it’s a it’s a switch that’s a technical term there’s weed you’ve break that’s what he probably know about the Medway Valley lines always fretting the big bonuses now they get loads of messages I’m closing this line we even have a specific group with the Friends of it people frenzy extreme is quite a nice line in the Sun Percy and his son di child oh yeah it’s gotta be no one else would have tracked that bright train who’d have thunk it there’s a train and there’s the Midway look it’s a Midway honey yes the only person who is better than the people who complain about why enclosures when they don’t use them is the people who move underneath the flight path to the airport and then moan they can hear train hear planes we should be slowing down more I recently moved here and since then all I’ve heard is planes they’re the best people somehow I always get gotten to news as well in here in Bournemouth we have to private 747s and there was it was it was in the local paper it never got any further than that this is a 15 there was a couple that moved to a little village a mile and a half two miles away from the airport they were complaining about the sound of the jumbo Diaz their complaint was actually that they weren’t frequent enough that they could get used to the sound and they were jealous the people working

he thrown like other airports where it’s either a consummate sound or it’s a sound at a certain time of day rather than because of a private planes they kind of as they were needed believe it something to do with the royalty in Qatar the two planes are some royal family but what are we told is 747s and one of the newest they come with a simple 7sp and a 8i a new one anyway you got a new one I know what is this single double yellow single Paris nice to be a assistant yeah were they operating before you moved out at last question if it was after you have every right to have a moan about the newly introduced very loud planes that they are if there was a really BAE Systems there and you moves out of them you kind of oh right on a bus route never moan about the bus going past is financially usable this every day so stupid a moan about it and 45 and what we Europe is about 2010 they probably had automates them they specifically go anything new for euro fires Nibbana means better over the years shut up still single oh no it’s gone double okay let’s slow down the acceleration Wharton heard of what is that if I’m saying pretty sure panic isn’t over the young Beluga big guys so earlier on there was a tweet from Southwest Rail saying that they had a fault with their train detection it was across the whole network just by a McQueen same late notice of engineering work for today into a Wednesday someone yes pronunciations are not a strong point one reason why I want to get the world outlook has this stuff the same Welsh tailed well our names it’s gonna be a struggle it’s bad enough with stellaris yeah at some reason Minamoto what is actually kind of an eye we can accelerate Dolores was very fun I had work at eleven that wasn’t as fun for some reason in my head oh yeah only one officer the videos from the last one were only seven hours I’ll join in with this one it would be fine you’re forgetting I had worked in the Sunday yeah you were down on the south all I know is I got left completely by myself two hours it took the fight actually found anyone to own this video actually found anyone because just the West had no one and it was before they started before that the AI starts popping up as begin to get a bit worried I disconnected when I started playing on single-player please note that you might require to ask permission from the signaler to pass signals at either the yard or shunting around the yard press tab reading was it good

yeah I came begging for food didn’t I it’s for some reason I cover what I dunno I started stockpiling because I knew I was gonna have a food crisis so I started stockpiling which gets you the couple extra food all of a sudden it all went wrong and I ended up with like minus five and then a ticket bill I think it was a minus PI for about half an hour and that doesn’t end well I think by the time I went to you guys I’ve been about 12 minutes from zero food it’s a pretty desperate and just asking for food ooh break break break break tab oh good that was a problem one it’s over least a braixen and if we provide a power there again in fact why am i have found power we’re about to turn off all the brakes many of them yeah this is about it become unstoppable isn’t it no no we made it all bid / Baxter films yes I was very much saved I don’t think I gave away quite how desperate my food situation was at the time you know I was doing pretty well for everything and then I had the food crisis then it was all going pretty well and then obviously we had that disconnection when the a a I decided to take over and it doubled the amount of ships they had and put me over the ship and then and then that starts cost me a hell of a lot that was what really really made me struggle and the fact I couldn’t gain any right we stopping that’ll do Pig you say and frusciante is a more black tea hooligans get ready to leave and so I’ve just got swap ends goodbye release the brakes release the brakes and left I didn’t say your name shut up they wanted the Amazon name divisive second willpower that’s 15 that’s 16 right let’s go back to this mode no not that movie see what I’m doing release with the brakes Thanks thank you right now she was down there right down that perfect salomina one neutral little two hands and so it tells me that didn’t actually switch ends go here I just had everything Oh that’s all that’s all they’re all nothing sweet right that’s in neutral do that never say how hard can it be or when zone always ends up being very

difficult press Q perfect no I know it’s fixing the right way Marco likes the left that correct probably headlights on and yep oh right that’s the marker lights my carts on I must have freaked it out hello right we’re forwards release the brakes and full power why did I get different color wagons she never was well that’s not a happy sounding train is it drive quality not like I’ve got any passengers I’ve just made the driver uncomfortable I am the driver I don’t care I’ll specify if I want full throttle or not I’m a dead straight bit of track 15 is not necessary everyone knows I’m coming right and then we go go there right there denied no I want to get past they need to go past most of telling me stuff tonight now kind of committed all right see I told you don’t say how hard can it be I said how hard was maple could it be and now the signal just breaks all the Rings all of them any grace your mind is quiet very hard what is your problem require an explanation I know I think I’m gonna be anyway it’s there like a train it’s minute parts for each station me the damage right if I yeah I need to get past the signal night this reverse it we didn’t just have to like duck in everything go back on the back surely not right let’s see how this is ready ah wait so I didn’t have to come down here you just that makes no sense there we go whoo we’re swapping ends click the whole thing is over the shopping end right f12 is you’ve had to swap ends yeah so why that’s out that’s up and I waiting for a train you would blaming you for this how hard can it be you said it wasn’t me I’m the one who gets punished by the game I changed that and I know you’re still purple so I have to come back here say say hang out like that release the brakes give me you look I expected

I’ve no idea what way I’m gonna be facing them very chemically stuff there we go oh yeah why do you that I have to help yeah just go back in the cab and release him do you want me to go there was the point of me going here just a little good did I not have to go here I just stop at a junction the wagons go to heater two one doesn’t actually answer my question as to whether I’ve just done this for giggles my broken sir stop stop stop faster okay miss Webster never trusted right towards release the brakes Jeremy Clarkson school of train driving right here just give a little power and paper I don’t know I just the Mach number yeah that’s I’m particular let’s go read up into these again yeah pick a nice easy scenario we find cuz it’s a nice half an hour one all you’ve got to do is drive up the Midway Valley to the junction what could go wrong no I should have stuck with tropical fever couple done it yay right so why why do you have to do that now in the wrong end of the train for part two you don’t have to pay part two and see whether it magically goes on the right end or whether you then shunt again there’s about 1 in the books it’s moving talk to – will answer my question right career I helped write the trains in menu is 50 minutes no I don’t have anything else plan is even answer right loading still right now we’re not responding my computer is cutting into me oh yeah I’ve obviously done something to haven’t sacrificed enough to the computer gods obvious thing Lord of computers can be a mean mean apprentice apprentice now that’s not the robot I was gonna say something now no it’s a very snazzy Amtrak uniform right well now I’m in a completely different one let’s finish

off this fright round continue from part one you have just come into a stop at the other Junction die version 1 another train will relieve you right well I was there literally on the other end of the train here so did I do it right I got the point I’m going to assume so but my questions are not answered this is has raised more questions on not on all the way what we’re doing all day my car lights once again are not happy with me train what do I do Lea probably the answer would stop would do that’s good for power again right what are my cars are doing a thing have I done stuff at the back no actually he like speeding perfect hurry shouldn’t mistress was the world I met they’re not apprentice I knew I’d work out what I was trying to say right then so we are very terminate thank you traveling in the back of a coal wagon is it Angra bit of some sort hang it by detail pebbles thank you traveling with hi pebbles family hi pebbles two rogue you name that path this is hiya pebbles let’s see if I can do this I’m gonna say without losing any score but I am over exuberant star and thoroughly disapprove we get to go past the old lady but he complains about horns again so how will he MP really hope warming him up is it high No funnel up to your mother forty-five no her house got knocked down terrible accent she moved to Indianapolis let’s go and find Oh nearly cool motor signals no I’m lost I’m Annette where’s the Train where’s the track here Turin hey there you are right I go like this that’d be another good thing whoo-hoo now that’s a tree on the line if ever I’ve seen one who dear and in the ground don’t say that I didn’t finish the episode I run drive instead I put spoilers before you say stuff like that all right where’s this opening it’s somewhere under is it they that I knew where I was going this is this is going well in the huddle adventurous life he liveth halfway up and hasn’t it

there we go to all the train spotters in the valley it’ll be here in a minute which sounds rather depressing a woman into a tunnel another performance have been really important to say in it all over the club yeah I still always read that as the got hardline me to think of a better name for that line right we can get 37 grand speed of 37 go to no yeah you get 40 now and as a 15 come in it’s what I don’t like about toes 37 to random speed have you paid your truck to drive halfway across Europe at 31 miles per hour or was it 31 4e 47:56 this weird space and trucks have to go today I understand it’s the conversion from kilometers to miles per hour makes it not around still fifteen is not exactly better speed thirty 14350 I was it 43 speed every 100 truckload that’s always weird fen Nitin never really got into owning trucks when you’re a drunk I attended to just have a very profitable company just for driving for myself just having a fleet of trucks for whatever I need I tend to have one very light truck if I’m doing an intercity I’d like a container a medium or one a heavy haul and now a super happy whoo right 15 come on don’t speak concentrate also anion big cut little that’s better 18:08 are you saying you have 20 spare trucks I expecting this to be already no no no it’s green the real mix of a river but is it true this being very local to dovetail they’d make sure that all the buses were the correct blue color rather than having some London Transport red one do know you’re not meant to be new over-exuberant man I’m private fleet in the career mode that isn’t being recorded I have am TCAP specially developed to be my special transport one it was not the best idea especially with the the longest one what is it it’s a mod wind turbine blade the roads are only just big enough for that on their own alone just thinking another like 10 feet for an engine in front of it I don’t know why I thought the tea cab would be a good idea however we find here we go all the power as we look right at the engine why do I keep zooming into that shot let’s sit down there maximum grab 70 meters oh yeah No

six cars stop there’s your eight car stopped and here’s your 12 just in case this point with you nice hang you know along here how do forty-four you we are in Arkham 250 boss 1 – teapots nothing just like and he appoint pie never done multiplayer on the 80s today I’ve never send a point note whenever I’ve sinned it it’s just been people crashing into other people as much as my videos in to always end up with me receiving some sort of damage right I’ve heard the damage to be self-inflicted is judging the sign and specifically misjudging wherever cars are on roundabouts Caesar is a favorite of mine for causing damage I think news feeding will happen Oh Oh nose off there’s a whistle would coming up embraced prematurely horned meant to apologize condition I suffer with I just pray with your leaders kind of Arisa what well why is the game not wondering thank you occasionally this game just seems to decide yeah you don’t actually want to rest about and I just kind of like lose amount somewhere else for you you are no longer a part of this game the train will control itself there we go just so that guy knew that’s all lava school and this guy he’s looking the wrong way that Hey look at me still you look not understanding those four Junction panicking panicking at the motorway your engines yeah that’s why I tend to use Pro mods just for the smoke clean more realistic motorway Junction because some of them are actually terrifying when you come off and you’re going 56 and then look at the sudden you’re you’re suddenly enough what annoys me especially in some of the base game cities is you’ll be going 56 and your Sat and I will tell you to come off at the last minute because it’s quite hard to distinguish at some junctions whether you’re gonna be coming off on what and at the last minute you’ll notice that you’re going to be coming off and then you’ll be hit with 31 instantly with a police car behind you not realizing that a 90 degree turn at the bottom of this ramp and slam into a truck as it was turning into you that’s my common problem that based game maps it was this lady I complain women the hilt the horn got wet where is the ball at the top I even got capture cursor on oh yeah you can’t see where I’m pointing very pointless when the Buddha we find why is it 45 is virtually straight the least $60 I’ll just keep it one for now hello 45 bored still remind me and here comes hauling once again we weren’t here 20 minutes ago

down again it’s got a Mach 2 and I said mark that’s obviously manki like that yeah it was just a walk it’s much easier one hour exactly which means it’s been two hours since the site extremely is that hour of transport they use transport failure yeah there we go that’s one good an a nap that episode that’s what planing could easily just become the series and I do miss featuring me play draws ballgames and messing math very quickly become the primary series this is literally just watching the speed isn’t it all the way it’s danbridge DubLi 45 is a limit the whole way transport failure become a copyright strike has he ever actually used the term transport failure though you all here we go yeah okay steal things from funky truck stop yeah you’re not gonna catch me with that okay she’s not included it’s really bad I never actually sinned someone mentioned someone mentioned oxygen not included and um the other day to me and I’ve just never got around to actually looking at it we may check it out after this hello Roenick all that is up here is the frantic tunes of – horn I could get both of them in this gym let it come and both whistle board to the double that’s why not there we go yep no one was there to appreciate it anyway I just read about it just in case no not that one either do get the feeling me I literally just for a farmer yeah pretty much speeding our train now this is where we started just that or that would be somebody for a multiplayer game Annette when multiplayer comes through definitely be a thing you probably get some tunes out of it well different trains different sounding horns I’m sure you’d be able to get something it’s probably somewhere out there someone out there that actually has had that effort to record the horn sounds and then stitch them together that’s 35 you can stop playing with the horn to start paying attention look hon rethink a game of name that tune should happen with the horn but the thing is I only have two notes

it was an interesting town it was a 35 anyway and I was aiming for 30 just playing it’s a the people with Aylesford can live safe he’s made yeah he did didn’t he yeah didn’t use a train engine that they take too long to spool up problem didn’t he play the top gear tune with the engines and that’s what I found a present Oh too early still comfortable tuna is definitely something doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo is what I mainly book quite alright yeah was it obviously now I can’t build the horns not responsive and after hearing a template I’ll get you in on the keyboard yeah Jessica thank you I knew it was a girl’s name what it was 45 again now you can’t do it I’m turned on just about just about yo using two notes rewind and name that tune of one it’s a game yes it’s very much agreement this is when I end up actually getting the two now you’ve made this song well that’s copyright or congratulatory note yeah nearly nearly getting to know and if you can name what I’m attempting I’ll give you a look out the window again that’s not right wait was it that was it here I started I was here I started here yeah with an antenna started yourself greenness made some whoever look congratulations your video has been copyright strike who you managed to play Beethoven’s fifth that would be brilliant there must be a tune that you’d be able to properly get out it was a more responsive only before we be easy to news out a copyright yeah but it’s more than two notes really and that’s about all I can do actually no because this is a hi softly what trains it that’s got the hyssop hi Soph common well trained it is a single no device

because it can’t quite Alexa basically ah stop I made Fay it’s yeah as soon as it started playing I knew it yeah you can just about again the intro again and give the who on it 45 full power that local crossing is the only level crossing I know that still has a guy commanded gate unless it’s recently been trained now the horn is not responsive and I’m seeing its finger a machine you tried any certain response otherwise it’s just keyboard we need to be where to slow some to do Bolero I got on it kinda I know what before we about we Underwood you yeah yeah I don’t know that one I can’t keep asking the Amazon device I really mucked up that horn playing on it so long stupid we never seem to be in it wait remember choices the horn just about get the national anthem out on it if you’d listen carefully yeah it’s literally turn into how many Tunes can you make on the horn isn’t it it’s probably quite a few actually the French horn ie has knows the three notes in it so only just French on tune could you get Scotland the brave you were stood the entire time I hope your hand on your chest singing along vlogs have been raised across the country in support of the horn and collapse 15 million as it powers its way towards watering beef at a whole 37 you would probably accelerate a little bit we’ve got that 45 again Dorit decide

indeed asset just indeed all the confirmation I needed I hear no sarcasm in that at all what if like one night oh listen it’s double horn it’s close together here we go what we can probably get a tune to outlast them all let’s just go with the classic mr. whatever closer together I was going 45 I would have made that train look it’s a train painful yes it’s to go with your funky truck stops is a very horny evening I thought I was managing to hold 45 then and I just started creeping up again we come on an FSS right downhill let’s see no it’s just not gonna hold itself is it just gonna keep going it’s annoying state if you’re accelerating or dear Sarah is this a slight uphill it’s a slight uphill and the Train on one knots of powers to accelerate some power in this right now suppose with the severe lack of carriages at this think that that is not a good strain so the Americans still watching he’ll be very disappointed with the methods good train speeding uphill and round a corner so right it’s super elevated built for high speed what they do to all the mainlines anyway you tilt the track its comfier unless you’re going our low speed in which case you’ll just awkwardly taught us the toilet maybe is you think they’ll be able to wait until there was a couple more ready they’re empty anyway I can’t actually remember whether these models have the option to be still oh so he’s saying that empty bits may well be just the statement they are always in Oh or we’re just out with Honda since then just to make it out it’s not a good train it’s a freight train er remember very tool there’s a twenty coming up and I’m gonna accelerate into it like a madman what’s the point in the 20 switch breaking she’ll do fine one squared is not enough whose bridges I swear like just trap to these little something look yeah yeah I reckon we could put one into here once once we get from the corner we may want to stick another one yeah let’s do it the guy can have some fun on his wall accelerate to 20 like a boss tonight it’s a 20 in a good strain this size it keep me mad to accelerate into

it it slow this is a stampton curve at the British Isles happily right here strictly classified and 20 miles per hour no I think we survived it what is the reason for this 20 I actually see no reason because we’ve gone 45 from other stations securely this level crossing au the reason well you are a weird angle he said oh no we’re out of his women are closing them it’s the one time you’re allowed to trespass oh it’s 45 all the power let’s jump up let’s get out the train for a minute hello we’re going to standard yeah stop yeah we’re good listen oh well that was a long train oh oh I’ll just carry on my business then dude today apple-picking mother looks of it seem to have walked into an orchard tortured yep one of them this tree still in blossom a little oh the twisty tree oh we’ve got some speed on us now don’t go and play in the fields when you’re driving a train this is what we’ve learned here today and I ran for a wheat bill once mostly is coming up always a bridge oh maybe it’s the Midway this is Medway Valley he won’t be the Midway public service announcement do not believe vote we’re driving trains yep that’s the service lift robbing overthought we fired in a coming up never live across in at a bit of a weird angle why can’t me just wait level across the street everyone knows you get a bump in the road if you put your little cross now these people never play you transport fever it’s not difficult straight all the way back up to the mighty spear pretty sure we can run faster I mean with this brute faster day oh wait no 35 but with some action happening it I didn’t press Korean time did I brookey arrow right there oh wait wait are we gonna have to blow the horn don’t stop before mom cut out Nicky I guess they have to go at the pressure right oh it’s oh it will you go into four words already broken do something right ah wait if I got a put it all the way into emergency and then take it off again here’s the problems right emergency Tenley is a second nasty forwards backwards do anything do it manually where do I do it manually from up here nope that’s the pro I’ll put that in

zero then zero put that in reverse don’t forward the bank oh hey also we’re in zone 12 not 92 they got this terribly wrong there we go look at that got it moving which we do this again they’ve probably forgotten on it in fact let’s be the people once again oh this is an actual crossing oh no sound this is different sound of hypnotizing hip-hip no tightly at the same time Oh nearly missed a whistle board there that could have been a nightmare my wife as I’ve turned up another level crossing at 85 85 85 85 85 yeah should have had a second warning about I want that big yellow square on the HUD was not enough to remind with 30 but let’s be honest it’s been busy since the 35 wanted I’ve had many things to do like look at the train level crossing restart the train for what does that mean that is not a correct phone number or any information that I understand look I made a speed limit everyone rejoiced really loose in the national anthem navigate you will need to ask the signaler permission with the Tunbridge lulu do this press tab here we yesterday the last I remember oh yes ah no and that was how this scenario ended there we go very good we ended on the national anthem now that that’ll do load you into a false sense of security telling you about red signals right in front of a red signal date on it in other news I fail that 18 in the 15 terrible absolutely disgraceful account I was speeding up yeah I’m not very good I think I’m about to train during school may well be something I need a lot of them if you break they’re very good let’s let’s not do that again now was something I wanted to do on trains him I’ve got remember what it was oh yeah it was what train has the horn now take ages to find might recognize it come on oh yeah oh yeah right it’s none of them no no is it no it’s not them it’s not you this is gonna become my Britain’s Got Talent but it might be you where we go it let’s go and I see faded let’s pick let’s pick a room free roam what about free reign with a question mark you have plans for free roam or you don’t know what free roam is more information is greatly needed with it let’s play a game of how far can you get into the tunnel this is game and we got to find out over the hall I don’t understand free roaming trains him oh

right it some some routes they have multiple trains placed down basically you could just drive wherever you want within the route I think London to Brighton is got it so there’s a couple of couple of units in London there’s a couple units in well depending on where you start to wear those units and it’s just you and you have to like set your route yourself so if you’re on like the London line London to Brighton none of the junctions are set for you you’ve got a sail and it means you can where is it whereas if you wanted to go from say Victoria to Clapham Junction and back to Victoria you can do that as a quick drive you’d have to do that as either writing this scenario or just do as a free roam and drive from them back of me that explained it somewhat this guy’s got many jobs many many jobs maybe he’s devote the male version of mrs. Miggins he lives in every continent and then every town right sister oh no sound at all but it certainly and now the Train right for a test we’re doing this in me who the weird whoever where every lie in the world is just hand on Rona cute queue for Easter breaks all the power right this is the game of how far we should probably set a destination one second no one will know where we’re going to crash if we don’t set a destination how do you set the destination in this one I can’t remember SIM card well you want a SIM card ah wait no maybe maybe is it in that thing yeah I know were speeding this is a test of how far can you get into the tunnel Tuggle no that’s not it’s not that door control that’s not it one of these is not to change destination maybe it’s not maybe I’m in the wrong train it’ll be face but he said the destination on this train it definitely away ah this is the f7 okay let’s go universe early 30x video right South Korea didn’t yeah we wanna get out fun the pancreas isn’t gonna be one right there is it no distracted oh yes Federer overhead let’s go Tunbridge queue all right let’s go Tori that’s how you do it in this one right we may have to slow down for this better wipers I know we won’t this is nice to be tracked now right how far how far into the tunnel can we survive do you like speed the couple decent picnic station indeed right bird round test number one how far can we get in the tunnel we are no longer in the met and went through there unpowered tunnel test apparently all in capitals because it’s about tunnel wrong changes were not safe save the changes right here we go

we now have no power here we go Oh looking up the hill we hurry all the way down to the wall but you bet on so unpowered we’re actually getting more speed than we were under power that is same let’s train capabilities it’s gonna make it to 90 90 one or I’ve just invented a new game here’s how I was gonna get this right this is what oh we’re gonna make it out the tunnel we are losing momentum I’ll make it boil make it a mile about half a mile well outlet on over we’re gonna get onto the bridge if we go into the bridge it’s a downhill we made it – we made it under the how do we manage that the little train that could go get over this hump and you want it downhill again literally you had to go over you had to go on a long just we’re on a downhill again yes please pick him back up how did we make it under the tunnel and back up so we’re not under any power yeah neutral everything’s neutral I know it’s never now we’re gonna get in that speech for the new cool it really is a train rollercoaster I’m surprised it’s made it this far I wasn’t expecting to get out of the tunnel there’s a little bit more downhill who needs planet coaster when you’ve got this I made a Vacanti off the detail there’s another little mound by that a signal that’s pretty always a mile away get over that one I believe it’s down into the tunnels imagine a announcement in France one of your layers and just here to let you know the next year estar serviced at London’s have painters International has been delayed due to a network cell priests rather get refused and ended up on the high-speed lines it’s currently coasting along going to see how far we can get many junctions on the high-speed bar obvious reasons so we maybe sometime aerosol regrets do you know it was much too quickly to take them to boat despite the little extra bit of driving you rid of that double the price at boat you could have got the Eurotunnel and take me of cars that have been inconvenient left in Paris trying to work out where you can get them do now that you can’t speak any French and taxi Stokely come speeding are we gonna make it to the next tunnel oh yeah we got past good works there’s yeah and no way we can make that there is no

way we can make that it may be a bit bumpy but it is not that bumpy this train can coast though we’re actually on a complete plan zero that’s in just he said that ever who’d gone a bit funky truck stop and we’re gonna be here well I tend to go on and off at the moment I’m currently enjoying it if I play more than an hour to an hour and a half I begin to gather coke yep and place a book this wasn’t meant to make it out of the tunnel there’s no whether we can make it to be good that’s are we from goods we’re just by the compass here we start pointing form I think of that which is got most of help to you no way slight uphill and it was like downhill it’s James current rate is higher than the recommended bit right now isn’t a higher bitrate better I’m not a genius with computers but I thought the higher the bit rate the better no have I got that wrong youtubers are at the recommend they’re recommended is 4500 OBS as I’m chucking out 6000 we’re gonna have to look that up after the CSS battle I’ve dropped a zero frames I’ve been alive for one hour 42 minutes and 50 seconds and I’ve been recording for one hour 42 minutes and 50 so very interested that’s event is it good though is having higher than 4000 good I am getting that right pretty much have a good yard why would you send me a warning for saying it’s too good yeah hide a bit right means better video quality video so YouTube is telling me I have too good a video look you with that that’s because of with the train horn sound right if we make it through two good yards with back in the tunnel there’s no way we’re making it to strap it that’s just too steep yeah I’ve it right check video set in streams current bitrate is six one one six it’s higher than the recommended bitrate we recommend that you use a stream bitrate but does put a higher strain will CPU I see if we use running at 8% it doesn’t seem to be caring plus I think I’ve got abs set to its automatic setting which just means it does the best I can I think it’s nothing I can actually look at settings wine on life can i oh I can it all goes wrong we know why out there according saved in people recoverable you ever know that video bitrate

automatic yeah I’m just a good we made little tunnels and these on off the steeples an awesome shouldn’t be able to get any further than this also spent a while yeah that’s my fault I wasn’t gonna change it anyway just OBS is saying everything’s dandy it was set free I might lower it and we recommended that if it can do more I might as well but then that would have had videos as well as the stream wouldn’t it sir he’s working all right right well the previews and YouTube saying but I actually have a video feed open I have yvs shows you in than just the chat nice team DG 8 5 and that kind of struggling behind the machine I seem fine good thank you I’ve not tried recording or streaming GTA 5 currently because the only reason I brought GTA 5 is to be made by that server and it’s currently in beta and we’re not allowed to show off yet so I’ve not tried but yeah I’d imagine you do have to lower your signal it’s quite a lot of that I can see why that would be a problem on any machine I love mine is overexpression I got I got an email from the chill blastic extent it’s beginning to get a bit old a date yeah we’re not gonna get out of this tunnel met Sam do we pick a number train to see how well I can do I think they’ve definitely won how long was that 16 minutes here well free roam stuff ever got then ignore the other way there I should go on the free roam very much you’ve mentioned it I’m curious what’s with the poll ignore that okay well grab a train I know Portsmouth just a nice loading okay we’ll be one second you let’s sell to Carlisle it’s steam you didn’t don’t want me doing steam yeah so basically on a free rein you are given a couple of trains

and so there’s one going to Portsmouth one coming from Portsmouth and a couple and here you just click on it check your route this train so that’s set it’s basically a case of follow your Purple Line and make sure it goes where you want it to go let’s take this train a bit better switch that switched that one case you’re wondering in kernels chorus railway video when he got confused about what carriage he was meant to be pulling he had to change appointment to get to the second load of carriages and he missed it let’s go there and into my for tide to pick the Army Field one then though we get right it affords no to worry yeah set what Carl I will steam you oh you definitely do not want me doing steam all right so a green service Brickman of course 25 do not see me or is it just you penguin oh so this is about what the weather outside is I’m I’m just extra on the ground oh yeah yeah it’s very beautiful so you know cool you know I can drive it fine right the sounds stop looking so closely it’s gonna get self-conscious does it make the correct sound yes it does love those doctor a trip to Kent is those sounds that mean I’m nearly home I forgot is ten into the depo speed limits do not apply when you listen to this track although they are stock sounds if you sound good they’re so quiet and actually I say that I think I’ve lived it’s health and safety and all but ten miles per hour is a bit slow even death we live right but leave I still tried this in a while that’s a bit wise it’s done for you I can now click on a different train I say a different train needs to face actually nothing fifty worthy so again will be this train of course I’ve you know what

the tensor instead the tender one so right we’re not in service to that though anyway so anyone we kill with trespassing perfectly acceptable it’s becoming more of a speed test this is not the expressed as I need speed test double yellow they wait no yellow why why is it that we yellow it’s double yellow because I didn’t change oh oh oh no right clicked on that if you go into that one and we’re super good yeah we’re good no questions asked alright this time we’re gonna make it we’re going a little bit faster of course there’s still the chansik road the back Rock nope that’s fine 100% brakes the only brakes you’ve ever need maybe a few more my needed yeah a few more needed yeah so just satisfied okay no I think I’ll do for trading tonight no don’t restart the scenario very train derailed did it who’da thunk it that’s not the word of the day I don’t know looks interesting is that gyro that is like heavy stick all oh it’s like a baby big boy literally all that is baby big boy so anything new now that’s somewhat interesting ah sort by newest noticed well there’s the Korowai expansion oh all that for that little engine I don’t even care I want that one on that electric one it’s not a class 59 or 60 SEC’s he’ll be pleased an M LV bespoke widespread identification on cases was underway many trainees the Dome of the bug tree machinery strengthens the capacity mortgage oh right it’s a motorized luggage van that makes sense right anyway yeah I think that will tell you other than just looking through the store and finding out what they’re apparently that oldest loco DLC is that I am surprised that a for a few of these are definitely older yeah a for a few of these would definitely order that’s kept its age well a few of these are showing their age on here also the more I look at this the more I am end up reaching for the bank car so yeah very good 100 miles north wales right yeah I’m gonna leave that there um probably see we’re in the discord in a bit might however than that yes thanks

for watching how you somewhat enjoyed it and um might see you next time and there won’t be a training video tomorrow it will just be this thank you for saying cool stream and yeah I will see you around soon Cheers I thought and made outro music it turns out it’s just completely failed to work that’s rather embarrassing let’s hear later