Trip to Ladakh

Kargil war memorial built by the indian army following the war with neighbouring pakistan in late nineties is frequented by travellers plying the highway connecting Srinagar and leh it is also known as “operation vijay” here is the plate on which the names of all indian personnel, who laid their lives during the Kargil war Gravestones as a mark of remembrance………. show their names (Anti American & anti Israel slogans) 21st of Ramadan in kargil, people were out to show religious congregation and procession, followed by anti American & anti Israel slogans……. (DEATH TO AMERICA, DEATH TO ISRAEL) Hey!! Good Morning this is Asif here is the sun, it is totally totally totally covered with the clouds,with the heavy clouds,black dark clouds and…you can see,you can see this is the whole view of main town of kargil mesmerizing scenic beauty, it is blessed with majestic snow laden hamaliyan ranges lush green landscape, sprinkling blue waters Enfield , enfield was born out for hills…no bike does justice to road trips like “ROYAL ENFIELD” As emotional beings, we humans have a tendency to develop an attachment to certain persons, things or habits. We fall helplessly in love someone, sometime in our lives or we begin to love something like motorbike…as i do Here we are going inside the holly place of the Buddhists

He is saying that the Gompa is under maintenance, so they are shifting there all holly things to new temple two photographs are here, This is the dalai lama, the head or we can say priest of the Buddhism and the second one aside is the deputy and is saying that he is coming to visit this temple (holly place)in the month of august okay!! he is saying that something is covered under these curtains, so the only curtains are removed on the 29th of each month only for a single day here is a holly drum used for holly purpose is made up of wood….and this side is made up of skin…yak skin that’s the animal , which is common in ladakh walls of holly place are being painted,are being decorated because of visit of the priest , you can see all these men are busy with the painting He is saying that there are four painting in total two from left side and two from right side and four people are busy with this painting and he is saying that four paintings will be completed in two months This is prayer wheel, it is made from metal, wood, stone, leather etc they believe it is used to accumulate wisdom and merit and to purify negatives here is school, he is saying that only monks are supposed to study here each kind study whether it is a modern science or religious monks donate their whole life for their religion, they used to pray their god whole life they donate their whole life good morning everybody, good morning everybody!! This is Asif and we are ready to leave for pangong, we woke up at 3:30am and currently this is 4:00am Biking in the night , a different concept and different way to live the roads on your wheels It was the most enjoyable experience I ever had and you would encounter on your motorcycle It was the best part of my life bluish roads, sky, mountains…..all surrounding we are about to reach pangong, see we crossed the

blind area, the foggy area that was totally blind , only the visibility , i guess that was only 10mtrs you can it is so beautiful you can feel the nature you can see the clouds are moving you can see it! it is so beautiful

Welcome to chang-la pass the third highest motor-able pass in the world, Chang-la pass situated at an altitude of 17388ft above sea level it is named after the sadhu Changla Baba crossing the pass with snow capped peaks, barren landscape One must cross Chang-la pass to reach the famous pangong lake Himaliyan marmot, found in the alpine grasslands throughout the Himalayas , it is common animal in ladakh, it lives in deep barrows, that colony members share during hibernation wild horses Finally we made it, we are now at pangong I felt totally different after reaching there it was totally awesome , out of this world Blue crystal clear waters , mountains, lake surrounded with the mountains , that was so silent everything was quiet , and everybody was enjoying

it was awesome, i can’t explain it there are no words to actually explain this lake it was outstanding It is time to feel the breeze of pangong lake and the chilling weather at pangong lake Here we go just visualise You can see.. where we are the clouds are beneath us and we are going up, and it is 14000ft, 14000 something currently, and still bumpy roads so my back is so hurting And it is so cold ,it is near about zero see al-around We are heading to WORLDS HIGHEST MOTOR-ABLE road it is khardung-la pass, its height is 18380ft above sea level The pass on the ladakh range lies north of leh and is gateway to nubra valley’s The road from south pullu to north pullu both are the army base camps is primarily made up of loose rocks, dirt, freezed water..etc That means you have to face lot of obstacles to reach your destination you can see the heavy rocks, and muddy road, slippery road there nothing we can in a correct way It is so foggy, no visibility at all trucks, huge traffic , and moreover our fuel is about to end.. , so hope there would be a petrol pump so cold

it is drizzling hey ! finally made it Way to nubra valley , it is surrounded by the snow capped Himalayan ranges nubra valley lies sandwich between Tibet and Kashmir the view of the valley is breath taking …during winter the whole valley looks like landscape of the moon that is the reason of calling it moon land, and in summer full of greenery you can see the huge mountains it seems like a painting before us it is totally totally totally totally..breath taking and you can see the height, just imagine the height we are travelling at!! every bike riding used to blink the headlights or thumbs-up to wish the opponent biker for safe trip home and the happy trip that is the nice thing aaah!!! To reach nubra valley you have to cross the inspiring khurdung-la..the highest motor-able pass of the world, channels of nubra rivers , wide and flat nubra valley from a distance the valley seems parched and dry but it isn’t so, there are lush green valley’s and the farm lands ….as well Here we reached The nubra valley starts from here…its name is DISKIT village

which is known for its Buddhist monastery The lone petrol pump in the DISKIT , in near about 170kms it is the single petrol pump do not forget to refill fuel at leh petrol pump as there is a single petrol pump but not always in working condition So better tank up in leh only Hello! Everybody finally we reached nubra valley you can see beside background and after snowfall, bumpy road, drizzling, foggy road, blind road etc and we reached finally here you can see its beautiful , there is no comparison of nubra valley Currently we are at the view point of the sand dunes you can see the beautiful texture of sand dunes totally awesome so soft aaah…..we can say it warm it is so soft here we left the mark on nubra valley! its Asif & Dawood Beautiful but remote, Humder village sits an oasis in the middle of cold desert in nubra valley, 7kms from diskit , which is known for its Buddhist monastery Nubra has acquired fame for its sand dunes the cold desert that surrounds it, camels and breath taking natural beauty Here we go, the village is dotted with apricot plantation and home to the 350yrs old DISKIT gompa, The largest and oldest monastery in nubra valley here we go inside the village Do remember when you are hiring this bike…do care of petrol very well

it is consuming the petrol like a car.. giving mileage on hills that’s 15-16kms/lt only So we are out of fuel now! we found the funnel hope it would be enough for next filling station People have been stacking stones to make cairns since ages. Earlier used as messengers, signs and landmarks in unoccupied lands, loacal suggest that they are also known for bringing good luck for travellers The road to khardung-la pass id often jammed because of avalanches and minor road repairs , the same we faced we stuck in the three avalanches, this one took near about 30-40mins to cross, we all passengers came into cue to clear the road for the traffic and we took the shovels from the trucks stuck in the avalanche..we start the work 1st attempt 2nd one aaaooooo ready for the 3rd one awwwwww After crossing the 1st avalanche, here was the 2nd but it was the minor one , it took near about 5-10mins to cross this one

Here is the 3rd and huge one, it took hours to cross you can see the situation over here Got a backup from army base camp, it took near about 2hrs to reach the spot the machine came from 19kms from army base camp…with same speed The buzz going among the security personnel and bikers the weather is going ……worst! and here we were deciding what to do shall we go ahead or move back I remember the officer of indian army left the bikers on their on risk at 9:00pm late night, you can imagine the highest road black dark, dense fog , snowfall etc it was totally different feeling we were about to freeze finally we decided to move ahead, we made a group of near about 18 bikes and we left slowly,it was the down slope and we reached safely fortunately..thanks to almighty we reached safely leh at…10:30pm Thanks for watching 🙂 Don’t forget to like and hit Subscribe button for future adventurous videos