TWINS FIRST 16+ HOUR ROAD TRIP!! | Traveling with 6 month TWIN BABIES

going on a road trip with twins is hard hello my cool cats and welcome back to another video it is so difficult to get before i know right they’re so big so we literally haven’t made a video in forever but today is a very special day we are going to be traveling and we’re going to be taking the boys on their first road trip cross country four states technically but but it feels like the world of different yeah so we’re going to florida we’re going to uh north carolina from florida and it’s going to be interesting we went through car caravan yeah so the reason we’re traveling is because we are moving there so we do have to go house hunting and definitely can’t hold them like i used to like in the previous videos boys have definitely grown quite a bit since the last video i think the last video with the boys that i posted was a day in the life like a solo mom day in the life and i will write down here how old they were at that time but currently they’re six and a half months old or five and a half months adjusted it’s time to eat it’s time to eat make me laugh too let me left too who are you are you isaan no you’re ed you’re eisen yeah what about me oh sorry faces are already bigger than me and i just noticed this right now hello i’m just enzo hello so the game plan for today is to do our normal daily routine in addition to normal feedings and it’s just amazing seeing how the boys have come so far um since this video was recorded it wasn’t until the boys turned nine months old that we were able to start feeding them with all the lights on and even with distractions going on so it’s really great to look back into this we have our three babies hanging out here come on buddy you can grab you like the color are you gonna say mama are you guys gonna say mama first mama say mama come on Aizen big boys enzo’s reaching okay sakura so here are a few things that are already packed um my bag is actually already are waiting to be packed over there this is the boys bags alejandra’s bag this is my diaper bag technically here we have two snuggle me’s the tripod and then the harness for the jolly jumper which we’re taking and we also have the mat for the california beachco tent which didn’t arrive but the mat arrived so we’re gonna be using that and excuse this whole mess over here this is everything we’re going to take when we move it’s our dresser our couch chairs believe it or not um a tv just absolutely everything so we’re still packing over here we also have some essential snacks of course only the essentials nothing more there is still some last minute packing that we must do but we’re just kind of going the flow today seeing how it goes like the bottles we can’t pack those because we’re going to use them all today in addition like they’re a bath like holding things we can’t pack them up because we’re going to use them tonight reach for geria what about you oh you’re so cute big boy standing up so tall yeah oh all right already stealing each other look at his little legs kicking eisen enzo hi guys how are you

eisen eisen what are you doing with your brother huh what are you doing with your brother you’re trying to steal his shoes we’re currently on our way to go pick up the car and it’s gonna be a caravan so it’s gonna be awesome because we’re gonna have so much space so much space yeah the plan is to let the boys crawl around the back of the caravan you’ll be in the middle two seats and you’ll have the whole back road to yourself you’ll sleep on our sleeping and we have our masks iconic what about your vest oh wait he has it you gross stay hydrated my friends so it’s come a couple minutes later we were standing in the sun for 10 minutes and now my bangs are all sweaty but it’s fine it’s part of florida if you don’t live outside of florida or california but it is a big deal it’s like the worst tropical weather and i’m sweating and all hunter just told me that i have hairy armpits i mean he’s not lying i didn’t like hey yeah like i kind of find it cute and that’s what you should find in a man someone who finds your hairy armpits adorable currently having a little pump sesh there’s my pump wow alejandro is taking a look at the kiddos hey baby look at this what about you they just roll over now it’s crazy that’s a big perfect game we got a naked baby over here so we’re going to put them on the high chair and give them some broccoli and some banana right banana wait who are you wait wait wait wait wait wait wait sir sir guessing game tag the time and guess your baby boom oh you look good sir nice to meet you pleasure i’m prepping up their food i really haven’t made a video on like the baby led weaning but i’ll do a separate video on that but today they’re going to be eating some bananas which they have eaten before and also broccoli um baked broccoli that they have also eaten before so we’re gonna do that you want it you can’t put this in your mouth no finished product banana and broccoli every baby’s dream right sorry boys wait we’re gonna you have to see how they react though like are you ready here’s for use cringe tears for you look at that face that is the face of a child eating broccoli rightfully so what about eisen he’s still just looking at it we love it okay they just have to get a couple bites in yeah they do we then enjoyed our dinner time with our boys we started baby lead weeding when the boys were six months old and they are currently 10 months old now so it is also great just seeing their growth and seeing how much they have really changed in their eating habits i have to clean your brother up okay can you hang out here hi son i see you that’s his little scream when things don’t go his way he’s like just like me wow you’re talkative sir you have quite a lot to say low-key they’re my best friends low-key don’t tell anyone else so the plan right now is to hi bebosh is to finish putting the clothes on and look he’s trying to rip my jug from my neck just like mommy so i’m going to finish putting on their clothes i’m going to and then in about 20 minutes we’re going to put them down for another nap

and they love to hear me talk that’s all i do right eyes and lee you look like enzo gray you do some angles i swear yes mama say mama pretty close huh okay so we have a few things outside and here’s the caravan we actually ended up getting the caravan it’s pretty nice right now we’re disassembling the jolly jumper because that’s definitely a must-have what we plan on doing is if we for some reason have to stop at any point we can actually tuck these seats into here so we can put a mat here and just relax and have some fun so that’s the plan for now this car is really convenient you can have it completely flat which is kind of cool yeah if we didn’t have any luggage we would let the kids just roam around the back also something i didn’t mention is the fact that we’re going to be driving during the night time since the boys sleep through the night uh the plan is they won’t wake up until around six seven in the morning so it really buys us a lot of time where we don’t have to entertain them while they’re just sitting on their car seat so that’s the game plan oh hunter you look so cute just building the car building where would you like to sit on both sides at the same time yeah wow boys enzo you look so cute so we decided like i mentioned since we’re going to be driving at night we’re just going through our normal nighttime routine and grandma is helping and bathing them they look good hi then i think this is eisen so cute big boy then we got enzo showing off his goods and so hi so we’re almost ready i’m here with a choco taco asmr here i have my milk stored in my little sister’s lunchbox don’t tell her lots of ice packs there we have some frozen milk that i had so i’m gonna defrost it and by tomorrow morning i’ll be defrosted and here we have my pump stuff or actually alejandro gave me a little surprise so he decked this place out for me got my capri suns if you know you know i’m obsessed we have my pump over here my we got some waters some lactation cookies some capri suns what’s in here maybe more water this is an adapter that will actually allow me to plug in my pump and i can just use my normal pump here in the car so some water chocolate freaking elmo which i’m terrified of he’s our emergency he’s off so he shouldn’t make any noise yeah he’s our emergency um toy because you know you don’t you don’t know what’s gonna happen but they’ll be entertained if that thing turns on that monstrosity but yeah it’s gonna be great it’s gonna be awesome and now for the delicate process of getting the boys who normally sleep through the night to wake up and nicely place them in their car seats hopefully not to like wake them up too much so we started this 15 hour road trip during the night for the very reason that our boys will probably be asleep for a large portion of the trip and this was the best decision we made the whole trip we left it around 11 pm so we will catch you in the am when the boys wake up we’re currently in south carolina so we really made our way tonight it’s seven o’clock right now the boys woke up at around six o’clock which is a little bit earlier than usual but that’s okay so we fed them it took us longer than usual because we’re in the car and like we mentioned earlier they’re really used to just being in a very dark environment when we feed them so currently i’m pumping getting that more milky milk and yeah they’re doing great they’re being such good boys can you guess who’s who because i sure can just kidding this is eisenly eisen hi mister hi mr eisenly no smile no morning smiles and then we have enzo grey who’s looking outside

i think they really like the big windows but for the most part the start of the trip was phenomenal there was plenty of playing a little bit of cat naps and some adorable moments that we love so we’re at a rest stop basically and we’re letting the boys crawl around a bit they love it eisen eisen hey buddy what are you doing let me get them some toys so that they’re entertaining i am not joking the last hour of this trip literally felt like an eternity really can’t blame the boys they really did extremely well they were just exhausted from like sitting down for so many hours at a time even the freaking elmo couldn’t calm them and that just goes to show elmo can’t fix everything good morning guys how are you guys doing doesn’t it feel weird we’re somewhere else do you know where we are i don’t know where we are i think we can okay i love those noises you always make i love them yeah they’re my favorite what about you guys and do you have noises do you have noises you want to make do you have any words to say he’s a man of silence but it’s very deep silence you know so we actually didn’t vlog that we arrived uh yesterday so once we arrived it was probably around three o’clock and basically it was time for the boys to eat and they were just exhausted from the trip so we really just fed them relaxed for a second took like a little nap and then i really don’t even recall the events of last night but moreover this is where we ended up sleeping what we ended up doing is um like i slept on this side we moved the bed against the wall i slept on this side all under slept on this side and then the baby’s in the middle so we basically co-slept we do this kind of like once in a while when we take a nap on the bed so it’s not like it was like different or anything that we have never done before um so it was fine nothing too crazy and they slept like babies you guys love like babies eyes and lee and so gray like big babies yes he sure did so the game plan for today is i actually don’t even know the game plan let me regroup this morning the boys you know have already eaten actually twice today and they already took one nap so the game plan is finish getting ready changing them into their cute little duke outfits right right and then um just heading out for the day so since alejandra’s all ready to go i should get ready because i look like a potato and not the good kind because they look like the good potato kind of potato babies potato baby they love their daddy it’s like they know they just like see his face and they’re like it’s coming guys it’s coming it’s daddy’s turn to change the babies so here we go all done look at this boy yeah you like your outfit mommy always picks the cutest thing for you look at you look at you who’s who guess bless you bless you three x and they’re playing with their feet now eisen in the um bath always wants to put it in his mouth which is new actually for us see look look it’s so cute let’s see if you put it in his mouth come on buddy come on come on you got this no what about you ends are you just staring into i love my voice whoa buddy be careful the edge is right there super dangerous go oh my goodness they look so cute i know right it fits them perfectly too i have to take a picture what about you sir you’re like no i shall not pickle you mr laffy tabby