Update after being at Jeanne's New England Road Trip 2017

right on ritual hi it’s me Nancy today there’s been so much going on I just thought I should talk to you something I don’t know what to do to get rid of that thing anyway and intersperse situated hi so I have been visiting with a wonderful elderly adult okay you have to be a little quieter if I’m not paying attention to you being loud isn’t gonna help sad but true being quiet if I’m paying attention not looking dry fourteen kilometers on ritual you’re way too loud okay so you got against me quiet but I just have to pay attention my ears are not as good as they used to be that I don’t understand what’s with that so I don’t know where I am as usual Windsor fair I wanted to take me on backroads I don’t want to go on highways I like the back roads it’s interesting if the if the back roads are not too terribly backwards you get to go through all the small towns that’s fun isn’t it do you like to know so these guys I’ve been staying with watch my videos and I tell you that was fun I mean they know me you know it’s like they know me better than my daughter knows me because they watch me every day which is really fun so they were telling me all the things that they do so they watch Wendy likes to watch the videos of of me just talking my updates because they put her to sleep I made her a bag and it says Nancy today University classes put me to sleep I used to make those Nancy today bags remember that and somebody in Georgia years ago said to me about Nancy today University they said she was she say I’ve watched I’ve learned so much watching your videos Nance now this was like seven years ago so uh Holly’s I’ve got 18,000 videos so seven years ago she already felt like she had received a degree in the NC today University so she needed the sweatshirt like I’ve learned so much from Nancy today University I think I need a sweatshirt and so and so then they started going to Walmart and buying those bags which I didn’t know shrunk but there’s those plain cotton canvas bags cotton canvas is cotton a canvas canvas is not a fabric it’s a canvas is not a yarn it’s a fabric something was pottery on that side who sells general store Persis general store wedding gowns of clothes that would be cool you go to the general store you can buy a wedding gown I should come back and make a video but I don’t feel like it see that’s what’s happened to me I used to make really cool fun videos but now I know feel like it so I just talked because that’s so easy I could just sit here now why didn’t I feel like it I think I was as soon as I thought of doing it I was remembering how I felt when I was videoing and often I would people don’t want to be videoed so although they might not mind you videoing the store they don’t want to be videoed and so I would end up hiding it and not letting people see that I’m videoing but then I felt dishonest and so see because you say wouldn’t you see me I make a video of your store and they suddenly think about the way they look and your way

they talk and what they’re gonna talk about and they don’t you know it just brings up this whole said of him from ifs of questions that not are not necessary now that’s how my daughter sees conversations with me that sometimes talking about anything makes me ask questions on my concerns though some please phoning me okay I sorry about that I got a phone cup do you know when I plug my phone into the auxilary and then I turn the radio on and I can hear on the radio how I can hear the information sorry you had to get up hi miss me Nancy today sorry I got interrupted a man I don’t know buddy oh yeah I had a phone call phone call from back home somebody got my phone number and mixed up with my son in loss my cell phone except anyway that was nice to talk to her for a moment but I find that the cord between my cell phone and the auxilary plug it goes into the radio I turn the radio on and then I’ve got it here’s me I’ve got and it talks to me and so when I’m talking they cannot hear me if they’re making any noise and so they say we’ve got a bad connection but really they will be quiet you know they’re used to interrupting and being interrupted and so you have this kind of interrupted conversation that won’t work it has to be like I say it and then I have to stay over they wait until I’ve said over and then they start but you know will them he’ll say something and then I’ll say over or you know like you’ll just keep making noise I don’t know why people just make noise maybe my talking is just noise do you think it could be considered I suppose it is possible looked like that motorcylce was made into a mail box so we have a slow sign and I like her yellow I like your yellow these kids stand out there all day and in the Sun and in the bugs Cecily anyway said you have that problem with your radio when you’re I suppose bluetooth would be better I have I don’t think the I don’t think this car is radio has bluetooth this is nice I told it to it disabled now which way is which looks like it’s kind of straight and then curves no it is that’s that I’m gonna be on my way it’s a divided two lanes look at the teacup on top of the post it’s actually looks like a chimney China seven miles Bangor 53 I think I should be turning because I’m going to Bangor Maine I am Bangor Maine hey isn’t that where dark shadow was based I wonder if that’s nice lady with white hair probably my age when is that like people with white hair there’s this thing about turning 60 or maybe it’s a different year but once you you 260 people recognize each other and so you are now the member of that group which is great you’re no longer invisible some point or near 50 anyway you’re invisible and you’ll be in a room and nobody will notice you they

won’t even the wand around conversations with unless they really know you and are here they are there but now now that I have white hair and I look like my agent older she’s like she’s Landon it’s they need the room you know the trees the earth earth is very modest really no use you recovering from some water down there okay now I’m gonna have to tell my cousin okay it says I’m gonna get there at 10:14 we’re supposed to meet at 11:00 I’m right beside this pond see you want me to go to this pond oh here if I do this mind you it’s a seat and you don’t have to drive I’ll do other work the the driving to us hey I should pretend at the end of on my drive video go see it used to be go greyhound drink go ground and leave the driving to us that this way is not going to take me where I want to go so couldn’t take me beside the lake but I can’t see the lake that other one goes down like Paul and Road or something Thank You mr. mrs. Gus Kurt for allowing me to you know you don’t hear that very much mr. mrs. Gus Kerr to say I mean nothing I’ve ever hear the word Gus Kerr would hear the word Guster not me so this says Pond Road wait a minute she wants me to go there but if I go this way I’ll keep you tall this is not a road is it it shows it as a road it’s going over there yard I don’t think I better go that way better mine my piece and Q’s I’ll go back on the road sorry well that’s good just down here for a minute let’s just see what we’ve got so I need a jingle like go Greyhound and leave the driving to us go Nancy and leave the driving to us now let’s see that’s not right go dance were trippin driving to us we have a dead-end road rohde didn’t do the end or did and possible make a u-turn when possible make a u-turn oh right hey why don’t you just go right out here isn’t this where you want me out here you didn’t know I could go this way did you love stir clams those arc of clam Crab shacks or clam shacks I really think clams are I like the flavor but like the texture that were ground up travel

really driving the guiding I can see the to me report I could take that clip my driving videos of information are you in a store of the other generation that is the invisible books I go into the store to me and is she real yes I’d like SD card for my camera you know they treat you like you know here’s the on button they’ve never seen you in an engine Merman I mean they as a grandmother you hangs out and weeds are hard right I did not to figure it out I someone said not in the Navy people maybe people my mother but you know all of the doctorate degrees and the have been read at all the it doesn’t mean anything if they’re over the internet next the white hair those once you know health problems we can’t drive very well they’re always blocking traffic and going luckily it’s happened trip it was a hard year but I’m over it so now living in the 60s so I figure I’m 60 September so I need a mistake three minions there’s no couple I know so release Angela something like I’ve never tried to make anything funny that was a nice view when Joseph was translating the department he never did that you never like said where did I leave off or anything now they can just and started maybe I can’t you we’re ready sir right there I went to Lake Memphremagog and we visited

in my many there so many I went waters smooth and then there was Winsor and I was riding a bike my legs go right down here I would show a juvenile I was supposed to turn on that one so I’ve been trying to upload some videos and I was amazed at how good the reception is out in in the boonies in Maine Maynard’s are people that live in Maine I never knew that girl of like you across I like Maine it’s different than New Hampshire in Connecticut now we’re we’re okay are you telling me something I wasn’t I drink white mark of all of it there turn light on the China Grove well I don’t know why you wanted me to come this way sister shark that it’s written here if I had the right size card I could put it in this this vide this camera that’s attached to your window you can put a camera outside to video the whole thing I need a card so that’s what I’ll do today is up little card for the card in my my GoPro Hero oh you only u-turn I think you wanted me on this road you know you really gotta pay attention with your driving don’t pay attention to everything you do but if you’re really paying attention you’ll never be able to do two things at once this is a really cool place nice barn and the farm is reminds me of farms long ago far away I find that being lost is so much more interesting I mean like getting there fast the jokai is you know never been anywhere else it has kind of plans that I have I mean Ontario right everywhere there was the same okay so we’re gonna turn Iran danforth Road okay so do you want me to leave you there so you can look at that me too like sex kilometers that turn right on chocolate now we did last night we were making baskets you’re making a basket yesterday Cathy and I went out in the woods she does everything natural like she does makes her own products of all sorts and so and she’s learning everything out in the woods spends a lot of time out in the woods while her daughter’s at school she’s a mom stay-at-home mom I guess they’ve been homeschooling for many years so they that she knows her woods really about so we went out there and I was trying to find her stuff to teach her how to make a basket so the available thing was birch bark

so we wandered around and found trees fallen trees and I showed her how to cut the bark and get it out Gentry understanding one like it’s like a small amount bike and growing over on the park and when we got it off you know you get it off then you stick your spatula in and you push it around other side into the whole thing will come up then when the whole thing does come up if you’ve got a lot of the inner inner bark which is now rotten wood in there you can close it up around the pool again and then you rub it up and down and back and forth and that will help get rid of this stuff then you need to scrape it need to use a blunt metal spatula is the best thing for scraping so 1018 if I go the speed 10:18 so I should be good as long as I keep driving I should be there it’s nice to go on backroads because it’s going slow which is the speed limit so Here I am I’ve been driving so long and now I’m in China that was a beautiful a beautiful Jack I fly I’m gonna go back and look at that Jagan’s I think it’s really pretty don’t you remember Tommy like of china road look at that it looks like stained glass I want to make that so they’ve just just painted it I had one of these post legs and I had four fan blades and I was gonna do this I had all this sort of stuff that I just never just might I was in so much pain I never felt like doing anything and so cleaning out time came and all these treasures left a very upset puppy lives here a good watchdog someone’s man’s best friend the oxytocin rise razor it’s not me I just think that’s the best alright now I’ll be there at 10:20 so I didn’t use up some time didn’t leave early enough to do this I’m going to write in my journal little microphone so there’s a lot I have so much that I haven’t written about excellent riding in the woods exclamation point I had no idea you could go over holes like you can with those I am really very surprised for space my fish I am really surprised information new paragraph there’s a Mennonite family with 10 children that has just moved in down the road from my friends period they came over yesterday and there’s enough kids they’re up to 20 20 years old down to about three and they get out and they can there’s enough

for a baseball game period new paragraph he asked the dad come and asked if I wanted to go for a ride in the cupboard buggy I asked around and we filled up the person buggy for the buggy and went for a ride exclamation point I had never I had never ever been in and a Mennonite covered buggy before period the roof is slacks and the whole tapas whole top is covered with vote the whole top is covered with this canvas period hey there’s a TV out there period new paragraph canvas period been really special about this here we’re on the mountain I like the little white so unity and Bey so where’s this road oh I’m on the road oh it’s the other one turns out canvas cloth area

period I guess they have steel period when we first got in there and started moving and all of our weight we should just on these thin period that feeling went away other neighbor