a HELPFUL guide to stanning ateez.

A brief note before the video starts I just want to say that this is my first youtube video ever Normally, I would be too lazy to put together an entire guide for stanning ATEEZ But, after looking at some of the popular guides on here, I noticed a lot of them are outdated or somewhat inaccurate You see [Voice sped up for comedic effect.] But onto the video Now, I know everyone is here for the part of the video that helps you learn more about the members Trust me, we’ll get to that But first, I want to spend a few minutes telling you some basic facts about ATEEZ ATEEZ is a kpop boy group under the record label and entertainment agency, KQ Entertainment The group has eight members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho And, by the way, the number 8 is kind of a big deal with ATEEZ “8 Makes 1 Team! Fighting!” ATEEZ debuted on October 24th, 2018 This would make them one of the many groups who began what is known as kpop’s “4th Generation” Fans of ATEEZ are called “ATINY” The word is a combination of “ATEEZ” and “destiny” The name was announced on November 17th, 2018 “8 makes 1 team! ATEEZ fighting! ATINY fighting!” That date is pretty important to ATEEZ and ATINY One of ATEEZ’s biggest strengths is their live performances ATEEZ is highly praised among fans, critics, and seniors for their stage presence Seriously, the best part of being an ATINY is that their stages are never boring In Korea, ATEEZ is known as the “Global Kpop Group” This is due to the unique situation they’re in with fan demographics Basically, ATEEZ became popular among international audiences early on in their career They even sold out an entire world tour just four months after debut No one is sure why ATEEZ’s popularity formed that way, but many people think it’s rooted back to the very first moments of ATEEZ’s career: The KQ Fellaz dance performance videos This would be a good time to mention a bit of ATEEZ’s backstory “LA! Let’s go!” Before debuting as ATEEZ, the group was called “KQ Fellaz”, after the name of their entertainment agency, KQ Entertainment In early 2018, KQ Fellaz were sent to Los Angeles to train and prepare for debut The entire experience was recorded and made into a series called “KQ Fellaz” The series follows the creation of the song “From”, which is a fan-favorite among ATINY But, back to what I was saying Their training in LA gave ATEEZ an affinity for a hip-hop style which appealed to international audiences And, in May of 2018, KQ Entertainment released 3 dance performance videos by the group making it the first ATEEZ content ever shown to the world The videos went viral on platforms like ‘Kpop Twitter’ It really gave ATEEZ’s career a jumpstart ATEEZ has an incredibly big storyline attached to their music videos

It would probably take an hour to fully explain, and, then again, everything anyone says is only a theory So, I think this video would be better off if just I said that it’s pretty intense and a lot of ATINY love piecing together what’s going on Okay, now that you know some basic facts about ATEEZ, it’s time for you to learn about the members Before I tell you about each specific person, there are a few things you should know about the group as a whole There’s a relatively small age range in ATEEZ with just 2-and-a-half years in between the eldest and youngest members This means that there’s no clearly defined ‘baby’ or ‘mature one’ of the group, and many members will switch into those roles, depending on which of the others they’re around ATEEZ is also very affectionate with each other but Another thing about ATEEZ is that they’re very competitive Of course, most idol groups are but I don’t think I can stress just how competitive these boys are On multiple occasions, variety shows had to end the episode early because ATEEZ completed the game so quickly It’s also worth mentioning that, for a period of time, the mafia game got banned in their dorms because they stopped sleeping and one member almost choked another And, of course, what gets most people to stan ATEEZ is their relationship with ATINY – “Can we play rock, paper, scissors?” This guide video definitely won’t do them justice, but I cannot stress how loveable these boys are They treat ATINY less like fans and more like friends So, now that all of that is covered, you’ve finally arrived at the part of the video you all were waiting for Let’s get to know each member of ATEEZ Hongjoong was the first of ATEEZ to join KQ Entertainment He joined with a deep love for creating music and his goal was to become a successful idol who writes his own music Hongjoong created over 40 songs before debuting He writes for every ATEEZ song and he composed numerous tracks, all of which are fan-favorites He likes older music, and has said he looks up to icons like David Bowie and Michael Jackson Hongjoong also has the most fun stage presence I’ve ever seen on an idol

You seriously feel entertained when you watch him on stage Hongjoong really enjoys reforming clothes and accessories and he recently said that, if he wasn’t an idol, he would work in the fashion industry Hongjoong is also really involved in social justice Early on in ATEEZ’s career, he began painting his nail in participation with the Polished Man Campaign, which seeks to eliminate child abuse Last month, ATEEZ were named ambassadors of the campaign The most important thing to know about Hongjoong is that he has the type of personality that makes you feel like you’ve been best friends with him for years You can see the passion in his eyes when he talks about the things he loves And he cares deeply for every ATINY And goes out of his way to make sure all fans feel like they belong in the fandom The first thing you should know about Seonghwa is that his on stage persona is misleading to understanding what he is like as a person Many people are captured by his killer performance skills, but that dark presence you see on stage is the complete opposite to his actual personality Seonghwa is a very soft and delicate person and he takes on a loving and nurturing role among ATEEZ Multiple of the other members have said that they go to him whenever they seek comfort To be honest, describing what Seonghwa is like is kind of difficult I’ve never seen an idol with his personality He tends to never push himself to be the center of attention, but rather shapes himself to make those he’s around the most happy Seonghwa is known among fans to be the most aware of ATINY culture On multiple occasions, fans have recommended makeup and styling on Seonghwa and, a month later, we’d see that exact thing on him He has also directly referenced fans’ tweets multiple times He is also known to be a big fan of kpop girl groups and is highly praised among fans for respectfully covering choreography done by female artists He auditioned to KQ Entertainment as a rapper, performing a verse he wrote himself Instead, though, Seonghwa joined ATEEZ as a vocalist Seonghwa and Hongjoong are very close, so much to the point where they claim each other as their only idol friend

Although it is clear that they care deeply for one another, they tend to tease each other a lot It’s also worth mentioning that Hongjoong wrote ATEEZ’s song “THANK U” about Seonghwa As I briefly mentioned earlier, Yunho is a stand-out dancer His talents were obvious since he was still a trainee, and they have only developed and improved over time The other members have said that he picks up the technicalities of choreographies almost instantaneously He has the natural ability to match the beat of the rhythms he’s dancing to and his movements are always exact and precise He has experience with creating and developing choreography since predebut and he helps the other members with learning the choreography when he’s ahead And, this tends to be understated by ATINY, but Yunho is also an amazing vocalist And if you think I’m exaggerating by saying Yunho is pretty much a perfect person, just know that every other ATEEZ member is as whipped for him as fans are Also, don’t let his six-foot height fool you Yunho is a giant baby and the sweetest person in the entire universe The best way to describe Yunho is that he is a constant source of unconditional positive energy He says that he wants to be a vitamin for ATINY, and he’s really that And also Yunho is the host-anchor-interviewer-correspondent-reporter for ANEWZ ANEWZ is the most reliable news source in modern media, so make sure to check those videos out If you’re trying to figure out which part of ATEEZ songs are sung by Yeosang, listen for the vocals that sound like warm vanilla sugar honey maple syrup cotton candy sweetness And, I know I will probably say this for every ATEEZ member, but it really should be stressed

Yeosang is also a stand out performer Not to mention, he’s also the prettiest boy I’ve ever seen in my entire life And, it often gets covered with makeup, but Yeosang has the cutest birthmark ever Yeosang tends to have a more reserved and introverted personality, and the other members have described him as a pure and innocent person, saying that he doesn’t have the capabilities to hurt someone else But, at the same time, most fans agree that he is—by far—the funniest member Yeosang also created a character called Hehetmon, which is famous among ATINY Because it is referenced a lot, I should begin by telling you that ‘san’ is the Korean word for ‘mountain.’ San began as just a vocalist for ATEEZ, but over time, his performance skills developed immensely I can’t even begin to stress just how amazing he is on stage San is really the antithesis to the idea that idols should keep a plain face and go through the choreography (The audio & video not lining up is my fault, I promise it’s fine on the original fancam) He fully immerses himself in his performances, so much that he completely transforms into the character the song tells him to be There’s a reason he has been giving titles such as “The Man Who Will Raise the Standards of Kpop Performances” But, like with Seonghwa, I have to warn you not to be misled by San’s intimidating on-stage persona He is one of the most sincere, genuine, and warm-hearted idols ever San is serious is about hard work and self-improvement,

but at the same time, he is very energetic and fun He loves to liven the mood and make others happy And, I feel like you could already tell with some of the clips I’ve been adding, but I should mention it because its hard to overlook San really grew up over these past 2 years Although his appearance drastically changed, he has stated that he is very committed to not changing who he is as a person (Typo: Mingi’s birthday is on the 9th, not the 19th.) Like Hongjoong, Mingi is seriously a musical genius He writes for every ATEEZ song, and he said on a recent vlive that he’s been working on producing lately Mingi and Hongjoong are both on the list of the top copyrighted Idols Mingi begins his rap verses with his signature line, “Fix On.” And, I know this feels like the millionth time I will say this, but Mingi’s badass on-stage persona is the complete opposite from his actual personality It really shows just how amazing Mingi and ATEEZ’s performance skills are For a group that’s constantly pulling off dark and powerful stages, they’re all the softest sweethearts ever Mingi is a sweet and lighthearted person He doesn’t take situations too seriously, and he livens every atmosphere he’s in He likes to go by the nickname ‘Princess’ and bounces around when he’s happy But, at the same time, he’s the most straightforward of the members He’s comfortable with dropping the idol persona to tell his honest thoughts Also, Mingi and Yunho are extremely close to one another The two were friends even before they joined KQ or ATEEZ, and they just happened to audition to the same company without the other knowing

They’re less showy about their relationship on-camera, but you can easily see how much they mean to one another Wooyoung is known for his performance skills and his on-stage charisma He is normally given the ‘killing parts’ of songs, but, by no means should you underestimate his vocal abilities He is very affectionate with the other members and loves giving the others lots of hugs and kisses Also Wooyoung is kind of loud Although he’s witty and likes teasing the other members, Wooyoung is a really sweet boy He cares a lot for behind-the-scenes workers and staff, and makes sure to show his appreciation for them Wooyoung is also known for his large social circle of idol friends Recently, Wooyoung has an interest in video editing and started a series of vlogs that he films and edits himself He’s really passionate about making them, and they’re really fun to watch, so check them out! Wooyoung and Yeosang are especially close friends They have known each other for more than six years, and they met when they were both trainees under Big Hit Entertainment And, the most popular pairing from ATEEZ is Wooyoung and San, known as “Woosan.”

They are very vocal about their friendship Seriously While some idols completely avoid even acknowledging their ship names, Woosan seems to want everyone to know they embrace it Wooyoung even coined a sort of slogan for their friendship, “Amicus Ad Aras,” the Latin phrase meaning “friends until the gates of Heaven.” Another group you should know about is the ’99 liners of ATEEZ: Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, and Wooyoung are all a part of this group They have a playful competition with Matz as to which of the groups are better Jongho is the maknae (youngest) of ATEEZ Although he’s young, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his talent rivals many industry seniors (Part 2 of the audio not lining up with the video. Again, I promise it’s normal in the original clip.) ATINY mean it when we call him the vocalist of the fourth gen He is the only member born in 2000, but he blends in well with the ’99 line Even so, the rest of the members like to baby him from time to time Jongho is the strongest of all of ATEEZ, and he is incredibly athletic He also claims that he can beat every other member in an arm wrestle with just two fingers He’s kind of perfect at everything he does, and he describes himself as the “Maknae on Top.” Overall, he is really one of the most calming people ever

In his most recent vlive, he just asked for fans to tell him their problems and gave individualized advice while singing comforting songs in-between Wow. Okay. That’s a lot of information you just took in So, what’s next? At the bottom of each clip in this guide, I wrote the source video I would recommend going to which clips you found the most interesting and watching the video where it’s from And, other than that, follow ATEEZ on their social media platforms to stay updated with what’s going on. [Twitter: @ATEEZofficial and IG: @ateez_official_] If you’re watching this anytime near the day I uploaded, ATEEZ is about to have their second-anniversary concert So make sure to watch that! And, on that note, I have nothing else to say, so “BYEEEEEE <3"