[ENG SUB]EP01 Siwon & Liu Wen WGM China

Hello! Mission card! Let me open it Welcome to ‘Let’s Fall In Love’ You are going to meet your future boyfriend Future boyfriend! Please note Your boyfriend is one of these guys in the photo Let’s see OMG, long leg oppas but everyone looks soooo young in the photo Am I going to date a younger guy? Maybe First reaction was, very very very happy actually but after happy I feel very nervous When airplane landed I said can it fly a little longer please Because I have never had a boyfriend! Ah it’s so warm. Why is Korea so warm Let’s go get ready then I look like a dude! See those Korean girls are all wearing cute skirts Should I do that too? So warm!! I’m so nervous!! Let me take off my jacket first, really Although it’s my first time in Korea, but I feel like I know this place Maybe because I watched too many Korean dramas I think in this familiar city expecting for a relationship I’m very looking forward to it Want to experience it I feel like I’m now in this state that my mind goes blank I don’t know what I’m going to do You are meeting him tonight at 7pm now we are 3 hours away 4 pm.. how long does it take to get there? Should we ask the driver? Excuse me, sir He ignores me Hello He still ignores me, what should I do? Excuse me, sir Ha it seems working! Hello Later I’ll be like this really like this Hello I’m Choi Siwon I’m 29 year old this year I really look forward to it This is my first time in a dating show Very looking forward to it yet very nervous Let’s fall in love What? My legs almost gave out Among the 3 bros I’m really afraid to see here Two of them actually showed up! What else can I say At that moment I wanted to quit shooting Here we have photos of your future girlfriend photos? And also we know who she is we confirmed it we were on the phone with her too You and her, don’t suit each other Really? and, 2 hrs earlier we met her in person of course of course We, as your experienced big bros we decide to give you special trainings we have to Chinese training!

Chinese? Although we can’t tell you who she is but because here writes Chinese, so she maybe a Chinese if there’s an awkward silence while meeting The girl might dislike it so Zhou Mi is going to teach you some classic lines classic lines? Here’s the best one when you meet the girl do you know what darling means? darling baby? yes darling baby, when you greet girls hello kiss me, kiss me (in Chinese) oh…? Kiss me.. means really beautiful Kiss me kiss me Let’s try it. Hello, kiss me slow down. Hello Kiss me What does it mean? Yeah that’s right (say she’s pretty) so she’ll say thank you Kiss me, very good it’s like greeting with hello guys with class would greet with kiss me Nice to meet you… yes That’s it Siwon, we taught you the manners Now let me show you the hints Mine photo is huge and cute too let me see it you are going to date the dog congratulations last one is my hint for you most important one yes, really the back, the back how is it super gorgeous, what do you think she is first impression like a scene in the commercial is she a model? wow, you are smart See now he’s head over heels only looking at the back even so I could feel she’s so pure a very clean feeling very clear very pure how about we go with you, together together yes can we come with you? He’s gonna be worried more Then I’ll worry more Let’s come with you We’ll be good, be quiet Kangin and Leeteuk If they come with me, I’ll be so embarrassed Siwon you should go by yourself for the first meeting Really Yes by yourself It won’t be easy where is it wait, hold on, you let go of your hands ‘xinshadong504-11’, you guys memorized it? The greetings you are going to say keep in mind, the Chinese greeting Hello, kiss me kiss me Ok. Try your best Fighting we’ll watch it on TV afterwards Ok talk to you later fighting, congratulations. see you Let’s go it’ll be too obvious if we follow him after 5 min then xinshadong 504-11 504-11 Is this too cute? This is manner than a man when it comes to dating, my indecisiveness I’m very very indecisive this indecisiveness is so indecisive I don’t know what I’m saying right now Practice first meet You should slow down a bit even slower? yes yes, that’s good don’t take huge steps see you are elegant Then I’ll wear this don’t play with your hair collapse tried N times Hello (in korean) what was it? I’m Liu Wen My face is red isn’t it You haven’t even met him yet He’s shy it’s so embarrassing! What to do He’s nervous by now Look at his face Our siwon now is very nervous

I’m so nervous! She’s going to be nervous too right? No you can’t have that face Siwon No no no frown Show him video first? What is this! Siwon loves it can’t even hold back his smile ah it can’t be Please please please please please come thank you hello This is for you thanks what I’m Liu Wen I know I’m Siwon Hello Siwon My heart is racing so fast and we all laughed it was a ‘don’t know what to do’ laugh one sec Zhou Mi taught me He’s going to say it kiss me kiss me right now? first meeting? yes, first time, kiss me is it ‘asking you’ or something else? (similar pronounciation) kiss me I don’t know ok.. ok very nervous I’m so nervous too really? yes how do you say smile in Chinese? wei xiao You look beautiful when you smile you too really so nervous me too I had this urge to leave because when it’s awkward you don’t know what you are saying then it’s really awkward It’s so warm yes… then… yes if you feel warm then take off the blazer cover her shoulders! her shoulders are bare do you like Korea? First time here I feel it’s nice because it’s Asia people look familiar yes so I always feel like speaking Chinese now my Chinese is getting better but your Chinese is great because Chinese is hard to learn yes very difficult. Korean is difficult can you speak Korean? a little bit? I watched a lot K-dramas You like K-dramas? but I don’t know how to speak but only– oppa oppa.. this is the most important one now the girl is fascinated by him yes He should laugh with her together! Can I ask you something personal? You had girlfriend before? Me? What about you? No….no boyfriend Really? Really You must be lying You are a liar Yes it’s my first time I don’t believe it a pretty girl like her never had a boyfriend I can’t believe it She’s so beautiful nobody ever is it because she’s unattainable? Do you mind if your girlfriend when she goes out with you wears high heels? What is it? Sorry I speak too fast I mean do you like girls wear heels tall? I like tall you like tall I like Liu Wen, no problem No problem, no problem He’s saying useless stuff it’s off topic Here we are again!

Siwon When it gets awkward here’s us we are the cupid boys Siwon, your first impression on Liu Wen Really, very very beautiful really beautiful do you love her seems like it what’s your first impression on Siwon Actually, his Chinese is really good your Chinese is great and… then… he’s handsome You guys were so awkward earlier We couldn’t take it anymore so here we are do you know Siwon is Super Junior? Our Siwon never danced anywhere else but today, he’ll make an exception for Miss Liu Wen Siwon will dance for you What?! Dance?! Come here Siwon Miss Liu Wen Do you like guys who can dance really good? like guys who can sing really good? Yes I like it too, yes then do you like guys who have a lot of money like rich guys? actually I think love is what matters what’s important is he loves me and he’s rich too because Siwon he is very rich Yeah She knows it! So you know he’s rich? is it why you like him? now Siwon is going to dance for Miss Liu Wen Music dance now? come on Siwon I’m nuts, this is One more time! we know you are shy Hold on hold on I shouldn’t have done that Now that Siwon danced for you Miss Liu Wen you gotta dance for him too No I can’t! No, you must! This is….actually.. a guy dances for me for the first time yes first time and then, he can teach me how to do it dance together? slow down i can do this keep it up, it’s great follow him switch legs switch legs?! Free dance together come on free dance .. free dance how to do it? Ok that’s enough Thank you I don’t know how to dance so I feel so bad about it but he taught me with patience to accomplish the task so I’m very thankful appreciate it now first Asian ever walked the Victorial’s Secret Fashion Show Our Miss Liu Wen is going to walk the runway for you Can I invite him to join me? she wants to walk with him together together ok, together Siwon first, when Liu Wen got here Let’s do this classic pose like this, together right forehead, has to be the forehead this is the best way to become close because there’s direct contact Siwon did this before and then turn to the camera 2015 spring/summer collection let’s welcome today’s model Victoria’s secret new male model Let’s go sit there to enjoy it next ending pose ending pose really?? yes then look at the camera I feel like I can’t even do it for just one second don’t be nervous Liu Wen (cheering)

pretend it’s a fashion show I really thank them. It makes us me and Siwon feel more comfortable together It gives our relationship a great amount of support we can actually do this together now and next, finally like you said, it’s important to have body contact therefore, you are going to hold hands and pick a love nickname for each other for example, call her sugar she calls you sweet heart honey etc like, sugar, I love you baby princess siwon, then you use all your Chinese words to my princess say how you are going to take care of her say all you want to say my princess nice to meet you I’ll try my best to do everything for you Not everyone on a white horse is prince charming I’d like you to be my prince charming on a black horse.(wtf? lol -from the translator) Also nice meeting you hope we can do it well together It was short but sweet I hope this is a good start we can continue to create happy memories together hope we enjoy it and have a happy memory I hope so So I asked him what we are going to do tomorrow He said he’d take me to a beautiful place and I look forward to it