Let's Play GeoGuessr [Part 14]: Which Country Has Bombs And Rattlesnakes?

hey guys welcome back to geoguessr we’re going to go once again into a five-minute rounds I guess that’s the name of the web via can return good okay well game over GG um I don’t know what keratin is I’m guessing Australia haha that seems to be my first guess what everything know it might not be Australia actually let’s let’s move back here a little bit I want to have a look at that side oh my god you guys yeah dude dude when you take out your garbage you really should make sure it’s closed properly otherwise the raccoons who get to it I’m just saying okay ah I want to look at that shape over there crs keratin it could be what status that or what province that is that i don’t know if i see something vaguely shaped like that i suppose i will make a guess but that’s for now we only have four minutes to guess where we are so although who okay we’re definitely i’m really thinking that we’re somewhere in australia has to be right there will be my guess oh but we can see birds in the air no we can see it but i won’t see what kind of player that is oh it’s probably some kind of psycho yep a hawker okay so we have Jaco all Lulu and Kari turn we’re in the middle of keratin again I’m probably going to guess Australia but we’ll see let’s look around a little bit more and what do we have here hmm keratin hotel okay uh forty six dollars maybe sands I don’t really even know what does it say over there find this Foster’s lager beer in Australia no no that’s Australian flag over there that makes it really simple right so we’re definitely in Australia but but problem is I’m kidding about the fauces thing but I know you guys have all kinds of other being other than just bought this but you know i’m not sure if you’re well this well you probably are but just in case you’re not Foster’s i think is marketed here in the United States as Australian beer so okay all you James town’s most a spouting its kind of caught up there go all the loot James dump hot spot in Clare okay we have two minutes let’s see we can start looking for Kari turn Australia it’s somewhere in the outback probably is a tiny little town we’ll wait wait wait a minute BRB 80 this is 87 right so I don’t know it ok we’re looking for a vault be 80 mm it’s going to be hard to find still well be ad carry 10 c95 do you think is possible that being a do show up at this detail of the map at this level the map I don’t really think so keratin otto jane start spouting yeah it’s going be kind of tough to find steroid thing yeah yeah well how coolly we were oh yeah last time this wasn’t what the early episodes of G ok so we act our guli appear at one point well we’re going to to put down the market anyway so that we don’t end up losing out because I didn’t put down the market we know we’re definitely in Australia somewhere but where that’s the question if I could find a work Harriton is exactly then I would be all set but nope hey what’s gonna get at the general store a few you can get your very own Bank agency at the general store oh man I’ve always wanted my own back agency z can’t drop Gymkhana okay yeah the Zen bank agency where all your bank dreams come true that i’m eating it sound like a dating agency I don’t even know what that supposed to mean anyway um yeah it’s going to be extremely difficult to find character and I think so we might as well just look around a little bit more and see we can find another clue rather than scrolling around the map and I an almost certainly vain effort to try to find keratin because character in such a tiny little town maybe I can get a hold on let’s look at let’s look at Australia for a little bit we are probably in south australia right because that’s the shape of the assignments or just now compared to all the other ones so so South Australia would be a best a bad a good gatsby 97 b83 I should have oh I should have thought of that earlier baat baat before bav um okay get slow so in to be ad we found pata probably along baat somewhere by the only of 29 seconds keratin airport yes okay now let’s get in via toes ok so we are very close actually it’s a good thing aha aha guys um the only a 17 seconds I will return to the start location oh my god oh my god 13 seconds 13 seconds keratin man mamori

hallway are you ah I’m going to make my guest so 50 dogs all things considered the thing that really made it so that that would work just now was um was dat the veldt number baat and the little shape of the state of the province on the sign I saw at the very beginning these are the details come it’s why I look for them um okay where are we exactly we had some kind of city okay well that’s a good start I like cities cities are easy to make gas in go easier I’m going to gasps um bazzill to begin with um I don’t really even know why maybe not maybe not let’s have a look esco na escola okay totem what that’s supposed to mean do what are you doing over there it’s like a guy with with like he’s not wearing it should it’s doing something um he’s staring at me know he was just he was just on stacking bricks I guess that’s a very good thing to macado’s Santos hmm now this is the eternal question when it comes to dance to your guesses what language is that is that Portuguese oh is that Spanish hmm got a nice purple fans over here that’s a really good way to stand out I guess why okay well I’m not going question that person’s taste I guess we have a street sign over the edge geez once then the streets I might be able to tell us how they get rid of this blue tinted thing oh my god oh I’m highlighting everything on time how do i get rid of that um so loud there we go okay now because of that highlighting fiasco i don’t i’m not sure where I am exactly well that’s always the case when Carson geoguessr ah itamar lucky so we’re all mean to Rolen I guess we’re back here again hey I would just delicious oranges we are at a melody that’s not going to help me I’m looking for something that will give me the language of the place that I’m in tell me where there’s portuguese or spanish i wonder if we can get to the main real quickly maybe maybe not is there anywhere else you go in here well look who’s a low dose ooh okay eskola something on another I’m guess I’m still guessing we don’t pursue somewhere that’ll be my guest ah this is more of a main road over there um are we really invisible I think so so far I haven’t found a Mac oh we could be in Mexico actually maybe that Emmy see means mast Mexico I don’t even know lunches and pepitas this is be a gas well you know when you have ten appeared cast when you have ten jugs of beer you when you get your stomach for beer guess I missed the opportunity that job guys so on the delivery you know um his stomachs will be a guess Oh two minutes phone alemão what’s over here mini mikado fu Taylor eponym Oh are we only when you I’ve a Panama or is that the is that just the name of the shop it means you’re all like yeah think of the beach well I’m sure ipanema is not all about the beach but that’s what I know it banana ball just like everybody else in the world people know I know epidemic because it’s the name of a famous song or it’s part of the favorite song go for it by name all the boys are made banana depending on which version you pick now the sad thing is that I don’t even know why I Panama is on the map so I’m the doctor I don’t even know is if I never even in Brazil that’s a good question isn’t it could be somewhere else well i am going to i only have one and a half minutes left i’m going to plump my pointer down at the surface and then will we will keep going here and hopefully find them another two now one thing I’m learning about yo guess is that if at all possible always try to find the main road quickly especially if you’re in a city capella isolating don’t know what that means hmm oh this doesn’t look like a main road that you let stand background looks like this world isn’t extremely well paved that’s okay you’re going back where we were before we only have 46 seconds now couple houses are pretty popular here aren’t they yeah and it looks extremely popular looks like a looks like yam ice cream that’s it for me that’s a color of yam ice cream and yes yam ice cream is a thing that exists at the color that is nothing like you would find in nature or even in a yin and it’s still delicious

we have a big parking lot here maybe the big parking lot can help me tell me where we are exactly um no no we it’s some kind of on shipping facility some kind of something facility well we only have 10 seconds so let’s make a guess um well know when you’re eponym and that’s what I’m sure I’m sure about that where was this exactly this was a santo ângelo okay all right so we got that we are in another city probably the United States looking at the hinton valley district also this is left at lights okay so we are the Hinton Valley probably in the United States because of this um yellow road marking over there but the pictures are nice and clear so we can go here Hinton Valley District huh Hinton Chrysler we are definitely in the United States somewhere Hinton highway so where exactly is Hinton it looks somewhat not Wesley on northeast timberland hotel liquor outlet saloon so probably somewhere in the northwest or somewhere in the West I’m guessing okay we can doesn’t end w over there what is the end obviously say it’s the new bacon cheese the new bacon cheese double uncle burger yeah that I think that’s what it says the bacon cheese uncle burger I don’t know about you but now my uncle’s a bacon cheese I’m just saying you know they’re not like dripping pork fat and melted cheese all of your ears beat the worst uncle Albert’s uncle he could he comes into your house they’re girls and he’s all like and this like pop grease at the bottom his feet oh it’s didn’t I ready then he doesn’t use any color at all he just eats by licking everything off the tail it doesn’t matter what could be a pot roast and he just takes his face right into it did I mention that his skin is impervious to heat that’s the worst uncle I don’t even know what I’m saying there’s a vote marker with a highway marker we definitely need to have a look at that I think it looks it look kind of looks like a canada sign actually something with boston pizza okay let’s zoom in a little bit here it does kind of look like a Canadian kind of sign thing the Canadian sign thing um Griffith griffis a sister we might be in Canada actually there’s a possibility black bear Inn let’s keep going down along this road and possibly in the in the shops will you see you give will give us through iga that doesn’t help us the iga tour over the place have a nice highway but we’ve got to keep moving along here not get get distracted by anchor bacon pork fat grease because I I have very limited time in this one have looked in here for ah sign says Visitor Information Center alberta we aren’t alberta ok so we are until something good job but let’s go look for it anyway we are now better okay and also named the highway all good all these details you know then just talking about details it’s not all I yeah details are so important and then of course I completely forget all that immediately that’s good long way no this is the right way screw you guys okay all right now we have two minutes left what we need to do let’s return to the start location for a bit let’s have a look at that again hinton Valley okay that’s it and one was just what’s the name of this highway goodness wow this British Columbia Alberta it’s a highway that’s going west so most likely it’s one of these highways it has to be right Fellaini highway 16 maybe all right let’s quickly get myself over to where that sign was even find it again that’s a big if it’s mostly like ah here it is highway 16 highway 16 ah there we go so this is highway 16 over here we are Hinton valley highway 16 lloydminster not battleford Saskatoon I only I’ve less than a minute left quill lakes damn it maybe I need a getting closer damn it this is state line is that Tulsa OK Church bitch lagging but hey let’s let’s put down on cash marker first and then we will just keep going west very quickly 41 seconds form lake just form the water in it don’t dive into it you’ll die um I don’t see hinton Valley anywhere around here is this where

highway 16 ends no see it keeps going oh my god we’re centered valley north battleford maidstone didn’t mean to go in that by only a 15 seconds left hinton valley hinted valley no no where are you beg leave you Monday oh this is tough I didn’t even see how far I was good oh oh wow 2561 points it couldn’t have been that near anyway let’s keep going here um we have back in the city I like how that many cities this time around it’s a sign in there we should definitely have a closer look at that k it’s like somewhere real estate thing never mind but those signs over there we definitely need to have a look at this this let’s go back a little bit could it be like hey not okay sound is that the name of this place may be okay again let’s take my own advice and quickly get myself to a main road as quickly as possible so that i can see more signs and more buildings and interesting stuff like that oh right mm-hmm what kind of person are you you’re gone to ghost now it’s just it’s just google and its photo taking system ah a sign sign says local farm and crafts market this sunday yellow wood forest so we are somewhere close to yellow wood forest maybe maybe in any case this is an english-speaking country so that’s a good start topshop only the top stuff here at topshop i would hope anyway you don’t want to go to a place of substandard stuff or even bottom stuff that’s where creepy anger bacon grease and cheese goes to that’s the job he runs by the way bottom shop um I see what we have here just farmlands okay well let’s go back to the starting rotation that’s weird kind of looks different for me it looks that part of the of the place of the city of the region looks a little bit different from inside here it’s kind of strange I’m I’m gonna guess that we are not in Australia for now maybe I don’t even know to be quite honest with you that is a sign of the actually have a look at that certainly so I says scan over here science says want to build cars just a construction site and maybe they have an address or phone number something can’t really see it those whoa I didn’t mean to get in there it goes yeah it’s a bit too hard for me to see not so much of that idea I’m going to get north of Australia it kind of looks there’s a mix of vegetation here that’s kind of interesting so that’s a good first food for sale for sale say anything to see down here oh there’s a lot a lot of property for sale here oh my gosh I really don’t see any signs that can help me by the way it’s kind of interesting a lot of the people have like head dresses and stuff i wonder if that means anything we are very close to college and that’s fitting are we really in australia and i don’t know guys okay let’s have a look at this right the ocean is south the ocean is south well that doesn’t really mean that much okay but it’s an english-speaking country the ocean is south of us okay yeah none nothing of this is going to help me really let’s go back to the starting location again so back here hmm wonder what can help me in this particular geoguessr guess are you gasps a location we had another party in the location now I wonder if we can get a closer look at that sign on that shop over there we just passed by the truck then those real estate people all over the place in this city goodness me well that’s obscure UTI there’s a better web address over there place going to be kind of hard for me to see that okay well anyway let’s keep moving here we don’t have a whole lot of time Levin to be quite frank with you I have no fit in to where i am at all whatsoever let’s go up the hill maybe have you been up here already I you get the feeling that we have well maybe not yeah we have been up here damn it oh yeah no idea you know what I’m going to guess North Australia it’s what i’m

going to guess with a very novel street let’s do that and aside from that I this may be the first geo guess it gets in a very long time that I get the wrong continent guys that’s how sure I am oh well I am exactly this could be like this could be like a Pacific island or something it’s very possible hmm could be like the South Africa oh ok well there you did extremely poorly and that’s okay let’s keep moving here ok oh good open land hmm open lands always a fast a fun time so even though I did extremely well in very first 1i missed the continent so that means that I don’t really get much point at all for only 400 points okay now what kind of a place is this one step sign one language sir watch for rattlesnakes oh okay well okay that’s good to know km/h in a place of rattlesnakes probably Australia snakes ahead let’s have a look at it sign over there snakes are at this oh oh it’s not telling us to be careful of the rattlesnakes is to slow down and save the snakes hmm okay good well I guess that’s good this is a country in which people are advised to slow down so that the snakes don’t die Australia sorry Australians I know I know guys it’s just it’s just so funny well I mean it’s a worthy thing it’s definitely a good thing if you want to save snakes i think snakes a kind of q rattlesnakes I would stay away from them I mean for obvious reasons but I don’t need to explain you to you why you wouldn’t want to step on a rattlesnake well I’m if you drive over to snake the rattlesnakes aren’t going to be able to do anything to use igg novi so how it goes GG novi i think is it like I I don’t play multiplayer games guys it’s a GG and 0 are ye or Tiki no there I think it means no rematch right that’s what I’m thinking that’s what has to be so you know you’re driving a truck and run over say GG novi um command me please haha Who am I gotta get this you still rode your opponent GG no Reaper goddamn snake um let’s try to find something that can help me out in this gasps this last geoguessr match I’m still thinking we’re in Australia somewhere it’s like my default gasps no that’s Australia Australian all right what is this types good and what do we have down here keep going take a drink because of this featureless location for enough featureless I mean the power lines that’s a feature without power lines I wouldn’t you wouldn’t even be watching this but as in terms of a feature that can tell me where i am i am no freakin clue whatsoever I’m just gonna guess Australia anyways well it’s like open nothing all right can I get to get as far as I can I wish I could like transport myself like 10 kilometers or 10 miles and time and see and maybe even get to a town so that I can at least reasonably identify where I am in terms of the country or even state or province come on but just dust and gravel and gasps oh my and some blue trucks what is this well let’s go ahead look at the Blue Ox hunter shipping containers not shipping containers some kind of liquid containers all right let’s keep going as fast my connection let me go ah don’t want to go there Oh featureless nothing horizon blue sky there plenty of places like this in california girls but of course this is probably not California I’m thinking anyway check on Victorino sneak vote that could be more interesting than where I am right now we’re going to put down a load marker let me guess somewhere in Central Australia I suppose and let’s do western australia you really dry dry ish location I haven’t even found like a um

I haven’t even found like a a highway marker that can tell me where I am exactly this looks like a trailer park or something Oh what does that say over them access into did what danger there are bombs inside seriously are this Susie bombs here this doesn’t look like a new place where you would start bombs this is the bombs what they do their forms inside rattlesnakes on one side and bombs on the other it’s the worst most dangerous place to live is that seriously danger overhead everything’s like dangerous on you you can’t read that line holy were in Canada oh my god so so Canadians huh um bombs on one hands and rattlesnakes on the other Wow I think we’re under estimating our northern neighbors here anyway you’ve just watched the worst performance in geo gather you’ve seen in a long time but if you think you can do any better be sure to check out this URL with that i will post it in the comments down below or in the description and thank you so much for watching I will see you guys next time bye bye you