I could only tell the trip that I had from Sichuan Province in China was a memorable one. I hope in this video we’ll also enlighten you to see the beautiful Sichaun province of China here is chingdu and this is Panda tour’s today is our first day here in Chengdu showing you Panda Tour and the Big Budha Tour Today Wake up! Good Morning! I could stay like this forever following you just don’t get you is we are Now, here in narrow alley quite famous for correct narrow because it’s (vendor hitting the symbal sounds) It’s sticky and chocolate okay food I learned is very spicy. I little bit spicy? Very spicy

when you return to your country to Australia, Austria, the audili. Oh thank you. Will you recommended China or Chendu to your friends? Yes, definitely. Today is our second day so and still be looking around we do some experience to and a very pleasant very pleased to be here Hey guys, we are right now here in people’s park of Chengdu in people’s Park as you can see there’s a few papers which is hanging along the alley here it says actually that they are looking for partners so check it out We start from Chengdu. Then we star to travel towards to Moxi town Then from there, are going to Kanding, then we go to Xinduxiao. Xinduxiao photographer paradise then we heading to Tagong is a monastery the temple area. Then from there we are going to Danba. From Danba, we heading toward to Wenchuan Wenchuan is where the big Earth Quake in 2008. From there we are traveling to Mia Lao, where to Autumn leaves scene. End up nothing Then we were back to Wenchuan. Stay at the Mao Xian From there, we go to Songpan. Then from Songpan, we are heading toward to Huanglong Then Huanglong, now we are back to Songpan Hey guys we are here right now in Luding. From Chengdu we drove here and right now you are seeing the town of Lodi when you cross this bridge it will shake you like a washing machine this is in Luding (people singing song) hey guys this is Moxi town so fresh! It’s my opinion I am from China Tai Chi master. I am now 150 years old but look 50 years old

Hey guys, we are her right now in Kangding town (bell of Temple in the background) God Bless You Kanding ( Sa Tsi Tala Kangding) Hey guys if you happen to be in Xinduxio you may like to stay in this hotel this is just along the roadside and the owner is a traveler she knows exactly what she is doing and what travelers need unfortunately I can’t spell the name the picture will shows you hey guys you are watching right now a temple here in Tagong as we drove along the valley of Aba heading to Wenchaun,l we saw the encryptions on the stone and according to Stephen this is a holy mountain

(people singing Karaoke int the background) (birds singing in the background) Hey guys, you are looking right now hear the Songpango, we are passing we are going to Songpan and we just pass by here scenic river view, Songpango that’s what it’s called so pretty.. Look at that! beautiful here in China hope you like it hey guys this is the beauty of Huanglong from Songpan Town we drove at the at like a cable-car point walk all the way up here the path is very nice is not difficult it’s a it’s all wooden pathway very nice No problem at all to walk up it’s over 303 3550 altitude is that what it called I’m dumb for that so yeah you see the beauty there that’s China it could have been very nice if the trees have been colorful but somehow this time is not so take note of coming here probably check it out that you do not come on November time or end of October because it’s really cool Waterfall sound in the background