All aboard the NOPE train | Layers of Fear | Part 1

hey there YouTube what’s good stewed or I’m here today ma’am I’m so nervous I didn’t even start playing I’m so nervous already about this man I’m gonna play layers of fear everyone is giving it high ratings it’s such a good hard game so I’m gonna try it out now I’m a total wuss when it comes to these games man I’m not even gonna lie about that stuff so I don’t even know what I’m doing right now probably gonna give myself a heart attack or something whoa I must be crazy so we’re not wasting any more time jumping in I’m not joking man I’m already shaken the torment I have to endure I still hear the scratching in my head my hands cut so many times on broken bottles each night drowning in a cold sweat but there is a way way to bring back what life took from me the only precious thing yeah he sounds a bit special on the head you know like he means business and he means that psychopath type of business right freaky and but the sound in this game here the footsteps and stuff yep ah ah there we go state no they’re not just drunk gallery opening box way too much info man can’t read that man too much dear sir would like to ask exceed Potter you are the best Oh pest control specialist as well as the refrain from sending us any more of your handling appropriate letters love okay so I get it this guy is a bit of a douche bag or something okay that’s like dominoes pieces yo yo yo ass dick what the was just a clock here look good oh my god dude this jump-scare in there for sure oh my god oh my god oh my god dude oh my god what am I gonna do oh my god Oh light yes turn that off man okay oh we cool sir I didn’t touch the workshop just like oh I can’t unless that’s inside also if you care so much for that rule maybe you should pay more attention to where to where you leave the keys I brought number your office you nobody could sign up for that oh whoa whoa whoa we’re gonna close that we are gonna close that I said we are gonna leave that closed man nothing good ever starts when you’re going to the basement or to the Attic

man those two places cool all right so I’m gonna look around still ooh where my sandwich at yo sweat eight rows something the high ingredients go away what’s this okay men I’m shaking yo shake you know I bet even Rembrandt again return man my phone will set on vibrate vibrator scared the living hell out of me man just now what the hell this is good sound on nevermind okay so I’m gonna get some video man now what am I doing here dude I’m going upstairs yo yo the register aw the lights turned off downstairs was it could be paintings yeah yeah you can stay there yeah of a goat being working all night don’t like me oh my god no no no oh my god dude no mmm so I’m going into the door where’s freaky sounds come out of the door if the person that’s like don’t wake me up or the doors the blood oh yeah I’m a clear winner no matter what I pick here who’s that there oh but that’s a creepy door that made sound oh my god I’m going here I’m dead anyway oh Christ man was this year just stuff okay wake here true story the Picture of Dorian Gray okay we don’t care for that we don’t care for that yo what’s this what though you know mr. don’t you oh my god son of those creepy paintings that looks at you oh there’s a key here yeah progress okay oh my god yeah no wonder red little red riding-hood very aggressively very aggressive the frictional depiction of it remember like yo man I’m shaking I don’t like yeah going downstairs what is that door there you check that door see what up yeah you can have that no mm-hmm yeah okay so I got three noes here yep I’m out of here nope nope oh my god dude I’m going in the darkness you know what’s up with

that painting man what the hell is that no sir can I leave now at least the kitchens fine you know you can you can yeah you stay like that oh there’s a door here oh man this is creepy yeah oh my gosh I like man I’m not step is that honest you some pieces they’re noises man can I run I don’t even know if this is considered running man can a jump no wait this is just doing something reckless oh I think it’s moving a bit faster when I push it what’s up okay I just got to figure out what I have to do yeah let’s do a book no this look okay okay so I’m like I’m not like advancing right now you know like slowly but you oh there’s the door here I don’t have to go there man of course I have to go there shut up like dude ah yo hmm man is that a kid room Mendes the freakish kid’s room I’ve ever seen in my life oh my god dude oh my god oh it’s empty I hear stuff okay please don’t be at the end oh my god dude this is not cool yo oh my god oh my god dude oh my god I have to wait no dude it says don’t wake me up like from the very beginning this was the one door I did not want to go to man you know there’s just something yeah there’s just something about like you know like dead women like it dressed in white dark hair all over their faces man I can’t handle that oh my god I um I’m crazy man I’m crazy for doing this oh my god dude oh my god yeo-hwa oh my god it stopped do I turn my little break what can go I need to turn this a bit lower and the volume is at 95% I don’t needed that that’s that’s too much you know like I can hear perfectly what’s happened why and of course the mirror is broken can I jump yo I want to jump on to see what’s in that sorry I couldn’t sleep the legs been acting up again figured I might as well do some work love you bro bro bro bro you gotta be in the study man

man sometimes the or here oh dude I haven’t been here what the hell wait I’m just gonna trick you know that’s the man that’s the kitchen yeah it’s about to get real now to get real it’s starting your what though I did not go oh my god I’m locked in okay it’s about to get freaky I was gonna go freaky man okay what’s up with that it’s uh I’m batting for it man I don’t I don’t know what that is supposed to be that’s another painting there’s nothing there there’s nothing there uh now I know you’re never supposed to check get it right this time yo you know I was about to say I know you’re never supposed to check the dough’s you know but dude I’m gonna check this one instead yo I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not comfortable open was this let’s just do it okay I might as well just you know like go and open it up because obviously that’s what I’m supposed to do would yo yo Oh what just happened yo everything will sound yeah I’m not comfortable I’m not comfortable man I don’t do this yo no I can’t open it more man oh my god dude I can’t dude yo I don’t do this kind of stuff I don’t do this man oh my god dude oh my god oh my god bro oh my god dude oh my god oh my god what is this no room no oh my god bro what is happening dude what is that never look away what’s this boy look for something now no okay wait wait no I I let’s keep that closed for now oh my god dude I have to go there get out of you know just out of reach for Oh yo I’m done yo you keep doing this stuff I’m not gonna play man dude things man I don’t play this kind of game

changes dude how Oh sup whoa bro wait how do I save these games actually okay I can’t just save so I have to finish farts oh my god boy what’s with that sound man what’s that sell what is that was this son where’s that no no what the hell 8 4 4 8 5 4 h 5 foot what’s that is that a number no oh my god oh my god dude I don’t see it’s that number no they said a paper – I read the paper doing 5 man that’s freaky oh my god dude do I I’ll just leave the room now it’s clear I don’t need to yeah I’m not opening that one so you can just oh my god dude I opened it oh my god do it oh my god you have a flashlight bro I need a flash like your man oh my god listen listen close that oh my god dude what was that do I leave now or leave let me out yo you’re on a mountain Joe what’s that was that is that like somewhere okay I need oh my god dude please don’t tell me I alright okay the combo the combination wait I didn’t oh my god dude I forgot it oh my for a five oh my god for what for a eight no I said eight whoops I just moved my game oh okay for eight by there we go whoa I was right okay that’s cool do it yep mm-hmm 45 oh I have to obviously I have to check what’s in the damn thing was that the thought alone the most beautiful piece of art doesn’t have my name on it he’s killing me so will you marry me well like it’s nice that he proposed and stuff man but she’s so freaky he’s like so controlling you know the past holds back look closer the past holds back look closer yeah okay actually I’m not that scared anymore not that scared anymore I can do that stop really I’m really like lying to myself man what is this I don’t want to go crazy I don’t want to go into rooms until I go crazy man what is what is that I don’t even want to go close to that it doesn’t seem to be anything yeah okay maybe I’ll just give it like a little peek is that my carriage oh my god dude No what is that I don’t see anything what is that what please please please what’s happening I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I wanna play oh my god dude I don’t want to play yep Rapinoe

oh good hey screw you buddy oh I hate this man I really I really hate this like I’m walking up the stairs you know and something jumps in front of you should I pull the lever hmm don’t know why but I feel this is a trap yep there’s no I see dude I have my eyes on you lose it yeah oh one we’re always a secret passage it’s so cool I want to go you’re moving out oh my god you can have this this is your room man I won’t even go easy I’m gonna want this man I’m done I’m done I’m done what the hell dude Oh yo dude I learned my lesson I’m not I’m not going close to that again freaky stuff happens when you go close to that oh no only me okay okay what are your rights are they okay really no reason just guys like I have to go there oh my god no no let in light Oh oh my god Oh was it cheers to you yes it’s not freaky dude dude dude this house I think this house is haunted you guys I don’t play I don’t wanna play no you boys you already a little sumo duck dude was you watching you just now please don’t tell me I have to start slinging stuff because I’m really bad at that like like just open this one wait okay ah oh this is full of wine at least oh my go let’s check out this pretty paper here maybe we can check out I’m not opening that Stillman let’s check out this free book show hmm no now this bookshelf here it’s an original bookshelf number 14 it’s a very good choice please don’t cry I’m coming Oh you I can’t do this man like jump scares I’m fine you know like I’m not fine but I’m fine remember I said at the beginning man all that ladies man I just don’t do that no oh my god is just gonna know please let me go please let me go bro what is this oh my god please don’t kill me what is that oh my god

I made sound wait oh my god oh my god I can’t play this many shadows man you don’t step on random stuff it’s bad for you give a weave clearly oh my god oh my god dude oh my god bad bad but oh my god you yo I will play don’t you laugh yeah be a good drum don’t know please don’t kill me no city sounds I’m done with these sounds bro I don’t do this I just don’t man oh oh my god please light stay light please please please please I’m back in the kitchen oh my god ma’am no the first part of the painting what does no returning so fast would oh my god oh now this guy’s a narcissist not one of those red ones it needed to be as sharp as a razor oh so I used a razor in fact and then carefully flayed the skin boos have to keep my hand steady like I was expecting this man I was expecting this this guy sounded freaky from the beginning I called it so I gotta go there now I don’t know which way I’m supposed to like you know pull them and push them and stuff but uh I think that was the first Berkshire truly