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Lower the PYRAMID And now the CONE Good job! We need a CUBE and a CUBOID for our foundation Oh, hi! Look, we are building a giant roller coaster Do you want to help us? Here comes Benny with shapes Benny brought us flat, two dimensional shapes Let’s unload his wagons CIRCLE, OVAL, TRIANGLE SQUARE, RECTANGLE, RHOMBUS PENTAGON, HEXAGON, OCTAGON Thank you, Benny Donald brought us heavy 3D shapes You can look at them at any angle Let’s see what 3D shapes we have SPHERE CUBE CUBOID CYLINDER Wow! This is a construction site Be very careful! PYRAMID CONE Thank you, Donald And now letís finish one of the towers

We’ve already installed: CUBOIDS, CUBES CYLINDERS And 2D shapes: CIRCLE, OVAL TRIANGLE, SQUARE RECTANGLE, RHOMBUS PENTAGON, HEXAGON And OCTAGON We still need to install: SPHERE, PYRAMID, CONE Oh, no! That SPHERE is too small! Let’s try a bigger SPHERE PYRAMID and CONE Well done! Another section is built Soon kids will enjoy this roller coaster No! We haven’t finished the roller coaster yet! Help me finish that section We need CUBOID, CUBE and CYLINDERS Now let’s reinforce with these 2D shapes: CIRCLE, OVAL, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, RECTANGLE, RHOMBUS Ok, crane Ah, oh! Aaaaah!!! That’s fast! Aaaaah!!! Lower the section, crane! We still need PENTAGON, HEXAGON, OCTAGON SPHERE, PYRAMID and CONE That was a cool ride! Thanks for helping me build the roller coaster! Now you know 2D and 3D shapes! Hi, my name is Shawn I want to help you learn numbers Let’s count all the objects in my wagons I have ONE(1) car ONE(1)

TWO(2) construction cones ONE(1), TWO(2) THREE(3) drums ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3) FOUR(4) WHEELS ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4) FIVE(5) mailboxes ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5) SIX(6) jars of jam ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6) SEVEN(7) keys ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7) EIGHT(8) balls ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8) NINE(9) nails ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) And TEN(10) Oh, no! My crates fell on the ground Now my wagon has ZERO(0) crates Help me count to TEN(10) to put them back in my wagon ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), TEN(10) We did it! Thank you! Now we’re ready to go Let’s go! Wait car! I didn’t mean you go, I meant “Let’s go!” Let’s count numbers one more time ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), and TEN(10) Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? Look! All my ornaments are different colors I have YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN Ok. Now let’s go put them on the tree! Benny: îExcuse me, Iíve got to get to the North Pole!

Hey, Benny! Late with presents again this year? Help me put the ornaments back in my wagons YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN Let’s decorate the tree YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN Now! One, two, three! Let’s light up the tree! Oops! I forgot the lights! OK! Letís try one more time One, two, three! Let’s light up the tree! Great job! Thank you for helping me Oh! Oh! I think Benny is coming back Look what I found! It’s the car that ran away from us when we were learning how to count Wait car! I didn’t mean you go Let’s learn the traffic signs and teach this car how to drive You look nice and shiny! Frank the fire truck did a good job washing you Ok, car, don’t drive fast and listen to what we tell you The first sign is the ´STOPª sign Make sure you stop in front of each ´STOPª sign Ah, ah, ah! Never try to beat the train! Always stop in front of the railroad crossing signs when the light turns red You see why Hi, Donald!

Do you hear that, car? It’s a fire truck! Pull over and let emergency vehicles pass you Look red light! Always stop at the red light Good job! Don’t speed. It says: “School zone, 15 miles per hour” Always stop if a school bus is loading or unloading This is a construction zone. Be very careful! No, car, don’t go there! Not again! Great! And I just washed you not long ago Ok, car, let’s find the fire truck so we can wash you again Now you see how important it is to know traffic signs. Thank you for learning signs with us! Hi, I am Shawn I want to teach you different shapes Then we can carve Halloween pumpkins with those shapes Letís see what shapes we have: SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, RECTANGLE, OVAL, RHOMBUS, OCTAGON Now itís time to carve pumpkins with those shapes Letís carve a robot pumpkin We need two SQUARES for the eyes One OCTAGON for the nose

and one RECTANGLE for the mouth Good job! Now letís carve a cartoon pumpkin We need two OVALS for the eyes One CIRCLE for the nose and a HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth Well done! And now letís carve a Halloween pumpkin We need two TRIANGLES for the eyes One RHOMBUS for the nose A HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth And three SQUARES for the teeth Thank you! Now we are ready for Halloween! Ah! Oh! Cannot detect colors Hi, robot! Hello, Shawn! I was looking for you I heard you like to paint Yes, I do. But I donít know my colors! Can you help me learn colors? Of course! Climb up on my wagon and I’ll teach you different colors Thank you, Shawn Look, I have fruits and vegetables of different colors I have YELLOW lemons ORANGE oranges RED tomatoes PINK dragon fruit PURPLE eggplants BLUE blueberries GREEN apples BROWN potatoes and BLACK blackberries Now you see how different things have different colors My body is RED with GOLDEN trim my face is GRAY my smokestack is BLACK and you are SILVER Thank you, Shawn. I see WHITE paint That’s right, robot! I forgot to tell you about the color WHITE WHITE color is my favorite! I hope you learned all of your colors WHITE color is my favorite I am tired. I am going to take a nap I love to paint Ok. You can paint something while I’ll take a nap

I love WHITE paint I love to paint I love WHITE paint I love to paint Oh, no! You painted everything WHITE Let’s help the robot paint the colors back Here are the colors I have: YELLOW, ORANGE RED, PINK, PURPLE BLUE, GREEN BROWN, BLACK GRAY, WHITE GOLD and SILVER Let’s paint. You have GRAY face, BLACK smokestack, RED body with a GOLD trim And now let’s paint fruits YELLOW lemons ORANGE oranges RED tomatoes PINK dragon fruit PURPLE eggplants BLUE blueberries GREEN apples BROWN potatoes BLACK blackberries Good job! Thank you, robot! I hope you know all your colors now Thank you, Shawn. Now I know all my colors And thank you too! (Donald) And letís put the yellow ornament on the LEFT side of the tree (Shawn) I finally found the red ornament (Shawn) Okay, Henry, letís put the red one on the RIGHT (Shawn) No, no. The RIGHT side is where the snowman is (Donald) If you cannot remember where LEFT or RIGHT is, find some kind of a mark or an object on one of the sides and remember what side it is (Donald) Look, there is only one traffic light

(Donald) From where I am looking, it is on the LEFT side (Donald) So now I will remember that the LEFT side has the traffic light and the RIGHT side has no traffic light (Shawn) Thatís a good idea. Do you want to try? (Shawn) When youíre looking at the tree, I am on the RIGHT side and Donald is on the LEFT (Donald) And you can use the snowman as a mark (Donald) The RIGHT side has the snowman (Donald) and the LEFT one does not (Donald) We are finished! When is Speedy coming with the fireworks? (Shawn) He should be here any time … soon (Speedy) I cannot stop! (Speedy) Look out! I cannot stop! (Speedy) Ah! Too fast! I cannot stop! (Speedy) Ah! (Rusty) Going LEFT (Rusty) Going RIGHT (Speedy) I cannot stop! (Rusty) Going LEFT (Rusty) Going RIGHT (Rusty) Going RIGHT (Rusty) Going LEFT (Speedy) I am so sorry, guys. Rusty lit up all the fireworks too early (Donald) Oh, no. Now we have no fireworks and all the ornaments fell off the tree (Chief) Ho-ho-ho. Hello, guys. Why do you look so sad? (Shawn) Thatís why (Chief) I see. We are a team, right? (Chief) So letís help each other. You guys put the ornaments back on the tree and I will be right back (Rusty) Okay, letís decorate. The green ornament goes in the MIDDLE of the tree. A little to the RIGHT (Rusty) No, too much. A bit to the LEFT (Rusty) Now it is centered (Donald) And letís put the yellow ornament on the LEFT side of the tree (Shawn) The red ornament goes on the RIGHT side (Rusty) The blue one goes in the MIDDLE. It looks centered (Donald) The orange ornament goes on the LEFT (Speedy) And the last ornament, the purple one, goes on the RIGHT (Donald) And the star gets centered on top

(Rusty) Everything looks good. Okay, I am going to hang the lights (Dexter) Hello, everyone! (Rusty) I am ready to turn the lights on (Rusty) The LEFT lights are on (Rusty) The RIGHT lights are on (Rusty) The MIDDLE lights are on (Chief) Okay, guys. Are you ready? (Chief) LEFT side (Chief) And now the RIGHT side (Speedy) Hi, my name is Speedy and this is Rusty the Robot (Rusty) Hello! (Speedy) We are here to teach you how to count these pumpkins and Rusty will carve them (Speedy) Letís count: ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10) (Speedy) Ok, Rusty, now you can carve numbers on the pumpkins (Rusty) ONE (1) (Rusty) TWO (2) (Rusty) THREE (3) (Speedy) FOUR (4) (Rusty) FOUR (4) (Rusty) FIVE (5) (Rusty) SIX (6) (Rusty) SEVEN (7) (Rusty) EIGHT (8) (Rusty) NINE (9) (Rusty) TEN (10) (Rusty) I am finished (Speedy) Great job! Look out, Rusty! Benny is coming! (Benny) Excuse me! I am late getting to a Halloween party! (Speedy) Whew. That was close. Benny is late again (Speedy) Oh no! All of the pumpkins fell on the ground It is too dark to see the numbers on the pumpkins. Now we canít put them back in order (Rusty) ZERO (0) pumpkins detected! Hi, Speedy Hi, Rusty

(Rusty) Hello (Speedy) Hi, Shawn. Look, all of the pumpkins fell on the ground (Speedy) Now we canít see the numbers (Shawn) Don’t worry, guys. I have lightning bugs that can help us They can fly into the pumpkins so we can see the numbers! (Speedy) This is number EIGHT (8). This is number FIVE (5) (Speedy) This is pumpkin number FOUR (4) This is pumpkin number TEN (10) (Rusty) I detected pumpkin number ONE (1) Detected pumpkin number SIX (6) (Shawn) Look I see pumpkin number THREE (3) This is pumpkin number TWO (2) (Speedy) I see SEVEN (7) and NINE (9) Now we can put them in order. Let’s count: (Speedy) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10) (Speedy) Thank you for your help. Now you can count to ten (Shawn) Happy Halloween! Ah! Oh! Benny is coming back (Donald) Wait for me, Shawn! (Shawn) Hi, Donald (Donald) Are you ready to deliver pumpkins to Rusty the robot so he can carve them for the Halloween party? (Shawn) Yes, Donald (Shawn) He is on the other side of the bridge waiting for us. Letís load the wagons first (Shawn) Let’s sort our pumpkins by sizes (Donald) Letís see what different sizes we have (Donald) We have SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE (Donald) We also have TALL and SHORT pumpkins (Shawn) Look, we also have WIDE and NARROW (Donald) You are right, Shawn! (Donald) Let’s sort them (Donald) SMALL pumpkin, MEDIUM pumpkin, LARGE pumpkin, (Donald) SHORT pumpkin, TALL pumpkin, (Donald) NARROW pumpkin, WIDE pumpkin (Donald) We are done! Let’s deliver them (Shawn) This is an old bridge. Are you sure it can hold us and all these pumpkins? (Donald) Of course! (laughing) Donít be afraid (Donald) Help me, Shawn! (Shawn) Oh, no! Hold on, Donald!

(Dexter) I’ll help you, guys (Donald) Thank you, Dexter (Shawn) How are we going to cross now so Rusty can carve the pumpkins? (Donald) I donít know. Everybody is going to be sad if we canít bring them carved pumpkins (Dexter) I can help. Look what I have (Shawn) Wow! Pumpkin cannons (Dexter) I already delivered one set to the robot, and this is another set I have (Dexter) I have three cannons SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. A SMALL cannon is for SMALL, NARROW and SHORT pumpkins, MEDIUM for MEDIUM pumpkins, and LARGE for LARGE, WIDE and TALL pumpkins (Donald) SMALL pumpkin, MEDIUM pumpkin, LARGE pumpkin. Fire! (Shawn) SHORT goes in. TALL goes in. Fire! (Shawn) NARROW goes in. WIDE goes in. Fire! (Shawn) Fire! (Rusty) Learning sizes mode: ON (Shawn) Fire! (Shawn) Fire! (Rusty) Warning! Cannot detect the right size! Warning! Incorrect angle to detect the right size! (Rusty) X-ray vision: ON Sizes detected – SHORT, TALL (Shawn) Fire! (Rusty) Sizes detected – NARROW, WIDE (Donald) We are done (Donald) Have fun carving them, Rusty (Shawn) Guys, look what I found (Donald) This is a GIANT pumpkin. That is a lot bigger than a LARGE pumpkin (Dexter) Letís give it to the robot (Donald) How will we give it to Rusty? (Shawn) I have an idea! (Rusty) Size detected – GIANT. Define GIANT: “GIANT – unusually LARGE, great or strong”

(Rusty) Team, what’s this GIANT pumpkin for? (Donald) You can make a GIANT pie or something. (laughing) (Rusty) OK. All pumpkins will be carved by dusk. (laughing) (Rusty) Ok. Catch your pumpkins. I carved them all (Rusty) Launching SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE pumpkins (Rusty) Launching SHORT and TALL pumpkins (Rusty) Launching NARROW and WIDE pumpkins (Donald) Thank you, Rusty. Let’s go deliver the carved pumpkins (Rusty) Donít forget about your GIANT pie (Shawn) What did he say? (Dexter) He said a GIANT pie (Shawn) Move back! (Dexter) This is a GIANT pie! (Shawn) Thank you for your help! Now we are ready to deliver pumpkins of different sizes (Shawn) SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, (Shawn) WIDE, NARROW, (Shawn) TALL, SHORT (Donald) And one GIANT pie! Happy Halloween! OK, tell us about the four seasons There are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Autumn is another word for fall My favorite season is fallÖ So what do you like about fall? I love the colorful leaves! I like Halloween and pumpkins, but my favorite season is not fall, it is winter I like to play in the snow, even though it can get very cold in winter Mine is summer because you can swim and play in the sand Summer is sunny and hot where I live Spring is a nice season too ñ trees and flowers start blooming, it also rains a lot It looks like we are here -Is this where Rusty works on his inventions? -Yes! Wow! Look at what he made. This room has all four seasons: Snowy cold winter Spring with blooming trees, flowers… and a lot of showers Hot summer. Uh it is hot

And this is fall ñ the trees have changed color and it is time to harvest crops Look, here is Rusty on the monitor Welcome to my lab! This is where I invent a lot of cool things My newest invention is called the Season Changer Wow! So this device can actually change seasons? Yes. But you can only change them in order. Do you know in which order seasons change? I do. Winter, spring, summer, and fall Correct. Please read how it works To activate the Season Changer you must: – After you complete these three steps, add water to activate the Season Changer Please deliver the Season Changer to me, but remember, if you talk about the seasons and you get the Season Changer wet, it will change your season Ok, letís go deliver it By the way, Speedy, what do you know about fall? Fall is harvest time, leaves turn different colors, and we carve pumpkins for Halloween Where I live, fall happens in September, October, and November After fall comes winterÖ Look out! Oh no! I think we activated the Season Changer and now it is Ö Winter! Wow! My favorite season And it is cold. Let’s get the device out of the water to change it to the next season We canít because the lake is frozen Okay, let’s talk about winter so the Season Changer will turn it to spring Winter is the coldest time of the year, days are short, nights are long, and it usually snows where I live Where I live, winter months are December, January, and February

After winter comes spring! We did it! Spring came after winter Now it is getting warmer and the lake is not frozen anymore – Letís get the Season Changer out of the water – Great! What do you know about spring, Shawn? Spring is when flowers and trees start blooming, it gets warmer and it rains a lot Where I live, spring happens in March, April, and May After spring comes summer! Wow it is summer! My favorite time of the year! What do you know about summer, Speedy? Summer is the warmest season of the year, days are long and nights are short, people love to go swimming and eat ice cream! Where I live, summer months are June, July, and August After summer comes fall! Oops! The machine is not changing to fall We have no water to finish step number four This year summer is hot and dryÖ So how do seasons change? With the Season Changer No. Nobody can change seasons The Earth travels around the Sun and it takes one year for the Earth to go all the way around the Sun A season is a division of the year marked by changes in weather Because the Earth is tilted, some parts of the Earth get more heat and light from the Sun at different times of the year and this creates four seasons Do you know the four seasons? Of course I know the four seasons ñ winter, spring, summer, and fall (Speedy) Hi, Iím Speedy! Weíre here to take you to the train factory (Rusty) Hi, and I am Rusty the robot. We are very glad you are coming along Look, hereís Shawn on the monitor (Shawn) Hi, how are you? Iím very happy that youíre coming to the factory! (Dexter) OK, Shawn, I am moving out ten containers (Shawn) Thank you, Dexter. You can help us build the trains and learn about the numbers On the way to the factory Rusty the Robot will show you what we do here I suppose youíve met Speedy, too. Heís a quick little train but I think Rusty will keep him in check

(Rusty) OK. You can operate this train. Push this lever forward to accelerate We cannot travel faster than ten miles per hour. We want everybody to be safe at the factory (Speedy) I can go a lot faster than ten miles per hour, but the robot wonít let me (Rusty) Weíre going a little too fast. Pull this lever to slow down to ten miles per hour. Thank you Here we test different trains. We use numbers a lot We count train parts when we build trains We count how many objects a train can carry (Dexter) Hello everyone (Rusty) Hello (Dexter) Hey, Robot, donít close the gate yet. Thanks (Rusty) We also measure the weight of the objects using numbers We calculate how much weight each train car can hold ñ from a light ONE (1) ton to a heavy HUNDRED (100) tons We also measure distance and speed using numbers We have slow trains like Donald and fast trains like Benny (Benny) Ok, Donald. Are you ready to race again? (Donald) Bring it on, Benny (Rusty) By the time Donald travels THREE (3) sections Benny has traveled TEN (10) (Donald) Oh, no. Not again! (Rusty) When you go to school they will teach you about numbers and measuring. Weíre arriving at the facility (Shawn) Hi. Iím so glad youíre here. Let me introduce you to the team You already know Speedy and Rusty. And this is Donald (Donald) Hi. It is very nice to meet you again (Benny) I donít know how you got here first (Donald) I told you I would win this time (Benny) I am very glad to see you again Shawn, we might have to replace my two headlights. I donít see well at night anymore (Shawn) No problem, Benny. Dexter is coming back (Dexter) It is nice to meet you. Thank you for coming over to help us (Shawn) Okay, it’s time to go to work (Chief) Don’t forget about me

How are you doing. I am Dan but everybody calls me Chief Ok, guys, I am not going to delay you. I have to go clean the test tracks (Shawn) See you later, Chief. Oh, wait! Lets all take a picture ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3) Ok, itís time to go to work We are at the Assembly and Repair Stations The first number you will learn is the number 1 (ONE) We have ONE (1) big container we have to lower. Go ahead and push the button (Computer) Greetings! ONE (1), ZERO (0) (Shawn) Oops, right now we have ZERO (0) containers (Computer) ONE (1) (Shawn) Ok, Donald, you can move it out (Donald) No problem! Moving out ONE (1) container! (Shawn) Look, Benny is at Station Number 2 (TWO). He needs TWO (2) headlights replaced (Benny) Ok, I am ready for my TWO (2) new headlights (Computer) TWO (2) (Shawn) ONE (1) TWO (2) (Computer) ONE (1) TWO (2) (Shawn) Well done! (Benny) Thank you very much. Now I can see a lot better! (Shawn) This electric train needs THREE (3) doors. Thank you (Computer) THREE (3) ONE (1) TWO (2) THREE (3) (Shawn) At Station Number 4 (FOUR) we install wheels. Release FOUR (4) wheels for this passenger car (Computer) FOUR (4) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4) (Shawn) At Station 5 (FIVE) we weld steps Do you want to help me weld steps? Weíve already welded FOUR (4) steps We still need the step number 5 (FIVE) (Computer) FIVE (5) FIVE (5) (Shawn) Well done! This wooden train car needs SIX (6) planks

(Computer) SIX (6) (Shawn) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6) We install glass windows at Station 7 (SEVEN). Okay, let’s install them (Computer) SEVEN (7) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7) (Shawn) Itís ok. I have another one (Computer) SEVEN (7) (Shawn) At Station 8 (EIGHT) we will install bolts. We need EIGHT (8) of them (Computer) EIGHT (8) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8) (Shawn) The next TWO (2) stations are different. Instead of counting objects we will measure distance and count the amount (Speedy) Can I go with you? (Shawn) Of course! At Station Number 9 (NINE) we install engines. Instead of counting objects we will count distance We have to lift the train NINE (9) feet to fit the engine (Computer) NINE (9) (Shawn) ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9) At the last station we are going to fill the engine with TEN (10) gallons of oil Instead of counting objects we will measure liquid using numbers We are going to count backwards! (Speedy) I can count backwards (Computer) TEN (10) (Speedy) TEN (10), NINE (9), EIGHT (8), SEVEN (7), SIX (6), FIVE (5), FOUR (4), THREE (3), TWO (2), ONE (1), ZERO (0) The engine is filled up! (Shawn) Thank you both for your help Let me show you our secret station, Station Number 5 (FIVE) Can you help me type the password? (Computer) Please enter your password (Shawn) The password is THREE (3), FOUR (4), ONE (1), FIVE (5), TWO (2) (Computer) I am sorry, try again (Shawn) ZERO (0), NINE (9), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), SIX (6) (Computer) Access granted (Shawn) Well done This is our prototype train. He is a jet train. We call him J-1000

He can go up to 1,000 miles per hour. He is the fastest train ever built (Speedy) Even faster than Benny? (Shawn) Yes (Speedy) Wow! (Shawn) Do you want to see how jet engine blades spin? Push the green button, number 1 (ONE) (Computer) ONE (1). Program activated (Shawn) Now push the yellow button number 2 (TWO) (Computer) TWO (2) (Shawn) And now the orange button, number 3 (THREE). Do not push the red button or the jet train will launch (Computer) THREE (3) (Speedy) This is so cool! (Shawn) Ok, letís turn the engines off. PushÖ Oh, no! I got connected to the jet train. Help me get unstuck (Speedy) We will! (Rusty) I will help you. Do you want me to push the red button? (Computer) FOUR (4). Data transfer complete. All phases complete. Auto pilot activated (Shawn) No! That button is not for thatÖ (Speedy) Come on! Letís help Shawn. Look there is another set of engines (Computer) All phases complete. Auto pilot activated (Chief) My moustache! (Shawn) Can you help me disable the engines? You will have to climb onto the J-1000 and type the code Ok! Jump on the count of three ñ ONE (1)Ö (Speedy) Look out! (Shawn) ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3) (Shawn) Be careful! The code is ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9) (Speedy) Look out! (Computer) Activation code denied (Shawn) A-a-a-a (Rusty) Hold on! (Rusty) ZERO (0), ONE (1), TWO (2), THREE (3), FOUR (4), FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8), NINE (9), TEN (10)

(Computer) Data transfer complete. Shutting down TEN (10), NINE (9), EIGHT (8), SEVEN (7), SIX (6), FIVE (5), FOUR (4), THREE (3), TWO (2), ONE (1), ZERO (0). Program terminated (Speedy) Wow. This was faster than 10 (TEN) miles per hour (Shawn) Thank you all for your help. If you did not know the numbers we would not have stopped the jet train Itís nice to have good friends who can help you when you need them