Let's Play The Longest Journey! Chapter 3 Part 3

so I can’t seem to find a pen is there any way I can open this panel can I stab with the pushpin no can no this looks particularly panel open Abul can I threaten you guys with the work form fill out this work order first it would fix the damn doors what did you do that with we don’t have a pen April but are it boobs one at the desk now we’re set what’s this oh just a jolly little requisition entitled short term technical suspension of union members benefits say what lady do you realize what you’ve just done you’ve interrupted our lunch break this is an official work order it can’t be zero nine zero four two this isn’t zero nine zero for two – eh is it yet one wasn’t either no just plain old oh no no for two – nothing this being Sunday and all that petition is useless on public holidays you need the extension – a form addendum for public holidays a spin on triple overtime and aww no triple overtime we’re working on Sunday so we’re gonna stay here to enjoy our extended break thank you very much now glowing this is the same process over again it’s gonna seem like very needless busy work excuse me ma’am you again what do you want now I’m sorry but I need the Oh 904 – – a requisition form addendum as well the what’s the Oh 904 – – a didn’t you ask me for that one in the first place screw you lady because I’m a cruel bitch and I love torturing you in fact I’ve made it my life’s mission to haunt you forever and ever with requests for useless forms and documents hmm she’s got some teeth on her hello April we’re soul sisters really all right requisition form number Oh 904 – – a and that better be it I certainly hope so welcome a Mercer corporate labor union formed number oh nine oh four two – a short-term tactical suspension of union members benefits public holiday addendum okay let’s do this take it bitch okay now we’re set I hope why do you keep bothering us didn’t feel that 1l have anything better to do no absolutely not this is requisition form number oh nine oh four – – a the short-term tactical suspension of union members benefits requisition form with the public holiday addendum BAM boss we’ve been nailed George get your ass off the chair we’re going back to work thanks to this lovely young lady I hope he’s a savant so uh we just wait around here or at least they’re doing something even if it’s just staring at the panel the panel is open now some wires are hanging out can I help are you guys gonna be done soon hey who knows this is complicated stuff funny can I help good to see you up and about George

mister mister the plane the plane the panel is open and some wires cracking I don’t really like of that manual let’s talk to you some more you’re a pleasant woman maybe you can help pass the time use me ma’am you again what do you want now thanks anyway okay it’s a tool box at least they’re doing something even if it’s just at least they’re doing something how’s it going how’s it going convinced this pushpin will help no what about this this is help circuitry before No I don’t know nah you can usually tell a crook by the doors are closed the doors are closed let’s use the vid phone again it’s an insult this phone $0.99 one – oh no no yes what a surprise it’s gotta be a reason we have two big films mid film the screening camera are both more but what’s this on the screening what am i accomplishing here miss Fong zero nine nine one two oh no no that’s just lien come to girl maybe oh damn not fast enough maybe I can tell her the phone rang excuse me ma’am you again what do you want now thanks anyway yeah I Beck until them the phone rang how’s it going no could be a timing thing can I only do it when what am i accomplishing excuse me you okay thanks hey there’s a phone call for you ah for me who is it I think it might be Union business out of my way lady now I can get a look at the panel yes yes panel is open the panel is open and some wires are hanging out wires one red one blue I can’t get to the wires while these guys are working I did to create some kind of distraction get them away from the panel there’s a call for you to sir you shouldn’t be using me yeah I got no calls ever except from my mommy is it my mommy yes uh it could very well be here mommy ah thanks good it’s a long shot but if I try to cross these wires what could possibly go wrong voila I’m so good it’s getting hey you can’t go back there no stricted area I need to distract her monkey monkey is always a good idea yes I’ll be there for you again what do

you want now thanks anyway okay so April thinks you need to distract her I think we need to get a uniform can we exit doors are closed I can’t think of anything particularly distracting look I can open mention aloof doors are closed well I’m glad she’s happy but other hoodlums you can usually tell a crook buys out Tuvok Tuvok can we see what’s the most difficult form to get ahold of the label on that shelf says reporting and decent or lewd behavior by bingo or BM personnel number three one three six six on the clothes show label on that shelf okay well let’s ask for that excuse me ma’am you again what do you want now I’d like that form for complaining about lewd and indecent behavior please number three one three six six all done Ron you don’t open manually April run yes when okay so now we’re here that’s good soda is always my first priority when I break into a police station go the world’s favorite soda and after the devastating soda wars of 2159 the world’s only soda no considering the fact that I’m inside a police station it might be prudent to pay for this soda first do you use a pay card to do that let’s see go one lemon lime lemon lime strawberry strawberry lime strawberry Cola cherry cola yuck to go with the old standby bingo classic boring let’s see strawberry Cola sounds disgusting the other sounded okay okay well now we have it so ton of delicious bingo classic soda even if it wasn’t the only soda available bingo would still be the soda for me I don’t know what to do with that put a pushpin in it what are you it’s a retinal scanner instantly outdated by the genetic scanner but I guess here they don’t care huh I mean they just paid upgrade to the the retinal scanner sighs okay so you need to get in there that door appears to be irrelevant what about this constable garish is a police no guess not the showers unisex of course sergeant Anthony McDonald sergeant Martillo sergeant Maria Hernandez sergeant Ricky Mahoney sergeant Russell Franco sergeant Frank Minelli if I have a light on sergeant Frank Manila those noises don’t sound buzzing it’s a light switch oh we could turn that off that’d be awful doctor hi who’s in there Minelli who’s asking that’s not I know that voice what who are you sergeant Hernandez Maria thank god you’re here listen I need you to get my stomach medicine from the locker here’s the key oh this is like Final Fantasy seven all over again this is good idea Tommy who are fast

relief for a runny tummy runny that doesn’t sound healthy it’s a receptacle for synthetic I I guess Frankie boys using one of those babies never tell from looking at him and we’re just recognizing fun huh quick thing in there no I say that’s for information sake sergeant Bonelli’s been banging his locker shut one too many times say hello to seven years of battle is correct it sure makes me feel a whole lot better about harassing him oh oh that guy the one we poisoned I’m sorry sir how do I do this yep got it right here well slide it under the door will you I feel so bad thank God thank God if you don’t know what we’re accomplishing here I’m gonna do something how are you feeling better a little better I needed I think this medicine is flushing out my system a little you know what I mean it’s accelerating the natural process no need to go any further sir Thank You Maria hey you gonna cold or something you sound different yes yeah a colder I got something alright gotta go woman Ellie thanks for your help movie yet so it’s a lady why is he not reacting to that gotta go Manali thanks for your help Maria I don’t know what we’re doing here wait it’s a loose shard of the mirror glass it’s a loose shot ha I’ll just carefully separate this shard from the mirror I have no idea what this is gonna do so Oh archives login F Minelli password wife’s birthday what a smart boy real security whiz good good it’s a shard of glass from the mirror can we use it for anything oh so about your wife how’s mrs. Minelli doing well yes good I didn’t think you Maria we spoke about this can’t you just let it rest I’m not trying to I’m sure sorry just wondering I wish you wouldn’t you know it is what it is you know hidden Maria close about mrs. Minelli god damn movie I’m on the freakin can yeah I was just thinking maybe I should get her a birthday present what do you think are you not have you gone completely nuts what are you doing what the hell are you doing the apartment tomorrow tomorrow your wife’s birthday’s tomorrow you’re not buying her a present movie yet don’t even think about it that would be such a big mistake you don’t want to make a mistake like that okay boss you’re the boss

don’t call me boss I want you leave me alone not a sociable mood now I’m on the can that’s true gotta go Minelli thanks for your help Maria Maria um should we have something sure Jesus I think I’m allergic to the drop that that is G get it get it April April get it get it get it what the hell happened to my Maria Maria did you take my I give it back yeah you are back in your slot wanna take that bossy first monkey do my Nellie’s in there did I get it yes I’m just thanking you borrowing it he’ll get it back I’m seeing red I’m right Maria Maria go get the doctor fast I’m seeing red oh I can’t do it let’s get out of here would he see through the synthetic eyes that doesn’t make much sense I could use a shower no showers for April oh I feel so bad okay if I remember my digital history lessons correctly that’s what’s called a dot matrix printer they use that in like the 18th century or something sounds right nobody’s watching hmm it’s a control panel with a weird keyboard how does that work that is a weird keyboard I got nothing it’s a computer from like the Stone Age I’ve never seen anything like it outside of a museum it’s a miracle it’s still working let alone an active service okay so what we got to look up I’m Frank Minnelli yeah I know I love my wife Laura and her birthday is on the 31st of this month which means Laura Oh 7:31 yes oh good again now what to search for hey Alec Tiffany’s logged in monitored activities oh this is awful oh we have to search for ourselves I’m just gonna make sure there’s no warrant or anything out for my arrest good that’s good right okay what’s this Lauren sister Oh oh crap we’ll get worn stuff fire those are terminator boy Zeke warns sister and that’s her colonization number I’d better remember it in case I need it I’ll trust you to do that okay April Warren’s sister okay that’s reconnaissance remember failure colonization multiple burglaries I don’t think I need to see any more warns rap sheet he’s been active sure you print it until I am update warns Rojo I got it I think I just killed Warren Oh ceased he’s just gonna have to live with that at least the cops and corporates won’t be after him anymore just the Lord yes I could have clicked edit if I want to do presses are rolling no where’s the printer right over over there why is just a limb or a button

it’s a long shot yeah this shouldn’t return anything yeah the Church of voltec is the front of a vanguard use here in stark so there must be at least some information available Jacob McHale I think of Macallan my cardinal now is that I should keep that name in mind though it could protected and MOSFET under the religious secrecy act the revolutionary church the so-called white cardinal ooh oh um oh that’s useful okay I’m actually gonna take a picture of that with my phone uh okay and what else all right colonization of her it’s the only lead I have so if this falls through I’m out of luck Oh his parents are oh sorry shouldn’t that say deceased as well because we did that well compa and Mercer prime care of Lieutenant Carol Drake print yeah better get a hard copy of this for Warren okay he looked up all that we’re done now the only thing did well we need to pick out our printouts it’s the hard copy of all the information Warren wanted on his sister and himself now let’s go over to this freaky control panel and put in the super secret access code so you’ve got this thing and then I sort of sideways T with the no that’s got thing on the side like that and then just at this thing and the thing with things on the right that one and what have we got here there’s nothing in here oh except for a tiny data cube how do you read a data cube April it’s a tiny data cube with a non-standard interface it probably won’t work on the screen we have at home Lisa got something and it’s the hard copy of all the information Warren wanted on his sister and himself man I hope this would let me know if like I didn’t print out all the information I needed but I think we’re ready to go umm let’s run we could give him his eye back that would be polite hey you can’t go back there it’s a restricted area yeah it’ll be oh never mind I guess we it evaporated I don’t know I mean we had it when we whatever we don’t need it again I guess guy we’re just gonna have to live without an eye I feel so bad oh wait this is screwdriver I want it it’s a screwdriver there apparently I want it sorry that was a video completing and speaking of videos completing it’s a magnetized screwdriver magnetized so I can get things that are attracted to magnets this is good this is good but yes speaking of videos completing let’s uh let’s explore the rest of wherever the hell we are

MetroWest next time see then