[OUTDATED] Solo Flawless Raider Guide: Titan

Hey everyone. Rune again Back with another guide for Flawlessly Soloing Crota’s End, this time as a Titan Before we start, here’s what you’ll want to be running We start off the run on Striker We’ll be using Lightning Grenades, Increased Height, Aftermath, Amplify, Titan Codex II, Headstrong, Titan Codex VI, and Unstoppable After that, we’ll swap on to Defender, and we’ll be running Magnetic Grenades, Increased Control, Weapons of Light, Unbreakable, Titan Codex I, Bastion, Titan Codex IV, and Illuminated If you’ve seen my other videos—and if you haven’t yet, please do it—you should know the drill We’ll be running a Scout Rifle, Solar Sniper Rifle, Full-Auto Shotgun, and we’ll be needing Sleeper Simulant and Dragon’s Breath In terms of armor we’ll definitely need Helm of Saint-14 for when we switch on to Defender but other than that you can run whatever you want up to then Twilight Garrison is a huge plus if you have it but it’s not necessary for this run With that done and said, we can start it up and get into it If you haven’t seen my two videos yet, like I just said, please do check them out They’re much more in-depth and comprehensive than this guide will be, and they’re also wonderful reference material for what I’ll be doing Running Titan is probably the easiest way in my opinion to get Flawless Raider Weapons of Light, if you want to run the whole way through, makes it extremely easy just to do damage and if you feel less comfortable using that you can run Blessings Blessings also helps out keeping you alive There’s also a nice strat I’ll show off later for a quicker kill on Crota that eliminates a lot of the needing to get three hits in So the reason we maxed out our Agility and have Increased Height on is solely so we can skip the majority of this maze portion in The Stills here We need, for whatever reason, Increased Height on as opposed to Increased Crontrol to get up to the top of this edge up top there But if you jump when Weight of Darkness is x0, you can hop up Just enough time to get to the very top You have to be sprinting and jump just as it reaches from Weight of Darkness x1 to x0 in order to make that but it’s fairly simple to do it So we’ll just walk straight If you have your brightness too low and you can’t really see, you can use your Ghost to go ahead and he’ll kinda ping and you can see the corner is right there But once you see this corner, we’ll turn and we’ve skipped about three-quarters of the maze right there So this is the fourth to last Lamp I believe, if my counting’s right But we can just stand by this rock right here and our Weight of Darkness will seep off through this rock to the Lamp, and as long as we don’t shoot or do anything, the Knight that’s around the corner won’t hear us or do anything So we can just walk right past him right there If you’ve seen my Warlock video, you can see that that jump is so much easier on a Titan than it is on a Warlock That’s one of the reasons why running Titan to get your Flawless Raider is in my opinion the best way to do it You don’t get Invisibility like you would have if you were a Hunter, but you don’t really

need it when you’re jumping and skipping three-quarters of the puzzle Now we wait For many of us that are used to Titan Skating, running Increased Height is a bit of a drastic change in how we’re used to jumping, but if you can just play with it for a few minutes you’ll be able to figure out how much different it is and get used to it And we’re only using it for maybe minutes total before we switch back And we’re gonna keep our increased Agility on and Increased Height just for this next section to make the Bridge so much easier than it would’ve been on a Hunter or on a Warlock This point’s also where Twilight Garrison will come in handy just if we’re a little bit off-course Swinging with the Sword makes you lose just a little bit of altitude but Twilight Garrison keeps you relatively at the same height so we’ll jump up as high as we can, Garrison, and then start swinging And as you see, we have plenty of altitude to clear the Bridge So with Gatekeeper dead, let’s head back up to our safe spot here on the rocks and just in case anything goes wrong, we will switch to Codex I and Codex IV, just to keep our Armor at maximum With that, time to kill Thrall, Acolytes, and Wizards and Ogres Aw, I can’t hit for anything today Feel like there’s Thrall beneath me They’re over there to the left Fine for now There’s a Knight Might be enough to get the Acolytes and Wizard out Yup, there they are My aim’s really off today Ogres are taking their time coming out

This left-side Ogre is I don’t like that Wizard standing right there, blocking my shot Wow, this is really weird Normally left Ogre likes to push right up but I don’t know what he’s doing over there See if I can goad him out Yeah, there he is So we just pick up ammo Oops, I also forgot we can switch back to Increased Control at this point Same thing as before, take out the Shrieker, just with our Primary, and we’ll run back out and just wait for those Seekers to fizzle Now we just gotta kinda clear the way just a little bit up there We need to get up to that coffin right where that Heavy is Uh-oh, need some space That’s just a little bit dangerous Normally you’ll have to kill a few more Thrall, try to make some more space so I can stand up on that coffin that’s safe right there where I’m shooting But we’re good now, now we just clear the path again and you’ve got plenty of space to jump over these Thrall At this point, if you really wanted to, you could slap on to—swap to Defender but we’ll be doing that—we’ll stay on Striker for just a minute more Uh-oh Thought I had a grip on that rock back there to get that jump but not this time Oh One of the problems with not reloading At this point we’ll switch to Defender And I actually lied, we’ll actually be using Blessings just for this portion We’ll switch to Weapons later But now we just kill Knights, kill Acolytes, wait for that timer to get down to 30 seconds left And excuse me, I’m being forgetful again We’ll be wanting to put on Helm of Saint-14 So with everyone but this guy…and the witch up ahead dead, we can kinda push in just a little

We want these two Knights—especially—dead Last thing we want is being Cleaved in the back while we’re trying to push in Think we still have plenty of time, too, if we really wanted to do stuff Like kill that Knight Oh, there we go So we’ll push in…oh, she’s in a great spot We’ll drop our Bubble—whoops He’s good to go That Bubble kept us just from taking damage in case a Knight decided to be ambitious and try to pop in and Cleave us, but now we’ll go to swap to Weapons of Light, swap to our Shotgun, and to Dragon’s Breath And again, now beings the five-minute “clearing stuff out” portion, and I’ll put a little annotation or you can just swab ahead But, yeah, I’ll see you in a couple minutes Unless you really want to watch me just run in a circle and kill everything So if you didn’t swab ahead, you saw those Thrall despawn right in front of me I know there’s one right there around the corner, too These Acolytes are really pushing in They don’t normally push in actual fortress-side of this They normally just stay in that courtyard Like this Perfect, that’s plenty of Dragon’s Breath ammo We got some left over for just in case we mess up But like I was saying earlier, there’s kind of a Quick-Kill strat Very hard to pull off and get him in one cycle but if we do it for two cycles it makes it extremely easy to recover from if you only get two hits in Aw Whiffing left and right today So I highly doubt that was everyone but…just might’ve been So I’ll just do a quick lap See if anyone shows up on radar And if not, then I’ll start up Crota, I guess

That was really quick So, for whatever reason, the great thing about Weapons of Light is it applies to Ascendant Sword damage, so when we’re slamming Crota, we’re actually dealing I think like 30% extra damage to him So if you do three hits that’s basically doing four hits Or—excuse me, that’s not right Can’t be right, ’cause…four hits equates to almost a full kill, six hits worth of damage, so…can’t think math right now so if you wanna figure out how much that is but yeah, that’s like 33% per hit Yeah, that makes more sense— —yeah, so if you only get two hits in, that’s almost like getting three hits in So it’s great if you—if you’re more inexperienced and you can’t get your three hits in consistently each round Also great because you won’t have to deal with Ogres in case you mess up You can just drop a Bubble in each round, get two hits in, and that would be your kill So with Knights and Acolytes dead, just double-check Should be good to go, make sure everything’s reloaded Okay Swordbearer decides to come out first, that’s wonderful Thank you So let’s go to the same spot, drop Sword, Dragon’s Breath, and—uh-oh Crota really not wanting to play nice today Yeah, so you can see why it’s—yeah you can see two swings takes off like half his health So if you mess up you can still—and you only get two hits in—you’re still dealing a ton of damage You don’t have to worry about messing up too badly Weapons of Light really is a massive safety net for you Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing right now There we go So…that should be fine And yup, that’s that That’s your Solo Flawless Titan kill So thanks a lot for your support, everyone I really hope you enjoyed all these videos I hope they were informative and helped you get your Flawless Raider With that all said, y’know…thanks again I really appreciate all your support

I still got some more things I’ll pry be doing in the future, so stay tuned I still got some things, some more ideas in the works But until then, take care everyone, see you later