LoanWolf's Skyforge PVE Berserker Guide

hello and welcome to the rabbit unicorn number one GPS PVE Berserker guide I am Avery darling and I am here with our most talented highest dps player in North America lone wolf sometimes I stay up late at night watching his stream glaring into his beautiful are you are you kidding me do I have to read this Thank You Avery so you want to know how to zerk you want a grow ball hair on your chin while doing the mostly deeps in your raids no well then this guide is for you this guide is for the cocky arrogant most overpowered players who want to impress all the ladies with the size of their EP and by pressing 4 to 5 buttons consecutively in a row now cue the explosions um we don’t have the budget for explosions but here’s some Gunners using Auto Attack explosions I guess not enough people clicked our ad about the unicorn taking a dump into an ice cream alright alright fair enough let’s get into it let’s go with skills first first skill you can be using you’re gonna be using firestorm every 50 seconds your whirlwind is replaced by firestorm does insane amount of damage it is your best a OE skill it is also a good single target ability as well between your two leaves you’re going to be using wild leap the difference between the two leaps furious lead is going to stun a target for one second much time at all while leave is going to break as you see that break SEC is just very useful if you fall in something or just dodging any type of boss mechanic between tectonic blasts and flash of rage it doesn’t matter you’re never going to be using your ability just take the key off your keyboard if you’re using your for ability doing something wrong it’s just a really really broken choice at the moment between battle frenzy and thundering roar final frenzied extremely useful sometimes I used to think fender and row was really good in like dungeon scenarios but battle frenzy you’re just going to be using to build up rage so you really need battle frenzied also gives you a little bit of a damage reduction which is nice and then between thirst for battle and uncontrollable rage you’re gonna go thirst for battle this is gonna increase your damage by 40% for 10 seconds this skill right here is why observers get a lot of burst let’s go into talents first talent I use I use firm grip increases firestorm duration two times so you’re going to be fire storming for a significantly longer time really helps with AO ease also helps fill in your dull moments in your combos preservers then I use experienced private fighter basic attack activation speed is increased by 15% the inflict 42 percent more damage doesn’t really matter the reason this is useful is because it makes you building up to your fracture much quicker then you have to use shield destroyer this is what also this is a mandatory skill for Zurcher if you’re in a raid or anything that’s gonna help you pop which curses that’s gonna help you deal with any type of character that has the shield whether it’s PvE or PvP if it’s Ally finder shield or if it’s a mechanoid who applies the shield next thing I use is tenacity battle frenzy no longer consumes rage battle frenzy uses a lot of bridge battle frenzy uses what is it 190 rage is that right it’s a lot so it’s not using any rage anymore this is great because you’re gonna be using battle frenzy as a rage builder next thing is all of Rage there’s for battle critical hit chances increased by 25% now it’s it before that thirst for battle is going to be your main first damage skill yeah that’s when you’re gonna in those 10 seconds you’re going to input as much first as possible that’s where your damage is going to be coming from so you’re going to have 25% increased crit chance now I just want to mention something on crit chance the maximum crit chance you can have is 50% so because you’re going to be doing the majority of your damage through thirst for battle and you’re going to be having Paul of rage in there that increases your damage by 25% do not need more than 25% crit chance as a circa any more than that it’s going to it is going to increase your damage but it’s not necessary so that’s why as a Zurcher you’re going to be focusing on their stats you’re gonna be focusing a cure so you’re gonna be focusing crushing well if need be

when we get into our choices and in the talents this this skill right here I use power power trick other people they switch this out for something else I just like I like the versatility of fast attack which is your left click right click it knocks down your opponent and with power trick it deals 10% of their damage it’s just it’s just gonna reduce their health by 10% if you don’t kill it within 10 seconds then it regains that 10% so sometimes so it does it throws all of your teammates if you don’t kill a target and 10% like yeah how did that guy heal so just that alone that alone just messing with your teammates great perfect use it in the last skill I use is battle fury battle fury will gain 15 points of rage for every time you’re hit now that’s in addition to you gaining rage for being a combat you gaining rage for just using your rage builders so that’s going to help you get more factors out and as a zurka that is where all your damage come all right let’s get into symbols I’m gonna go over the mandatory symbols you’re going to need first first one paladin’s symbol I think that’s pretty generic for any class that you’re playing next one Alchemist symbol increases your damage by 15 seconds fruit duration 10 seconds and it just comes up when you’re in combat it’s really really good I’d usually should product on your first combo so your first first attack you’re gonna have that extra 15% next one is the kinetic symbol using impulse charge increases the character’s damage by 10% for 6 seconds now let’s go back over to our skills what uses impulse charge we have whirlwind who use impulse charge and they’ll actually proc on the first hit on the first time you press one so all the next launch of little hits that activate will also be prokta and the next thing is your third and strike your merciless strike so that is that will also activate an impulse charge which is great because you activate your impulse charge and then you use your fractures so your fracture gets that 10% damage buff always usually you could get I think you could get two fractures out aiming up in the merciless rage in the kinetic bump next we have cold calculation IBM 50 if your target has more than 50% health increase damage by 12% great your buzzer car buff cooldown of thirst for battle is reduced by 15% another great grade skill okay those are your class specific skills besides that you’re going to want to get the Warlock skill working on that it’s just it it basically acts as an additional bleed that you’re gonna be using at your character it’s a damage over time it’s great does a lot of damage so I highly recommend that I wish I had this skill right now and Slayer not that useful Berserker to be honest necro the ghostly Viper is just extra damage so that can’t hurt either now the other mandatory ones you have maximum recoil which I’ve had six stacks and ultimate strengthen 6x since you’re gonna be a strength and look based build you’re going to need both of both of these in addition you want your tube leaves which is your critical your lacerated wound which applies a damage over time every time you create and your compressive trauma which will apply a damage over time every time you scrunching blow which is 22.5% of the time that this scales off your strength this scales off your luck since you’re at strength luck build it’s going to give you a lot of lead damage in addition element of surprise the first eight seconds to the fight damage inflicted is increased by 12 percent for every level I have this ad rank 3 right now so the first eight seconds of a fight I have 36 percent increased damage that’s a lot of damage I’ll be a mark of death everyone knows about mark of death you basically tag the target and it will do that damage that you’ve done in the 6 seconds they’ll do take 15% of that damage and inflicted onto the target so if you could do a lot of damage in 6 seconds which berserkers can you’re going to be doing extra damage through your mark of death now I use some defensive cooldowns I use – clever maneuver which gives me a shield every time I – really good really good to keep

you alive and I also use impulse barrier so every time I use an impulse charge which is what I’m doing my fractures I get a shield helps me stay alive other things that you can use lucky shot not a good skill for Zurcher do not use it there’s plenty of other skills that are much better the reason for this your fracture your whirlwind all these attacks are a bunch of little attacks so whenever you create you’re actually creating a bunch of little Chris you don’t have a Big KRIT ability so just buffing one crit hit doesn’t work well for a serger other things eventually you’re going to want to get your impulse intensity and mobilization to six once you get into the hundred K range because you’re going to have supports that are actually going to be increasing your valour and spirit but that’s that’s far late-game I have pain shock available pain shock is okay yeah no it’s in actually 3060 K damage just by pressing a knee I wouldn’t go out of your way to get the ability and the last last ability is warriors Creed now the great thing about warriors create is damage dealt is increased by 5% for each level of the symbol so I have it at 2 so that’s 10% increased damage for this symbol now let’s increased damage dealt that means your that’s 10% increased damage dealt after all of these symbols are in effect and that’s something that I believe a lot of DPS whether you know your experience with the game or new to the game that they don’t realize you know they just look at em they say all 5% increased damage you know why would I get that over you know gravitational which increases my damage by 10% or cold calculation increases my damage by 12% shouldn’t the serum increases it by 15 yeah but this is damage delts you’re getting an extra 10% on top of everything but it also has that negative drawback you can creat incoming damage is increased by 5% or 10% in my situation so that’s why you really need to have some defensive abilities because you will be much squishier because of it ok let’s go into our order now where is my order now this order setup is basically going to be the same for any serger you’re going to be using in your first Chapel you’re going to be using accuracy 10% accuracy accuracy is a phenomenal stad four Zurcher because you’re going to be mainly strength based next temple you’re gonna be using accuracy again third you’re going to be using crushing blow crushing blows a great skill what it does increases has a chance to increase your base damage by twice so it basically uses is the same thing as how crit works in other in others games so you take 75 90 or five 907 and you have a twenty two point five percent for your base damage to do double of that so crushing blow a fantastic skill if your strength based skill so on the fourth temple you’re going to be using really whatever you want for pv e content you’re really going to probably want discharge recovery why discharge recovery why would a Zurcher whose strength luck need discharge recovery let’s go back into our symbols gravitational perfect hurt tur bation that is a horrible pain every time you use an impulse charge damage is increased by 10 percent so more impulse charges more fracture buffs which reminds me let me read that up alright the next chapel accuracy again next Chapel going to be using crit chance solidity is also a pretty good skill I do like solidity it does increase my damage a good bit I just like having the extra crit chance more bleep rocks and next Chapel you’re going to be using crushing blow and the last you’re going to be using solidity once you start getting pretty high prestige start getting a lot of stamina so I getting that solidity really is going to help increase your damage for tougher fights that you’re struggling to stay alive adaptation is also pretty useful okay

let’s just go into ring setup now for you main hand you’re going to want to use the weapon that increased your fracture damage fracture damage is basically all of your damage so 110 percent more damage is great if you can get the distortion weapon which gives you which is the purple one gives you 110 percent more damage and also eight percent might efficiency even better here’s another distortion weapon this is just gonna be your whirlwind and flicks on hundred and seventy-one percent more damage when impulse charge is activated so that is great to significantly more damage I think you get that extra solidity from the distortion weapon also great for your amulets i I don’t want to downplay it but it’s not going to matter you don’t need any ambulance I guess crushing throw is probably the best skill that you could be bluffing because crushing throw is your fourth left-click attack that’s going to be a rage builder which is which is good but when you start looking at the actual damage crushing throw is only going to be doing like one two percent of your entire damage so you’re really just increasing the damage of a skill that only is going to do 2% of your damage you know for PvP while the leave is really good sometimes people just don’t realize when the circuit just jumps on you and then all of a sudden does about you know 20% of your health and it’s a nice little nice little boost and also you could use destructive wave which is your right-click for rings you basically just want strength luck accuracy crit those are the that’s the best setup that you can get just keep in mind when you’re getting blue rings sometimes the stats for accuracy and Kriol be a little bit different just always be looking for the highest accuracy that you can get in your in your rings that is by far the most important and then if you can also get credit on top of that that’s just money in the bank after that now another thing I want to get into with the Ascension Atlas in your vectors you’re going to be going might unlock stamina and luck and then might luck it will just do more damage when you’re doing those fracture there’s for the thirst for blood fractured DPS damage so you really need having more luck will help a lot more than having an extra 1k strength will I keep in mind my my vectors are pretty upgraded so that extra luck is pretty significant so it definitely helps okay let’s just go into a few damage combo scenario so let’s go to thorniest cam reason I like thorniest camp is because of the fact that boss is right in the beginning and I can do a lot of damage testing pretty quickly yeah I have a tablet there so the basic Zurcher combo is pretty simple like I said it’s really just hitting five buttons in a row consecutively okay let’s do some damage testing the first thing I will want to show is a little tip for any Zurcher before a big fight you can switch over to Archer and then switch back to buzzer Kerr and you can see now you have full rage now your entire combo is just going to be old right click apply your debuff press Z which will start your battle frenzy so anytime you take damage you’re going to increase your rage you press your C your thirst for blood then you do a fracture followed by another fracture and then since you’re going to be normally running out of rage then you do your crippling well and then your firestorm and that that’s going to kill your entire thirst for blood combo so let’s just go practice it on this guy play your debuff zc1 fracture to fracture use your C ability and then use your one then from there if you have any rage built up you can finish them off now if you look fracture we applied

three fractures does an insane amount of damage crippling blow when you’re firestorm also do pretty good and you’re going to be getting make sure about ten percent damage just from your bleeds which is pretty good damage now for any of your AoE combos a wing is pretty complicated as Berserker you basically just have to jump into something and hold down one if you really want to get fancy and play good you could also press right click footboard and then hold down one but that is basically it for berserker your two ability is just going to be a gap closer your one that’s gonna be your AoE or you’re never going to use and everything else is going to be building up on your building those fractures and that is basically it for your damage combos most of the time for bosses when your respect pretty nicely you’re not going to need too much rage building when that’s done so keep in mind fracture is going to be your main use of Rage consumes 165 points of rage so every time you see 165 understand that you can now use one fracture when your thirst for battle is down you’re just going to want to keep left left left left ik build your rage build your rage keep building that reach try to keep build up enough rage so that you have two fractures available and then you pop your thirst for battle again and then do that combo that we did again yeah the fracture another fracture crippling blow then firestorm firestorm maybe it up and not be up if it’s a firestorm is not up and whirlwind is up you do not use your one you go back to building your rage the reason you use firestorm is it’s in four hundred and fifty percent increased damage of your base damage just as a lot of damage and all of your damage will be a lot of little hits and they will apply those bleeds so firestorm is going to keep those bleeds up almost all the time your fracture is going to keep those bleeds up all the time even just doing the bridge building combo is going to keep it leads up all the time leads are fantastic preservers so that’s why that’s really good the witch lacerate wound and compressive trauma and that is the end of my guide if you guys have any questions just meet me in slash rabid unicorns I will gladly answer them for you or leave a comment on the YouTube video and I will get back to you Avery what do you have I want to say thanks everyone for watching and putting up with us we’ve got more class guide videos on the way lots of talented players I know their class is inside out and want to share their knowledge with all of you if you haven’t already like Wilson check out our stream itself as hours a day as possible like our videos subscribe and we’ll see you next time perfect done GG I love it