OPT Town Hall Part 4

good morning everyone

welcome to the optional practical training and stem extensions Town Hall my name is Brianne and this event the opt Town Hall is part of a series of town halls that we’ve been hosting bi-weekly throughout May and June and this event is really intended to provide some important updates around opt and to make sure that we’re answering any questions that you might have about opt so before we get started with our updates I just want to say that this is really intended to be an interactive session where you can ask us all of your questions so please do use the chat function to type in any questions or comments that you have throughout the presentation and we will come back and answer all of those at the ends this meeting is also being recorded so it will take us a couple of weeks but the recording will be uploaded to the ISS the website so that will be available in a couple of weeks all right so I’m going to go ahead and get started by introducing our presenters for today so my name is Breanna I work at career in professional development services for our global career initiatives and with me today presenting updates our Erin Linn and Laura Gilbert from isst with us is also Chung Ling Gonzalez and she’s going to be available to help answer questions at the end so here’s a quick outline of our agenda for the day we’re going to start off by talking about career resources that are available to you then we’ll cover some of those important updates reporting employment and material changes maintaining f1 status while on your post opt or stem extension time for question and answers and then helpful links alright so I work for career and professional development services and we just want to make sure that you are aware of some important career resources that are available to you these are services that are available to all ASU students as well as ASU alumni so kind of depending on you know where you are in your own career journey if you have just recently graduated or graduated a while ago and are on you know your opt these resources are still available to you so just want to make sure that you know you always have access one of the resources is handshake that’s our premier job and internship hosting platform one really great thing about handshake is that we now have a work authorization filter so for individuals who are looking for opt or CPT opportunities you can use this filter to narrow down the results on handshake to find those opportunities we actually have a new video that we just created about how to use this filter so once I’m done talking I’ll put the link for that video into the chat box so that you have access to that and I know that right now it can be a really difficult time especially we’ve seen you know some international students who have had their internships rescinded because of COBIT and everything that’s going on so just want you to know that we’re here to help you through that and to find your next opportunity we do have still about 260 opt CPT opportunities posted on hand shake but if you are having any problems at all

please do get in contact with us it will help you we’re here to help you you know figure out how to find another opportunity so I’ve listed my email down at the bottom Briella at asu.edu and feel free to just reach out to me personally a couple of other things that aren’t on the slide but that I wanted to share are that we just finished up this week delivering an international student career development series though you see on the screen there at the top June 22nd to 25th so we just finished that series up yesterday and the links to the reporting of those sessions is available on our YouTube channel so again after I’m done talking I’ll upload the link to that so that you can go back and watch any of those sessions if you want we had 18 different sessions that we delivered this week about a variety of different career topics so I’ll make sure you get the access to those recordings and lastly one thing that I did want to say real quick is that we have a stem event coming up next week so this is something that might be of interest to many of you we have a former international student who is now a traffic engineer employed by HDR he’s going to be joining us for an industry expert advice session with a stem professional and so he’ll be able to just kind of share his own experience as a former international student and then navigating the workplace then so again I’ll make sure to pop the link for this into the chat box all right thank you so much bran everyone please make sure you review the links that Brianne is going to be posting in the chat some really great opportunities there thank you so much okay so before as of six for 2020 I’m going to present to you a few of the SAV PE guidance updates as of May 11th some of you may have noticed that is SE has been sending out digitally signed I 20s so I twenties can be sent only to your email that’s addressed in the file of your Siva sis of the Siva system which is generally going to be your ASU email address furthermore it should have a digitally reproduced copy of our physical signature your DSO should have signed your i-20 digitally all you’ll need to do is to print out to that i-20 document and Simon’s I 20s that are issued electronically during the Cova 19 will remain valid until the student you as the student have a need for an updated form i-20 so during this process your your electronic i-20 is valid and finally a note on this point s CBP has backed coordinated both with the Department of State and with Customs and Border Protection regarding the policy to allow electronic issuance and signings of i-20 so for those of you who are applying for opt for those of you who are traveling you should be able to do so with your electronic i-20 all agencies are in support of this action more guidance to know about remote work while on opt and stem remote locations will need to be reported by submitting our opt stem remote work location efore which you can find in our self-service portal it is an e-form you go to our website is SCSU edu find the self-service portal and you can update your remote work location there for students are currently participating in opt including stem opt you may remark you may work remotely if the employer has an office outside of the US or the employer can assess your engagement using electronic means for those of you participating stem you do not need to submit an updated form i-9 a3 to report your remote work however the requirements just updated form i-9 83 for other changes remain in effect so for those of you who have other important updates to make you can do that but is not required for you to report your remote location change and for those of you who are

wondering about unemployment benefits that’s really up to your local state employment agency so any student who has been unemployed due to code 19 should contact your local or state employment agency for more information and with that I’m going to turn it over to my colleague Laura and she’ll give you more information on more stvp guidance very good so we have a couple more points from our student exchange visitor program guidance as of June 4th one of them being studying outside the United States and that one-year requirement for optional practical training eligibility f1 students will continue to will accrue eligibility for opt and CPT for spring 20:20 while outside the united states note that we highlight for spring 2020 during the coab in nineteen emergency if the student was full-time enrolled and otherwise maintaining f1 status so if you’re a spring 2020 student at the part of the United States during that semester maintained full-time enrollment please stick with the ISSC and we’ll reassess that one-year academic eligibility for you based on this guidance another point we have from the SE VP is about applying for post-completion opt from outside the United States so I’ll just read here at CPP I understand stakeholder concerns about the need for guidance as the köppen 19 emergency continues the program will continue to develop guidance on significant issues and publish those updates online I see VP is collaborating with interagency components on these issues including USCIS CBP and the Department of State the request presented in the question is primarily for consideration by USCIS witcha to adjudicates or processes and approves or denies forms for the i-765 a CVP is willing to cooperate and implementing such procedures so as long as they’re reviewed and approved as part of the DHS response to the köppen 19 crisis so this is certainly a case-by-case basis if you find yourself perhaps in the situation reach out to us at the AIA SSC and we’re happy to speak through that situation with you okay and furthermore about the our requirement for you on post opt so if you’re working fewer than 20 hours while an optional practical training during the Cova 19 pandemic for the duration of this emergency the student exchange visitor program is concerning students who are working for in opt authorization fewer than 20 hours per week as engage and opt so if you remember we often emphasize here at the is SC to work 20 or more hours per week to maintain your opt eligibility and not accrue those unemployment days however based on guidance from June 4th if you do happen to work less than 20 hours that’s currently okay provided the köppen 19 emergency but of course please keep us updated with any employment changes as they arise next up the extension or suspension of the 90 day or 150 day allowed period of unemployment for optional practical training and stem opt so the Department of Homeland Security is still evaluating this issue and they have not determined yet whether to implement a specific accept exemption or exception for exceeding the regulatory limits for unemployment of 90 days on opt or if you’re on the stem extension 150 days the next point on volunteering students who work without wages taxable compensation or other enumeration are considered volunteers and are not required to obtain an employment authorization document if you’ve interacted with the IOC’s ISSC before about a volunteering opportunity on post opt you may know some encouragement to provide some or at least for yourself for your own record to get a volunteer to offer letter just for your own employment experience here in the United States you want to make sure that your volunteer experience has

clear guidelines between you and your mentor or the person that is taking one as a volunteer so it’s not required but it would be suggested or recommended to obtain some type of documentation in the case of a future audit of your immigration record and also just for your volunteer experience and I think that’s it for here on these guidance updates next up we have some reminders about reporting employment and those material changes from Aaron thank you for that Laura I much appreciate it important points to know now so thank you very much for that lore so important things to know about reporting employment and material changes there are two different things involved regarding post opt and stem extension so for post opt stupid you have the SC VP portal and some of the major points to know are about your local address your mailing address your employer you can see the list there those are the important things that you have must update for reporting there also some of those material changes that need to be updated anytime those change for the stem extension students we have the e form self-service portal which is through is SC and it’s important to know that your employer’s identification number name address and all of these items listed it requires that you submit an i-9 83 any time those changes to happen these are called material changes and it’s super super super important to know there’s a big big sign there that says ten days any of these material changes or reporting must happen within ten days of their occurrence you’ve seen that in some cases that hasn’t had an effect on h-1b acquisition so make sure if you’re not sure to ask is SC for those of you who are on post opt and you do need to get some guidance on the portal there is actually a study in the state’s website there if you just google s AVP portal or if you’re able to get that link there it’ll be helpful in helping you out with that portal which is government-run it is not run by is SC only for the stem extension students do we have that eform self-service portal and with that I’m going to bring it back over to Laura for the next very good so continuing our conversation on making sure you’re doing what it’s needed to maintain your f1 visa status while on work authorization for post opt make sure that for your job description that you provide that description showing the direct tie or relation between your academic program at Arizona State University and the current employment opportunity that you’re engaged in in addition make sure you report those changes and again we emphasize within ten days of any change if for whatever reason this does not occur reach out to the ISS see and we will assess further third for post opt you have 90 days of allowed unemployment so be sure to monitor those days when you have not reported employment in those 90 days start to accrue because we will need to reassess your visa status if we near or pass those 90 days of unemployment as for the same extension students similar work in a job as directly related to your field of study so there’s a bit more of that direct relation in comparison to post opt of course report those changes within 10 days do not exceed the total of 150 days of unemployment allowance report and participation at the six and 18 months markers in in addition make sure you submit the self-evaluation at the 12 and 24 months we will be sending any reminders but ultimately remember maintaining your visa size is your responsibility so please be attentive to doing those participation and evaluation reports so you can have a great experience here on your SEM opt all right now time for some questions

and answers what are you seeing in the chat box for an it looks like we’ve already answered a couple of the questions in the chat box that will go ahead and just say those and really quick so that they’re on the recording couple additional questions as well so at the top of the hour someone asked about student health insurance coverage that was already answered by several people in the chat but if you graduate if you just graduated in the spring your student health insurance will remain active until August so it remains active through the summer and if you graduate in December then it just is until December so hopefully that was already answered someone has a question is it possible to cancel my opt and go back to student status in order to pursue a higher degree oh thank you a good question all this is Chung Ling Gonzalez really depending on the stage of your opt application I’ll if you your opt has been a proof on you have received a Yeti card oh it’s there um however if you’re admitted to a new degree program on you’re able to request it I knew I 2004 you to going back to continuing grow as a student oh do keep in mind that as soon as the i-20 is issue on your opt will no longer be valid even though you have a possession with the EAD car great Thank You chummy we had another question about applying for stem extension for folks who are already on opt and Laura answered this question in the chat normally you want to apply for your stem opt extension 100 days prior to the end of your post opt anything else you want to elaborate on there oh sure so all the earlier stay you can apply is 90 days prior to your current post opt 80 Couric’s expires um you’re allowed to continue working while your stem application is pending up to 180 days or whenever your stem EAD car has been approved whichever comes first so do not worry about you must receive a stem Yeti car that allow you to continue working you can continue working just making sure you keep track with your stem application utilize the USCIS receipt number that was given to you is there any way I can ask a follow-up question to that I should if all a question to the one she answered before so let’s say if I’m let’s say I’m supposed to graduate in December and I apply for opt but for some reason my graduate has been postponed I get my Eid card but if I just cancel the EAD card and I go back and try to graduate in the in let’s say in May will I be still be able to apply for another I mean another EAD card again it really depending on the stage of your EAD car and the option you um you choose to fulfill the degree requirement oh so in that case we it does require more in death in person um sorry that the appointment with an advisor so that way we can look into your record in that and then identify in terms of your peaty status and we can advise further we won’t be able to answer much more specific questions without knowing that opt ad car status and how long you need to take to complete your degree requirement it is possible you change your mailing address while opt application is pending however is not always recommended we do understand that you your list is going going to be do you must move to the different location or even out of states on first um every time there is a change of address you have 10 days to report your change of address information you can report that information through your my ASU local address and we will receive a

notification we can report on Seavers now in terms of you have an opt application that’s pending with USCIS u.s. yeah as website has a form Co a r11 uh you will be able to click the link and update your new address there however like I mentioned earlier change you change your address while your opt application is pending could kind of potentially complicate the whole process um sometimes it depending on the timing when the USCIS officer adjudicate your opt EAD car it could be the time where your EAD car has been production stage but you have to change your address like a rezoning you will not be able to receive your EAD car at your new address or your Erica will not be able to deliver and then return to the post office um so all this scenario could happen on when you change you have to change your address while your opt application is pending do console with ISSC and we can assist you further if there’s an issue about not obtaining your EAD card based on your new local address yuras does allow the peel box I’ll lose as your EAD card the address for your EAD card to be deliver all right if my e8e card start date is this coming Monday do I need to file unemployment now a report unemployment uh first off you will receive an email from Seb people to set up your account once you get it set up you you have you will have an assets to report your employment information through as EVP proto on you do not necessarily need to go into type you’re not working at the moment um however keep in mind that the 90 days unemployment will start to accumulate from the start day of your EAD car so while we will recommend long if you’re in this in the process of searching for employment or in the interview processing we recommend you find a temporary volunteer position and/or or it could be a unpaid internship as long as the position is directly related to your field of study at least 20 hours a week now knowing that we’re with the covet 19 the government does allow you to work less than 20 hours so as long as you secure employment whether it’s pay or on pay you will be able to report that employment information through a CV P photo that will stop you from on the 90 days unemployment being accumulated one question here about what are the requirements for employers when they want to hire international students and how can I update my employment information in order to stop that 90 days counting them in terms of how your employer how do what do they need to do to hire you we that would not be our place to make that incumbent the employer has certain process especially when it comes to hire foreign national on certain visa types so they will probably have more information in terms of the employment form the i-9 how what requirement is needed so we won’t be able to provide more aspect aeon that about how to report your employment information there two ways one is through your s EBP photo you will be receiving an email soon as your EAD card starts if for whatever reason you’re unable or you that you have nari see any email you can use our you can report the information through the e form on go to your my ASU priority test there is an opt session on so click on there there’s a couple options you will be able to upload your EAD card on you will be able to click on update your employment information through our eform and we will be able to report on behalf of you

good question if you be getting a text message but I believe you will other in your text message it will include your receipt number so really from there all you need to do is wait there is a receipt number you will be able to go to yours as website to track your opt status um do know that there is approximately 90 days to 120 days processing time from USCIS if everything goes well you just need to wait until you receive the opt approval notice followed by your EAD card or if USCIS has further questions on Larry will be sending you the document called request for further a burden if that ever happened to you please reach out to ISSC for further assistance is it possible to travel internationally while an opt application is still pending so if someone has graduated they have a pending application but they have not yet received their EAD card can they travel um do to covet and along with some travel ban travel restriction and 14 days quarantine and you know concern about the safety of traveling we normally don’t recommend you to travel internationally but for any reason you must travel internationally on while your opt application is pending the way USCIS viewed this is you’re appending your opt application on that idea is you supposed to be in the United States searching for employment while waiting for your ad car to be approved so potentially when you travel out of the US and you’re able to return you do not have a Yeti car or proof of employment you show a port of entry officer letting them know your intends to come back to the United States and pursue optional practical training so we do not recommend you to travel internationally when your opt application is pending thank you and then a couple of questions that were already answered in the chat I’m just going to repeat them for the recording so is it possible to one person was asking to just share the process for applying for post opt and Laura shared a link to the ISSP website where you can read more about that process another question about how many days do we have to apply for opt after graduation again Laura clarified that you must apply before the end of your 60-day grace period one more question here is the EAD start date a date listed on the opt i-20 or the approval date of application thank you a great question so when you apply for a post opt DSO at SSC will process the opt i-20 on based on the day you request to be a flat on your EAD card with a starting end day so normally is one year so I’m deer so we’ll make that recommendation the information will be reflect on your opt i-20 and then you will mail the whole package to USCIS if you’re applying a timely manner meaning 90 days prior to your opt start day um most of the time your EAD CARSTAR they will match your i-20 opt recommendation day however there will be a situation where you do not apply you’re probably late like right now for those spring graduate will consider late application you don’t have much flexibility in terms of choosing your start date with that reason um USDA when US ers adjudicate your opt the star and dailies on your EAD card may not be exactly reef flat on your opt i-20 all right so we’ve actually made it through all of the questions so far so thank you everyone for those questions really great questions someone is asking if the slides will be made available and I’m not sure the answer of that oh we

reach out to our opt manager I believe we’ll make it available to see whether we can we’re able to post it on our website however do keep him my dad we are a continuing monitor on the guidance from s EBP the information share is based on the most guidance from s EBP Asif Jim for so anytime there’s an update guide then we will make sure everybody Ricci the most up-to-date information oh it really depending on whether you’re applying for opt or you you’re admitted to a new program or you need a new i-20 it really depending we don’t need more information so what I recommend you to we do have a live chat Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 um is a CMM page you can click on a live chat during that time to chat with an agent or you’re able to schedule appointment with advisor we can help out with your question all right so Aaron just put up some helpful links here in case you want more information the recording for this presentation will be posted on the ISSC website just give us a couple of weeks to get it up there like chun-ying just mentioned please do contact ISS see if any additional questions about your situation or your case the contact information is on the bottom of this page so ISS CDOT employment at asu edu live chat one to four monday through friday or you can make an appointment all right thanks so much everyone we hope you have a great rest of your day um sorry real quick one more question so I just I saw I was the person that uh I applied for the opt already and I’m waiting for the email response the one I got the case received so I opened the website and I put in my receipt and it says case was received on May 26 and they sent me the receipt notice they described how I will perceive with the case but then they said please follow the instructions in the notice if you do not receive your receipt by notice then you’ll get an email I don’t think I’ve gotten an email or a notice on how to proceed generate that that will bid it you have the receipt number on that allow you to check your status so on your CR as is will be currently under review or processing of your EAD car so the next step will be you work here from them is either your your approval notice has been made on certain date or your EAD cars being under production if you’re not sure I encourage you to contact us by email you want to include all the information there’s will we’ll be able to look deeper and get back to you okay yeah thank you I’ll send uh I’ll send an email with the information today so hopefully I’ll get a response next week thank you alright thank you so much and also a email is the employment right crap all right thank you how’s your day yep you said yep that’s that’s the right one yes our contact in address is is SC that employment at asu.edu so if you’re looking at a slide at the bottom there’s our email address you could utilize that or if you want to use a live chat you can do that as well or make appointment thank you thank you what happens if an EAD card was lost during delivery and they’re waiting for replacement does their unemployment start counting during that time while they’re waiting for the replacement part or how does that work easier work you know you have update your employment information through a CDP portal um you’re not being there unemployment and situation however you’re still continue searching employment um then yes your unemployment

period is is gonna be counting now even though you’re waiting for your ad car replacement all right ma is it that’s all of the questions so far so thanks everyone for joining us and we hope to connect with you again soon have a great day thank you everyone thank you so much have a good day you you