Shipping Container | Yiwu Import Agent | How To Get An Agent in China

hi this video will show you how we load container and ship container as a professional Yiwu import agent in Yiwu city China so let’s go right now hi i’m James from Goldenshiny Trading now a lot of customers come to China will ask one question to us the question is how to get an agent in China well as professional Yiwu import agent our one-stop sourcing service could always make your import and sourcing easier and simpler our one-stop sourcing service includes airport pickup Yiwu market guide order checking quality control warehouse facility container loading customs declaration and shipping if you are interested in our one-stop sourcing service and I want to know more details about it click top right go to our youtube channel we have a lot of videos for that you will know completely how we provide one-stop sourcing service as professional Yiwu import agent in Yiwu city, China now if you have any question or inquiry leave us comments below description or contact us by email or whatsapp number in the description box we will reply to you immediately now i’m already in the warehouse waiting for container truck to come and then we can start loading so about this warehouse i already explained and show you how we collect all the cargo from all the suppliers in previous video if you are interested click top right to check more now those are totally 251 cartons and not all of it those the shipping mark is the shop number like those the number the digits about those cartons, we will load in a container later okay so those are pretty much about all the cartons all the products we collect we consolidate all from our suppliers in Yiwu 90 percent supplies are from Yiwu the rest of products we ordered from other cities in China so check out those cargo this warehouse i believe we can load into two to three 40 HQ containers uh maybe two around over a little more than 100 cbm and today we just load the one 20 feet container which is 28 cbm but our cargo this customer’s cargo totally around 30 cbm but still we will figure it out and put all into one container all right this is our container finally arrived long overdue and then we’re going to load this white one the Yang Ming container so usually one container truck has two containers two 20 feet containers and we are the inside one the white one so the driver needs to position his truck very well uh just very nearby the door of our warehouse so we can load it very soon and very fast yeah we need this position actually so yeah come back a little excellent now we’re just positioned right here so the door is actually nearby the driver side so we need take this the door nearby the warehouse door so we can take the goods the cargo just nearby to that door so in order to load easier and now we do this the truck the head already left now this is 20 feet container it has 28 cbm but we have 32 cbm don’t worry we’re going to load all inside it today without breaking any product just uh you got to know how to load things properly our professional loading labor they know how to do all right this is our labor three person can finish one 20 feet container a little less than one hour so first we’re gonna load these first uh around 50 cartons and that side after that and this side so totally 251 cartons also the inside all right so this is what we’re gonna do as professional Yiwu import agent in China Yiwu city uh loading container is also one of our one-stop sourcing service all right before shipping after QC quality control if you check our previous video for how we collect and do quality control on those products on those cartons totally 251 cartons then click top right to check more and we also have other videos for quality control cargo consolidation shipping market guide on our youtube channel so you can know almost completely about us so now i’d like to talk about how to load these containers you know all the cargo are not the same some heavy some light some fragile

so it’s like that all right so we are gonna load those fragile on the top actually on the top the light one okay uh because the light cargo cannot squeeze you cannot it will break eventually so the heavy carton always be on the bottom and we also do according to customers’ requirements some cargo have to put inside to protect well the rest of cargo will be outside of a container so we all have to be careful about loading so this part is already finished and then we will keep loading this part and then inside also by the way the other one around 30 different cartons so two persons usually continue to organize all the cargo one person will put those cargo from warehouse to container let’s check it out how they doing yeah they will organize like that very well so as you can see the 20 feet container is very small actually 28 cbm so if you have big cartons like that it’s very easy to load in very quick time they will measure the carton size to put same 20 feet container but if you do good way to proper way to fit a container the carton box like that you can load more actually if you don’t know that maybe you only can load 300 cartons but if you know how to fit like this guy then maybe you can fit extra cartons 320 330 like that so those cargos are not electronic not electric products some of them you can stand on it and load and organize like that it will not break don’t worry about that some customers will ask us questions frequently hey James when you load the container i saw your video uh those workers uh can they put those cargos fragilely carefully we try to do so but i know all these carbon box those cargo some products i will let them know must put fragiely uh carefully cannot throw like that way but if you gotta honor their work they needed to do by their way and they are experienced the loading workers they know some products they cannot put it so before loading uh they will ask us which products are very fragile one need to be careful then they will know they will know how to do it okay so this is their job their professional one they know how to do it imagine those cargo products are all glass then it will have to take more than two hours because you have to put it very fragile very carefully right but like those cargo if you saw our previous video you would’ve known those are wood products daily necessity products like that so sometimes throw a little like there is no problem some heavy cartons they need two persons to put it together when they throw like that it’s a very normal procedure okay all right we’re still loading this side there are around like 60 different uh carton boxes and then they will finish here in a while so as we’ll keep loading the cargo to container as you can see gradually it will fit the container slowly slowly like that eventually you will see later so keep watching this and then you will see more one thing for many customers come to Yiwu market they will think about oh I got so many suppliers how do i concentrate on all of them so this is what our agent to do all right uh so like for example if you have like 24 different suppliers in this case we have 25

actually another extra order added in the last minute so 25 suppliers in one container so we have to deal with 25 different suppliers so as a foreigner it’s pretty hard for you to manage it like that way so you’d better find a local agent there’s no language barrier and they know how to deal with the local suppliers that’s what we do that’s our job so we take those hassles from a to z you don’t have to worry about that so that’s our goal our mission make import easier and simpler you only need to do is when you come to Yiwu we will take you to the Yiwu market and check with suppliers and the products and prices once it confirms we will take the rest we will definitely take care of the rest of procedures like order tracking so what’s the status of those orders are they finished production are the stock available then we will start collecting after we collect we will count those quantity check the quality so this is basically our job uh to do uh to simplify everything for customers who come to Yiwu market when they need a professional Yiwu import agent then it is very easy for them to do some business so when we organize the cartons in the order like that then we can fit more actually well it depends sometimes if you only have 25 cbm you don’t have to do that because it will fit eventually no matter what if you have 30 cbm it’s obviously theoretically it’s more than 28 cbm right then we have to figure out how to fit properly in the right way to load it all according to our over 7 years sourcing experiences uh most customers will only care two things how to get good quality at the right price second how to ship those goods to their country this is the second part now this is how we do for you okay when we collect all the cargo we need to make sure everything’s okay that’s why we do quality control we will open every design for each carton to check we call it randomly checking all we have hundred percent quality control also hundred percent checking uh or according to customers requirements that’s what we usually do for customers and then second uh we ship those goods to their country right then we will provide the necessary documents like bill of lading invoice packing list those all form E maybe fumigation certificate like we have a little wood product we will do for customers uh do the fumigation the reason is it will make customers uh easier on customs clearances remember that we do not clean customs we do not do those customs clearance because we shipped to them customers will have broker to do those jobs their broker or themselves will release those cargo from their country’s customs so that’s exactly the procedure for import export business now we already load have container already see very quickly and let’s check those cartons fit very good and this inside they will fit later they need to choose a small carton to fit that way and those are all okay yeah like every same size carton they will put it together all right totally half a little more than half space already used it so almost a half cartons already put there now this guy our labor is fitting the small space we don’t want to waste that even there’s small space we want to fit there’s no wasting now the last part of the the cartons where are inside we’re going to load these so one warehouse we have several customers container that’s why we need to put different shipping marks otherwise it’s very easy to make mistakes what if we made those CHE customers cargo into this customer’s container it will be total catastrophic it happened to us one time before all right the container is uh starting to look like full almost two-third right now two-third of the container all right now we start loading these

if you saw our another video for cargo consolidation for this customer then you will know all these products how we put it how we collect from different suppliers now let’s see we have total 32 cbm let’s see how we fit let’s see how we put all these 32 theoretical 32 cbm into 28 cbm container one 20 feet container all right we start loading these products these cargo carton boxes in this area let’s check out the container right now it’s more than two-thirds ye it’s full they’ll figure out how to fit properly so this is the first container in this week and you see in the meantime we have another customer’s cargo sent to here so five days later we need to load another container 40 HQ 68 cbm so about this customer we let them send we’ll let the suppliers send the goods to our warehouse today today we’re going to load a container so we have space in our warehouse all right we’re almost done here and we have uh like uh 40 different uh cartons needed to be loaded so 32 cbm actually theoretically 32 cbm but we can all load those cargo into one 20 feet container so save a lot of shipping cost for customers yeah this one the carpet office carpet 50 by 50cm the size so totally 25 different suppliers each five averagely three different products so do the math we have over 70 different products in this container and we collect all of them and ship to customers as professional Yiwu import agent so when the customers ask about how to get an agent in china i believe after you watch this video then you will totally understand about us know about us complete details about us you will know what we can do for you how effectively we do now this area almost cleared and then the rest is this one those cargo will be loaded to continue and finish this container all right as you can see the full container almost full right now and we need to put those extra cartons in that area i mentioned into the last uh near the door the space near the door we need to fit all okay now they already start organizing the last procedure of putting all all right we have to take some cartons out about the fan, the fan cartons used too much space we need to take all cartons about the fan out of container leave it to next shipment next container for this customer because those fan you see those carton boxes we cannot squeeze uh it is very broken if you squeeze very hard so in order to protect quality and we don’t choose to load these to this container first after we discuss with the customers on whatsapp so it’s uh done it’s confirmed leave this fan into next shipment and now and we try to put rest cartons now in the end in the last uh the labor will figure out how to fit more properly to put the rest cartons into this whole container no matter what customers the shipping charger will not be wasted because we used all space in this container all right right now all the cargo almost uh outside and we just put on the top and the middle and just uh shelf nearby the container door see they do not waste any space all right last procedure and those fans we decided not

to load it to container and there will load others all right see how hard he’s trying to fit the space yeah that’s pretty much it all right now we fit everything already in the one container 20 feet container there is almost no wasted cbm all right we totally left the 15 cartons into next shipment right now we almost finish finish everything and put this container seal then we’re done