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the training today was so exhausting But to be honest, senior Chu Yuan is so cute You used to think senior Ting Hao was the most good-looking Now that you’ve seen Chu Yuan, you think he’s cuter? Not only cute, but he gives off a warm and caring vibe Today when senior Chu Yuan stood next to me I almost forgot how to kick I know right? If I had known senior Chu Yuan would come today, I should have put on foundation Senior Chu Yuan doesn’t care how you look He only has eyes for Ting Yi Ting Yi, senior Chu Yuan came because of you, right? senior Chu yuan must have come here because of Ting yi Ting yi you’re so lucky, your relationship is so nice My sister goes to the same college as Chu Yuan I heard that they paid special attention to his return from overseas They gave him the best hospital and best doctors to shadow He’s so busy, but he has time to be our team physician? Ting yi, you are so lucky Yeah, brother Chu Yuan is just like that. He always thinks of me first Actually, he really is busy He always has to take time off to come here Your relationship is so good is it time to get married? Yeah, senior Ting Yi, when are you getting married? Aw, don’t say that But brother Chu Yuan does treat me very well He prepares a special birthday celebration for me every year birthday? Ting yi, your cheeks are turning red Okay, that’s all for now. I’m going to go find brother Chu Yuan Here, take these Thank you Then I’ll leave for now This is the first time I see her cheeks turn red It’s seems like their relationship must be real Let’s go ♬ Happy birthday to you ♬ ♬ Happy birthday to you …♬ ♬ Happy birthday to you….♬ ♬ Happy birthday to you ~ ♬ – Happy birthday! – Happy birthday! Happy birthday! happy birthday! didn’t you day, we’re not going to celebrate it how is it, do you like it? this is a suprise we made for you suprise! Xiao ying thank you this is the first time ever since I was born to celebrate a birthday like this quick blow out the candles and make a wish

I hope that our An Yang Training Center can produce five no, ten… no, no, twenty! Twenty national champions! Alright alright, stop talking about Yuan Wu Dao on your birthday blow the candles I want this chocolate! What the heck? You stole mine and now Bai Cao’s? Go away, it’s not for you What do you mean ‘stole’? I also chipped in, okay? So what? None. For. You Hu Yi Feng! whipcream facepack, here take some more you’re so dead! come on Stand still! Guang ya, quick come and eat some cake Quit being awkward, Guang Ya, come over here did you see? I didn’t bully her on purpose I was creating a surprise what’s that in your hand? no..nothing don’t hide it, I’ve already seen it it’s for you what is this? Longevity fruit It’s from your master It’s from master? does he still remember my birthday It’s from your teacher from Quan Sheng, not the teacher from Song Bai I know, I only have one master chocolate! Master Qu also knows how to buy these sorts of gifts that girls like? I bought it I bought it for you are you giving me a present? what are you looking at? It’s not a present, it’s just something I didn’t want but, this is the chocolate you love I know usually you think it is too expensive to eat yourself thank you Let me go Why are you making that expression? so cringe I warn you, don’t missunderstand it I really hate you I don’t like you You haven’t eaten any cake! Ah, she’s just awkward (t/n: tsundere) like that It’s okay, Im already feeling happy im very thankful okay, quick let’s eat the cake let’s eat cake! cake! To Bai cao Bai Cao, Happy birthday, From Chu yuan are you guys buying hairpins? sorry, we’re not buying it I never thought senior Chu yuan would pay attention to this hair pin

Bai cao! your hairpin wasn’t it the one you looked at did you buy it later? no, you always save your money It’s from someone else right? quick tell me, is it? who’s the one being so nice toword our Bai cao? who’s that person? making you all shy wow, this uniform wow this embroidering so pretty This must be the so-called “custom made” It must be super expensive! who give it? who’s so generous actually it’s Do you have such a generous friend? senior Ruo bai? he would never give out gifts senior Yi fong can’t sew then who could it be? I know, it must be him! he’s still thinking about you, and likes you and really loves you right Don’t be silly! It’s just a birthday gift He just has good taste, he gives everyone great gifts But this is kind of excessively great Unless he still has feelings for you? senior Chu yuan and senior Ting yi are so good together I don’t have anything else on my mind anyway, senior Chu yuan is just a good person what? did you say this uniform is from senior Chu yuan? Juicy gossip! you didn’t talk about senior Chu yuan before? of course not I thought it was from senior Ting hao Aiya, you got found out it’s okay, don’t be afraid I’m always on your side But he gave you such an expensive gift Shouldn’t you express your gratitude? I’m going to give it back. This is too expensive You… ugh Ta-da How did you know that the pen was there? Is there something Fang xiao yin I don’t know? Alright, enough. Go give this back to him Quickly, quickly I saw you a long time ago. You’re already at the door, why are you just standing there? Come in The uniform fits very well when I bought it in America I was worried the size might not fit I must have worried for nothing oh right, I heard from Xiao ying that you’re already a black belt thank you senior Chu yuan but your hair it’s okay, I will fix it for you In the vast night sky I hear the beating of the heart Even though we’re apart by miles The eyes of desire, looking for traces of each other Please, in my dreams Leave your footprints

The same unrest, the same expectancy They’re all proof of love It’s pretty! Thank you senior Chu Yuan You like it? Yes, I do Your hair clip I like this a lot too. Thank you senior Chu Yuan This is the Bai Cao from before I remeber today at the training everytime you looked at me you looked down at your feet Im I so scary? or is it because I left for so long and you’re feeling a bit unfamiliar with me no it’s not like that I thought brother Chu yuan, do you still remember her? she is Qi Bai cao I thought Senior Chu yuan had forgotten me It should be Bai cao who forgotten about senior Chu yuan right? You didn’t mail me, write me any letter I called you, but no answers And, the day I left, you didn’t come see me off No, I did go to the airport that day! But But what? but, senior Ting yi said you didn’t want to see me It must have been because I caused you a lot of inconvenience because I thought I shouldn’t disturb you and, you said you’ll be back after 1 year but never came back I thought you’ll never come back that is? this is the gift I wanted to give you before you left but after putting this outside your door senior Ting yi returned this to me She said you would never use such bad pens you must have taken a long time choosing this actually, not so long just that I didn’t know what to give you I have alway wanted to thank senior Chu yuan but I cannot afford too expensive things to me the most important is your friendly thought I will always carry it I’ll use it to write medical records and training notes you mean you like it? of course, I really like it senior Chu yuan it’s quite late now, I will return first oh right I really like the uniform So like I said, if you had done what I told you, it wouldn’t be so complicated right? Bai cao! senior Ruo bai, Senior Yi fong you look happy maybe because you got some very special gifts for you birthday today? I really like everything this strawberry hairpin is very quite Ruo bai, I kind of have seen it somewhere before what are you doing outside this late don’t you have training tomorrow morning, in a few days you will compete against Ting yi don’t forget it do you have so much spare time? the run for an extra mile okay, I know. I will run now

Ruo bai, didn’t you give that hairpin to her I was wondering why you kept looking at it. So it was for Bai Cao? I just walked past and bought it just walked past? you? why didn’t you walk by and buy some things for me too then? take a look at you you just want to say happy birthday but when it comes from your mouth it becomes something evil With your EQ — no, your Love Quotient — how are you ever going to get a girlfriend? I have enough friends and who said I was searching for a girlfriend who said it? you’re not searching for a girlfriend? then are you searching for a boyfriend? don’t come near me! I know I cannot win over you for the moment but Ruo bai, look. Bai caos uniform look different this was a gift I wanted to give you before you left but after I left it outside your door senior Ting yi returned it to me she said you would never use such bad pen brother Chu yuan You are so early, I went to Song ban this morning planning to pick you up but they said you already arrived you’re just a team doctor, why are you so seriouse with it If i’ve agreed to do it, I should do it this pen is a gift from you to brother Chu yuan right? he told me to retun it to you Chu Yuan, why are you using this kind of pen? What about the gold tipped fountain pen I got you from overseas? This pen is really smooth Your gold nib fountain pen is too expensive, it’s not suitable for everyday use How can that be? This is a globally recognised pen So it can’t even compare with this kind of pen you can buy for two dollars At times, pens are like people It’s not about the price, but about the value Just like this pen, The most suitable one is the best one Chu Yuan, what do you mean? Ting Yi, you’re a smart girl You’re an outstanding character, but there’s something I must say The way you’re acting is wrong You returned this pen to Bai Cao, right? You also said things you’re not supposed to say Right? It has been so long How am I suppose to still remember Chu Yuan even if I did say things to Bai Cao It was for the benefit of Bai Cao I want him to focus on his studies And not think about things that are unrealistically not possible Is that wrong then? Are you really doing it for him or doing for your own benefit? You know that the best in your heart I hope in the future you don’t do anything useless like that anymore And don’t harm other people just because of me What do you mean useless things! I liked you for so many years This thing is the most important thing. How did it become useless? Chu Yuan, every since my mom’s accident

You became the most important person in my support system How can that be useless? For so many years, everything was good Ever since Qi Bai Cao’s appearance. Everything has changed I dont know why you always protect her What is good about her Is she prettier than me? Or more elegant There is nothing good about her compared to me Why. Why. Why do you always care about her so much? WHY There is a lot of things about her that is not good compared to you. But But WHAT You fell in love with her Chu Yuan did you forget. You promised my mom You will take care of me forever and treat me well Just because of someone who isn’t worth anything Are you going to break your promise? The thing with your mother, That’s our Yu family’s fault, but that’s irrelevant right now I promise to take care of you but in a way family way, I see you as my sister I’m not your sister Dont use that as an excuse anymore, please My last name is Fang. Your last name is Yue. We are are not siblings All these years. My feelings for you Do you really not know anything about it How come you could accept me in the past, But now you can’t? It’s because of Qi Bai Cao, right? Let me tell you. I hate her What gives her the right to like you? In my eyes, she’s just mud All these years I told you many times I only see you as a sister If you forgot. I will tell you again Stop saying it I am not listening. I am not listening not listening Leave Go away! Qi Bai Cao! What are you doing Who did that? That’s so rude What happened? How did it break? Practice time is here. Lets go practice You guys go first I will be done soon. If the coach asks about it then it wont be good That’s not your fault Should arrest the person who broke this. – Who Maybe that person didn’t do it on purpose either It will be troublesome is that person got arrested too It’s fine. I will be done soon I never seen someone like you Someone else broke your stuff And you still end up protecting someone else Are you dumb? You guys go first. I will be done soon Okay Okay. Hurry up then Hurry Hurry okay It should be fine if I unscrew it at the bottom Today’s practice goal. Is everyone clear on it Clear Practice time. 30 minutes I’m sorry, I’m late When practice is over. You go run 1000 meters Yes Begin your practice! Your new uniform is pretty! It’s indeed a brand name What is wrong with Bai Cao today I dont want late people next time

Yes It’s not only a brand name, it’s their newest custom-made limited edition version What are you doing? Start practicing! Yes The clothes really do make the person! With her new uniform, Bai Cao has become prettier To be honest, it was time to throw away your old uniform Right, and your hair looks prettier I think your uniform looks better than senior Ting Yi’s Bai Cao, I heard that you can’t even buy this uniform in China. How did you get it? Hey. Don’t even try to guess. If I said it out loud, it’ll scare you Tell us! You four. After training ends, run an additional 10000m Continue Hurry! What is wrong with you? You’ve changed your uniform and now you’re afraid to make any moves This is training. Not a fashion show Change it now Senior Ruo Bai, Bai Cao’s other uniform is really old, and it’s too short for her The sleeves are like 3/4 sleeves and the pants are like capris You don’t even know, when she goes out and competes people actually laugh at her Deal with it when they’re laughing It is training time. If you can wear it before, you can wear it now Hurry, go change! Yes Senior Ruo Bai Give me your uniform But I haven’t washed it yet You don’t need to worry about it. Hurry home Remember to arrive early at the training center for personal training tomorrow I RuoBai, you..this.. ths If you don’t want me to drag you out of bed tomorrow morning, don’t speak Crazy, crazy, you are crazy

Some random moment Are some of the happiest time We wave but forget to hold hands Get up the courage but can only be friends A short yet beautiful dream like fireworks I’m glad I’ve feel it too Are thousands of time of good-byes not enough? Maybe see you later is just a promise The image of you waving at dawn I can still remember it now The beautiful words are the unuttered ones And we forget about those promises [Song Bai] Senior Ruo Bai Senior Ruo Bai! Start when you are ready Senior Ruo Bai, thank you for sewing up this uniform for me last night So nagging. Like Fan Xiao Ying Come on! Yes! -Wow! -Too amazing! Thank you everyone. These are just some basic training moves Tomorrow at the training center, there will be an actual match There will be more exciting events to photograph. I hope everyone can make it Ting Yi, you haven’t been back often in these last two years It’s a rare opportunity to see you compete, we’ll definitely be there We will save you the headline But at the training center, who could possibly compete with Ting Yi? Is it that girl who has won a few national championships, Qi Bai Cao? Is it, Ting Yi? Yes, it is her So it really is her But even though Xi Bai Cao is an up and coming star, compared to Ting Yi, there’s a huge difference Bai Cao has improved rapidly Coach Shen hopes that before she competes in the national competition, she can experience a higher level of training But thank you for your reminder I will be on alert tomorrow I must not do what I did at the Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches If I destroy Bai Cao’s confidence, we will have lost a promising competitor for the national championships There must be competition in Yuan Wu Dao for a good show So, I hope everyone will come watch Thanks everyone for coming to this interview I will help Ting Yi with training now. The interview ends here for today Shen Bo, see our guests off Thank you everyone for coming Sorry Good bye Brother, the interview just started, why did you make them leave? Tomorrow you have a match with Bai Cao I want to help you with targeted training Bai Cao has improved greatly, I hope you won’t underestimate her Shen Bo, get ready Brother, it’s Qi Bai Cao Even if she practices for 10 or 20 more years, she can’t compete with me Where is this confidence coming from? Do you know how long you haven’t practised for? You’ve been running around the world with Yu Chu Yuan for two years You’ve been going around being a celebrity, filming commercials. How many days have you attended university?

Do you know how hard your weaker competitors have been working? You get a little bit of spotlight and you’ve forgotten who you are Aren’t you talking about yourself? Even though I do not know why you purposely lost to Ruo Bai, But if you regret it, it is inappropriate to take it out on me Im telling you, Ting Yi, Losing against Ruo Bai is my biggest gift today Because he let me realise what I wanted most You’re my sister. We grew up together, and I know what you’re thinking Everything you do is to win more of Yu Chu Yuan’s affection But let me tell you, no matter how much stardom you have, he won’t care for you Instead, he most admires earnest and hardworking people like Bai Cao That’s enough! Bai Cao, Bai Cao, Bai Cao. How come I hear this name wherever I go What in the world did she do to make all of you fall under her spell? She will never be able to compete against me I defeated her 2 years ago I defeated her 1 week ago Tomorrow, I will continue to defeat her Tomorrow, everyone will know This world is for we geniuses who stand atop the golden pyramid Those who rely on pity that climb up step by step will be pushed down by me every time, will be kicked down into the dirt again and again Ting Yi That’s enough. Don’t say anything If you didn’t get scared to death by Ruo Bai, You’re welcome to come to the training center to watch me tomorrow On behalf of your loss against Ruo Bai, I will win it all back Here, eat this. Eat more Xiao Ying, I I can’t eat anymore You can’t. Eat You need to eat more so you have energy to battle Ting Yi Replenish your energy But if I keep eating more, I’ll get fat You won’t Eat some more Fan Xiao Ying Senior Ruo Bai She’s not participating in a weight competition Prepare for abit Ok Slowly, slowly That’s right! Bai Cao I personally made you a charm Look, it says “Certain Victory” When it’s time for the competition, keep it on you That way it can protect you, and you won’t get hurt The competition hasn’t started yet and you’re already thinking of injuries? Aiyo, it’s not like that I’m just scared that Bai Cao will end up like her last match with Ting Yi She lost so badly However, ever since senior Ruo Bai beat Ting Hao, I suddenly realized that you will eventually succeed if you work hard So, you will definitely defeat senior Ting Yi Thank you Bai Cao, do your best! Are you ready? – Ting Yi – Ting Yi, look here! Right here, look here One more, one more Look here Ting Yi, are you confident about today’s match? Of course Ok, then we won’t bother you anymore Good luck! Media, let’s head over there – Do your best – Fighting! Sorry about that, I’ve affected everyone’s training again The reporters said they wanted to take a few pictures of training sessions and wanted to capture some exciting moments So the coaches arranged for them to come in today I bought some cherries, let’s eat them together everyone Wow, look everyone, such big cherries When I bought them at the supermarket, even the small ones were expensive Really? Such big cherries must have been really expensive Here, eat

Senior, Guang Ya, why aren’t you guys eating? Is it because you don’t like cherries? Then next time, I’ll buy something else for you Ting Yi, you have a match with Bai Cao in a few moments You suddenly brought in so many journalists Yeah, there are so many cameras and tons of flashing lights Bai Cao is probably extra nervous now That’s what I said too, but Coach Shen said important matches in the future will be surrounded by flashing lights so there’s nothing wrong with getting used to it earlier Stop worrying, you two. The reporters are taking pictures from afar It’s not like they’ll go into the ring I think it won’t affect the competition Hey, come eat this How can she be like that? Bringing in so many journalists to cover the competition It works in her favor as she has participated in so much grand competitions She is already use to be under the limelight But you are not the same. You have never experienced this All the competitions you have been barely had an audience Now we are done. Look at how many reporters there are She is doing this on purpose to effect your focus She is definitely doing this on purpose No worries. They are only reporters And plus, I should get use to it You can’t say it that way Ting Yi didn’t face so many reporters when she first started You need to get used to it gradually Why would they just spring it on us doing training sessions All the sudden, there are so many reporters capturing every moment from all angles Is she not purposely adding to your anxiety? If she is unable to bear this type of stress, at the World Championships Then what right does she have to participate in the important events? The training session will begin in 5 minutes Brother? What, are you here to beg mercy for your little girlfriend? Are you an idiot? Of course, I’m here to see you Good luck! Good Luck! The competition will start. Please take your positions participants Hey, look, no doubt it’s Ting Yi. She looks good in any shot Even though Lee En Xiu is hard to defeat, Ting Yi is the best domestically I feel sorry for Ting Yi’s opponent.Wrong time to be born No matter what, she can’t defeat a genius But this Qi Bai Cao has improved quickly as of late Still, compared to Ting Yi, there’s a big difference Training session is split into 3 parts. Each part lasts 3 minutes Let’s start Ready, set, Bow Ready! Go! Should I tell the reporters to not take photos

in case they are disturbing you during the match Im used to the spotlight, but forgot that you might not be used to it But I need to warn you, For big competitions, besides these flashing lights, There will be a lot of noise Don’t shuttering, so disrespectful! Can’t you see it’s affecting their performance? Miss Athlete, there are only a couple of cameras and you’re complaining? – Exactly – Exactly. There are way more in a real competition She obviously hasn’t been to a real competition before Nevermind, they’re not going to listen to you. Let’s go The Part 1 has ended, The score in 2:0 with Ting Yi being in the lead Ting Yi! Please fight with more passion This match will be on tonight’s sports news Use your double downward kicks, more powerfully It’s best to knock your opponent down. That’s more exciting! Don’t worry The next part will be more exciting Sit down, let me massage for you So disrespecting. It’s all their fair for being so distracting Or else you would not have lost the points It is because I am still not use to it Those reporters are pressuring Ting Yi She’s losing her endurance a bit. In the next part, she might attack fiercely, or try to incite you to attack At that time, you have to