North Branford Town Council Special Meeting – 03/31/2020

of North Branford for those residents who wish to make a comment and finally we have also set up a bullet number to leave us a message the number is four seventy five six five five these are calling in we state your name and address to the director thank you sorry like to call the for March 31st 2020 to water pledge Eagles to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all she’s here correct yes she responded affirmatively here just one more comment before we start any anyone making the motion or second being emotion emotion please state your name at the end so that it’s recorded properly with that three so motion made by Murray seconded by I think that was bros and currencies okay so we move right into the town manager report yeah first item is item 3a just wanted to give you a update on the covin 19 her own a virus pandemic and take this opportunity to bring you up to speed and and for our residents as well that may be viewing live and give you a status update I heard from Michael Paz Casella director of these four health district today that North Branford has three additional cases of covin 19 which means that three more individuals tested positive in North Branford bringing our total to five so I mean I’m in daily contact with the health department as well as the local command staff as we continue to share the information and coordinate our efforts to combat the corona virus and I should say that we take this opportunity to to note that the town’s website at accurate information and daily reports and we also have plenty of links to the state site and portal as well as these to our health district information that’s coming out

so as you know it’s it’s a fluid situation we’re doing the best we can sharing information and coordinating our efforts on a daily basis and I think might be helpful that what I’d like to to say is that I’m going to try and put together well I will put together starting Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m launching a government response team forum using this new platform for zoom and broadcast live via Facebook page and I’m gonna ask chief Seward and chief Halloran along with superintendent Schoonmaker to join me and update the public and then take questions during that that period just to try to do the best we can to get accurate and timely information to the residents so with that that’s pretty much what I have I guess except with the exception of that I will will say that we’re also working on sourcing PPE and we’ve had some success in that realm and maybe I could at this point just recognize chief Seward to say a little bit about our procurement and I think there’s some orders that have come in or on them on their way in and maybe chief would speak to them if you would not she the Reader’s Digest version so as Mike said as part of the denomination’s Center staff the Department of Emergency Management security Gail’s FEMSA shortest route right I work at the operation center to discuss everything that has taken place on a weekly basis so should be that against and that is staffing so if you get involved no masks you’ve recognized the fact that if your MTA if you’re a paramedic that’s your full-time job you probably work someplace else part-time in that same capacity so if you suffer an exposure in one position it affects your secondary position area Chiefs are starting to see that now on top of that we employ through the VIN tech management services a number of firefighters career firefighters from other departments that are paramedics with us these individuals are being told by their department Chiefs or the the Union the International Association of firefighters please during this event do not work there part time job so that ultimately affects our staffing level and affects the staffing levels of a surrounding fire departments so we can have the utmost level of PPE staffing is a problem I want to thank the town manager because I had written off an email to the director of OMS this past week and looks for a response if Connecticut would alter their staffing requirements through the political process someone got to the director and we finally got a response that I shared with my partners and the fire service and their response was no at this time we’re not changing the level of staffing many other states that surround us have done that just because of the lack of staffing so from a planning aspect I sent an email to our surrounding fire departments and AMR is cognizant of this fact that if we’re not able to staff at the paramedic level that were required to do by the State Health Department and the BLS level it requires us to request the paramedic intercept unit on those calls that require paramedic in town so unfortunately that place is an additional burden on our partners that provide mutual aid to us in response to that email all the service chiefs that surround all shared the same thought staffing is an issue it will continue to be an issue and unfortunately we see it as a more significant issue as the as the days and

weeks go on we’ve been able to maintain an adequate stock of equipment otherwise through our regular vendors who communicate on a daily basis with their company officers we in fact had a zoom meeting last night with our fire department officers to share information I know the police department and Chief following will probably talk about this about be counting equipment and vehicles we’re gonna be moving in the in the same direction we’re reviewing our resources and making a determination as to whether or not we’re gonna adjust our response I can tell you this we’re professional volunteer fire department I speak highly of our arts our our personnel on a regular basis however after the zoo meeting last night I can tell you this there’s a substantial substantial number of individuals that are seriously seriously concerned about their health and well-being the health and well-being of their families and all the relatives so painting this picture you respond to an incident the person may have signs and symptoms that are related to coal bid 19 the patient gets transported and at some time in in the next few days we get notified that there’s a potential that were that that patient was positive that puts that person depending upon what level of protection they were wearing at the scene and we’ve made the necessary adaptations to make sure that they in fact use PP but it could place them in quarantine from 7 to 14 days that means they’re quarantined so what about their full time job what about their family so area fire chiefs are looking for places of refuge so to speak to put these individuals to mais the ill effects on their families so I know on the news UNH has been generous enough to step up I had conversations with the the Dean that’s in charge of this project yesterday and we had some discussion that we would be able to get housing there but that’s it they would provide housing you’re responsible for feeding you’re responsible for clothing bedding and everything else so I had conversation with the steadman fire chief they’re looking at using a middle school for housing so it may be a fact of using this as a regional asset so even though we respond to calls every day we have to plan for what lies ahead in the future so responses could be an issue we may not have personnel that want to on a voluntary basis go to these Falls so we’re gonna have to make the necessary arrangements to do just that lastly I’ll say that everybody has a concern about workers comp we have some direction from the state we have some direction from our medical director in a path to follow but it’s a tremendous tremendous workers comp issue just today the US Department of Justice issued a memorandum with regards to the line of duty death Awards and the fact that cope is 19 if so resulted from and a line of duty death would result in an award so all these bases really come into play in a long-term plan we’re not planning for today we’re not planning for tomorrow we’re planning for weeks ahead yeah and if we don’t do that we’re failing our job yeah so Tom I know you called me last night and I appreciate the call and comforting words that you know the Town Council is is you know sincerely interested in in what we’re doing out there and any help that they can provide us that would be much appreciated but I’ll tell you this there’s a miss responders that are with years of experience they’re afraid they’re afraid what we were being told by health officials they’re afraid of what lies ahead because of what we’re seeing in the field and you know as governor Lamont and the president says you know stay at home and reduce the exposure and maybe in some weeks down the road we can get over this but it’s a real serious health issue not only in our town and you know North Branford ranks 77 above 169 towns we’re like nearly in the middle but our 14,000 plus residents could be at danger and we we saw our numbers come up today significantly and there’s no doubt in my mind that’s going to rise it’s already

say so if you have any questions I’ll be glad to ask answering if it’s wrongfully Chiat we’ve all kind of talked about this in the past and I know I had a conversation with you two but just to throw it out there as a town council is there anything we can do to to help the people that are volunteering be a little bit more confident in their safety so it’s important for our company captain’s to try to you know mentally relax them and reassure them that we’re doing everything possible but the hype that’s out there by way of new media social media etc it complicates matters we respond to calls and it’s it’s the it’s the unknown when you get there it is the matter of transporting the patient to the hospital being exposed to the atmosphere within the hospital so we’re trying our best and being able to support us financially with regards to equipment and whatever we need coming down the road that’s what’s important to us we need to make our personnel physically safe and mentally sick and that’s so so important Thank You chief chief Walter goats speaking okay well do you have anything set up where you can bring in I don’t know retired people or extra help if we have to like what plans do you have for extra bodies so I meant yeah that’s a really good question well so I’ve charged Deputy Fire Chief Esposito with us with establishing a staffing plan for situations that occurred down the road and one thing that we didn’t have a conversation about yesterday is if our staffing levels dropped a mechanism by which we seek out people that may have retired and maintain their certification so you have to still be certified in order order to fill the role right and just as regional health districts do just-in-time training for those people that sign up as medical volunteers for the Medical Reserve Corps it would be a matter of doing just-in-time training to fill that role god forbid if our resources became depleted and that would have to be a message that got off the Republic that got out to our surrounding towns I’m hoping it doesn’t get to that point but if it does we have to have a plan so in fact that is that is being worked on wall good question did you happen to see the President’s speech today before we got on I did not is they you know what they had just said is you know what made them change their their mind as far as the timeframe we all have to basically hunker down what they’re saying now is they think well I don’t even like saying these numbers but I guess it’s a good time to say it may be scary but a little bit what they just said is the low number is a hundred to two hundred thousand people are we’re gonna lose the low number I I have to agree with them and I agree with them based upon information that that we get on a daily basis we know that Yale is only filled to sixty five percent capacity and there’s a low number of people on ventilators but as we’re told that is definitely going to increase and so there’s there’s a significant impact that’s gonna lie ahead and we need to be prepared for it thank you thanks chief Halloran also the supply and or staffing issues or concerns everybody hear me yeah yeah yes yes so uh just like I was saying I want to first thank the first responders you know they’re doing a great job all the volunteers that we have in town our police officers as you know we changed our responses to medicals the fire department is pretty much handling that so we’re at full strength right now we

have nobody out in reference to isolation our resources are our and ninety-five masks they are we’re at a minimum right now with that we have enough for four one one ninety five n95 masks for each officer in we’re anticipating that the delivery in ninety five masks but we we continue to patrol the areas where most people are going such as grocery stores pharmacies our calls for service actually I did a query just a little while ago on the system our calls for service are actually have gone up and the reason why they’ve gone up is is because of our proactive measures to patrol these areas where where people are going grocery stores pharmacies clothes businesses the overnights the officers are doing a lot of property checks building checks like I said we we’ve implemented new policies and procedures as it relates to dispatching as well as the way that we are taking calls we’re taking claws over the phone if we do respond to the call to pendant upon the seriousness of the the situation we might ask the people to come outside and meet us outside to talk to us bill had mentioned we are disinfecting all the patrol cars several times a week as well as our as well as our building and the community has actually been great we have received quite a few donations masks they’re not the a95 masks but they are surgical masks which will help us when we interact with people we’ll ask the people to put the n95 mask on when we’re talking to them the we’re actually in so as far as staffing is concerned we have 23 officers so if we start to lose officers it’s going to be problematic the good thing is is that we have very good relations with our neighboring towns I think that’s something that that I brought with me from from Brantford today we had a Chiefs meeting via zoom with approximately four or five neighboring towns live it was Branford East Haven Guilford Madison and East that guy said he’s Haven but we’re talking about manpower each each community has its own unique challenge in this the shoreline towns are dealing with people wanting to go out and go to the beaches I think that you have to remember through this this whole thing that we’re a society that that really we’re a social society number one number two the way that our government is set up we enjoy a lot of freedoms so we have to kind of balance what we’re doing here and I think we have to reassure the community that this isn’t the first crisis that we’ve gone through in this country not only we’ve had many a crisis there’s been pandemics before in this in this country and we’ve gotten through it I think that if if we reinforce the fact that we follow this CDC recommendations of you know social distancing and gloving up and in masking or whatever whatever the recommendation is that we’re gonna we’re gonna pull through this and we should be instilling a sense of calmness within the community we’ve taken some other measures to try to prevent or dissuade gatherings we we ordered the basketball nets taken down off the the basketball courts you know I think the the the population is our younger folks that just aren’t getting it and they’re not understanding why we need to do these are we going to

experience some losses in this yeah we’re going to experience some loss but through the through the entirety of this I think that we should be sending a message to keep calm and the world is not going to come to an end and we’re gonna get through this we like I said we continue to patrol we’re up to full strength if we do have staff and shortages we’re looking at alternative schedules possibly going to a 12-hour shift but we also have that complexity that we have to get a memorandum of understanding with the Union if we do decide to go to this we’ve considered putting detectives back out on the road if we need to and myself and the deputy chief although I don’t have as much here as I used to and a little bit older will strap on the duty belts and go out there and make sure that our community is safe so if anybody has any questions of me be glad to answer we appreciate what you do thank you through my town manager’s report this is Mike Wallace town manager item 3b is the meeting schedule other boards and commissions and I just wanted to give you a quick update that I’m working to try and accommodate the other boards and commissions so in fact the Board of Ed is going to come in tomorrow night to use the system here and the Chamber’s for their meaning Carrie and PMC will be in here on Thursday EDC for Monday the 6th and then it kind of course at Town Council back here next Tuesday on the 7th so I am going to reach out to the other quarter heads and boards and commissions to see if they need help and assistance and so that they don’t have to cancel meetings and try and use this new format with zoom and broadcasting live with Facebook trying to though move the business and keep the business going so that’s I just wanted to just a quick update so if there other boards and commissions that want to I’m open to working get them up and running and item item three is just an update an FYI of project that Roger Nene CR working on for or with citrine power for a net metering project based on a solar-powered project a solar array with United illuminating so this is an interesting proposition an interesting project with respect that the town becomes the beneficiary of a rebate form and it’s just an initial stages of putting an application together there’s no guarantee that the applicants citrine power will be granted but if it does then it could be a significant benefit down the road and I think would have a great impact to our budget with respect to we do reducing costs and allowing us savings with that so I have information I didn’t have much information but I can push out more information after this meeting and I certainly have asked Roger Sal way to join us so he could answer any questions you may have on this project hi there is can you hear me yep and this is a project there’s some 20 towns now in Connecticut that have taken advantage this program and we are in the pipeline we’ve got a application in to a UI and we are hoping to hear within 15 days whether we are in the sort of engineering phase and the anticipation what the plan would be to build a 2 mega watt solar panel field in the town and the time would get 20% of the power that’s sold by the independent generator to UI that would amount the turns consumed about $600,000 worth of electricity from you I in the last 12 months and so we’re looking at a potential saving in the range of 120,000

dollars in the tone utility belt Roger this is rose somebody could provide some taxing with this solar field or whatever is it would it be similar to the one that yes yes I don’t know if you folks can hear about what roses on the wall in Hana her audio she had slipped in a question there and Rose it was about the if this is the same project where is the location she had on route 17 going into North Haven just over the the line near Christopher Rose farm near all same Cemetery there’s a big solar yeah it’s not as far as I know not a citrine power project that I’m aware of I have a list in terms of their towns that they’re involved in but I didn’t see North Haven as as one of them would it look similar to that it would be yeah it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a ground mount solar array but I’m not sure it’s the size of North havens but this one that’s being proposed or is being looked at is a 2 megawatt I believe is that correct Roger that’s correct yep Slate’s into panels or how much acreage they use but this is a they’re partnering with mark talung go on that cookie set goes along Irish road and it’s a bit of 10 acres site yes near forest that was given this 125 Forest Road but in any case it’s not something the the town has any local match or money in and where do we build it or maintain it it’s all done by situations our it’s just an opportunity for a program for you I that’s been incentivized by pura to get these solar projects off the ground and a municipality and or farms and that’s how the connection is being made with in North Branford quick question do we know has this been compared to any other solar companies if we’re interested in doing something like this and we shopped around to see if this is the best deal we can get just looked at any others I think this is the only one that UI is is looking at C issued its a UI program that they’re working with supreme power we did talk to you I last year with our W a with another group but you have subsequently dropped them and so that’s kind of our choice the program is sort of jointly in terms of the commercial side jointly negotiated between UI and citrine and the municipality and you know they they pay essentially a commercial lease to the landowner and then the municipal body involved gets the rebate a Lancome it doesn’t get anything other than the lease on the lab so where does the other 80 percent go yes we we don’t know that for sure that’s the bull part that I’ve got based on the consumption of the town the uncertainty is of course the amount of power that’s generated in the solar array which is a function of weather and and therefore the amount that is sold to you I and then you I course prevent provides in the rebate back on that amount of power that they purchased from the solar park this is not for sure but it’s in that order of magnitude

probably know that the three schools accountable about two-thirds of the amount of electricity we buy from you I 125 Forest Road is is between Mill Road and new Biggs Way that’s a Times piece of property I believe right on the corner of the borough’s 127 miller owed and Coors way big I think it’s a piece that runs or behind marguerite drive unless it’s empty unless you’re putting our market along those property there it is are you don’t want those property marks that it runs along with Marjorie Drive I think it’s 127 Lawrence okay yeah that’s in the back okay any further questions I can help with is there is there any cost to the town no yeah the installation costs the maintenance costs the connection cost the UI are all covered by the Supreme Court Rule now if this loan on town property or just uh marks president Phil marks the plan at this point which would be on marks property okay anything else anything else Mike well you actually thank you Tom yeah one quick programming note that in this environment that we’re living in with respect to disinfecting surfaces and trying to wipe out the virus and washing our hands and so forth is a concern that folks is you know residents should know please do not flush the wipes down the toilet if it creates a incredible problem for our sewer system and it’s will also for your septic system as well so do not flush those wipes okay like we just had the there’s a shipment of plastic face mask leaving Cornell being addressed to the tunnel leaving Cornell tomorrow they’re making them using 3d technology there’s part of the advanced manufacturing program so I got confirmation this evening that they’ll ship them to the town tomorrow I don’t have the numbers it’s everything they’ve currently got available Mike when you speak if you turn to your right you’re absolutely crystal clear but when you turn to your left your microphone is not picking you up I’ll try to stay centered okay next item next item is citizens statements and petitions and correspondence Anthony says if we have no calls no emails at this point okay thank you the next item is resignation and appointments we have a resignation of Kirk Engstrom from the permanent project building committee that’s just a an FYI and moving right into our next item is new business six a budget extension percent pursuant executive order 7c so that is shall I read it Mike sure yeah it was prepared it should be in the Dropbox it came after the the packet so whatever you want to designate to be or if you read it yourself and get a second I guess well I’m just gonna read the paragraph just so love listeners know what we’re talking about it governor Lamont’s executive order 7c and part states extension of municipal budget adoption deadlines notwithstanding any provision of this which turned off my phone okay provisions of the of the Connecticut

General Statutes including title 7 or any special act municipal charter or ordinance that conflicts with this order or municipal budget deadlines for the preparation of the municipal budget for the fiscal year ending June 30th 2020 why that fallen in a date prior to and including may 15 20 are extended by 30 days the legislative body of the municipality or in a municipality where the legislators let a legislative body is in town meaning the Board of Selectmen mail through our modify the schedules and deadlines pertaining to the preparation it’s a mission of the of a proposed budget and the deliberation or actions on said budget by the legislative body or other fiscal Authority including any required public hearing publication referendum or final budget adoption all submission dates may be postponed until such time as the legislative body approves said modified schedule and deadlines consistent with the 30-day extension I’ll be glad to make the motions Murray in accordance with executive order number 7 C section 5 is modified by executive order number 71 section 12 and is hereby resolved that the budget deadline for the town North grant for the fiscal year ending June 30th 2021 is hereby extended by 30 days Joe second the motion that concert diamond read should effectively say as modified by executive order number 7 I oh I’m sorry yeah we also need to include in a motion an extension of the referendum date I thought you didn’t have to have a referendum we give it gives us the option to have one why would we do it because 30 days later the by extending it out 30 days it extends out the entire budget process victims in including the referendum for if you cannot have a referendum because this phobic goes into the summer it’s up to the town council to modify how you would allow their people to vote on the so the town of Vernon conducted a town meeting by having a drive through town basically constituents would drive up with their car they would hold their license up on the window they would be verified voter and then they would drive to the next person and they would give a thumbs up or a thumbs down and that’s their that’s how they counted so we’re not there yet because we’re hoping if you’re extending this into June then your referendum would be set sometime after that and we’re hoping that this is lifted by that the challenge is that the governor only extended the budget extension period he did not alter the July 1 tax bill which is also statutorily set so we still have to get the budget out and the bills out so that they’re collectible on July 1 so that’s scheduled I have a beard it might get sent around basically eliminates the referendum and puts the ball back at the council’s court based on time constraints Council and the executive order is poorly worded because they’re turning they were turning these things out very quickly and it’s not the intent to the governor to deprive the body that is normally in the voting body of the vote it was simply for the legislative authority to figure out what to do to take the blow without having in person voting so you could arguably figure out a way to mail ballots to people and get pallets nailed back you can do it that way you can do the drive-up voting like like did but it creates a major problem for

every municipality because generally you have to have your tax bills printed two to three weeks in advance correctly so it does create a problem what I’ll do is I’ll call the chief legal counsel back and see if the governor will enter another executive order extending like you know the tax Rose that’s the question on on the telephone is there possibility to amend my schedule to still include a budget referendum I guess anything’s possible I don’t know what if it on I’m free and that’s our aim correct it would definitely accelerate the whole process I mean anything is possible yes but what are the time frames for publishing you know like a public hearing date and then like when they have the referendum how many days do we have to publish it I can we work backwards if we need three or four we or two or three weeks to print the tax bills so go from there and and work backwards to give us some okay could that be repeated please roses comment can we work backwards and say you know how much time does the printer need to get the tax bills out and then go backwards to say how much time for an actual referendum vote and go back to how much council deliberation and just kind of work backwards to see we can condense the schedule and still have the referendum vote and still have the tax bills out in time for a July 1 collection cycle well I think we ought to adopt the extension so we have the flexibility of taking advantage of that but with the goal being to meet the timeframes at roses suggesting where we have right now and we have time to issue our bills which is the ideal correctly I’ll work with Lisa and Ken tomorrow to map out a strategy and get it to Mike to kick out D folks okay we have a bouncer dining removed and it was seconded by Councillor Foreman right there any further discussion okay all in favor aye aye aye any opposed thank you item B assessment referral program regarding Frank pastel and sons through that evening this is Carrie Duke head of the town planner so in your packet there is a request by Frank Picasso and sons they were approved in 2016 for the assessment deferral program um if you’re not familiar with our program it allows for businesses that are doing improvements on their properties where their increase assessment of 35 percent or more they can defer those that increase in taxes for up to five years so again this was originally approved in 2016 one of the conditions of the approval though is that the construction is to be completed within two years and they were not able to do that he has said that he just was busy with other work they’re running at least two or three other businesses of Middletown Avenue but they are still interested in doing the original renovation and expansion that they were approved to do so there’s no changes to their site plan or to the scope of work and he does expect that the work would be completed by this coming spring sorry spring of 2021 to be clear this is my mo the extension have we approved the extension to 2021 where the completion

of that project motion sensor diamonds all in favor any opposed okay thank you okay next item 6c review of final report from plum Shapiro municipal and school district finance financial and human resources operations feasibility study you want to take action to approve or not it’s quite lengthy and I’m not sure once had a time to take a look at it it looms Shapiro I’m gonna make it my hat I said I think it was very comprehensive I think they certainly covered all the bases with the audio of Rose hadn’t had a question as as well I guess you’re not hearing that can you folks here when Rose speaks no no you can let Marie go but Rose try again with your question well I just wanted to know if bloom Shapiro was going to come in and make a presentation – well no yes you could repeat it if she wants to know if Blum Shapiro is going to come in to make a presentation and certainly we can arrange that or remotely have them we can do it plug them in as another another person on another participant on Zoom is that something the council’s interested for the next meeting on April 7th or one push time well the whole idea of the capability whether it’s a series of works on April service sorry say that again could you tell us what we have to deal with on April 7 we’re still in the middle of budget so I’d love to hear from these guys but I don’t want to have a meeting that runs till midnight right okay and sorry Rose what was your question now I agree with Joe okay yeah I’ll take a look at it we’ll try to again I’ve been trying to balance the the agenda and and working on try not to put too much on there so we can get through these meetings without having three four-hour marathons I’ll take a look with respect to the April 7th but I think what’s driving this obviously is what we just discussed with respect to the budget timeline so I think that’s got to take precedent and we’ll look at that for the 7th and if it fits we’ll try to get him in if not we’ll have to push it out I mean that’s fine with me great okay all right so 6d I was I would like to just think we should table that okay so that’s related to the blue all agree would you repeat what you said tom the 6d or the bed request for reappropriation of closed out purchase orders for financial software I mean that that’s part of 6e the financial software that was part of the feasibility study so I would think we table that we just an emotion to table doesn’t matter second digit table requests for their

appropriation plugs I purchase their financials right auntie my high post hi thank you okay okay next item 6 e Park and Recreation Department request for capital reallocation right I think you have a memo in there in the package outlining their request Patrick is on the line or horizontal is in the meeting so if there’s any questions regarding the request chairman James I could make Jimmy yeah chairman Torino is also in the meeting yeah so these are the these are the three items Anthony please depart the fire department Planning and Zoning is that exactly that’s the next thing I have in lying here that doesn’t seem like that doesn’t seem right no no there’s a from Stephen Torino here’s three pages my mix items we’ve been a reallocation of 17,500 for replacement fitness equipment to six new items the one-page memo March 31 age 97 the iPad all its page 97 in the iPad in the packet drop box okay or fallen favor okay any opposed thank you you okay yeah Rose are you on the cell phone or what device no I’m I’m on a landline on a landline okay okay so six six F is Park and Recreation budget-friendly yeah so stand by we’re going to happen to try and work some magic here and get their presentation loaded up so bear bear with me okay it’s yours okay it’s not sure I see something in there you

okay first slide Patrick you want to take it from here walk us through yeah sure thank you very much Mike hi good evening everybody thank you for giving me some time to go through the budget with you for the Parks and Rec and Senior Center I’ll try and make this as painless as possible try not to give you death by PowerPoint but we’ll do our best here so you can see there on that first slide if we go back there you have to personnel services essentially this budget is going to eat is going to be close to a zero percent budget but I thought I’d go through some of the individual areas there you’ll see in the full time full time budget last year in the first column there is that is the 1920 budget the 21 2021 kludge is the next column and then on the third column is the percentage of change for the full-time staff it’s only a percentage of about one percent and that is directly result of cost-of-living increases for full-time staff the next section there you’ll see is the part-time staff is a little bit larger increase there simply because the minimum wage will be going up in September and we will be mandated by law to be paying people more for a number of the part-time positions so those those those breaks before by a slight slightly larger percentage that overtime cost that’s generally for if we run events and things like that but are outside of the usual or working hours sometimes we will dip into that fund we’re leaving that as it was seasonal positions again a little bit of a cost-of-living increase there and finally on the bottom you’ll see the pensions and Social Security that rate has gone up about two percent and that’s generally just as a because of inflation and having to increase our to those girls does anybody think that eyes about personality yep go ahead look I got a question does seasonal one is that the park ranger yes that includes the park ranger kiss are we planning on since where we are you’re still planning on interviewing for that and I’m running with that I would like to run run with it at least on a modified basis for the time being simply because in my survey of the parks I’ve seen that they they could use a some some pickup a litter and things like that so I’d like to go ahead and get somebody on the lines who just start getting the parts in that capacity it’s very at least I know okay I think it’s not gonna have groups and things like that at this point but but they can certainly do some work in the parks that is not appropriate for Public Works to do and well I don’t mind doing it it seems a little foolish for you to be paying me to go pick up litter in the park alright thanks Pat sure thank you anybody else many questions about the personnel costs okay shall we move along to materials and supplies this is pretty straightforward most of the increases that you’ll see there the 2% the 1% that’s simply justified sorry pack oh sorry needs a spot yeah just a second I’ve lost my lost my mouse yep there we go thank you the the smaller percentages you’ll see on the right-hand column there that’s simply expected inflationary costs that are going to go out for things like office supplies the technical supplies we have a little bit more control over in terms of what we’re going to you know technical supplies include things like nets for the tennis court things like that we have a little bit more control over how we spend that we can make decisions well we can put the buying the tennis in evolved for another year so we’ve left that it is zero percent you’ll see under cleaning supplies it’s a tiny bit of a misnomer all that money basically goes toward paper goods so things like paper towels and toilet paper and for whatever reason the cost of those has gone up astoundingly like high water and that’s what you see that big 27 percent I know it’s not a huge number in the in the entire budget of the town but it is sort of I would love to be able to find cheaper paper towels if anybody’s got a gonna be yeah that’s exactly right right yeah there’s certainly the demand for it right now so but hopefully when things calm down we will re-examine that and try and find a better way to buy our paper towels again at the heating fuel and the boater field those are big guesses right now obviously because who knows what’s going to happen with the price of any of that should be a big reduction in that item yeah well let’s hope so Michael we under

contract from there for I don’t know that we have any contract they often leave you in check check it out that should be going down huge yeah they kind of use at least pretty quick this one at least for the time being well then they’ll realize we’ll find on again and then the price of Jack yeah yeah yeah if a kid yeah the gas we did it did job it did it did drop significantly I just don’t remember how much and I think we did lock in so I’ll get that information for you tomorrow so does anybody have any further questions about materials and supplies no sir no okay and then Mike code are right on excellent contractual services you’ll see as we go down this column the telephone you know we just changed their telephone system so on one hand we’ll be reducing our our landline telephone cost but we’re expecting an increase in things like cell phone service expenses so that comes up to zero percent increase utilities again that’s an inflationary number where who knows what’s going to happen with that but that was our guest as a few months ago before the world was starting to come to an end so printing and binding that is the cost for the printed brochure that we send out to two households throughout North Branford there’s always been a lot of discussion about whether we need whether we really should be continuing to to incur that cost or whether we should go to completely digital format I will leave that to the capable hands of the next director whomever that may be to make those determinations but we’ve left it at zero in any case travel and transportation that’s come down a bit mostly because we now have a sedan at our at our available to us so we’re able to use particularly like the trips that the recreation supervisor might have normally been reimbursed for they’re able to use the sedan rather than than being reimbursed in the city and is cheaper for us to run equipment in maintenance while I’m going to leave that at a zero percent increase moving on to the next slide please Mike and then again you’ll see facility maintenance a 0% equipment rental that is on things like it’s almost entirely on porta-potties the bane of every Recreation Director in the world is part of bodies but we expect some some increase there but that again that may be up in the air until we finish we’re in the bid process at the moment I think is that not correct Mike yeah yes so so that that number may change one way or the other but that’s that’s our best guess at the moment data processing includes things like our art database we have a subscription cost essentially for our recreation database so that’s our best guess on that professional development that’s sort of an eye-watering percentage figure that you’ll see there but in discussions with with the commission members they felt very strongly that the department has not done a great job in particular in encouraging professional development in one way that they can do that is to provide funds for that so there are a number of local regional and national conferences and learning opportunities that they would encourage the the entirety of the Recreation Senior Center staff to look for those opportunities and and participate in them so that they can obviously serve the community of North Branford and the citizens better that’s that’s entirely they the intention there so that’s why that number looks looks a little bit shocking when you see it but but really from from my viewpoint it is money well spent it is an investment and not only in the personnel but in the department as a whole and the service that we provide to the community and then other contractual information or other contractual sorry excuse me for a second other contractions a variety of things like drug tests expenses fire alarm monitoring a variety of those things and again we put that 1% there as an inflationary of inflationary numbers expecting that some of those costs so does anybody have any questions about contractual services now okay we can go

then I guess to the last slide and that’s really but it comes down to the you know we’re really only talking about a 3% change from our budget from last year and that is almost entirely dependent upon inflationary pressures so does anybody have any questions overall about the budget for the Parks and Recreation Department what percentage of that is Walter goad what percentage of that is under contract of that of that 3% change under looking here probably it looks like probably $40,000 something like that maybe more than that if I if I keep looking here some of the other things like telephone services so that’s that’s going up there so 40 50 60 about 60,000 of that looks like it’s it’s attractive just to make conversation here is the way the like you said the world is going what if we said you had to cut it cut the whole budget by 10% what would you say to that that that would be tough but we would be having to cut services would it be having to cut the amount of maintenance and upkeep that’s going on in our parks right now we would potentially have to be talked about cutting cutting positions so to tell you the truth we are running in a pretty bare-bones minimum we don’t have a lot of extra staff kicking around and in fact right now we don’t even have the normal step that we should have I would say that that 10% would be felt by by at least some portion of the community as we had to reduce our engagement with I’m sorry I’m just asking that because I think across the board of you know all of our citizens and everything are really gonna be feeling this year and everybody’s have to really dig deep sure I really really need thank you you’re welcome thank you very back nope thank you you’re welcome very good job okay just bear with me I’ll try to get the library budget loaded up Mike could you just skip to the last slide I’ll start there and that will backtrack if anybody wants to talk about specific accounts okay let me try to grab the file and be right back okay okay that what you want to start Lauren the other one that had the budget highlights it was in the agenda packet we can leave it on here and then hopefully people both the one page summary yes the PowerPoint I just add you have everything condensed into one yeah okay but sorry I misunderstood I didn’t love hang on I’ll get to that while you’re loading that I’ll just say good evening everyone my name is Lauren I’m the library director in town and I thought it would be beneficial especially for the new town council members just to go over briefly who we are in the department what we do at the department and then

I’ll go into some of the budget highlights or specific account so while Michaels working on the PowerPoint slide there I’ll start with who we are and on the PowerPoint slide in front of you is our mission statement and I include that because it defines our purpose and the library’s role in the community the library board and myself we created a mission statement and a value statement as a dynamic way to discuss library services and how they fit into needs of the community both statements were created to drive our actions and help direct our focus can you hear me okay yeah yeah the values we established as priorities over ourselves were too advanced literacy inspire curiosity seek information exchange and share an embrace kindness that’s kind of what we try to be our focus on what can we do we help transform and build better communities we are institutions of learning we are institutions of cultural engagement Rockford schools on many platforms access to services for hobby enthusiasts to job seekers to people needing tech help but we also have a simple role in the community they state ever in place breaking that living room experience for the whole community from these two seniors focused on the people in the community and helping them that looks a little bit different for each person that walks through our doors what our focus is still the same it’s to enrich lives it’s to improve lives it’s to do providing the questions that people might have I wanted to share a quick little story that I think Democrats on our department cares about the community a gentleman that comes into library office daily to do the crossword puzzles from our newspapers were part of his routine obviously that has changed in the last couple of weeks with us being closed to the public but whatever closed one of my staff members took it upon themselves to save crossword puzzles from newspapers and drop them walk in this gentleman’s mailbox it was a simple act but a broad sense of normalcy is like something to look forward to the stack number was not to do it but I think we just showed how much they care about the people that walk through our doors do we offer we offer programming program is an essential component of what we do it’s a central service that we offer and have offered for continued learning lifelong learning continuing education it’s another tool we use for distributing information to provide rich opportunities for engagement entertained education it’s great for creating civic dialogues Network opportunities and rhythms one another providing a safe environment for ideas it’s also a great way to bridge community partnerships we had a great taco and trivia night plant or the finding this little church for next month as a woody to bring community members together and with a fun game elements to pencil it hopefully be scheduled for the end of the year but that’s something that program who does it brings people together different organizations and one point I wanted to know Roger sally was talking about 3d printing earlier I was just in contact with someone from UConn Health about creating mask adapters so that’s something else that we do we have the equipment and we’re happy to go with it it’s nice that we can and offer that service and this time we have that capability attendance numbers indicate that programming is a valued and utilized service when select you have I don’t know if you can see it but we have programming statistics from the last fiscal year children program intends with Sun a 17% increase adult program attendance a 27% increase of 11,000 children and families that attended over 300 program last year provided by the library and it specifically mentioned

coming because the budget request before you is a better representation and more complete comprehensive picture of what it takes to maintain two public buildings which I will also point out head over 66,000 annual visits last year but this also includes the true costs of maintaining our current level of services resources and programs in years past particular services weren’t included in our operating budget we the gift funds that the library has access to to support programming our Museum Pass subscription costs and I don’t feel that’s an appropriate use of those funds that should be supplementary funds as opposed to or operating expenses I feel like reserving gift accounts for piloting new initiatives or new objective is a more appropriate use of that money our operating expenses and should therefore be included in our budget request and that fits budget emphasizes it emphasizes the importance of programming as a service to reflect the diversity needs and interests of our community that is what kind of request increases if you’re looking back on the slide for the 220 account and that 328 now they included costs for summer reading program which we offer every summer and the supplies cost or it don’t mentioning that we’ve offered daily at each library and I’ll just point out one other quick highlight from our budget for significant increases building maintenance and building equipment facilities maintenance preventive maintenance was a significant consideration in this budget request using the standards set out in the 2017 document provided by the state library of best practices and public libraries recognizes is our responsibility to provide a life welcoming environment for library patrons to participate in library activities whether that’s attending a program in a community room or crawling around on the floor during story time it is our responsibility to create an environment and furnishings that are safe and clean and this budget will hopefully allow us to purchase equipment to do regular maintenance tasks rather than up sourcing them it’s nice to be able to maintain your buildings and the life span and make it a pleasant experience for people that come to use our facilities try to summarize everything very quickly but the significant budget increases are in front of you if anybody has any questions about any other accounts I have to answer Lauren could you talk a little bit about your increase in facilities maintenance why there’s such an increase so I’m sure couple people are familiar with the heating cooling issue that has been going on it’s myth I can’t say for certain that we won’t have another issue happen with that our buildings are now 10 years old and I know that that seems like a small number but 10 seems to be the magic number where things start to break down and don’t forget facilities has to include grounds sidewalks exterior septic electrical plumbing furnishings it’s two public buildings I know it’s a significant increase we feel like it’s our responsibility to ensure the building we’re providing is a safe building and it’s a building that’s well maintained for a pleasant experience our both of those elevators working now yes however the phone in the elevator and Smith needs to be replaced which what code is necessary so the elevator the elevator alone is a significant expense so you’re saying the furnace is bad at Smith the heating and cooling system had seconded it there’s a look at heat cooling air exchange system I’m in slowly screw this up but we’re kids that had to be replaced and that’s why it’s about eleven thousand dollars this past year there’s over a dozen different units in

our ceilings it’s not a typical oil based heating system if there are units outside it changes the air so take potty or makes it cold or cold air hot person depending thank you any other questions yeah what about other contraction control you have a sixty-seven percent increase senator so that includes the cost for our summer reading program which is typically around $2,000 ever that was those were expenses that would normally came out of our gift funds which again I don’t feel that we’re offering the summer reading program every year that residents take advantage of to keep them motivated for reading over the summer I feel like that should be considered an operational expense which is why you’re seeing it in the budget rub it’s not a new program it just was never included in the budget before Lauren Jojo fondant historically we have always we’ve become accustomed to seeing a factor for income from the trust that support the librarians have you taken that into consideration and why isn’t that shown here in your spreadsheets it was included I believe there is 28,000 from the Atwater trust and to that then included from the Smith trust so if that’s included in your $769,000 budget request yeah that’s gonna be that that’s going to be on the revenue side the versus the expense side okay I guess we should ask you the same question if you had to cut what would be the thing what would have what effect would that have in your program if you had to cut a percentage or two so we’re a free public library and I feel when people start sacrificing things they’re gonna turn to the opportunities that are free and don’t cost anything so I would hate to see us have to pull back cut back when people will return it to us the most knowing that we don’t third charge for any of our programs we don’t charge for any of our services but it wouldn’t get significant issue I’d hate to pull back on programming when more and more people are taking advantage of it I hate to pull back on resources what you know people are gonna say to $30 on Amazon for a book when they check it out from the library for Freddie right thank you so Lauren Lauren’s tongues and panel word where does the $28,000 show up from the trust I believe Mike said it won’t reflect on the budget document you have but it comes in on the revenue side yes so it shows as an operating transfer in the revenue section of the budget it’s a transfer in from the Attwater and Smith funds it does not show any wear on her expenditure budget so then would would you know it’s apples and oranges the trust is kicking in the $30,000 with the combined trust problem you – yes you have a bunch of bunch of books not printed yet but a being the OP is an operating transfer in page it’s on page 23 of the budget

any other questions for more Thank You Lauren okay so we’re moved to the citizens statements and petitions anything my group and me just give me one minute to check with Anthony nothing we have nothing is a citizen I bring up perhaps we should discuss the Polka fest at the April 7th meeting now can you add that to the agenda get them in there they we probably want to also add the Memorial Day Parade okay okay anyone else have anything motion to adjourn my kid I’m sorry who moved in and who second it please connect on one-on-ones my move I’ll second it blow the Paternoster all in favor aye anyone opposed and who said that I know really we’re all in favor motion carries thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you all see how stay safe stay healthy thank you you’re not doing good night good night rose