ZUG MUG LUG!! | Crashlands Let's Play | Part 22

hey guys welcome back to another episode my name is mob we’re back with more crash lands twitch TV / mr. mommy livestream you can see the amazing chat here and left to a help entertain y’all along beside me and you know entertain is the word so we’re back with more crash lands our quest right now is to make some sort of new crafting bench but to do that we’re going to need drops from the new enemy wax which are the bats so we find a lot of zugs line I found a Zach flats we fought a bunch of them earlier but as long as we keep moving away from our initial spawn point outward will find more i’m fairly soon be well uh huh no no no no how much time do I have I have 124 yeah it’s always nice to have stone I guess yeah I believe I already have a Zug um hey sug house column an egg but I don’t have the actual crafting bench to farm it I’m pretty to to make it pretty sure we’re about to get it though where the way it’s at its Lance guys these mats mm-hmm I think it’s just the volume we’re like near the water so it’s mostly these uggs didn’t leave me at mommy all here fine don’t leave Italy by the way here bryan said he was never gonna leave the stream as long as i am streaming Yeah right we’ll hold them to as a bet we’ll see if he leaves or not just got to go to a more greenish area the wets should show themselves as I really really hope so laps where the whites at where the wet wet sand do I have my own terrarium server absolutely do not sorry I do not pump Capone dabangg dabangg wiki wiki seriously where the where the wax at just keep going keep moving keep moving go in a straight line we will find some eventually as a Telepan awesome gotta grab these so kind of rare well zubat stole my lats freakin soup Oh what that was that that is a hug hug hug Doug lug well oh boy All Big Daddy’s uh glug rectally alright well luckily for us we just found a telepods so we’ll be able to collect our stuff right away oh man that hurt all right sug luck you’re going down killing them I’m gonna wreck this guy holy crap everything hurts we do some good damage we some good damage i like this phone trick upon the bank may wiki wiki die for nice we gotta lug lug essence but it’s going to be used for some advanced crafting i would still have a wet dough so I can continue the story but i guess the further out we go we’re still progressing because telepaths for easier travel and maybe we’ll find some some story points along the way here that we can’t do anything with you run run faster we’re the Lance what’s this do it’s a fishing bait pal or turbo fishing me power as a matter of fact and we finally can fish while we have this power so I’m looking for one rats come out at night oh is that true oh man oh that’s good to know let’s sleep it off thanks man you saved me a little bit of time there hmm I kind of make sense what’s this I had on something billing here oh the Nitro going down rats there was a rare Zog northwest yeah I saw it oh my god they’re everywhere all right let’s destroy like a bunch of these guys ah maybe i killed up to execution haha oh

yeah all right let’s kill these mats there’s a lat there’s a wet she’s a wet they’re all wet hey oh yes i love this double stun item i have so we need a good amount of lat stuff so we’ll far these guys for quite a bit like we need legs and the good stuff mr. Zhou glug now it’s just a duck mug it’s not the sug lug mug it’s just the regular snug bug guys still wondering guy just love when they exploded oh my god it is a mega tar talk to fellow crap okay I see how it is I see how it is stun oh that hurt stun him I’m gonna die now I got him whoo Matt fingers that’s what I need you’re welcome for the info hey thanks dude I want to keep running around for a long time i sighed again oh my gosh i need a new armor set do I have enough to make the thing yet crystal killed shell finger pickaxe actually we should make this first while we can make this as well oh yeah cool i’ll go back pick up my stuff in a second ha upgrade nice upgrade did you yeah mega upgrade all right let’s wait until my new crafting bench crafts itself turtles are so shocked about that right hmm so much baking weed so much kid we’d all right is it ready yet picture it’s ready mmm station assemble what’s up tugs live in the tug life look all this new crap i can craft Wow all right crafting bench what’s this block stone trophy when did I ever get that and I’ll take it and I got the genome for some odd reason oh crap hey wake say Sura thanks for hosting us dude we appreciate it I’m gonna craft image alright if we put the doohickey here and the dongle there I believe I’ll kill and I figured out how to make that comm device once you put that together we’ll need to find some high ground to place on you still have your topic topographical functions please flux I’m not a simpleton I’ll find high ground while you get that built is there any high ground on this planet hi is relative flux still though seems like more anywhere else it’s just a good as anywhere else go question my knowledge or radio communications alright so i need to build a dish which I can hold baby we have a Zug incubator get ready we can get a new pet mmm what else we got here we got a dust jacket we can make dusk pants crystal acts a love what you love and weapon dusk prism which is that it’s just a component and we got a jolly sculpt it’s a new workstation which you will from flaps I don’t even know what those enemies are so a charge Zug molt two-component I don’t know how to get the charge the Sun molds a wet incubator with sub-zero again little chilly you have to be here when it when it when it spawns all right what you just beer all right so while that’s working let’s go well let’s go ahead and make a dust jacket and we’ll make ourselves a dusk pants and we’ll see if it’s better than we got here okay this is good this is good so wet incubator we’re missing a wat egg assuming too bad to find and that’s it almost there’s so much more stuff here look at this it’s purple around it so really amazingly rare and we can also craft the comm relay but I don’t want to do that just yet oh yeah I’ll see how good this is that’s a lot of hell look at that that is amazing no region but oh the plus 200 health and the toughness were absolutely going to be equipping this so good now we got some new pants the dusk pants just like to area everything here has a has a different modifier on it just pants of hustling it’s pretty good it has a no-no region but it does have the turbo chance without like so it’s good sweetness

alright so let’s decreft those other items we had here oops you can craft a wom pogo stick I can oh can I womp pogo stick where’s that at womp pogo stick Oh No here oh here it is this is it huh well we have to wait for it wait the way for it okay I wanted to get rid of this other item and this item cool so we’re a little stronger now let’s go farm some more rats shall we hopefully we get an egg maybe we can get to pets this episode that’ll be sweet so it we under the pickaxe right suckie suckie suckie suckie suckie suckie suckie I’m not sure if you wanted the new weapon though the weapon i have is a level 11 it’s excellent I mean I’ll wipe it’s pretty good wha pekin groan oh yeah but I could build it but I still need the thing what’s a call still need the the recipe so I can’t just build it right now you know I need the recipe what time is the 4am crap we got to go back and sleep we need more singing delete items it makes sounds like bomb exploding I know which is a sad little weight I did we bet womp III point oh hmm stretch stretch oh yeah feels good all right so grab our death marker here we go here we go here we go one more time everybody’s feeling fine here we go now in sync something here we go got some flow okay so we can now break the rocks just by touching them what’s up gameplay madness are you thanks for being here what’s up mmm lotus berries hmm oh we got got it up rideable sign sweet Oh one shot it I’m to farm the lats all day okay we can break this now oh yeah and that means we could probably break the the flat stones with one hand watch okay just kidding to its sweet home crash lands where Turtles of frogs are trying to kill you hey everything everything hurts man everything hurts everything hurts swarm twines guy so tanky oh we got me I look good amount of damage he reminds me don’t start room yeah a lot of the collecting is don’t starve but obviously this isn’t a roguelike like we’re don’t starve it’s designed to kill you so you restart this one’s more of a progression which is nice you know i will be playing more don’t start though I need to get back into that you need to get back on to that shipwreck dlc man so cool I love that ship I feel see you just you know stuff happens and I just forget to play stuff I don’t know time I gotta keep up a lot going on man like you think it’s easy to just click some people think it’s easier to just play a game and upload it right boo like one episode let’s say it takes 15 minutes to record it’ll take about over at least an hour to get it up online and that’s every single piece of episode cuz you gotta you gotta upload it you got to make thumbnails you gotta edit it it’s so much more and then I do like the more videos you do is just double the work hey uh oh my god wax everywhere chili a little chilly hype alright chilly it’s gonna be a little chilly it’s gonna be little chilly don’t even need to remind me i’ll put it on your brother got it crashed on for free on eye on android ooh that’s pretty awesome yeah i mean i’m really glad to be playing this on pc though i don’t think i wouldn’t want to sit down and like bone in place because i wouldn’t be reported that well need more wax so it is formed in the morning farm till the morning pipe pipe pipe pipe for the lats please oh there’s more there are more ha oops uh enemies ah what is this turbo hmm

speed up push everything hurts do you have a PlayStation what playstation 4 gotta be more specific we’re gonna ask something like that too what’s that health regeneration pretty good MA be a broke a bone recently man which bone and how’d you do it anything you are looking for house like Andhra enemies hearing I mean I really don’t mind killing all the other enemies around it’s just a minor inconvenience but uh the more the better right just means more uh more items for me I beat down dude fish Ron like 100 times with your brother that sounds gross outside muscles we got the stuff man Oh stuff hmm got the goods I got the goods you got the stuff just any kind of PlayStation I have a playstation 2 and 3 not before yeah I know here Brian I know didn’t you hear me I said it’s just more convenient way this what is this potted straddle bark hmm that sounds like it’s probably just a aesthetic QQ always play strange games what how is this strange track more not strange at all this is the most normal looking game I’ve ever played am i right ah ok we can kill that all the way up there then we’ll go build that thingamajig Man w’at man I would love a white egg though so I kind of want to fight those guys a little more but this morning we’re gonna head back home and see what we can build ok let’s head back my fire arm and I fell down stairs your firearm uh it’s not she’ll free looks a bit like castle crashers they are selling yeah I would kind of once again little chilly was it what the hell’s the name of this thing was a little chilly wasn’t this hurry up I don’t know what it was there’s delay get away ah I mean I always look up chilly little chilly Oh yellow chilly here you go you can make some of the surcharge mugs ult forearm cat the pride what’s that Twitter he finishes these lug nuts Doug molt’s charged up bolts oh yeah hmm all right little guy you are my team now okay so this is a potted plant pottage straddle bark I’ll guess I’ll make 10 and then a rideable sign I’ll make one final knot and we need to make a new helmet and what else new helmet and gloves gloves and an ax to see if it’s better and then we’ll make a caramel a lot of stuff your slumber no you didn’t take that nap whoo we got a new low chilly buddy here let’s look at his abilities so we want to go cue data sug so let’s see so what happens is he gives us better electrical power we don’t really have any electric power right now the subs are so lazy that they try to avoid moving as much as possible that’s great let me check my mic Rita quick sometimes it jumps up to a hundred mic level ever heard of a cat lateral damage I actually have a video of that on my youtube cherry pomegranate that sounds freaking amazing i don’t think i have but that sounds so good let’s see what’s this is well straight to your thighs that’s just great since this is a womp in essence you can we generate point 15 seconds last 20 minutes that’s actually really good that’s see better potions stoney health

potion heels 600 this is 400 okay little bunch of those alright so we got 10 straddle barks so this is just a new potted plant I could put down so like so all right and that was sponsored with 20 minutes sweet I wonder what the potions here tastes like Venice the other guy you go go away but it’s really good oh yeah oh yes son tastes amazing as vegetables and even taste it I want some now oops what the ball sack I mean that’s always a good thing if you can’t teach the vegetables right all right that’s tensed balm chicky balm to bend band wiki wiki Ranger playthrough you got the jungle key mall to a proud of you nice we got a writable side can I actually right on it label I can’t add it to the map I can’t add it to that oh that’s cool with that could change the iconic Oso enemy here don’t come here with the right stuff on it yeah but so on the map it says kappa look on the map it says kappa oh that’s cool we can write any sign we wanted there i hate Kappa hey okay let’s get our new weapons or armor rather dub satisfying desk helm of shocking shock chance it’s pretty good pretty good shock chance we gonna stay for realz fo shizzle burp oh let’s look at us sucks some kind of sucks I’ll stick with the tough and we got a new weapon we’ll see if it’s better crystal acts of shocking wow what a really really horrible item okay the one we have is way better if I just wanted to craft it anyway and then we have to make one of these comm relays oh that’s so bad alright but it’s our armors good I can’t hear it a bit oh my god I can’t I can’t that’s pretty funny whoa that our guy looks so insanely weird okay so all these potions aren’t done yet Wow okay here we are comm relay give it that device I’ll keep it safe while we travel shocking how bad the axle is shockingly what done and done now we can talk to the boob tube euro you find that high ground yet for a crappy sword no we got the helmet and things as well you know I’m slapped in the coordinates on your map it’s the highest place in the region but there’s some anomalies anomalous energy coming from it that probably means Hugo is up to something seriously though stack up before heading out I’ve got a weird feeling in my circuits what does that mean you’re gonna find something okay so we have to go to the high ground I have the high ground alright so we’ll wait till we can crap some stuff how many times you pray to Lord kappa pretty good amount all right let’s go less a gal there’s a potion can I just use potion a longevity okay all right let’s go so you can fight this fool big boss hey moo probably taboo anyway let’s make it nighttime I want to farm or wets while yeah I want to form a lance cuz we could probably get an egg and I really want that egg I have the high ground whoo all right guy my little duck pet let’s see how well he doesn’t battle I get him Doug do something just stand there don’t don’t just stand there he’s just standing there whoa some okay damage all right sure the wax oh yeah we have a high chance for turbo now though

it’s a pretty sweet hmm kill the wax is there gonna be crash that’s with the rest of stream mortuary no no more two areas for the next how much very ever Oh forever ever forever ever ever ever ever ever oh here we go oh my god there’s so many glow tapas Oh were you so much glory puss this is where we need the sign man I got to make more signs 0 1 2 4 x 6 6 lot of us here it’s really amazing i’m gonna remember this is here I got make the sign oh so good you’re the best youtube I see it especially since you upload videos recently you mean frequently every day all right we got a new thing hold on let me go click on it yeah dr. oh we’ve got a zoo global which is used to upgrade my Zug right now I’m pretty sure hi let’s go back I want to see if I can want to make a gonna make a sign forever mmm rideable sign one two three four five six seven eight nine ten what am I missing here I needs outgas art plugs Zog and kneecaps and of course is all got luck essences so we have to fight a bunch of thugs woof we can make that okay that’s why right back to where you were alright let’s put a sign down letting us know there’s load of piss berries here and I mean a lot glucose berries what are the other halls man all right glow so puss a little bus so there we go it’s always it a show goal of us there sweetness all right keep going straight up and a little to the right dark sheds dusk shards ah the thugs thugs mm-hmm lamo no one has talked a while I know man get the get the conversation going must we should count how many time you said thugs what I have to say him ok Turtles thug mugs gah we’re so strong now we’re about to fight a boss too I believe well we didn’t kill all the slugs in a way because those uggs give us the key items we need we need like a lot of the lot of their essences kind of difficult to get want to suck in these uggs whoa baby bicycles nice icles tar chill larvae like how he totally moved away from like the wampie kills me that anymore how many people think i’m gonna leave a shame i do he’s still here Aaron he said he would stay and you staying oh my god no freakin way la la la la la la what are zones which i can tell you wish i can tell you oh crap oh I’m dead I’m dead and then didn’t help me oh wow so strong so strong feels like that he’s owes so strong alright well that’s it for this episode what’s this we got a crystal throne wow it’s actually a rare item if you guys enjoyed leave a like it helps so much if we haven’t ready that subscribe button lock daily videos thanks for watching remember real live streaming twitch.tv / mr. mommy link is in the description of every single video i put up on youtube so thanks for watching i’ll see you guys next time