Destination Europa: Olympiakos – AEK Aten (S3E3)

Destination Europa is in Athens and when you think of passionated football cities you might think of Rome, Milan Sevilla or Belgrad But those cities only have two teams that fights to be the best Athens have 3 and we’ll focus on the derby, Olympiacos-AEK But we will also see what Panathinaikos has to offer Panathinaikos it was The Club with 20 league titles Thats 8 more than AEK, but 24 less than Olympiacos Normally they play here at Apostolos Nikolaidis stadium But it’s being renovated right now, and you can see why It’s, without a doubt, the most worn out and scribbled stadiums I ever visited Even if I finds that pretty nice Anyway, now they play at the Olympic Stadium, that they share with AEK, since they are buildning a new stadium Pretty messed up, but that’s normal here in Greece Presidents can walk out on the field with a gun Other presidents has problems with the justice And the economical problems comes and goes in every club Tonight Panathinaikos play against Asteras Tripolis and I think that that could be a nice warm up ahead of the big derby Look at this Feels like your walking towards your own death The last walk It’s totally dark! Hello Can I have one beer? Beer!? One?! Two?! One Why are you screaming I have been to stadiums, with one hour until kick off and it has been a better atmosphere. I must admit It’s barely anyone here I mean, we are talking about Panathinaikos! Completely empty here Five minutes ’til kickoff Not a lot of people here. I dont know if there’s a protest And to be honest, I dont even know wich side is the home fans Not a sign from them yet It’s pretty sick I thought Panathinaikos were famous for the atmosphere This is like Sunday League Nu there is a small click that has gathered under the roof But it’s hard from here to tell if it is the home ultras or like Five youth teams We keep our eyes open At least we got a goal

Now they woke up a bit And some pyro too Nah, that was one of the saddest experiences I’ve ever witnessed At halftime I asked some guys; “Where is all the fans?!” I thought Panathinaikos was a team with great support. But obviously they all go to basketball now a days I hope it gets much better tomorrow at Olympiacos-AEK Tonight it’s derby and luckily AEK isn’t the home team Then we would have to visit that booring Olympic stadium again AEKs old, or new, stadium looks like this at the moment They torn the old stadium Nikos Goumas down at 2003 because it was too worned out after the earth quakes and stuff They decided to build a new stadium and it was planned to be ready several years ago But what did I say about Greece? It’s a mess. Building stop, new presidents and eco-issues has slowed down the construction Now they say that it’s gonna be ready in 2020…. But You can see how it looks I hardly doubt that they will play football here next season And now we are here. In Piraeus and the Karaiskakis Stadium At has been Olympiacos home for over 100 yrs but as you can see it has been renovated and also Olympiacos has been forced to play a couple of seasons at the boring Olympic Stadium Now a days, this is the biggest only-football stadium in Greece It’s called The Temple and I’ve heard that it will be crazy here You don’t know how big it is until you come down to Greece You’ve heard about the derbys Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, PAOK Then there are some smaller derbys as well in Greece It’s special against Olympiacos It’s a game of life and death You don’t play that game, you just win it How it looks? People doesnt care You cant describe it It’s such a big feeling I mean, it is so, so big These clubs really hates each other. So, I mean When you go into that game you dont have any options You must win! That’s the only option And preferably smash them! To win with 2, 3 or 4 You can feel the heat You can feel it in the legs You just want to get in and go Every situation means something A throw in. A sliding tackle Everything just becomes; boom! You see people everywhere From left to right The ball boys jumps on you Stewards and everybody In Greece it’s more rough It’s a matter of life and death If you loose a derby, it’s very hard to go out in the city If you won the derby, then you were king in the city You didn’t need to pay for anything It’s on another level Normal things that happens in Greece they would have cancelled the game in Sweden But that’s normal in Greece Somebody throws a flare onto the field or maybe some guy jogs onto the field to say hi to a player or something That’s normal stuff Passion. That’s the only thing How much they love their club I met a lot of the ultras and they told me straight up To us, Olympiacos is number one And then. Family number two That says a lot of how big it is More important than their childs.s Fanatic. Passionated They will die for the club At the same time, they have grow up with this. It’s in the blood So maybe it’s something they get when their born Chaos. For real. It’s chaos It’s a big, big, circus It’s 90 min ’til kickoff and we just arrived to the stadium It’s not so much people and the atmosphere is pretty low You can’t really notice that is a derby yet Expect when we went to a bar called Bulldog It’s outside the famour Gate7 We had an interview booked but

because of the tension and what kind of guys that was there it wasn’t really a good idea to put the camera on But we asked them how they can handle to live side by side, three passionated clubs, in the same city They told us that If you are Olympiacos fan, you just live your life in Piraeus You can’t go to Filadelfi, where AEK is You don’t go there to party Not even for a coffee You stay in your part of the city and you defend it That is also a reason to a lot of violence I mean violence on a daily basis if you are in the wrong part of the city… So, well It’s a weird tension in the air, even if it’s a bit low What a show they give us Perfect arena, magic atmosphere Then that. Can’t wish for more Wow! Oh my god 2,5 minute. 1-0 to the guests They are not so happy here at the moment Quite boring first half. That early goal destroyed much It got a bit low after that Come on! Now it’s game on! And some noise in here

What kind of games do we visit 3-1 and I think it’s game over It’s a hell of an atmosphere now Wooooow! What a second half It’s flames over there Old AEK-flags are burning It’s flames that are 1-1,5 meters high What do we say about this? We can start with the stadium Of all the modern stadiums I’ve visisted, this one is the best It’s made only for football 30.000 and one etage Everything also goes in the same colors as the club. Hype! Atmosphere? Well, you notice that it’s all about emotions The pyro and the first minutes were totally magic Then AEK scores and the first half was quite boring honestly A lot of whining, booing and of course the whistles Second half starts and it gets better. 1-1 came and then 2-1 When 3-1 and 4-1 came, it was a massive atmosphere in there Overall – a top class experience!