EasyJet Flug EZY4637 Berlin nach Basel-Mulhouse Airbus A319 Start Landung Push Back 04.07.15

so please complete any final calls or Methodist formally request that you activate the flight safety on Guillermo Costa Rica beam to increase later the end using an underwater via SMS naughty before delivery need food motorcycle gentlemen once again would like to welcome you on board it’s easy jet suits of a fly mm the flight time this afternoon will be an hour in 10 minutes would like to extend a special welcome to all the easy just press card holders if you’d like any information about this card please feel free to ask my name is that you I will be your travel manager on board to do in the Covino fine with me cha-cha-cha ma sure let our fun began were all here to make your journey safe and comfortable if you require anything just ask tuition excellence $5.00 portable electronic devices may be used on board if they’re in the flight segments please turn on the phytate mode now or switch off your device for the duration of the flight handheld devices may be used in flight Edberg for takeoff and land but laptops must be safely stone can you understand Roger I need I’m a parent neither I’m on the cover synthetic artificial bodies as easy judge who cilantro basil different side eldunari target ID restaurants a little my name is Mukesh in the Heidegger flock lighter I thought there’s a better hand a sentence ish in that opinion by Nicole Nagin Tyra Whitney afar nurse LG own Thomas when Hinton’s ensure that all won’t Miguel there’s an Iraqi army militia on Angie name’s Chris thousand files again I advise that so by pardon Clinton became a successful intervention in engineering ask your attention while we take you through the safety procedures of this aircraft a safety card is in your seat pocket showing the exit routes oxygen masks life jackets and brace position that you must adopt if you hear brace brace there are two emergency exits at the rear for in the middle and two at the front of the cabin on floor lighting will guide you to an exit please be aware that your nearest exit may be behind you in an emergency the old cabin baggage on board your seat belt is fastened adjusted and released as shown it must be fasten the seat belt signs are on and we recommend that you keep it fastened at all times if the air supply fails masks will drop from above Allah mask towards you to start the oxygen for the mesons man hold in place with the strap pull on each side to adjust put on your own mask before helping others if we land on water remove the lifejacket from under your seat put it over your head ask the tapes around your waist click together and pull the strap to adjust do not inflate it inside the aircraft when outside inflate by pulling the tongue if it fails to inflate or needs topping up blow into the tube there is a light and whistle for attracting attention we also carry flotation aids for children your seatback must now be upright tray tables stowed armrests down window blinds open and seat belt fastened we wish you a pleasant flight with easy


you the Dolomites including which is a visible we expected their video point of the floor cops mr. muunour society would do in Lesson four any ladies and gentlemen we will shortly be landing I’m sure your cabin baggage is safely stowed laptops must now be switched off and stowed safely Haven your baggage please ensure that you’ll see fattest upright tray tables are rest down you need to be seated with your seatbelt fastened already along elbows by hand again so magazine what to take with the toilets

ladies gentlemen welcome to puzzles that have improvers shortly believing there’s it switched on first of all electronic devices for messaging calls our internet may not be used please make sure that you take all your personal belongings have us do take care when openings of markers is anything falls out smoking is not permitted until you reach a designated smoking area thank you for choosing to fly with us today on behalf of the captain and the crew it certainly has been a pleasure being of service to go to this flight we will shortly be handing you over to our current agent so the available to assist you if you need any further help from us inside the terminal thank you and have a good weekend here in vessel my needle 10 health issue common in Basel the covenient visits negative Christian militia as for the vampire of carbon thousands of film the emergency yet are beaten loss and anger and is not supplied envisage question with large size and how special this hog barn again generated currency bit after them be that target be selfish that initial thought magazine that Hagen is asked in ID and escapism how the – cash started fiddling that decision and she will have imperative it was a vegan the orphan that even in a low-key allopathic even at a desk Lakota dentists also nationally in an idle to share on al-qaeda revitalize adventure plantation insurance for one and enter