MICHIGAN PUBLIC LAND CHALLENGE! – Day 3: Back After the Bucks!

we are hunting a booner boys. did you hear that? Uh-huh A spike is a Michigan 11 pointer dude. That’s true Look at these birds! stop! you gotta film this. They’re drying out What a weird creature he said this is exactly where all the deer are and it’s exactly how we’re set up let’s see the shirt there Dan we studied some maps and there’s a way to come in from the top side up here and we’re gonna try that today it’s kind of interesting because we’ve seen so many deer between me and Joe we’re pretty excited about this spot and then we ran into a local down the other parking lot and he told us uh straight out where we were hunting he’s like oh that’s a great spot right here is where all the deer come on me he was spot on didn’t you think so? Yeah he pointed out your spot and my spot right right without being coached so it probably does start getting some pressure so we probably gotta get in there and kill him today (wind) so Joe’s buck is uh over here someplace at least it was yesterday I’m gonna go it on in here with a little dip is by those pine trees is where that big buck popped out yesterday and some does are coming out and there’s little knobs sticking off over there while actually it’s a little off draw but the sides are like knobs I’m sure that sort of bedding there’s good rub lines coming out of that into the forest that we seen and I think everything’s come from there in here as far as Bucks go and I’ve got a good shot I think I’d like you to stay here till we’re set up I’ll text you in case you bump something Yep, sounds good. We’ll hold up Let’s go Tim! good luck 91 percent chance still? 91 yeah cuz Dan was 90 I’m always a little more optimistic than the big buck serial killer (laughs) (driving noise) Just out there miserable Just soaking it all up (road noises) They’re up moving around Ted yeah they are. They’re up on your feet it’s only 11 o’clock on the thirty. better get in there huh? yeah better get in on ’em don’t do it we’re heading to a spot that Aaron scouted yesterday so saw a bunch of Bucks out here so I’m gonna slip up in their grill and probably kill one tonight that’s the plan You seem pretty confident in yourself I’m confident in your scouting. this is why they’re all up in those fields we’ve got all the deer pushed up real high on the fields and then the beans (walking / leaves crunching) It’s about one o’clock right now we are heading back into a spot that Aaron scouted yesterday just drove around it and saw a lot of deer and a couple of nice bucks so as you can tell we got the waders on we’re probably gonna go through some real deep waters this river back here is flooded obviously and it’s got a lot of the deer pushed up close to these fields so we’re gonna work our way back here try and swing around them with the wind and get set up on something good should get in some action tonight cuz we’ve been seeing a ton of deer out here hopefully we don’t go over these waders Dan and Joe are nice enough to let us use them so hopefully they keep us dry tonight should be interesting (water noises) (insects / birds) Doe and a fawn wasn’t it? Yeah may have been 2 little ones They’re just out here running around it looks like

(insects/birds) I think we’re gonna get one tonight yeah I think we got a good chance if we can get set up back here Thought maybe a buck was chasing her You never know Bought had to shoot one in self-defense right there we’re starting to get into a bunch of acorns right here you can see right here some pretty fresh ones so probably just start running into some sign hopefully we’re not terrible far from where we wanted to get set up see what sign tells us set up accordingly (walking) so Dan just called and they’re all set up or getting set up it sounds like he’s got a big rub line actually coming up by him right where he saw that good buck come on so that’s pretty sweet and we’re gonna slide down this edge we don’t want to go too far it seemed like everything eventually worked its way to the edge so with the wind and everything we’re playing it just right so we’re just gonna take our time think this through and get in the right tree is it weird that I never look right into the camera? I don’t either, it freaks me out all them viewers looking back at you (birds) that’s a heck of a trail I’m almost eyeballing that it puts us a little..that one? yeah, no that cherry tree. Is that what it is back in there? or this wouldn’t be bad either huh but see then you got the next thing you get a more mature animal he just sits down there tucked in until it’s dark dark we’re putting ourselves back in a similar position the last night just too far You’ll always regret it if you don’t go with your gut. Mmm-hmmm. Ok good point I could see more of mature animal coming down from that thick stuff than this little crappy point here I just I’m going through everything I think to get to it we got to climb in this hole and come in like that huh If we go past might be Bad News Bears (wind) (insects) so the spare that I just clipped my arrows into a spare or spare arrow there’s a little product that I came up with the problem I kept having was I had nowhere to put my quiver and every time you needed a second shot the quiver was around the back of the tree or somewhere where I couldn’t easily get an arrow so for a while I would just drill my quiver brackets into the side of the platform and with these newer stands I where there’s new lone Wolf’s and with Dan’s stand you don’t want to do that so it’s just a convenient way to have your quiver ready to go we got them on the Beast’s Gear site check them out it fits a lot of different brackets like the tight spot the quickie Alpine archery anything with that traditional distance of holes like what you’d have on the side of your bow that’s your plug of the day plug of the day from the public land field in Michigan I really don’t know why you wouldn’t want one So we finally got set up here we took our time it’s about two o’clock exactly two o’clock you’re sitting pretty good the trail that that buck came out on last night this right below me like 15 yards so if he does that again we’re good but we wanted to get down in this corner because we feel like that’s where the majority of the deer gonna come up out of which is what they did last night so as long as our wind doesn’t get us and Dan is on the inside corner of the end of the field and his wind is a little weird for us too but it’s kind of an all-or-nothing situation we think the pressure is gonna be in here this weekend so it should be a nice close shot if they do the same thing this guy here bumped this deer on the way in. Did the old bump and dump and smacked him. Pretty cool! (insects) just getting to a tree right now. I figured this is our best setup because the bucks that Aaron saw last night worked along the edge of this field over here if they stay up on top they’re gonna come right through like 10-15 yards but they might swing down low it be out of range but we’ll still see him there’s also a lot of bedding back behind us here and something might come through there’s no APR here so they better watch their six (natural noises)

Well we’re set up in the tree here both me and Aaron are in saddles and this bean field out here we’re in a little bit of woods and then there’s thicker bedding back this way lots of trails back here looking like leading out into this field Aaron saw those deer right along the edge over here yesterday they came in right here to like…well they came in right to this corner somewhere our wind is blowing straight out in this field it’s kinda right on the edge of where they might smell us so might be tough but got to sit right here it seems like so that’s a chance we got to take there’s turkeys already out in the field I saw a buck it’s all little buck or a doe come out to the edge of the field right when I was seting this platform but Aaron thinks they’re either bedding back in here in the timber or back behind us in this thicker brushy stuff either way we think we’re right in the middle where something might show up or and not that tonight so temperatures should drop in it should be a good night (water sloshing) It’s freaking raining again wasn’t supposed to rain so I didn’t bring my rain gear that was almost bad that was almost real bad this giant burm flat we hunted this last night except we hunted way over here so we’re gonna come over here we got a different wind you see that tree right there that big tall tree is a big oak tree and we hope it’s dropping acorns because that back there is swamp everything behind us is swamp so they’re gonna be walking this edge and we’re gonna hopefully catch some of them come in from the swamp to grab a bite to eat in the acorns but what they don’t know is that two saddle hunters will be there ready to let the air out of both of their lungs it is really really windy we’re set up on the edge of the swamp what’s funny is we’re only about 380 yards from the road we just OnXed it and straight-line distance we’re only a little less than 400 yards from the road but to get there we had to go through a mile and a half a crap and that 400 yards is all private so we’re right up against private on public on a swamp edge the wind is howling man there it is howlin’ hard Luckily Zach gave me his lucky hat so feeling good (wind) you think so you see the spike behind it Oh where are they going? (insects / wind) they’re out earlier tonight aren’t they? Much earlier Couple fawns they’re both fawns. I think so (insects) They keep looking back, maybe mom’s gonna come out (indistinct talking) (insects) I’m glad to see deer out it’s boosting confidence. Especially this early yeah this cold snaps got to have them pretty excited (insects) And back in they go (insects) that one sure looks like the one from the other night is that a smaller spike? he’s posturing If that one comes down there he’s getting it (insects)

(turkeys yelping/gobbling) (wind) Maybe they’ll run this way (insects) We just had a buck out in the field at like 75 yards or something but like big spike or fork horn or something but our winds been blowing out and straight out into the field Aaron saw those bucks over here somewhere but we figured we’d be alright if the wind was blowing straight out the middle the field we think he came out to our left out of this bedding and then worked this way I ended up getting right in our wind and so hopefully one comes right on this trail right here or else it’s gonna be tough (insects) that’s probably about gonna do it for us tonight I have to get down here soon we’re almost at a camera light but you know the conditions have been really tough here though for the for the last few days here in Michigan you can’t really blame Michigan for that I feel like Michigan gets a bad rap as far as hunting pressure and the antler size of their animals but you can’t really blame Michigan for the weather that’s for sure and I know if we keep at it we’ll get one down there’s just too much good habitat here for these white tails to thrive so they’re here we just need mother nature to cooperate a little bit and quit kicking us in the teeth and we can make it happen so we’re gonna keep at it keep a good attitude the only thing we can really control is our attitude and our effort so we’re gonna keep trying hard keep a good attitude and we’ll make happen So we’re getting to the last half-hour so far it’s been kind of rough there was two fawns that wanted to come out and I think mama was back in the woods and I think she was smelling Dan and Tim so eventually I mean I believe she was just inside the woods eventually she went back in I’m assuming and then took the fawns with her and then a little while later three different bucks came out all like one and a half year olds and Dan said I guess a tree fell over over there and they all took off back in we’ve had nothing in front of us like I expected but our wind is kind of sketchy so it’s just be a bad deal, bad setup but we got a half hour the thing I keep thinking about to is Dan saw that good buck last night at last last light so just because we’re not seeing him right now doesn’t mean he’s not coming out yet I’m just being a negative Nelly I guess (wind) I think that’s my boy you know that’s just some bigger fork that ain’t the ones from last night there’s one way down by Dan that’s one of those spikes is it okay have a hard time seeing (wind) so it looks like that’s about it we’ve got a lot of deer on the field behind us I think the total of like 15 or 16 or 17 four of them are bucks they’re all one and half year olds it looks like nothing of substantial size or anything it’s really windy the whole night but now it’s kind of calm a lot of deer though it’s impressive from the rumors I’ve heard. did you get him? no Tim wanted ’em so bad he threw his camera at ’em Really? couldn’t throw an arrow at ’em though huh? He launched his camera all the way out of that tree did you really yeah how bad is it? it’s not bad. Works yet? Luckily! I got too excited we saw so many deer

yeah here in Michigan! I feel like I’m in Iowa. We don’t see that many in Iowa Did you see all those things out there? Could you see that far? Oh yeah they were everywhere The only one that didn’t come was the big one His rubs this high up all around me though. hmm very weird right where I saw him come out yesterday should’ve been there yesterday I guess so yeah cuz even that tall two-year-old didn’t come out he might have been right back in here in our wind was going like that so that the older ones only tolerate so much yesterday we harassed them. Yeah we had four bucks out by us and a bunch of does. Four? Yeah what’s the biggest one look like? Fork? I couldn’t see ’em really I could see a little cage nothing I’d shoot. Could be a year and a half Alright! Time to eat! (music)