АЛТАЙ – ЗЕМЛЯ СНЕЖНОГО БАРСА [Дикая Сибирь] ИРБИСФИЛЬМ. Altay – the land of snow leopard. Altai.

Altai highland. Here lives one of the most mysterious animals in the world, the snow leopard On these ridges, he moves in search of prey or his second half. Irbis is a secretive and cautious beast, but a man is smarter than him People learned to mine the snow leopard, although in ancient times the snow leopard was considered a sacred animal Today there are very few snow leopards left. Will mankind be able to save the highest mountain cat in the world from extermination? In Russia, in the south of Siberia, is the northernmost border of the global range of irbis Since 2010, the World Wildlife Fund, together with specially protected natural territories, has been engaged in leopard research here We are in the territory of the Salyugem National Park, here we have set traps, now we will check them Installing a photo and video camera, or camera trap, is not an easy task. The main thing is to determine the place where the snow leopard may pass Discovered a territorial label. The snow leopard comes to make a urinary point, rubs his cheek. Passes along the ridge and goes It can be a stone or a rock, where the leopards leave their so-called territorial marks Such places are also called irbis mailboxes, so the leopards leave information for each other Experts say that the smell of leopards can distinguish between individuals, that there was one or another male or female A group of inspectors and researchers are sent to one of the most inaccessible areas of the park – the Argut cluster Back in the nineties of the last century, it was noted in scientific circles that the Argut group of the snow leopard is the largest, but by the beginning of the 21st century the irbis almost disappeared from these places Getting a snow leopard was a great success for local hunters. For one skin poacher received an unheard of fee After collecting data from camera traps, photos and videos are processed and carefully studied The regional center is the mountain village of Kosh-Agach. It is in this region of the Altai Republic that the largest number of snow leopards are recorded throughout the northern habitat of the snow leopard

Every year in Kosh-Agach there is a children’s holiday “Land of the Snow Leopard” I want to believe that, as adults, none of these guys will raise a hand on the irbis and other rare animals This man’s name is Mergen In the nineties, he tracked down and hunted snow leopards in the Altai Mountains to feed his family Now he is actively involved in the conservation and study of the leopard Alexey gives Mergen another task: he must collect excrement of snow leopards, mountain goats and Siberian musk deer for genetic analysis Argut, or Kurkure, is the most remote village in the Altai Mountains You can get here only on an all-terrain vehicle In winter, the road is completely impassable. People here live exclusively on livestock and hunting Mergen’s father, Bachimdai, says that it is impossible to take too much from nature He has repeatedly seen abandoned carcasses of preyed animals, from which commercial hunters take away only trophy horns You look at a bun in the fall, kill him completely, kill him by the horns, and throw the rest It is not possible to watch … by the horns, why kill Bachimdai very well knows the habits of animals and birds, knows the places of transitions of irbis, mountain goats, deer He transferred all his knowledge and experience to his son The name “Mergen” is translated as “hunter.” Now we are heading to the places where Mergen spent most of his life He walks a lot, observes and finds the places visited by the snow leopard This is where Mergen installs cameras Mergen says that by leaving urinary points and wool on stones, irbies tell about themselves to their brethren A few years ago, Mergen smiled luck He managed to remove a female snow leopard with two kittens These pictures gave hope, but the irreparable happened! In nature, everything is interconnected. Next to the snow leopard is a large number of animals and birds Here are Siberian mountain goats, this is the main food of the leopard Red deer irbis also attack, but less often. In the spring, when food is scarce, the leopard likes to feast on marmots Encounters with bears rybis tries to avoid The wild cat manul is a relative of the snow leopard Musk deer – the smallest hoofed – deserves special attention Unfortunately, this species has been almost completely destroyed due to the healing properties of musk glands of male musk deer A lot of traps and loops are put on the musk deer, the snow leopard becomes their victim

The problem with musk deer is related to sales markets Now there is a huge demand for kabarzhinskuyu jet and the price is high Due to this, many go to the taiga to harvest musk deer, and this very little deer will soon be completely destroyed everywhere One of the most effective methods is to eliminate demand, we must not fight with poachers who are very difficult to catch, there are many of them in the taiga, but to stop buying, This requires the inclusion of musk deer in the regional red books and the inclusion in the list of derivatives prohibited from circulation What would be for it was established criminal liability What is turnover? This is a purchase, this is a sale, this is storage, transportation and so on The loop is a brutal murder weapon Snow leopards are victims of human greed, greed and permissiveness The female Vita and her two kittens died from poaching loops set on musk deer I say why kill musk deer Now musk deer has become less To preserve musk deer in the wild, employees of nature reserves, national and natural parks conduct raids to eliminate poaching loops In some territories, the number of loops taken is in the hundreds and more This is not all fishing gear that can be detected And did people hunt snow leopards in ancient times? Sergey Kireev archaeologist: – There are no archaeological evidence of a leopard hunt What we should say, we see leopard bones on the settlements, we see leopard leopards in the burials of the settlements or remnants of skins, we do not see it As an archaeologist, I say that there is no archaeological evidence of a snow leopard hunt Our distant ancestors charmed snow leopards. These animals were considered inviolable The famous of a noble Scythian woman, who is called the “Princess of Ukok”, has a snow leopard tattoo on her shoulder We open the canopy, and here it is the famous tattoo The image of feline predators: tigers, leopards were quite often in the Scythian culture from the Black Sea coast to the Altai,

especially in Altai in the rock art in such functional things The leopard is a symbol of valor, courage is strength and he was such a magical object of amulet that protected this warrior and gave him this strength of leopard What is humanity doing to save the snow leopard from extermination? An international conference is being held in Altai, in the very center of Eurasia Representatives of the countries where this spotted predator lives, gathered to discuss the problems of conservation and research of the irbis Famous American scientist Rodney Jackson proposed a new method for studying it Rodney Jackson says that in order to save the snow leopard, cooperation between Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China is necessary Talking about the preservation of the snow leopard will lead to nothing, Rodney Jackson repeats, if we do not close the gap between the poor and the rich The poor are forced to kill animals for their own survival, the rich – for fun and pleasure The conference is attended by brothers and Anchi and Mikhail Akchina, local guides, and inspectors of the Ak-ChelusPa Nature Park They managed to get amazing and unique pictures of the snow leopard in the basin of the Bashkaus river Chikhachev Ridge. The transboundary snow leopard grouping lives here Irbis easily cross the border of Russia and Mongolia, for them there are no administrative barriers Perhaps this fact saved the snow leopard from complete extermination in the Altai Sergey Spitsyn has been studying the snow leopard for more than ten years; he was the first to get his photo in these places Sergey will explore several mountain gorges in the Russian part of the Chikhachyov Range Together with his assistant Roman, he is sent to check the camera traps set at a height of more than three and a half thousand meters above sea level At this height, nature creates dense snow cornices that literally seal photo traps. The top layer of snow has become a dense firn Researchers are waiting for another not very pleasant surprise. Someone is trying to damage the camera Wolverine gnawed through the camera and bit off the antenna Wolverine walks the same paths as the snow leopard It can be called the food competitor of the snow leopard, because it often takes away its prey This time the wolverine damaged five cameras mounted on different ridges The problems do not end there. Frost on a mountain river froze the camera

They got the camera, it will still work Each expedition is fraught with difficulties and dangers But researchers manage to get new data on the number of snow leopards Last night in the mountains, tomorrow the researchers return to the mainland The snow leopard is a beautiful and proud beast He never attacks a man Thanks to the efforts of many people here, in the mountains of Southern Siberia, the snow leopard has a chance to survive Previously, mountain goats were small and there were no leopards, but now mountain goats have appeared and the leopard has appeared