Gundam Build Divers-Episode 5: Holy Land of Perisia(EN,TW,KR,FR,IT,TH,HK sub)

Hey, Yukki Are we ever going to get there? We’ve been walking forever Wouldn’t it have been better to come here in our Gunpla? Like I said, the Perisia Area is a neutral zone No battles, and depending on your rank, you can’t even bring Gunpla We have no choice but to walk But why? It looks so close on the map Momo What’s this? One, ten, hundred, thousand One to a million?! A million? Wait, so 1 cm is 10 km This is over 10 cm so That’s more than 100 km! That’s impossible to walk What now? Yukki I-I don’t know You don’t have a backup plan? Something’s coming It’s a car! Hey! Help us! No, give us a ride! What are you doing out here? Well We’re…stranded? Oh W-Wait, hold on! Don’t leave us! (Holy Land of Perisia) You were trying to walk to Perisia? That’s just foolish Do you even know how far it is? We didn’t take a good look at the map We’re still beginners You know, it’s tough to cross this desert even in a Gunpla If you don’t make it sandproof, sand could get into your Gunpla and render it inoperative You know a lot I guess so Anyway, you really saved us Thank you – Umm – Ayame Thank you, Miss Ayame Don’t worry You’re paying for this ride anyway I’m joking This is delicious And there’re so many Gunpla It’s amazing! They’re all built so well too Perisia is considered a Mecca for Gunpla builders Builders from around the world display their work here They gather here to improve their building skills They show each other their Gunpla and exchange techniques for the ultimate Gunpla building Wouldn’t it be better to show your Gunpla in real life? But GBN has Gunpla from overseas, and you can meet the builders too I wanted to show you this place, Riku I mean, you’ve been working so hard on building lately Yukki!

What a great friend you are! Well actually, I’ve always wanted to come here myself She’s gone Miss Ayame? Where’d she go? Continue to watch that boy He’s a beginner who just started GBN So why? I trimmed down the model to the limit, so it can hold the weapon like this and still stand I equipped it with a multi-color LED unit Gorgeous, huh? All the Gunpla are so elaborate Well, only the most accomplished builders gather here Hey, look at that What’s this Gunpla? It’s a 1/100 Gundam that was sold in the early days This Gunpla has no joints in its waist or ankles You couldn’t battle properly with this Yeah Did he build it? What a pity That you can’t understand the beauty of this work But I appreciate it I see that this Gunpla was not built to fight battles And I also understand how much love the builder poured into this Gunpla – Love? – Love? That’s right. Love! It’s their philosophy and passion to build an old kit as beautifully as possible with minimal mods If that’s not love, then what is? You mean the builder rekindled the charm of an old kit? Precisely The appeal of that Gunpla is that it’s polished an old kit without losing its charm Old and new, every Gunpla has its own merits Winning in battle isn’t everything You can realize your own ideals That’s another appeal of Gunpla, and GBN, where you can share those feelings Its own merits Your own ideals Riku, that Gunpla is so warm I get it Excuse me, would you mind taking a look at our Gunpla? Sure thing Let me size up the love you’ve put into them I see Each Gunpla was built according to certain philosophy and ideals There’s love However you lack the building skills to materialize those ideals You might be setting your aims too high Listen to you, sounding like a know-it-all I guess your Gunpla must be really impressive, right? Care to see them? Petit’gguys So cute! But what’s so great about them? Can’t you see? The love I have poured into these Petit’gguys? They’re definitely built really well Down to the finest details Petit’gguys have few parts and are easy to build, so it’s hard to make them unique But each of these Petit’gguys has unique expressions and gestures It’s like they’re really alive in this world They look so happy Hey, you guys! I just heard! Shahryar is going to reveal his newest Gunpla Shahryar? He’s here? Yukki, who’s Shahryar? You don’t know? He’s the number one or two Gunpla builder in GBN Look This work won last year’s GBN Builders Contest And Mr. Shahryar is the one who built it Wow, it’s so detailed Yeah, even I can tell He’s legendary People say he might be a world-class modeler in real life You’re giving too much credit There still isn’t enough love Hey, Magee Those kids you introduced to me were pretty interesting A promising bunch So Tigerwolf of Toraburyu has taken a liking They’re quite impressive So what are they up to now? They went to Perisia, so they can get better at building Perisia?! Don’t tell me they’re looking for Shahryar No! Don’t let them meet that pretentious building snob! Just thinking about him makes my blood boil

I’m hanging up! Gosh, he doesn’t have to hate him so much But I’m worried Rumors say that Mass-Divers have been appearing in Perisia lately What a huge crowd Goes to show how famous Mr. Shahryar is Yukki, have you seen this Shahry guy? No, Mr. Shahryar rarely appears in public Ah, a mysterious top builder That sounds cool He’s here! It’s Mr. Shahryar! That’s the legendary builder…Shahryar…? That man is Builders who’ve gathered in Perisia, attention, please! We will reveal the latest work of the legendary builder Shahryar Behold, Mr. Shahryar’s new creation! The title of the work is “Going Beyond Good and Evil Through Diversity of Armament.” A-A Xamdrag? I-I don’t know what to say It looks nothing more than a hodgepodge of weapons You idiot! It’s Mr. Shahryar’s work It should be thought of as avant-garde art I see, avant-garde art He sure is sublime He’s elevated Gunpla into an art form What is that? I don’t feel any love from it If you’d like to learn the techniques behind Mr. Shahryar’s newest work, please gather outside the city Of course, you’ll need to show us your own Gunpla data Let us improve our building skills together I don’t really get it Riku! Watch what you say Well I don’t really understand art But that guy said earlier That in Gunpla, you’ll find the builder’s philosophy and ideals It’s not about how well it’s built I don’t feel anything from that Gunpla There’s no affection or respect for the Xamdrag To use that guy’s words it lacks love What is this? Kind of lame, no? It’s fine, it’s filled with everyone’s love What are you talking about? Are you criticizing Mr. Shahryar’s work? It’s not like that W-We’re sorry He’s still a beginner You don’t understand anything about Mr. Shahryar Very well. I’ll teach you all there is about Gunpla building – Come with me – Wait Just come It’s her That’s not a Gunpla built by Shahryar Wh-What are you saying? That is without a doubt Mr. Shahryar’s work Then have that Gunpla move The seasoned builders here could easily tell from its movement if it’s genuine or not Let’s see how this overloaded Gunpla maneuvers Come on, show us W-Well What, you can’t? Then you’re a fraud Leave this city at once What happened to those imposters? They scurried off I guess Shahryar wouldn’t build that But you called it avant-garde art Miss Ayame Thanks for helping us It’s not like I saved you guys But I’m still grateful I want to thank you too Me too Miss Ayame Would you like to take a look around with us? I’d like to talk about Gunpla– I decline I don’t care for socializing Oh dear She sure is lacking Yes That wasn’t part of your job We got a complaint But they tried to harm my target Whatever the reason, the client is always right Make sure to tie up any loose ends Riku, want to log out now? Good idea OK Launching a Gunpla here? Riku, look! That’s…Miss Ayame? Why does that Gunpla have her? Maybe it’s payback for what she did Yukki, let’s save her We can’t We didn’t bring our Gunpla

Hey, guys If you’d like, you can borrow my Gunpla I brought one to display in this city Really? Thank you so much But why lend us your precious Gunpla? Oh, let’s just say I’m acting on a whim This Gunpla Darn it Our plan to masquerade as Shahryar and steal the builders’ customization techniques is ruined Bro, you think those brats will come save her? Of course not Saving me will do them no good They’re here A spaceship? That Gunpla is The Ptolemaios? But that size A backpack booster? Momo, Sarah We’ll draw the enemy’s attention You two get Miss Ayame Got it! I’ll control, so Riku, you focus on firing OK They’re coming Little twerps! Time for your punishment Darn! You think a sloppy attack like that will hit us? Go! Why do we keep getting hit? Way to go, Riku It’s not me, it’s the Gunpla’s performance This machine truly is amazing It has extraordinary precision Even the slightest imperfection in a 1/144 Gunpla becomes a major defect in a 1/1 scale Gunpla Battle That’s why they say the build determines a Gunpla’s performance This thing is in my way How dare you Hey, use our ace in the hole Roger Yukki, evade What are you doing? Use our ace in the hole Th-The thing is the joints are stuck with sand Now the armor won’t open up What?! – Go! – Go! This can’t be! – We did it! – We did it! Why did you come? Because you helped us in the desert No Riku would’ve saved you no matter who you were Riku, the enemy That’s Who would’ve thought that you’d make me use my greater ace in the hole I didn’t know he was a Mass-Diver He’s coming How’s that? – His mobility improved – Hang in there Until they reach safety That’s Shame, huh? You talk about precision, but that means nothing in the face of brute strength You shall pay for making a fool of me I’m the one who was made a fool of Using my name like that Who are you? I heard that an imposter of mine appeared, so I came to Perisia Then, of course, he’s a Mass-Diver Don’t tell me…you’re the real Such shallow thinking Trying to become strong by manipulating data instead of improving your building skills You deserve ten thousand deaths! Seravee! – What’s that? – That’s That Gunpla I know it It’s the Gunpla of GBN’s number one builder, Mr. Shahryar! Seravee Gundam Scheherazade, Shahryar Destroying target I’ll win my reputation by defeating Shahryar’s Gunpla A GN Field! That’s not all How pitiful You misuse malicious power, yet you’re weak

So let me show you the real deal Th-That’s It transformed And combined! What you see here is the true form of Shahryar’s Gunpla I don’t really get it, but it’s cool I-It looks so strong Adding a hodgepodge of stuff won’t do the trick Yes, just having attachments isn’t what you need So you understand Your Gunpla is not beautiful That’s right. It lacks love! I-It’s…beautiful In the end love conquers all, doesn’t it? I can’t believe you’re the real Mr. Shahryar Call me Shahry It’s an honor to meet you! And we were even able to ride your Gunpla That Gunpla really was incredible Thanks So you guys want to get better at Gunpla building? – Yes! – Yes! Then why don’t you join my force? – Love of Gunpla– – Hold up! Mr. Tiger! Shahry, I’m looking after these kids So you stay out of this Riku, Yukki, join Toraburyu I’ll make you into true pros If you join the martial-arts freaks, your brains will turn to muscle What did you say? Is there a problem? Riku, Yukki Which force are you going to join? Umm I’m sorry, I won’t be joining either – What? – Why not? Just like how you two have your own styles, I want to find my own style and strength So I’m going to start our own force Yukki, Momo, Sarah Let’s form our own force Riku Yeah, let’s do it! Count me in Let’s form our force The Break Decal I sent you is more powerful than the old ones I’ll try my best to keep it under control A world like this should break apart I said we’d form a force, but what do I actually do? It’s easy! Go to the counter, complete the application. Done! Members are: me, Yukki, Sarah, Momo I hope we can get a few more And someone experienced I’d like someone who can teach us more about Gunpla Battle Or more techniques for building Gunpla Next Episode Past and Future This is how it looks when you battle by controlling actual Gunpla