How it feels to see land after 15 days at sea! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 108

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how different the ocean can be Just like a day or two ago, we were getting beaten down with massive waves– waves crashing onto the boat And now, it’s chill man [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [SINGING] Ramukanji ramu liki ramu Qole ramu soso, gam tu ram si male, gam tu ram si male, male Ramukanji, ramu liki ramu Qole ramu soso, gam tu ram si male, gam tu ram si male, male ra Onetox represent solomon Island people see, we people styles original, from my homeland Like my old man say there’s nothin impossible, so we have to bring this message to me brother lyrical Straight from the crew, out to the blue, we represent the voices of my ancestors calling Previously, on Delos All right, so it is our sixth night at sea There is some sort of a gnarly system catching up to us quickly This is some crazy weather we are having here And we have these big waves, crashing over us Whoa That was big time! You should see Brian’s face like as the wave is going, oh, my God, that’s going to be big The wind is dying Yeah Just as suspected [MUSIC PLAYING] So it’s sunny day today But I have never experienced so much salt on the boat Like literally every millimeter of the boat is like, has like a layer of salt on it Look at all that salt It’s the first time we’ve been outside in a while, hey? Yeah What’s going on, Brady? Oh, my hair is getting all ratty tatted up Ew, what do you have in there? What do you mean? It’s a dread No, it’s like dandruff, or something Oh, yeah, that’s just– oh, that’s just dandruff [LAUGHING] It’s like crumbs That’s what I’m going to name my kid, if I ever have a son, I’m going to name him Dandruff Dandruff Yo, Dandruff, get over here I’ve been wearing this same exact thing for about seven days [INAUDIBLE], I’ve just worn the same jersey, I think, since the day I got to this boat Only been washed once in probably like a month or so I’d love to have a shower [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE CHATTER] Kiril talking about girls again I’m like, dude You always catch me with the camera [MUSIC – CHIBA, “TAKE TIME TO BREATHE”] [SINGING] Take time to breathe Allow the life of sin Let it move and expand, your first act as man We’re going all in for the shot, baby Check it out We’ve got the GoPro on the end of a pole, gorilla tape to the boat hook And then we’re going to clip ourselves to the boat Oh, both of you are going out For safety This is all– And then we’re going to go film the underside of the boat [MUSIC PLAYING] You look exhausted, bro Dude, that thing has so much pull on it And I keep putting it in the water like this, and the boat hook just flexes like that And it’s like, oh And it smashes your fingers all up But I think we got some shots, and we’ll check them out Can you see how fresh I look? Yeah I had the most unbelievable shower Yeah, in the captain’s bathroom And the window– the little window was open– and I had the most flawless sunset while I got to shower, like I’ve never– I can’t say I’ve ever had the chance to do that But look at it That’s what I had the pleasure of looking at while I scrubbed myself down

Feeling like a million bucks, [INAUDIBLE] You’re like a new man Yeah We’re motoring along and right on course It’s pretty sweet We even got the little back-up autopilot working R2-D2– the backup autopilot’s in the house It’s a noisy little thing though Look at it go Go back and check this out We have this little island over here There’s Reunion We are 550 nautical miles So we’re looking at an arrival about four-day’s time Black I’m so excited to see land And just run around on it and appreciate it for how still it is So it’s almost six o’clock in the morning I just had a cup of Nyponsoppa, and I’m going to bed Hopefully, Dillon will have a good sunrise And that there is one of the most beautiful moonsets that I’ve ever seen It’s glowing I mean, I know it’s on night vision now But up there is glowing as if it was the sun coming up Coming in on the opposite side to the moon setting We’re at the start of sunrise It’s going to be a good day, today [MUSIC PLAYING] The weather has calmed down We’re motoring In I think we have– how long until the wind comes back– like 10 hours or something? Yeah, something like that They’re going to try and get this furler motor apart, and see if we can get it going A few days ago, the furler motor for the jib stopped working So Brian is just trying to hook up the furling system, like a manual furling system for the [INAUDIBLE] Because although this is working OK, it’s a lot more convenient to push the button Let’s see if we can do this without dropping any parts in the ocean There’s no water in there That’s a good sign So the next thing we’ll probably do is just check the voltage here at the terminals Now that I’ve got the case off, I can put a volt meter right on it OK, can you furler in for three seconds, please The voltage is still good on both sides So we’ve got to figure out why that is On one side, it sounds like it is spinning, but it’s struggling a little bit Says she smells something burnt Someone cooking something OK, go ahead and go downstairs, and see if you can find it Karin’s got a nose like a hawk Do hawks have good noses?

I don’t know She can smell anything Like a fox A nose like a fox So I think what I’ll do now is I’ll switch the wires, and see if the voltage, the low voltage, follows the terminal on the motor That way, we’ll figure out if it’s the motor or if it’s the relays downstairs OK, furler in continually Furling in It’s never straight forward, you know? Hm-hm I think I might pull the motor off and take a look at the brushes in the cockpit, though Otherwise, it’s all looking good eh, bro? Yeah, I mean the brushes look good The commutator is clean Like none of the windings look burnt So I think we see something I don’t if you can see that wire right there But see how it’s moving And it’s kind of sometimes making contact There you go, yeah And sometimes not, so see how it’s– I don’t know if it was supposed to be soldered or what But that one should be connected to that wire right there Yeah This one, which goes to this brush And I think that is a connection that may have been sometimes making contact and sometimes not I put some electrical tape on that because it looks like the insulation has just gotten old and cracked So I think we’re going to just try it for the next couple of days and see But it was spinning before, so give it a shot, yeah OK Are you ready to pull? Uh-huh Coming out Cool So remember what Brian said about my hawk/fox nose Well, this was the thing I could smell So what happened there, [INAUDIBLE] Looks like this Iridium is plugged into the 12-volt outlet down here And the cord completely just– the charging port completely fucking– Holy shit –Melted It destroyed it Oh, no, man How the fuck could that happen? I think the Iridium is fucked Does it even turn on anymore? No It’s weird because this thing is connected to a 12-volt outlet out here, which just goes through this little guy, like a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet And that’s it And then it’s just USB plugged in So there’s fuses between that and everything else So nothing else could have gone with it So what does this mean for the rest of the trip, Brady? Well, luckily, I checked the weather this morning and notified Reunion of our arrival So the weather looks good for the next three or four days It looks consistent So we’re going to go old school We just have to sail by the weather and hope it holds, I guess But it sucks because these things are expensive They’re like close to a thousand US dollars And we can open it up, but I mean, it’s fucked It’s melted on the inside So our SSB is not working either So we’re literally old-school sailing now But we’ll sort it out when we get to Reunion At least we’re only three days away, and the weather looks good to get there So with the Iridium being fried and our SSB radio not working, we had no way of getting weather or communicate with the outside world It’s pretty scary But like Brady said, at least we only had a few more days at sea before arriving in reunion The weather is finally nice The sun is out and we’re sailing downwind And Karin made us a little Swedish treat Oh, that’s good [INAUDIBLE] Oh, the camera doesn’t do it justice [INAUDIBLE] He’s got chocolate all over his beard [LAUGHING] Ah, it’s so good Oh, get a good bite over there Look at that Look at that Yeah Oh, that’s a very mushy piece I love the mush so much It’s going to be a beautiful sunset [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] Look at that Holy shit Oh, look at [INAUDIBLE] water [INAUDIBLE CHATTER] That is crazy We got our first fish [INAUDIBLE CHATTER] Yeah He’s a keeper He’s a keeper All I can say is man power [INAUDIBLE] [MUMBLING] Maybe you just sear it with some sesame seeds [HOLLERING] Ah, it’s been a nice day Today, we’ve had good downwind sailing pretty much all day Cast and breeze, we’re cruising along

like eight knots, eight and a half knots It’s pretty sweet We’ve got 315 miles to go So we’ve got two beautiful big fillets, but I’m only going to use one tonight And tonight, we’ll do big steaks seared with some sesame seeds That is so tasty It’s divine How big of steaks do we want? Like butter Dude And I’m so ready for the sizzle [SIZZLING] [INAUDIBLE CHATTER] Oh, man It’s so good Kiril is trying to be tantric eating I’m trying to take it so slowly [INAUDIBLE] Like everything that you’ve taught me about being mindful and tasting things, this is like at its most extreme form There we go, better Good morning It is, I think, our 15th day The sun’s just coming up It’s about 6:30 in the morning right now And we’re close We’re like 78 miles away from Saint-Pierre What do you think, Brian, sailing into another port? It was a wicked sail, man It was gnarly Like, we saw crazy weather Did you get scared at all this passage? Maybe that I was going to paint the inside of the galley with my dinner But other than that, no, not really And it was also the second longest sail we’ve ever done Kiril, you just spent, what, 15 days at sea Yeah After never really being on a sailboat before Yeah What do you think, bro? It feels crazy yet I can’t believe we’ve sailed somewhere I was telling Brian, I’ve only driven and flown places, and now I’ve sailed somewhere It’s cool It feels like well-deserved, even though we’re not even there yet But I’m super, super excited to see land I can see it Look at what that is [WHISTLING] Hey, boys Land ho! There’s no water on this thing Land ho! Come on up, guys Check it out, land I see it [MUSIC PLAYING] See it there I’m excited We’re here, guys [CHEERING] Whoa! That shit did spray Tasty Chaps Cheers, chaps Cheers, old chaps A couple of salty seaman So we could– you guys want to go for a walk? Let’s walk! Yeah All right, let’s do it Then we can walk and drink beer Everybody is– it seems like the local thing to do Up next, we explore the scene at Reunion Kiril, what are you going to tell her? I’m going to tell her that she’s as sweet as the sugar cane she’s pressing Ha, ha, ha And hike to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world Ah [LAUGHING] [INAUDIBLE] First thing in the morning That’ a wrap Like it

I like it a lot You didn’t just put those down my butt crack [LAUGHING] If Kiril ever has a gang, it will be called the sweet teeth The sweet teeth Sweet teeth, coming around French girls Maybe there are some fairies living there we can go and play with [LAUGHING] That looks magical Do you think there’s fairies on the island, bro? I don’t know, man Boatload of weirdos for six long days OK, Roger that, merci beaucoup for your assistance And we will be standing by on 6-8