Nazi Zombies – Part 2 – Der Reise

if wow 10 off of buying this oh it’s like Jack an officer what are you doing Dempsey come on give me gun I want my gun ah nice i meant that’s a pretty nice knife makes it cool sanity ah all its one hit still [ __ ] son who’s getting an amputated tonight your mom sorry zombie mom Josh oh I might have just [ __ ] myself in the ass just now nevermind the bathroom I think I made a bad decision uh-oh take some quick wits to do something smart here watch out watch out there are zombies please be careful don’t slip watch out it’s a slippery bridge guys wouldn’t want you to slip that would just make it harder to shoot needs to clean up those freak bits yeah you’re right dempsey sure a lot of freakin instant circumcision the best perk ever I can instantly circumcised [ __ ] initiating pit latrine oh this is a really dumb idea why does [ __ ] good if you hold you up and clean that up near etapa three unsuccessful a flapjack have been reduced to the same state of premium you like that when I put that knife you guys Adventure Team bears I like jumping in holes oh oh oh Sophia this letter to go to the Reichstag high command immediately the right this is big guys I’m like randomly showing everyone all the secrets I’m fine enough I only did this money so early in our development in over 50 bit yo ass needs to calm down hey hey yo ass he’s dead guys it’s not looking good it’s not looking good bullshit’s warship I’m going to take the difficult way it’s more interesting yeah well bide some of this [ __ ] love beverage izing every go live in the past Oh yo dawg take the stat oh that was close get on the floor dogs they’re dropping like bad habits we got looks like a nucleus we have a son interesting circuit diagram with some resistors and

some NASA Durza do I actually want to build this house I know it does actually freak dogs bring it on look at how the waves yo [ __ ] trying to read some [ __ ] you’re just [ __ ] biting I wanted to read this [ __ ] half of that thing what if that’s this is interesting this is some illuminati [ __ ] right here look at this got that an ex a J that thing pi x and a moon a circle thing and an arrow to Newton’s per Coulomb r equals 2 and something see and that scared the more actually section really getting this reading code someone else freak man I’m gonna [ __ ] die if I keep this [ __ ] up why not linked a teleporter now’s a great [ __ ] don’t keep in mind oh [ __ ] does it good now’s not a good time man you I think I my bad oh [ __ ] oh my how do I not die there holy [ __ ] guys micro [ __ ] with me I’m a marine watch Oh yo ass will die it’s a lot of debt I’m not liking it I don’t like death I missed the radio you’ll have 25 seconds oh don’t get cocky home on the grill goons 15 15 ten nine [ __ ] daughter active hell yeah it is yeah hmm what should I do i guess i will link this one and after one our asses off to get that rhyme again how do you not know the mainframe this oh [ __ ] run a tight squeeze here [ __ ] running calm down mr. mainframe 15 15 then II got it okay guys why not jump down not yeah still it’s not very useful to us okay that was pigs we’re doing really good really well kicking some ass 25 seconds go guys do you like stairs I’ll of stairs tumors while JK I take but knoxnews 15 already wow I’m gonna walk this one guys come on oh wow that killed all those on react

now I can’t pack a punch that sucks that’s okay I can read this stuff again look at this math guys you are wasn’t on the menu you got like a map of the spine you’ve got a head got a picture but zombie you got zombie spawning already that’s kind of creepy I’m gonna just chill up here all right pretty chill Oh shotguns losing its effectiveness oh that is not good that is actually really not good even close freak bag that is actually terrible you bust [ __ ] was actually a really bad thing Oh God [ __ ] oh there’s zombies just lots of zombies they’re gonna hurt me guys don’t mind the noises please no no no the knife takes two hits now no tell me it’s not true oh I think I might have just screwed myself on the mouth that’s something whoa calm down that is how you killed lots of zombies another reason why our shotgun is a goofy best weapon someone else freak back is that with one shot during insta-kill it’s still really [ __ ] good I haven’t even used the PPSh yet just cuz it’s so damn awesome but this [ __ ] is getting on my nerves now is a good time to upgrade put your fist into the air virgin stuff freaking flake did you like my song guys getting a little cocky yet how popped out they shot the zombie in the leg and had that good time I’m lasting a while pretty good considering I haven’t played call duty in like half a year not bad let’s run run run up the thing friend [ __ ] yeah Thurston’s a murder charge I’m thirsty can you buy a maggot snack this gun is really cool but it’s not that powerful I catch you I cut you enough like I am stuff i God we’re almost dead because of that stupid [ __ ] understood on the plus side so really good gun oh I didn’t reload not even I don’t know why people don’t like this gun so good although it is level 13 still you can like [ __ ] sniper with it eventually like watch I’ll show the long-range capabilities of the minivan okay that is not exactly a

good representation you are dead haha you are so clever bang bang bang free bag I shut your penis those solar panels dog oh no the doggies are coming to get me sandisk at least she’s [ __ ] oh oh no puppy with the dog oh it was actually scary no puppy no no puppy whoa bestiality why do you have no genitals where’d your genitals go school where are your genitals tie yo tail is red I’m a [ __ ] strategic asking so the grenades that’s how you do it guys like a [ __ ] box hell yeah this is sooo nice weather we’re having clear skies not too much too much rain oh my god i was holding shift and thought i wouldn’t fall over the edge too much minecraft that’s how you know when you play too much money to specify get the idea you don’t fall this is how you make a lot of money dropping like bad habits you’re doing to me keep a really fast not too effective gun and you spray the [ __ ] out of it you don’t ask questions yell salmon bua through an orange a school you are hi Laura mom they’re hurting me that’s what we need more [ __ ] block your mom ozc that stands for zombie make us some crawlers so that I can do some Tai Chi in peace I’m on the ground guys come get me haha you can’t get what are you made of cottage cheese that with the best at this y’all just jealous Wow Danger Close I like to just blow off their arms I feel those grenades are I think that yeah the Denver yep haven’t played this alone die ya big bully that

didn’t work god I’m bad at this no wow [ __ ] what am i doing okay whatever just [ __ ] go do it then what did you just say get into that [ __ ] I’ve never been set up don’t [ __ ] with a Marine yo bloody go away hmm oh you still cute oh oh Phil freak back bill Oh lag lag oh I’m lagging Phil it’s coming back for a third time revenge Phil’s reaping revenge Phil I’m sorry I didn’t mean to kill you but you don’t need to lag me that’s not cool bro