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the believers walk of faith is paid for by bill Winston ministries partners and viewers telling you this year I don’t care who you are what level you are college education you have I’ve got good news for you the blessing is on your life and you can’t get it off you can’t wash it off the devil can’t talk you out of it what you will do is walk in that blessing and we will see the blessing of Abraham manifested in your life in 2016 say hello I’m bill Winston welcome to another program the program that you’re watching is called the believers walk of faith where we walk by faith and not by sight well today’s teaching is entitled possessing the land now we’re reintroducing the topic of the blessing of Abraham of taught on it before but now we’re going deeper this blessing comes on every believer through Christ once you get born again this blessing comes on you and is in you now it attaches to you and nothing can separate it from me it just sticks to you it’s God now the idea is to find out how to operate in this blessing because it’s like money in the bank if there’s a bank and there’s money in it for you but you don’t know it’s there you could leave this earth without it well the same thing about the blessing so whatever you’ve been struggling with now that this blessing is on your life it’s going to be removed it will turn your mourning into dancing get your Bibles and pencils and papers ready let’s go into it the message that call possessing a land the blessing and just like you need faith to overcome the enemy you need faith to activate this blessing now the Bible talks about the blessing of Abraham has come on the Gentiles say I’m blessed alright let’s read a scripture here let’s read it in starting in proverbs chapter 10 and verse 22 the blessing of the Lord it maketh rich and he addeth know what son let’s read it out of the NIV I’ve done that before out of the NIV he said in a little bit different way but it means the same thing he says the blessing of the Lord brings wealth without painful toil for it are you with me now what is this blessing right now the blessing is a word Baraka Baraka the action is on the table just like you God changed Abraham’s name to Abraham he took Sarah’s name and change it from Sarah – Sarah and you see the H there but the AIT’s usually in pronounced it’s a because that you know the Jewish in in the Jewish a Torah and so forth today they don’t pronounce the word God it’s a Baraka and this word Baraka came from the word means the Hebrew word means to bless to bless and the word to bless is the word Baraka that you’ve heard the president’s name wore in the Hebrew brach and it means to in do with power and the power is for success for Prosperity for fruitfulness and fertility it’s for longevity health protection bless when Sarah couldn’t have kids

God came to him in Genesis 17 said no longer will her name because Sarah but now she’s connected up with the blessing and all of a sudden she could be fruitful do you hear what I’m telling you now I’m saying once this blessing comes on your life and you believe it everything changes that now if you look where this blessing starts it actually starts in Genesis but the barakah starts in Genesis the blessed thoughts when God shall bless you thoughts in Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 but when the blessing starts it starts over in Genesis chapter 12 well you start at verse 1 and look what it says it says now the Lord said unto Abram get thee out of that country from that kindred from thy father’s house into a land that I will show you now notice what he’s selling him he is saying ok for me to work with you you cannot depend on the system you came from and I will make a via what great nation and I will I will rock you and make your name great and you shall be a broadcast do you hear what I’m saying now look at the next verse and I will Brock Brock them that bless you that look you and I will curse them that curse you and indeed shall all the families of the earth be poor akka Hitler said Abram how many people today are claiming Abraham is their father the church I mean spirit of spiritual father for four natural thing the Jews if he’s the father the faith of the church the Jew and come on the Muslims they said that’s my father I remember I almost got in a fight so they Jerusalem and I said well somehow we got talking guy was selling something I said well Abraham’s pray father Abraham he’s my father he says he’s my father – that’s a no he’s my father he is my father – the Muslim got my point you is look how many kids Abraham who helps now this come interesting because when this blessing comes on your life all these things start happening to you because where you were coming up short before and things weren’t working in your life right now stuff is gonna start working how you follow what I’m saying I mean things are gonna start working that didn’t work before I mean that um this your whole life is gonna change and I’m saying that this blessing is on you now but I gotta get you faith for believing in that blessing and willing to leave the system that you’re counting on say amen to that so when he says that your life will no longer be a struggle that’s the blessing now it no longer be a struggle you remember when the woman who had her husband had died you remember and so now she goes to the man of God she said hey you know what you gonna do I mean my husband did fear the Lord now my kids about to be taken and put in bondage because we owe some money he said what are you having your lot in your house now this blessing is about to kick in now I’m saying I want you to keep track of all this cuz God’s gonna cancel debt in your house t he don’t do it we will do it with the blessing the blessing same into this the blessing is going to be there and it’s going to be powerful enough to cancel debt in your house long hair person and on that on you once that blessing comes on you let’s go over here nobody’s I’m just giving you a little dab at this cuz this is gonna be so powerful look at Genesis chapter 27 please over in Genesis

chapter 27 this is Jacob Jacob is coming to get the blessing but he’s getting it ah deceptively because the blessing was supposed to be on Esau the firstborn but here Jacob who really was chosen by God because God can see the end from the beginning and he knows who needs to have that blessing go is it hard no you’re with me so here he comes in tricks his father l start reading at verse 26 and it’s father Isaac said unto Him come here now and kiss me my son and he came near and kissed him and he smelled the smell of raiment and did what to it Barak car come on Baraka him and said see the smell of my son is at the smell of the field which the Lord has blessed baka therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven and the fact nosov the earth and plenty of corn in what wine keep going let people what serve you and nations what bow down to thee be lord over thy brethren and let my mother’s sons bow down to thee cursed be everyone that fought curses thee and blessed Oh Brock be he that blesses he now notice what he did he spelled out the blessing so you could see that part of the blessing and in comes Esau after Jacob leaves and say I’m ready let me give you in my own thinking words what Isaac said to it sorry I have already made your brother your master and there’s nothing I can do about it when he spoke the blessing over him watch this it attached to him you can’t wash it off come on the devil can’t separate you from it it is honing on you just like I’m holding on to this thing right here same into this and it is designed to change your whole life whatever you’ve been struggling with this blessing will remove it and turn your life from morning to gladness it this blessing when it comes on you nothing can separate you from it and whatever battle you are having this blessing is gonna give you victory oh lord have mercy this blessing is going to give you protection it’s going to give you fruitfulness here is Sara over here in Genesis chapter 20 and Sara had been taken by Abimelech and put in a bill elects house watch says and God came verse 3 and God came to Abimelech in a dream by night and said to him behold you are but a dead man for she is another man’s wife now bill next are pleading this case right there hey I didn’t touch this woman listen this you can take this woman out of here I didn’t touch but not only that then after that verse 7 it says now therefore restore the man his wife club for he is a prophet and he shall pray for you and you shall live he’s about to die I’m saying those that come against you now you wait till I give the vengeance against those that come against you if they don’t back off now I’m saying you got to go into Keenan and get your inheritance part of your inheritance is the blessing look what it says in Revelation and chapter 5 and verse 11 and 12 lord have mercy are you with me

he said this and be I beheld and heard a voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand saying with a loud voice worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive what Howard this is your inheritance now what else riches come on what else wisdom come on what else strength come on what else on a come on what else glory and what else blessing not blessings blessings are watching machines cars houses you don’t get the blessings you get the blessing and the blessing is going to produce all the houses all the cost I’m telling it the church should be the biggest real estate owners in the world now let me give you one more thing the blessing is going to cause you to have favor save favor say it like this favor favor is not fair favor takes away everything that you’ve been struggling with when favor is on your life is lonely one thing I want you to remember then you get anything you request here’s a woman named Esther and Esther went up before the king lord have mercy look at it over in Esther chapter five and verse one I’m telling you now somebody here if you just believe me if you believe your prophet today I got good news for you God is about to turn your situation around not in months or years in days all you got to do is receive what your manna God says he said now it came to pass the third day that essa put on a royal apparel and stood in the inner court of the king’s house over against the king’s house and the King sat upon the royal throne in a royal house over against the gate of the house and it was so when the King saw s2 the Queen standing in the court that she obtained what said again sing it favor in the sight of the key he held out to essa the golden scepter that was in his hand so as to what drew near and she touched the top of the scepter glory to God and said to the king her King King said the King to her what will thou Queen Esther not get this now and what is it that you request it shall be given to you under thee up to half of my kingdom I’m saying listen don’t sell yourself short whatever you will request in 2016 it’s gonna be given to you up the half of the kingdom so I’m here to tell you right now that this blessing is on your life and we’re gonna get ready to walk in that blessing just like Abraham put it up there Genesis chapter 24 and verse 1 Plains and look how God blessed Abraham now the way he blessed him he’s gonna bless you it’s not because of who you are it’s because of who you are that you got the blessing on your life each other neighbor ham was all and stricken in age and the Lord had blessed Abraham and how many things oh thing I’m looking for my kids to be blessed I’m looking for my business to be blessed I’m looking for my ministry to just explode come on I’m looking for everywhere I go I’m blessed going in come on then I’m blessed coming out I’m looking to be the head come on not to tell I’m look at the beaver Linda come on and not the boss I’m telling you this year I don’t care who you are what level you are how much education you have I’ve got good news for you the blessing is on your life and you can’t get it off you can’t wash it off the devil King talked you out of it what you will do is walk in that blessing and we will see the blessing of Abraham manifested in your life in 2016 say I’m black now give God praise and sir you wake you went to I show you some parts of this but here’s where you’re going you go in to face the Giants are you going to have to fight but what

fight are you going to fight listen if you just fight that fight of faith when God sees your faith it transfers the battle from your hands over to his say amen and God does not lose a fight the Bible says that we overcome by the word of the Lamb and by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony just speak that word start declaring that word I know what the doctor said but tonight you get in that word you said wait a minute by His stripes I am healed let God be true come on and every man be a liar guaranteed soon as you get quiet the devil said feel it and see if you still yet don’t go by your feelings you can’t go by the condition but you can go by the promise you take that promise and you beat the devil inside the head with it beat him beat him beat him beat him beat him beat him and pretty soon daddy’s fresh start haha yeah that new-car donuts and done dan that debt free status go into god Darren kids getting saved I knew it daddy is right there dad’s at new juh there’s that profit there’s at business don’t you back off for one minute the blessing is on your life Oh sit out your days of struggling over we are about to manifest the glory of God like has never been seen for hundreds of years you are the generation that God has been waiting for all those others with unbelief has died out and watch this dislike I preached on New Year’s Eve night you have gone through the hard place God has purified your heart you were wondering when this thing come to pass it didn’t come to pass because God was doing a work in your heart but when we got through the lesson of love and love got back in your heart now God is saying you ready now daughter you ready now son go get him praise God go get your stuff same has robbed you and spoiled you but it’s coming back right now now give God a shout well I trusted you are blessed by the days powerful message now the the Word of God is so powerful that it can change all of our lives you see that’s basically what happened to me when I came to Christ I confess the Word of God Romans 10:9 if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead thou shalt be saved born again and that’s exactly what I did and and my life changed from then on I mean things people that I was upset with and had ought against and bitter about that God gave me a spirit of love that in my finances I mean I was head over heels in debt I would so many people my god took me totally out of debt oh no man nothing ever since everything paid off and and not only that but my performance that my job took me to the top of the ladder so my point to you is is that once you get born again everything changes now I’m asking you are you born again now I didn’t ask you whether you went to church as you are you born again you see because you can train anyone to go in and set up in a service for an hour and a half and come out but it’s something else when you have a fellowship with God so what am I saying to you I’m saying that God wants his people back he wants all of humanity back with him Adam lost it Jesus got it back jesus said no one can come back to the Father except through me so as we receive Jesus Christ he is the one that causes the miracle to happen inside of us that we become born again we are born into God’s family so I’d like to pray for you right now because the Bible says the way of the transgressor gets hard I tell you I tried to make it on my own it got harder and harder but once I got born again everything changed so I want to pray for you right now if you’d like that prayer I want you to do something just as an act of your faith just lower your head and just humble yourself out and just

repeat this prayer after me dear Lord I come to you now just as I am you know my life you know how I’ve lived forgive me lord I repent of my sins I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God that he died for my sins and on the third day he was raised from the dead Lord Jesus I ask you come into my heart live your life in me and through me from now on from this day forward I belong to you in Jesus name Amen praise God now I know it seems simple but that was a powerful prayer do this prayed that worked a miracle inside of you now um I’ve got some books I’ve written to myself called born-again and spirit filled in English and in Spanish now I’d like to send it to you free of charge this is going to tell you what just happened and and give you some information about what the next steps are and so forth and so on but I want you to follow that because God has a plan for your life you wouldn’t be listening to me right now if he didn’t have a big plan for your life and I want to just encourage you now let’s get into it praise God it happened to me and it’s going to happen to you hoo boy this is good stuff isn’t it well I want you to write me now stay in touch with us let us know what happened to your life we want to follow you just track the progress and the miracles that are going to take place well there’s a bill Winston saying we love you and until next time keep walking by faith the blessing of Abraham came on every believer through Jesus Christ believing in the blessing is key to manifesting God’s best in your life with the blessing comes success prosperity health protection and so much more don’t miss out on all the promises of God that rightfully belong to you go in and possess the land to order your copy of this life-changing message on CD or mp3 on DVD or mp4 contact us online at billwinston.org you can also call us at one eight hundred seven one one ninety three to seven everyday ordinary people are given the opportunity to do extraordinary things a chance to come together share the love of God go into all the nations heat the break Commission get our faith in action and change the world at bill Winston ministries we’ve been called to the nations and are committed daily to praying for you Isaiah chapter 56 first for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations and here at our new bill Winston ministries prayer call center we believe in the power of prayer and partnership the new bill Winston ministries prayer call center one body of believers with a heart for God and a passion for people ready to stand in faith and pray with you the believers walk of faith is paid for by bill Winston ministries partners and viewers