Creating Your Child's Personality (English Subtitles) by BK Sister Shivani and Dr Nitika Episode-16

Hello and a very warm welcome to Virtue Baby After all these episodes we have understood the whole journey and at the last phase We will discuss about how to implement what we have understood We have with us the well-known gynaecologist Dr Nitika Sobti. Welcome, doctor Namaste And we have Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani. Om Shanti Om Shanti A big thank you to both of you We have learnt a lot through these discussions There has been a great response from our audience through their emails, messages and queries It has been a learning process for everyone The state of mind of the mother is affecting the child But there are few doubts in the mind That after the baby is born, if there are any issues in the child’s personality Even then there could be a blame on the mother Is this blame game right? And how can it be changed? First of all we will not even call it a blame game It’s very important to understand the child who is with us now This is just one of the factors There are so many other factors contributing We are giving it a little importance and we can give it a lot of importance, if we want to To correct any issues in the near future We cannot blame the mother as responsible for any issue Pregnancy is a very complex process There is so much Genetics and environment involved So we can only say it is one of the factors Not “THE” factor So it is not a take-home for us to think That the child whom we are lovingly nurturing today We are doing so much for them and doing it very happily Not just a responsibility but with love and care also If we see certain personality traits in them which are not very right We can just give a little weightage and call it one of the factors There are many other factors involved. And these are things which we can change using therapies There is behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, We don’t even need to go back to the reason But if we notice some things in our child Maybe after seeing it, we create a feeling That I was responsible for this particular small trait, which is not very right But everything else is fine with the child isn’t it? The moment we get this knowledge about the trait we can focus on healing Rather than blaming In the process, instead of going towards the solution We move in the direction of why it happened If we say that this is the reason There are two points – one is that, this is not the only reason So can there be other reasons for the child’s personality traits? A new soul has come into our house We have to always remember now We have seen how the costume of the soul has developed over the nine months But it is a soul which has come to our house, isn’t it? The most powerful effect on the soul is of The Sanskar which the soul has carried with it from the past When we look at the journey of the soul It leaves one body and takes the next body But when it left one body At the time of leaving that body, whatever recordings were present on the soul Whatever Sanskars were present in the soul They did not get erased, in the process of the soul leaving one body and taking the next one Simple proof is that when twins are born Which means it was the same mother for the nine months Even if the mother created stress or anger, or did not eat the right diet… Whatever The parameters with the same for both the children The family was also the same So any plus or minus that happened, it was equal for both kids Even if they are identical twins who look alike Yet their personality will be completely different from each other So, then there we get the proof That when all the parameters are same, why are Sanskars of the two souls different? Because they are twins only now But 10 months ago They lived in completely different backgrounds And that is a very big and powerful factor If you look at the journey of the soul it is not based on only one costume There was one more before that, another before that If anyone just wants to look at how complex it is If we consider that a soul lives in a body for 50 years to 70 years on an average Different parents, different situations, different environment, different Sanskars. (this is in one birth)

And then the soul leaves that body, takes the next one, and then the next one We don’t even know how many such life times a soul has been through We have been on the journey for thousands of years So how many recordings are on the soul? And now you have come into this house into this mother’s womb With all the recordings on the soul And the recording that a soul carries is of two things One is your Sanskars And other is the Karmic patterns which you have created with many other souls in your previous lifetimes That is a very powerful factor of your destiny So why do parents get the horoscope of the baby prepared, right after birth? It is on the basis of what the soul has carried from the past Now we have to look at it in a very detached way Suppose a child has carried the Sanskar of anger Now you visualise an 80-year-old person Very irritable, very angry Frustrated, depressed, lonely at home, children don’t care for him Now that person left the body and has come to your house as a baby We feel a child means a clean slate. No It is that same person but only the body has changed But what was our role during these 9 nine months? If we are also creating anger and stress That soul already has a recording of anger So you will just increase it a little more But if you did meditation and remained peaceful Again threshold – if the Sanskar of anger was at this level You can bring it down to this level Basically in these 9 months you have the power You have the power that the child is bringing its existing Sanskars Basic Sanskars are very beautiful but there are a few other sanskars in every soul So we have the time to heal that soul I have that time as a mother But the basic fact is that the soul’s past Sanskars and past Karmic accounts are very, very powerful Every soul has completed a long journey They are coming as children but they must have had a long journey All of us If we look at people around us We are all victims of our negative emotions So this is also an opportunity for the parents That whatever painful or negative Sanskar is carried by that baby It can be converted into a positive one We usually believe that it a new Slate has come into our house We feel the child is like a new Slate over which we will write The parents will feel like they need to write what they wish for the child But the child doesn’t come with the new slate. There is already a lot scribbled on the soul from the past But we have the power That every soul’s original Sanskars are very beautiful That we have to always remember It is already emerged And emerging it will depend on the energy which we give Whatever energy we give, that particular Sanskar becomes more powerful And of course because that soul has seen death, it is in pain So with all this which we have done over the nine months, you are healing the soul It is a very big shift It comes into positive We get an opportunity to do healing If there is a death in any house You will not get anyone in that house. You know there are already in pain. So you don’t say anything to them That soul which is in the womb has just witnessed death So do not scream, do not get angry Don’t create anxiety The soul is already in pain That mind-Because so many years have passed on, and that phase has ended.shift that you can do healing Now if you are looking at a child which is 2, 5, or 10 years old Don’t go into a guilt that it is because of you Suppose you see anger in your child You can’t create guilt thinking it happen during those 9 months The child that carried that Sanskar A little bit of it got formed even during those nine months in the womb But the beauty of Sanskars is That no matter how old are how deep it is, we can still create a new Sanskar There is no personality trait which cannot be changed Not just children, but even we are at 40 or 50 years can change any of our Sanskars It is not something which we cannot change So there need not be a fear that it is permanent Definitely not We are proving it scientifically too We get so much assurance from explanations One is that we have so much in our own hands All the difficulties which our body and mind were facing

Bodily and mentally we had considered ourselves to be very weak To take up such a big responsibility But after listening to all this it becomes a very rewarding and positive experience That we can make pregnancy a beautiful experience I wish to share another small thing The circumstances that happen at that time, we always don’t create them Sometimes certain situations of life come in front of us Where we don’t want to react like this But at that time we will not be able to handle ourselves That is why I want to share this incident It happened about 17 years back which is a long time ago I have received a lot of clarity in this perspective My mother had cancer and she was terminally sick It was a difficult time because it was the closest relationship Because we are talking of a mother with whom we spend our life And the entire 9 months of my pregnancy They were very tough Because at every moment I was losing her I was very concerned for my child just like every mother is And being a gynaecologist I knew all about it I had the knowledge and I would try my best also But how can you still eliminate that fear? But I correlated it a little late actually Because so many years have passed on, and that phase has ended But recently I noticed that my own son He was very caring and very gentle but there was always a fear If I have to share even small instance, in our profession life is very erratic Some deliveries happen at night and some during the day So I used to just take out the car and move If I would leave at 12 in the night and if he was studying He would give me a call cute give me a call and say – Why did you go alone? Please come back soon I would tell him I cannot. At that time I did not actually understand Only gradually when we went into details of this project After I give a lot of weightage to psychology Earlier the focus was on physiology and now the aspect of psychology is added I know understand and I can actually We can change the programming And I can actually vouch that we can change Because we can make our children fearless We can make our children loveful Even if their Sanskar of anger is at this level we can bring it down to this level We can Heal them with awareness The knowledge that we have will help us in changing their Sanskar And positivity is extremely important I feel the role which the universe has given us as a parent I have the power and capability to do it Because ultimately the child will look up to me whether it is for nurturing or for direction The child is seeing the power of the parent at every moment It is so beautiful Sister Shivani, the way you said that it can be a healing process in the womb So basically that being came to me for healing And if I was not able to heal it at that time Maybe because I was not aware, but still at any time Anytime in my life time, I can do that The relationship has to be very clear We say it is my child We believe the child should be like us, and have Sanskar that we have That’s not going to always happen It is a soul which has come to me And my role is to empower l, to heal To enhance that soul’s inner beauty And guide it on the journey We need to take care of that soul by being like a trustee And not control the child We feel in order to discipline the child, we are criticizing for their benefit No, that is not our role Our role is to nurture their inner beauty and help them to bring it out all the more And as Dr Nitika mentioned, it was a practical experience When she was going through the pregnancy of 9 months It was the first child and you are just married for one year or two years So it’s a new family and even career is new So several anxieties come simultaneously A lot of women must be going through this I would say at least I had the complete physiological knowledge at that time people may not have that also It is very clearly visible that during those nine months, with her mother She created two things One is the fear of losing the mother And the other is a lot of care and love for the mother Because you are taking a lot of care of the mother Both these qualities seemed to be present in her son

He is so extremely caring Perhaps nobody else in her family would know how to care for people, as much as he does For child and for a boy in particular, the quality of such intense care is very rare But that soul has that caring nature But along with it, this fear factor also got added But the moment the soul understood it Share it. Today a lot of people get past life regression done Through that, when they get to know what had happened They get healed to a huge extent If you substantially know this was the reason during my pregnancy Explain it to your child That this is what happened. That is what we did with her son Explaining this is what happened So the child also understands that it is not his own weakness It was circumstantial because of a certain situation Parent’s intention was also very pure, no doubt More than half the healing will happen with this knowledge And just like the state of mind of the mother influenced the child at that time Even today your state of mind is influencing the child to the same extent If there is guilt then even the child will feel guilty Even if there is guilt, you are radiating negative vibrations Even today your bond is equally strong Even today you are equally powerful That using your vibrations you can influence their Sanskars Sanskar is not only in the womb. Sanskar is for a lifetime So irrespective of whatever happened Past is past. Put a full-stop This is important for those who were already on this journey in the past Whoever is going through it now need not think of it They should think that the care they could not give at that time Today we will take care of it Let’s take care now If we don’t create stress or anger now If we do meditation and remain relaxed Our vibration influences our child It can be done at any age and any stage of life That is right because at any age it is your own child Finally I would like to ask you one more thing Suppose after the baby is born And now you get the awareness that this could have been the reason When we give this knowledge to the child And we work with the child to help them change that Sanskar How to do that because sometimes we give them the knowledge but their weaknesses increase? It might happen because there can be a very different thought process in the child How will the power come to the child to change a Sanskar? I feel that once we have given them the knowledge and we are clear as to what Sanskar should change The moment we become stable Looking at us the child will also feel easy We can immediately raise the child’s self-esteem Because we know about that Sanskar Maybe because we panic as to why does he fear so much? Why is he like this? These days there are a lot of classes held for childbirth education Natural childbirth classes are held extensively There are many antenatal classes Believe it or not, there are so many benefits from those classes Because knowledge and experience are being shared in them We share all the knowledge to the pregnant couples and expectant couples And because of that knowledge Not just me saying, but the studies have shown that I am giving statistics about the patients around me If we can reduce operative delivery by 60% If we can reduce epidural requirement by 50% How? Only through sharing knowledge Inducing techniques for labour and the medications that we give Even the pain-relieving medications that we give – there is a reduction in all these things between 50% to 60% Just by sharing knowledge in these classes By telling them that all these are normal All this will be fine And now if we see that along with birthing classes, if we give them spiritual clarity I feel incidents will reduce drastically Another important aspect is that the bonding between parents can actually change Sometimes conflicts not only between parents But the family, because if everyone understands that as a family we can heal the soul It will be very beneficial for everyone Because the environment will provide healing for the soul If we consider that the house is a temple and even this body is a temple And a new soul is coming here No matter what experience that soul is carrying with it from the past After coming to this house That’s all is going to get only peace, love, and power in this house

That is our role, collective vibration As is the intention, so will be the vibration When we understand that the child needs each one’s blessings Sister Shivani and Dr Nitika, thank you so much for taking out time And we have been able to understand such important aspects Which perhaps we never knew earlier Thank you very much It is a journey with every family and every mother wants to go through We have understood now that the entire family can get involved An entire nation waits for a generation which is so beautiful With children filled with love and compassion Our role is so important as a parent or as part of the family Our responsibility towards the child is so huge It is a wonderful journey from the womb to the world And that is the soul’s journey Everyone was on their own journey until now Now we have understood that as soon as we become parents Or when we are part of a family where someone is about to become a mother We get associated with an important journey We get connected with the journey of another soul We have learnt a lot of aspects in this series It is time to implement it all. With understanding, implementation becomes easier If you have any question, any message or any suggestion for us, please send them by email That’s all we had for today. Namaste