Health and Fitness Tips For the Modern Entrepreneur with Amy McIntyre of Everyday Better

today’s episode of the startup slingshot is brought to you by soon egg consultant sumac consulting has been helping startups exceed their business goals through interactive initiatives including website design social media marketing and mobile marketing strategies for over five years you can find them online at soon at consulting com or by phone at 6156 693 269 now on to the show my name is William Griggs and this is the 17th episode of the startup slingshot a series that delivers guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts on how to dream launch and grow your business today’s guest is Amy McIntyre amy is a fitness and nutrition guru as well as the co-founder of everyday better calm a company that provides personal training and fitness help online Amy’s going to tell us a bit about her business and then share some tips and tactics entre burners can use to stay healthy enjoy all right Amy so thanks for joining us today well thank you for having me yeah tell us a little bit about your background oh wow there’s a lot to tell but i’ll keep you the reddit Reader’s Digest version um so I’ve just always been really active in my life and my husband has you know startup junkie and all this stuff so um yeah I started doing personal training and he got into podcasting so then I started an audio podcast which was fitness attack with Amy Mac and then video podcasting entered the picture so I created a video podcast which is fit life with Amy Mac and wrote a couple books in the middle of their and all that but then when we ended up back here in Nashville we just kind of started making a full time living with the videos and then said you know how do we take this to next level we have a show we have an audience we have a following we’re teaching people tidbits on how to do health and fitness but you know how do we have we take it to the next level so basically we my husband I met at Purdue so I have a bachelor of science from organizational soup let’s the organizational leadership of supervision from the school of technology at Purdue University I don’t even know what you do with that I have no idea um so basically i think i’m supposed to be able to deal communicating with people and do a little bit of training and stuff so then when I moved to Chicago as a dancer I was doing ballet and hip hop and a lot of musical theatre choreography but I still wanted to stay in shape and that’s kind of when it it kind of went from being a hobby of loving to work out too like my obsession you know and then I was like all right now I’m not making any money as a dancer doing this that’s not really a living for me so how can I kind of pull it all together so then I became a trainer and so I’m certified through nasm which is a National Academy of Sports Medicine and then also San Diego State University and you know trained at 24 hour fitness when I was in California and did a little bit of curves in Nashville back when that first started and you know did a lot of corporate wellness programs and you know just kind of bits and pieces kind of all put together that I’ve actually feel like I’ve trained a lot of different people and seen a lot of different things and just kind of you know how to follow that for the last 10 years yeah that’s that’s a good overview like you’re saying it now yeah kind of all pieces together so makes a lot of sense and so cutting in this interview I want to break it down into two chunks we want to talk about your newest company what you’ve just launched relatively recently and then we’re also going to talk about some health and wellness tips tricks and tactics for entrepreneurs you know yeah yeah all right so tell us a little bit about your your most recent company well we’ve just launched every day better calm so we call it FB and every day better calm it’s you know the idea is huge you know everybody that I know anyway you know guys and girls but mostly you know girls that I’ve seen your clients friends everything we wake up every day and we want to be better we want to be better cooks or we want to sleep better or we want to today my diets gonna be better or I’m gonna be a better wife or husband you know that you just you know Mom everything no matter what every day you want to be better so that’s kind of where we came up with the name of you know every day better calm and we’re starting with health and fitness basically because since it is a start-up we’re bootstrapping it and financing it ourselves and financing is you know a loose scary term but you know we’re not we’re not taking funding or anything yet and so because you know I’m I’m health and fitness we decided that I’m the cheapest labor that we can use in the beginning so we’re starting with the health and fitness aspect so what we’re doing is video workout plans that work so everything all my workouts are ten minutes so it’s like really like you know it’s exciting i’m not reinventing the wheel or anything by any means but i do like a circuit type work out and you can work your full body strength and cardio out in 10 minutes so I do all of these 10 minute workouts and then I created a plan around that so it’s a 30 day plan that you know the first one we’re planning on doing several of them but the first one is the 10-pound cut down so you can lose 10 pounds in 30 days at a dollar a day by doing the you know the workouts and we actually send you an email every day no matter if there’s a workout or not it tells you what you’re supposed to do so it’s like you know today you have a workout or you know today go for a walk today stretch take a bubble bath you know relax stuff like that so it’s just really kind of

coaching you through you know the actual program and then also where we’re kind of trying to you know be different I guess is since we’re going between you know like it is online workout videos but we’re trying to be the hybrid between a workout DVD and really expensive personal trainer so you know not everybody has the hundred dollars now or you know some of us charge to personal train but they also don’t want to buy a fifteen dollar workout video and be bored in three weeks so we’re kind of combine both of those so within the program once you sign up in addition to getting all these emails we also talk on Twitter and Facebook you can email me like every all the all the emails come out and you can actually reply to me and be like you know I hate this workout or you know I have no motivation to workout or whatever it is but I get all of those emails you can also ask you know hey I can’t do lunges cuz my knees hurt what’s another workout you know what’s another move I could do so it really just kind of brings a personalized coaching aspect so you feel like you know a lot of times you buy a home workout program or a DVD and like you buy it a good luck you know maybe the tony Horton’s that really calling you go and hey how you doing with this but hopefully we’re gonna be able to do that and as we expand programs and trainers and all that really be able to create you know a really solid hybrid of that personal trainer workout DVD experience so that’s what we’re gonna do of course the big idea is you know to run the world with the everyday better health and fitness network but yeah we’ll talk about that next year yes he’s like you gotta get start to that big vision or a big-picture vision and so it seems like you are you correct me if I’m wrong it’s online personal training you know in a nutshell it’s more than just you know educational content its actual some interacting and some engagement between you and the people that are viewing it and then gives them plants they can do everyday kind of things you know 10 minutes like you’re saying to kind of meet their business or meet their physical goals right exactly interesting interesting so where did the idea for actually launching the site come from it’s been something I’ve been talking about or thinking about for you know ten years it’s always been you know what’s the next step from you know everything I’ve always done was like the one minute health and fitness tips or whatever and I always said that you know anytime somebody has any time everybody finds out you’re a personal trainer everybody has a question for you so you know in a way I feel like a doctor because it’s like oh you your personal trainer you know how do I get rid of you know this role I’ve got or how do I get that line in my arms or you know my knee hurts and you’re just like I you know I even know you but I’m like you know if I had a dollar every time somebody asked me a personal training question man what if I could make that a business so you know just kind of trying to figure out how to answer just giving people tidbits cuz my thing is no matter what like it has to be incorporated into your life like I am NOT don’t you know I’m not a rabbit food you know lettuce only two hour in the gym person I don’t live that way myself and I don’t expect or think anyone else should like I’m like go out you know I went to my parents this past weekend and it was they had a birthday cake for me my dad bought my favorite doughnuts and I’m sitting there and I’m like oh my gosh but you know with it you just gotta live it up and enjoy life and you know so just kind of trying to figure out how can i how can I teach people that it’s okay you know you don’t have to always be wearing your skinny jeans you know there’s a time when bigger pants are better but you know the next week you get on the treadmill you go out and run and it’s just about matter about moderation and figuring out what works for you and what your healthy weight is so just kind of you know the premium with a me Mac experience I guess and then trying to bring in other people because I don’t know everything I’m not a nutritionist or a registered dietician so but I think that’s such an important part it’s not just exercise even even I know that it’s not just exercise it gets you to where you need to be so you know by doing this and it not just being the with a me Mac name we’re able to bring in other people and experts where should we do some webinars with some you know some other experts and you just let them you know bring knowledge to you know to the audience or the you know the clients or customers and and then I always learned something too so it’s just just a thing yeah yeah it makes a lot of sense i think the crucial point that you talk to us kind of incorporating into your life it’s not necessarily saying i’m going to do this you know for five days five days a week right and it’s done it’s more of an ongoing process like you’re saying i definitely i’m not a big fan of diets as soon as you tell me I can’t have a piece of chocolate cake it’s the only thing in the world I want and you know meaning i know and i care about health and fitness so somebody that doesn’t want to work out you know trying to do restrictions i just i just don’t think people respond well to that so i’m all about what you can have and what you can do and you know every little bit counts and stuff like that so it’s just kind of you know taking that philosophy and putting it into the everyday better you know business model even though pivots every couple weeks you know it’s still putting it in there gotcha that makes a lot of sense so obviously we’re we’re talking right now to a bunch of entrepreneurs all our viewers are entrepreneurs either current or past or want to be entrepreneurs and so what we’re what we

want kind of dig into today was kind of the nutrition and the exercise power pass and really talk about how they can incorporate it into their lifestyle knowing knowing that lifestyle you can just give us kind of an overview and share some knowledge and what you think we should do absolutely i mean i think being you know we’re all insane any entrepreneur is insane you know i’m like i’m not telling him anything they don’t know but they also don’t have time you know we don’t have time to go to the gym and I think takeout pizza and Chinese food is like an absolute must when it’s 10pm you’re still at the office whether it’s you know an actual place or your basement or your spare bedroom like mine is you know and you just you’re just living you know living survival mode basically because everything you’re doing and all your energy is put into that that work project passion project that you’re working on so you know so it’s not about being able to go to the gym um jump roping is like super awesome you know going up and down stairs if you have like a lot of stairs in your house or in your office or something being able like I actually I makes my husband set a an alarm every hour and he has to get up and like walk around I don’t care if it’s like laps in the office or stand up and go talk to somebody and come back but you have to get moving because I mean it all the studies showed that it’s better for your brain it’s better for focus all these things if you just get your blood pumping I mean there are some days where I’m just completely zoned out I go out and I just walk the dog around you know the block and suddenly I come back and I’m like oh yeah you know I listen to some music I just you have to walk away from things so you know that’s one of my big things it’s just like every little bit counts so you know some jumping jacks when I used to work in an office I used to make people like stand up at three o’clock and we do like jumping jacks and high knees and yell punch like little goofy elementary PE things just because everybody hits that 3pm slump they’re hungry they want caffeine and you know it’s not about going for the things that make you feel really good right at that moment because 45 minutes later you feel really crappy so trying to get the blood moving trying to you know move around drink a lot of water water is absolutely huge and entrepreneurs are so terrible at it because we do energy drinks you know I gosh I don’t even know like monsters and vaults and all these huge energy drinks and you know it’s that’s what we survive on I a 5-hour energies and all that and a little bit of that is okay but you have to supplement it with water even it even so it is better than those but you know water add some lemon or something and really just kind of try and you know get some healthy good stuff in your body because your brain will work better your body will work better and you’ll sleep better when you actually do get to sleep so all those things kind of combine and plus you can always do my 10 minute workout videos you know except me has ten minutes to work out so that’s always a great way to get I don’t get that workout in yeah so let’s let’s break it down a little bit more let’s let’s talk about one of those 10-minute workout videos can you give us an example or sample to kind of tease tease our viewers to come check out more yeah um you know normally we can do we do some stuff with body just body weight and those are also things that you can use like in a hotel room cuz I always had a lot of clients that were traveling and you know it’s always like Oh grab dumbbells on the stability ball not everybody has those all the time although most of the workouts i do do have the dumbbells with them and you get a really great workout and we do lunges we do push-ups you can also do like a whole bunch of stuff and actually included when when you get the workout you get the hotel work out which you can do tricep dips off of a like chairs or the bed to kind of work back your arms you can do push-ups either on the floor or on the bed you can do if there’s a state a very stable table you can do step-ups on the table so you can kind of step up and work your butt and thighs um you can do wall squats so you go up against a wall and then you squat down so you’re your legs are like at a 90 degrees and you just hold that and its really awesome for for your for your legs and butt so you kind of hold that for 30 seconds so you’re different things like that that you can your is you know you can do that you’re like oh yeah I’ve got a wall I can I could do wall squats you know so different things like that let’s see some of the other stuff we do a lot of jump rope jumping jacks um you know bicep curls a lot of stuff with weights shoulder press chest press in the second month we actually get into because actually when you sign up i send you a stability ball so then the second month we actually use that stability ball which also is a great item that you can sit on in the office and it works your core your stomach and back a lot of times you sit in these chairs and these chairs aren’t really designed to be 18 our chairs so if you can kind of you know blow up a stability ball and sit in that and also is kind of fun to roll around the office you know just kind of pick up your stability ball and sit down at somebody’s desk occur but it’s really good to you know work on your balance work on that core and you know the back muscles that are so get so tired and we’re sitting all the time so those are just might some things and my workouts yeah that’s that’s that’s a good overview now let’s on-the-fly create one ten minute thing one of our viewers can do starting let’s say monday morning for monday afternoon they have 10 minutes 10 minutes in there they’re in their office what what is you know off the top of your head why would you

see Jess where do they start where would they start okay well first of all I would stand up and I would do squats so i would i would start warming up and i would do I would do squats if you can do some jumping jacks although a lot of times that’s kind of weird kind of my clothes your office door for that but if you’re on the phone you can do squats you can do toe raises so if you’re actually just standing you can go up and down on your toes and work your calves and then I would get down on the ground I do push-ups and then I would flip it around and do tricep dips so I’ll see so we did then that meant I probably the whole circuit again men like you know just even those four things and then maybe do some crunches if you can if you want to lay down i’m gonna lay down on the floor and app but you can do some crunches if not you can always do some standing crunches like kind of stand up and then you bring your your leg in and kind of you know i’m not really showing it well but you bring your leg in and kind of crunch on the side and then to finish it off i would hold plank so we basically just go down on your forearms into a push-up position and you just hold yourself up keep you know squeezing your stomach squeezing your butt and holding yourself a nice even line that’s gonna work all your stomach and all those core muscles and also once again helping to assist the back so let’s say so let’s see so I said I would do jumping jacks squats toe raises push-ups tricep dips crunches core i would do is type abdul plank maybe side plank would you flip it on the side and then do the whole thing again gotcha Thank You minutes ten minutes you just word your full body anyway we’re saying 30s let’s say like 30 seconds of squats or I would just do 10 or 15 10 or 15 okay yeah I would do either 10 to 15 of each thing and then I’ll just do two circuits that whole thing nice okay well now and now we got our yeah we got our viewers in a good position now they know exactly what to do and how to fit it into their lifestyle let’s talk about nutrition a little bit you know obviously most offices or home offices are not surrounded necessarily with the most high quality snacks you know we talked about the energy drinks or crackers or chips or cookies or chocolate what is there what are a few things that we can do two subs or what are a few items we can use to substitute some of the more traditional items and be healthier um how about low salt mixed nuts instead of chips or something because you kind of want something crunchy but that’s okay so get like you know get mixed nuts but try and get like a little bit lower salted version and um yeah I don’t trader joe’s house a really good one that’s you know just a low sodium colada times it’s like really really salty or unsalted and unsalted doesn’t taste that good so if you can find something that’s like fifty percent less salt or something like that’s really good like high-protein snack grab a handful of those in the middle of the day you know just almonds if you don’t like mixed nuts but be very careful because that’s our calories so you you know a lot of times I tell people oh you know have a handful of mixed nuts but they have like five handfuls a day each time they only grab a handful but when you do that throughout the day those calories do add up avocados a lot of people don’t like avocados one of my new favorite snacks I don’t even know why now that I don’t live in California i’m eating avocados with cottage cheese a little bit of salt and pepper on it and i think it’s delicious but i have my mom try it this weekend and she didn’t find it was awesome but it’s a great way to get you know to get your good fats and to get some protein um and you know it’s just a pretty easy like you know for me something I can throw in my bag you know a lot of times if you put a banana in your bag or something that thing ends up all mashed up and ugly but you know an avocado if you’re gonna go somewhere all you need is a knife and a spoon and you can eat something like that you know any type of fruit your bananas and apples just you know kind of having them around I’ve always found that if you set a bowl of fruit out people will eat it just like delete the candy bit dish so it’s just kind of like setting yourself up for success you know everybody owned right now it’s like you know going into you know holiday seasons and there’s holiday food and candy everywhere and you know like excited it is you’re just setting yourself up for failure as soon as you buy that big candy bowl and has all those awesome little candy bar things in it they’re so delicious you’re just gonna have one but you walk by five times then you have five of them and and that was more than actually having that whole candy bar and you know things like that kind of mess with your head and then that really messes with your waistline because you’re like I just had the little ones but they add up so you know put out put out some you know some nuts or some fruit vegetables I always do um celery and peanut butter and always like cut it up right away because I always I hate being like oh I’m hungry and then trying to prepare a snack no way so go ahead and like get your celery cut it up put it in some water in a fridge and then you just every time you open the fridge I swear you’ll eat a piece of celery just for fun same with carrots and you know everybody’s like okay I won’t you will you open it up and I’ll be like oh I’m looking for something else to eat I will have some carrots you know string cheese is another good one you can have a couple pieces of um let’s see of course you know lunch meat is another thing like just lean lunch me you know I mean not everybody I don’t know I grab a handful of it and I’m like I’m good to go but if you take your lunch and just put it in

like a rap like a whole whole wheat tortilla wrap lunch meat a little bit of cheese and some spinach tomato like whatever you’ve got around roll it up and it’s fast lunch you can eat that in the car guaranteed I mean like I do it all the time so um what’s the ones off the top of my head yeah those are those are good that’s a good overview for sure because it seems like everything you’re recommending our quality substitutes like you’re saying that the chocolate bowl or the candy bowl vs the the fruit bowl if you can get as an individual watching this or listening to this if you can get in the habit of going to the store and having those on hand it’s much easier because obviously the candy last longer but also even something like a lot of people um like you don’t necessarily wanna grab a whole whole apple or something you can get grapes and you know just kind of put out like a little thing of grapes or even just putting them in the fridge I always find out when the stuffs available people reach for it it’s just you know a candy bar versus an apple I mean I’m never gonna pick the Apple like there’s no way but you know once you kind of get rid of it you have to buy you have to go the store and buy something so you might as well buy I have my willpower at the store so then I’m good to go when I’m home or at the office or whatever um the other thing is always try and get other people on board if you do work in an office um not it’s very common to have junk food pushers so jumpers pushers you know like they’re doing a really nice thing they want to donut but they’re being very generous because they’ll bring a dozen donuts for the whole office and then they’ll eat one and then they’ll share the rest and that’s fine except then you’re stuck like you’ll eat the donut so if you can get people on board to not bring in junk food or whatever like you know it’s good for a snack or you know treat everyone smile but when you have you know 10 people in your office and they’re each doing that or like a pitch in and everybody’s bringing junk food and it’s just like you know trying get everybody on board with hey we all want to lose 10 pounds or we all want to try and eat more fruit or whatever so let’s make a pact that we’re not gonna bring in donuts this month or you know different things like that you kind of you know insight your friends and your colleagues to work with you and it’ll be better for all of you in the long run but you know when it’s doughnuts sitting there staring at you all day long and like I’m just gonna eat it get it out of the way so ya don’t like that um you know junk food pushers you know there’s the ones in the office is obviously that always there like a have candy on their desk or the receptionist or what have you always always tempted to take some of that even though you don’t necessarily you mean you may not even be hungry at the moment but hey it’s of eminem’s yeah why not so that’s a good that’s a good tip right there and it seems like yeah I think we had a little technical difficulty there oh yeah but that’s some good examples i think i think the banana or fruit bowl was perfect i think you talked about you know the celery and having it cut up or buying it cut up or the carrots same type of thing and then you know substituting or supporting those with peanut butter and then the string cheese you can get that that could be quick and that can help you avoid a cookie or chips or or what have you and like you said with the junk food pushers maybe talk him into bringing the donuts in one friday per month not every friday and the money and then what about drinks you know we talked a little bit about you know pushing water or the other na more than the other types of drinks that are okay fruit drinks gatorades or should we stick the water and maybe some of those fruit or seasoning packets um water water is your best one but not everyone’s you know a fan of water or think it tastes good but some of those seasoning packets you know i think that there’s like some crystallite want some low calorie there’s even some waters that have just like like a hint of flavor i think one of them is even called like hint or something I has just a hint of some type of flavoring to make it taste better you know I always throw in different like you know lemon or whatever but I just have a big pitcher of water and I try to between my business partner and I would try and go through the whole pitcher of water every day this was kind of a game every time we fill up you know I fill up I’m like filling his cup up and I’m like all right we’re gonna make it through this picture of water today I’m not a fan of fruit juice because it is so so sugary and as high in calories so if you want to have you know a cup of apple juice or cranberry juice or something a day that’s fine but when you try and say oh well I have you know fruit juice instead of soda you’re not really ahead of the curve you know you kind of get rid of the carbonation and that’s about it if you are a fan of the carbonation but you’re trying to get rid of the calories you can do like club soda so you can do them in there’s you know there’s the flavored waters you know carbonated waters but you can also do club soda and put like a lime in it or lemon you know even sometimes I use like frozen fruit and kind of dump it in and just kind of use that as ice cubes in my you know soda water or whatever I just I make up stuff all the time sometimes it tastes good and sometimes it tastes terrible but I’m just kind of always trying stuff because you never know and you’ll find like your new favorite um there was something that I used a while ago it was called pure

inventions and it was actually a thing of antioxidants and you could put like you know drops in your water and it flavored it and it was caffeine free calorie-free whatever but I had antioxidants in it and it just you know it tasted really good so I mix that with water carbonated water and it was delicious so might look and see if that’s out there still yeah good tips so we covered a little bit about your company we talked about some exercises entrepreneurs could do and then some nutrition some things around the snacks and they could support their diet what if I missed is there anything else entrepreneurs need to know that you can share with them um I think I think trying to fit in sleep is really important it’s really important for your business for your body for your weight um you know just for your health in general so that’s always my thing it’s the one thing I’m absolutely terrible at I can’t sleep when I’m all pumped up about stuff so I mean I’ve you know even when I’m you know trying to sleep my mind still going and working i wake up and i still have made like a to-do list for myself while i slept or you know tried to you know crack some you know huge code that i’m trying to figure out um but you know just it’s so it’s so important for for your health and for even just your focus and you know your mental sanity that trying to get that sleep I always cut it out when I start getting busy I’m like oh I can sleep four hours instead of seven it’s fine I get an extra three hours of work but but you something else to think about in addition to staying up longer you also end up hungry again then you end up having like you know six and seven meals a day because you know you’re awake so much longer so all that just kind of plays into it and whenever you’re tired actually it changes your hormone levels and actually makes you crave junk food so it’s like it’s not it’s not coincidence that when you’re up at 2am you want pizza like it’s you know it’s actually something happening in your body and when you’re sleep deprived you crave junk food and you know and plus you’re your mental capacity you can’t focus you can’t think straight and then you start feeding yourself junk food and you start this whole terrible cycle of you know bad health and you know frustrating when you’re trying to work and stuff like that so I think that’s the one missing element between eating well and trying to get some exercise and trying to sleep kind of makes that trifecta you know trying to get your health and fitness you know a little ducks in a row yeah so it seems like we need to somehow figure out how to turn off our brains like you’re talking about yeah and if you figure it out please call me because I don’t know how I love to it’s like you know I’m like all right I’m officially going to bed okay I’m here now what right right and figure out because there’s probably a trade-off like you’re saying staying up later we want to crave maybe some naughty foods and then also it seems like if you stay up later your productivity level probably decreases so you might be more there might be more beneficial to actually go to bed wake up the next morning a little bit earlier I should go for it again definitely well the other thing like for entrepreneurs I mean we’re never gonna get through our to-do list I mean every day I’m still determined that today’s the day I’m gonna get through it but I’m never going to like it is absolutely never gonna it’s never gonna happen so there’s a certain point when you know I don’t want to say it’s giving up but you kind of have to call it a day and be like you know what the list is still gonna be there tomorrow so you know and then of course every day you wake up and it’s a new mountain to climb because you know every day you’re learning a new skill or you know trying to figure out how to solve some new problems so you know it’s just it’s never ending and you want to be at your best for all that so just a little bit of exercise a little bit of good food to give your body that nutrient you know that it needs also you can take a multivitamin that will help your energy and kind of fill in some of the gaps that you might be missing with your food and then trying to get some sleep and then then you’re all good to go and then you’re set yeah yeah that’s good if I easy yeah just just three different things healthy eat healthier work out more and then get some sleep sounds sounds simple and you have made it pretty simple you given us some action items but obviously can’t really cover every we need to know is there any other than any other resources you recommend our viewers turn to I think there’s always all kinds of blogs and everything that you know you gotta find something that speaks to you you know there might be a running blog it might be a friend of mine does the eat like me blog on self and you know so I mean it’s just kind of fun to see what she eats and why she eats it you know she’s on the road she’s traveling you know just kind of you know whatever speaks to you you know like whether it’s trying to you know figure out you know different work you know different foods you can do or how to unclutter your life for all these things just kind of you know tap into a few life hackers great unclutter is gray eat like me from self is great um you know just kind of whatever whatever speaks to you yeah so maybe looking at what they what they’re specifically struggling with or what they’re trying to get better at and find resources around that that makes a lot of sense how can people find you I’m at every day better calm and that’s our workout plans but you can also get me at with amy mac com and that’s my personal site and all my shows and all that good stuff and my blog which of course you wanna you’ve already subscribed to look and then also my Twitter feed or my Twitter handle I’m

fitness so at fitness for Twitter you can get me there perfect perfect so to all the viewers out there you can find additional episodes at the start up slingshot as well as other educational series on the startup slingshot calm Amy thanks for joining us today thank you for having me you