Mr. Mohd. Abdul Mateen, Vice-President, British Paints during National Conference at SMS Varanasi

just said the party this is scholars professors of the Faculty of SMS students other Bob would happen to all of you first of all I would like to thank dr. RK Singh he was instrumental in convincing me and bringing me here to share my expectations as a corporate citizen from academia as well as students who are going to be future managers who are going to take the country to next level of economic development same time I also want to say sorry I could not reach in time so i Wis the purse it is said man proposes God disposes but my case it happened like that man proposes and man disposes the reason was my train was late by three hours so I don’t blame the god I blame the man because we are the people who are running the railway and therefore it is our job to see that railway runs on time with this to ask me today’s topic I must I must thank I must appreciate SMS that they picked up a burning topic a topic which is discussed not only in India go to any part of the world even American industries big big schools they are discussing the subject how do we use management and technology for skill development and I want to share with you some figure recently even by making say and company the report says that that that the world is going to face a shortage of 40 million skilled workers imagine 40 million skilled worker by 2030 while having a surface of 90 we and no skilled workers don’t you think it’s a paradox on the one hand we want 40 million skilled workers on the other hand we have 90 million low eschewing workers on top of that if a talk about India in India every year we are adding 12 million people to labor force so it is a great challenge for India and that is why it is said that demographic dividend as we as we both some time we have got the highest number of largest number of corporations in the world we have the market but my friend he should not become the demographic dividend becomes demographic liability so the question comes what country should do so country I’m just talking taking you through the country to the the main issue of that discussions so country has two challenges the first challenge is how do you how do they increase number of skilled workers and for that moment and private enterprises they are running multi tire education systems to provide skilled skills to the working people but the story doesn’t end here it is a one side of the story the other sure is that how are we academia and the corporate are going to align the skills which you are loving the stores are learning with the environment with the Portuguese

available in the market thereby we make them we make you employable we make you contributing to the economic growth of the organization’s so this is the challenge today that India and V are facing and that is why it is said that skill development is not a one sided coin we agree with me it is it is to be developed by interface among three parties the student the academia and corporate so what I have done I just / discussion into three parts first is the corporate interface why copper in the fences is required what academia should do too have the teaching methodology that teaching contains our skills development meeting the requirement of the corporate world and how corporate should help you should help academia to provide you and a quality of sharpening the knowledge skills of students so if you go through it so so the first thing very important for corporate 44 asses it is the context which is in quality of education why context because the content of the your education will not be same in all over the world western country may have different context in dr may have a different context for example indian market is predominately markets more regulations are like Western countries therefore we have to keep in mind what is the context of our education furthermore we have to also understand that with the globalization with the volatile markets you must have seen in the last few years the world is not stable that has been nobody can save tomorrow what is going to happen to the world or what is going to happen to India in fact every day every 15 days here india gdp is device downward although we keep talking no no we are doing very well no problem but the fact is that that every day we are revising our GDP downward it is something wrong furthermore with the mobilizations multinational companies have come to India and dad and they have brought competition they have brought resources they have done as a powers there for companies who are operating in India they have to they have to work out a strategy very fast to pepper such environment there so the question comes here in such situation how do how do operate interface has academia and the students the first initiative and I’m sure many corporates they take the first initiative is that is called course formulation I don’t know how many of how many institutes in India under the medicine mellitus only they do in white corporate people they do consult them while preparing the curriculum of the MBA course I doubt and that is the first area where corporate and contribute because i just do example with Blaine this example nowadays there’s a laser buzzword and two preneur entrepreneurships innovations you go to any Institute they are bored and to control sale and no innovative sale but have you have to go into depth what are they doing they are teaching order to

things please my part of me if you do not like some of you who on the phone for corporate world so I want to do the truth what are the teaching that is your toothy only business plan business model and financial statements that is not the scene today in the market today you have to learn how do you adopt with a changing market that is required not business plan but this plan is static you require a dynamic done where things keep changing so therefore if you invite corporate people they can they can become taken review the requirements of today’s economy today’s challenges and if you incorporate those things in your curriculum I am sure we can have we can improve employee T of the MBA students I am discussing about you because I am also like NBA so I always think in terms of how do we make you better person so that you get a better job so this is a first area where I think corporate interface can help you number two very important things you know many a times cooperate they fill real life problems and what they do even the ticket problem they go to iits i am sure even bhi ities should be getting a lot of paris from the corporates because it technical problems but what is management management it is a strategy problem it is a decision making problems and therefore there is a hesitation from the corporate world should i go and consult the university for these problems but if you see in western countries mr country’s most of the cooperates they go to the business schools and they can serve them I think the time has come when the corporate should also go to the business schools and share their problems with the faculty and I’m sure here the faculty role comes we are imported the two things first is faculty should be very very agile they are good in their areas and number two take the participation of the students though unless you get the paucity of working on the real problems you cannot become good and when you come out in the market you find that whatever skills you are having it is not adequate to get your job so the second area where corporate interface can help the academia as well as the student the per area and which is due to all of us that is called internships and peaceful processes now that there are many companies you know they had a structured way of placement and internships process in the cells when they take you for the summer training for internships they have a ready wit plan they give you real life problems issues and they are they want you to go and do work on that the question comes here how many how many schools how many institutions they did they took this as a challenge this will happen only when the academia they also sharpen the skills of the students only there only then you can have this type of constructive placement and pension processes so in my opinion these are the areas where corporate interface can contribute to the skill development now coming to the you Hugh means my junior wedding manager sitting here and I want to see all of you after Tania’s sitting here addressing us addressing the another group of people sitting there okay now for the shooter also you remember my friend what happens here it’s a team work with among student academia and corporate unless these three they work together believe me skills development will not take place when I say skill the remains you will not have the adequate skills which are required for getting good jobs in the

market so whatever skills do you have you should have I just biggie the simple because i have seen the here for pipe annotations and i appreciate mr. Singh’s presentations he has mentioned a lot of things i just put into categories they are called hard skills and soft skills what are hard skills the hard skills the first thing is that you should be very good in your fundamentals the student should be very good in the basics I say rock solid knowledge please take it very seriously i am telling you to all my budding managers that if you want to get a good future you want to if you are looking for a bright I mean life then please take it very seriously you should have a very strong basic knowledge of your subjects if you do not have I am sorry you will be you will be struggling to get a good job and take it seriously why why I’m till justing to you recently indian satya nadella right he has become the CEO of the microsoft believe me it’s a history because microsoft adoro to see you so far and both were from the to voters fat group sat kerala is the first CEO who is not from the family from the promoter screws have you read his profile in fact if you are serious about a career my advice to you please read his profile you know what he has said he has said that he kept on buying books he bowed he bought books more than what he read it he said went on doing a lot of online courses i am going to correspond also under the technology but i was telling you he went on loving heated and not a lot of things through online so that shows that you people if you want a good future like nadella sullivan one day but we won’t hear from one of you oh she is or he has become a CEO of the other medicinal company for that you require continuous hard work basic knowledge rods rock solid knowledge you know only then you can think of a better future again coming into the hard skills one of the other hot story which which you require computer knowledge i don’t know how many of you are very good computers today in today’s corporate world computer of knowledge is taken as granted you when you write your cv that you have got knowledge of this is a cosmo meaning to us because because we all work only on computer for example just now you were told i am i am the project manager of british pins are implemented ER be are 12 oracle the latest version of oracle erp and believe me when we were implementing erp we found many people people in senior level at a middle level at a junior level they were struggling with the erp and what happened with them they will be thrown out because in today’s way if you do not have a good the other computers I’m sorry my friend you cannot succeed and not only not remember knowledge of some software packages just going word or chatting on internet is not going to help you you have to have very good knowledge of the excel in Excel there are a limited lovely so my request to all of you through this that you have to acquire hard skills and they are there your basic knowledge your computer knowledge if these things are an and recently you must have heard about analyst data analyst how many of you have this thing data analyst what they are what do they do to it every can I make it interactive who we tell me what it what is data analyst what we’ll do very good see this is another area of power to tease today’s that is why you have you academia have to prepare

themselves that there is another area of now approach you tease data analyst and they are you need to good you need to have a very good knowledge of the statistics I think many of us we just take it lightly about the statistics but if you ask me if you want to become good you want to a Purple Heart skill knowledge please please learn statistics I say and operation research I think you was during one paper in mba like i had in there from virtue and believe me these two papers are very relevant today’s in getting a job third one how many of her brave new data big data these are the words students work today’s today’s if you go to social media you go you read or IT the development you here big data what is the data it is a data of your company of all activities happening in the company and from there you want to find out what is happening in the market I just give you an example interesting example of one very famous company in UK you know the MD of the youth that company he asked IIT head so for you Elsa at ahead he said Mr X I want to know women were shopping in my de pollo stores can tell me how many of them are expecting means how many are on ER family way just imagine this is the state of advancement he told his IIT head that I want you to work out there and algorithms thereby from the by behavior of the woman in my shop in my brother stores I want to know how many of them are in family way mr. McKee there is a very good book so that I won’t forget I want to intern for a minute in trying to step in learning how did you do data analysis then get interesting trends and villains there is a good book by the name facts from figures are creo those way that topic is anything that the author is MJ parolee MJ MORONI’s em fo r 0 NP why he has a simple vse from I am very nice book if you are afraid of his statistics first leave this book and then me distances I think are about it then then read this book and you would find that you learn the dice up trend analysis etcetera for finding out how many people are carrying food possible please please see again again I’m from corporate I want to because we are not going to meet again so I want to give you some tips also that develop a habit of reading good books not only there are books tax books but read the many books in the market like tipping points I don’t know how many of you know what is work but on anybody has read this book to tipping points the many books in the market I can send you a list also true mr. Raj Kumar Singh and I am very much on the face boo I run a one group let us call guma where we share you’re most welcome welcome to join me and you can very well interact with me on that and I can promise you I will not disappoint you so this is another way of learning okay coming to the point so apart from the hard skill and that is there in most of the business schools they have very good syllabus they give you good knowledge about the basics but what is very important knowledge is called soft soft skills that is the deciding factor in your success and failure remember my friend if any bigger school they want to see that their instruments are doing very well in in in corporate world they have to spend more time on soft skills and one of the soft skills communication that is what I think most of the speakers before me they taunt about the communication it is very very important how do you write and speak how do you present your thoughts in addition to this a very important part of the commission also is listening it’s not do

the talking my friend in corporate world when we when we a talkative our juniors we’ll listen more than talk why through listening will learn more things about the organization about the issues about the problems so therefore you have to develop communication skills which should be not only good in writing and speaking but also listening please listen to others don’t react I have seen many a time that when we have a good discussions or in the class we had to say we are we have a test case studies you know somebody saw something we react to cut shut out talking nonsense know if you really want to be a good manager you want to do well then you have to have the quality of listening also so communication is very important but in my opinion fifty percent of the success please take this what seriously remember my friend fifty percent of success comes through the communication and and what is communication execution of plan when you plan something you execute and you execute only through communication or not terminal Frankie you are allowing this with this event saw through communication or not therefore therefore communication is fifty percent success now I want to pour something from international inverse in fact I wish which are always should have been here to appreciate this point and fortunately I have gotten quotes for other and it is it is a quote I just want to read you know what somebody has said about the soft skills even to you steven has he is a placement of the Hult International Business School I hard aslam this school had been interested in schools he has said all business schools including heart fail to produce graduates who are excellent employees see saying who are excellent employees they further to teach students soft skills how to be a good communicator team player and leader the radically change our curriculum to try and provide students with many more opportunities to practice soft skills that is what the employers are asking for so he say when he went across the world he made lot of employers they told they get this feedback to look your pube your strengths are we in soft skills and one of the soft skills good communicators team player and leader so what one time to highlight away my friend that you have to work on soft skills and another source is very important how many of you to give importance or not that is call your work ethics soft skill also this with the work ethics you’re at your attendance your punctuality all these matters in real life you may be very good I just give example of tutors bad yesterday I had audit committee meeting in my company I don’t know how many of you know all your committee meeting is the second most important meeting in the corporate world after a GM and as per a semi guideline every company has to have for our committee meeting every year and other committee MTG deals with the corporate governance proper today subject we cover the corruptions Stan so it deals with a corporate governance and this meeting is chaired by directors md’s and the CEO of the organization’s what i am doing example to you i am the chief or x critic of my division by virtue of that I need I give presentation of cover darkness to the nity you know most of my teammates they work till five calls in the morning for

two days to prepare the penetrations find where the day we yesterday we had the meeting and I found two or three employees they did not turn up they did not turn up means they thought oh I have I worked for two nights whole nights now I want to sleep this is called work ethics it’s not a good work work ethics you gotta pay 110 silly it doesn’t mean you work hard for 24-48 hours just because I bad you want to relax no my friend why that event was not all event or only yesterday afternoon so if I want to take a rest I want to go to home early I was ensure that i am there all through with my team tilda hand and then push off so this is called work ethics so my these are the soft skills which fee in copper to look in you so so you have to work so academia and you both have to work on that how can you improve soft skills of the students if this happens believe me fifty percent why people go to ijams why people why I am to get the best job very simple reason you will say they get the best people right then why would I be who goes there cat score 99.7 percent ninety nine point eight percent or hundred percent I’ll that is not the reason my friend you can also get a good job why not who stops with a very good job Hawaii you acquire hard and soft skills and Nia your faculty should works towards that only then this could happen ok now I’m come to a last one yes now I talked about that technology because we have got the heading here all the technology mr. the party subside dr. the party has already discussed with you about technology Nam give something different about technology something different from what he has taught and and here i want to share with you you was doing ficc i have you heard very good so ficc i recently came out with reason 2030 for higher education in India and the visa has many goals and aims to bring out an interesting three-tier higher education system for catering to the various requirements of the country I industry and one of the three tier that strategy they have given emphasis to the how to enhance the role of Technology in parting skills in imparting skills and they are say key they’re advised business schools to engage a sister a higher system of exchange of ideas teaching method methodologies and thurs contain across the world today with the IT with the internet you can have access to course content you can have exchange of ideas through technology technology has become enabler of knowledge today you have God and number of online courses I don’t know how many are about that I just want to share with you my about my son sorry i’m using my son’s example he is aiit order key working with the ITC and he said he is scoring tired 99.9 third percent so you know what he does he had in last two years he has learned ten courses through online without incurring single pass or fee it is wat sathya satya nadella’s Dewey has done so one nutella my friend technology is making our job easier so what is the job of the faculty that they should look

out across the world what are the online course available without any cost and make you a better person that is the role of that technology today so when we talk to karate in my opinion technology means advantage of the IT revolutions they discuss big data data is available all of the places we have to only go search put it what happens I just ask superna to get me a name of the CEO of the Microsoft and her father MP i can get illegally through google or not google search in fact when I told her I best went to bind awhile and i did a search and I caught the name of the Saturn Arella so bad about me huh why did I ask Supernaw to get to the name of the see you I can do myself my friend what I’m telling you and also to my school my melon schools professors and the administrators please please use these free online course available on net and you encourage your students to do this courses I am sure many of us sitting here they want to do well in life and it’s free now finally one that is called missing link the heading of this is missing link and we do a respect to my faculties missing link is my academia so the due respect to all of you that if you ask me they’re real challenge today is with our academia they there were should be how to facilitate how to facilities Hardware hard skills soft skills and also aligning the skills with the corporate expectations so it is academia in my opinion they have to pay a very crucial role I say paramount I use the word most important thing in the whole chain of skill development is my academia it is you who have to play the role of facilitators it is you who have to bring both the parties together students and corporate world and see how do they can do how can you leverage the knowledge that is the the experience of the corporate world for the benefit of the students this is very important in my opinion so I want to just conclude I mean what I want to say that that unless students academia and corporate unless they all work together we do not see skill development in our country and here the primary is of academia yes academia has got certain limitations so my only advice to all of you including myself as a copy that we have to work together to see that we we make you employable we we we make you to get a good job in the market remember we are sitting here for job if someone tells me no no one are going to what I don’t want a job so I baby Zachary so we all have to work together and remember topic what is always there help you provide a wider academia they take the initiative if they go to the cockpit voice I tell you top that were we will never said no to you and in today’s way that I te showed that love

you do do do require to call me here no require to call me here we can have video conferencing see this is the advantage of technology believe me we all think of our American la paga ethnic a Chava I know you have the concern of budget although things are there not required just have one video conferencing if you do not have in-house you can hire in the market reliance has a in conference conferencing and just arrange discussions and V at corporate world will be also be constructed why who are we are most