#SundayFunday w/#Mimosas! Join me for a glass of #bubbly, tell me about your week! #31DaysLIVE

mm-hmm all right got periscope get Facebook and now we’ve got YouTube now I need to check where all these things actually are hello if you see me I appreciate you coming on out Cheers happy Sunday I got my mimosa it’s already a little bit of Prosecco a little bit of orange juice and then just some fun frozen fruit at the top before I spill this all over myself so Cheers happy Sunday Funday hmm so let me make sure that I have this up all over the places that this needs to be don’t mind me well I do that let’s first make sure it’s on wine antics so I can see oh yeah already two shares I put that with me it’s not me thank you for sharing so let’s pin that to the tap oh that’s right oh yes oh the shares yes Oh me I’m going through and checking out icy Stacey’s responding to a bunch of my comments I saw her livestream the hashtag 31 days live challenge earlier she was doing some drawing and it was fun let’s do another Cheers cheers to you boom maybe I just want to drink a little bit Cheers so let’s eat all right I’m on Facebook let’s check out periscope well if they even have it saved everybody gets to hear my angry typing more I go live sorry not sorry and I have audio to mute we’re gonna mute some tabs because this can get dangerous today I’m using OBS and I know there’s a lot of fun people out there that like OBS I’ve been pushing my limits with this hashtag 31 days chat live challenge really been pushing my limits and trying to figure out and the rules are up this is David Vaughn this is the creator and instigator of this challenge so if you want to know the rules you want to know what I’m doing how things are going this is what I’m following I see there are three people on periscope I periscope let’s see who’s out on the youtubes YouTube and what I do is I search YouTube and align antics because that’s how I find myself what’s sad I should have that better bookmarked but I don’t so sorry not sorry look at that all right need to mute that too cuz I’m probably creating some terrible feedback all right so here we go hi David good morning how are you how are you how have you been what’s been going on have you been spending a lot of time editing photos cuz you’ve been a busy man lately very busy I loved seeing all your photos don’t mind me as I clean up my desk too and I have no place to put these pens oh no I saw all your VidCon photos and I’m totally out of frame pretty exciting I liked getting a glance of what VidCon looks like through your lens mmm no I appreciate it cuz I didn’t get to go I’ve been looking for my next gig your next gig do you get paid as a photographer are you actually a paid photographer do you have a business going on doing that I mean I don’t want to know how much money you make per se I just I’m always happy when people get get paid for the good work that they do I don’t know if I shared this out last six years yeah yeah I think live leap is working for me let me share this out to my personal page grab em Sunday Funday let’s just do that today – to Sunday that’s one word made me and a mimosa and where’s the little happy icon happy icons we all need these happy emojis mm-hmm I have too many emojis apparently I can’t find the happy bubbly emoji I wish there could be just like a wine lovers emoji just like all types of wine food and travel stuff

I need that posted to the public no I need this on my personal page thank you though most all right so I’ve shared it out hi Douglas happy what indeed a what is indeed a what is happy indeed a I have a little coffee left – you’re gonna have to let me know what indeed day is and if anybody on periscope knows what indeed a is thank you everybody hi and periscope thanks for coming by I know that it’s you know it’s one o’clock on the East Coast and no teep teep p JP t Wow got a little bit of a dyslexia going on right there thanks for coming by I know it’s probably like 7 o’clock GMT time it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon here in the East Coast and that means it’s like 10 o’clock in the morning on the west coast and this is what I find is the best day or best day best time to come on and talk about these talk about brunch type of things if you don’t know what the rules are up on the screen is a 31-day 31 days and that days live there you go 31 days live the 31 days live if I keep saying enough everyday I will totally retain this it’s a challenge I’m doing and anybody is welcome to do it I’m going to share where I’ve posted more the rules it is on medium HTTP I’m following I’m watching this as mice on my other periscope account this is kind of creepy kind of very inception HTTP colon slash slash WWE knee mmm why do these have to be subdued long at at Jen’s live this is where I’ve posted the rules for the 31 days challenge copy there I’m sharing it out on periscope I’m gonna put it up here July 4th and OH in well I saw Indy Douglas as like indie films Indy concept not Independence Day well happy almost Independence Day to you my friend and post Canada Day I have a great story about the power social media on VidCon ah so actually excited to hear that you should go live and talk about it a little bit you David should be joining this challenge too and I post the rules the my thoughts my thoughts and the rules the tools the tools not the tools the rules for hashtag 31 days live challenge and I’m doing two days out of the week here on whine antics oh my god I can’t see I can’t spell challenge here is that stop it stop trying to autocorrect Facebook there no no I don’t want to tag myself undec mm-hmm Facebook stop it okay there it worked go go forth yay I posted it like six times hi Laurie thanks for coming by pin comment sorry about the 12 post for this but this is what I’m doing right now challenging myself to be a better my streamer content creator I shared it like six times everybody will know about it let’s see what we’re doing here on YouTube only myself watching that’s awesome I love that it’s the best thing alright so you know it’ll make this all better just a little bit more i mimosa hmm so i started this challenge yesterday which was the first of july and anybody that’s interested in it there’s no reason you can’t start it like today just kind of start off do it why not you’re gonna get a whole lot out of this and I feel like I can say you can get a lot out of this because I’ve done this before last year I did a scope a day in May where I sat down and did a periscope livestream once once a day for the entire month of May and that was I think it was also 31 days I think I missed a total of two days and that was like huge an Instagram model was verbally abusing a security guard people took him to his platform and made the guard three times more popular in response oh my gosh oh

that’s I don’t an Instagram model was verbally abusing a security guard Oh sometimes yeah I’m gonna leave my opinions at the door because I’m enjoying a mimosa but I’m glad that social media responded properly to it how was the rest of the wedding what wedding oh the wedding photoshoot on Sunday oh it was great I actually made a little video about it and I want to share that I need to find a way to share it I took I think I did I think I shared it on my timeline where I was doing all types of like cuts video cuts for Britney who was the photographer and my friend I wanted to show how hard she works she’s a super hard working photographer and if she’s the only one I’ve worked with she did my headshots for me personally and for all the stuff for wine antics which became my banner thanks to Mario Armstrong and she does such quality work and if other photographers like David Gonzalez here work half as hard as she does it’s an amazing thing that you guys do and I have all types of notifications coming in too because because when you go live everybody wants to talk to you it makes makes perfect sense so the rest of the wedding was pretty uneventful we were just there to take photos they only booked her for a certain amount of time so we left afterwards and then we went home and we ate Chipotle and drink a little wine drank a little beer had a good night it was a good day maybe I should start this I just got laid off job searching yes why not check it out check out my blog post about it and see if it fits with what you would like to talk about you have a vast amount of knowledge about wine Doug totally should check it out totally should try it let’s see what other comments do we have hello mr. MADD Martian hello Mike I miss your hats every week I really do like a post every day what I’m interested in flying yes freakin livestream the drop search process Douglas do it totally cuz it’s nightmare and you’re going through all these like vests ups and downs and craziness it is not easy searching for a job these days so that would be actually super interesting to watch treat it as a blog and set yourself up and teach yourself some new things I’ve learned like half the reason why I’m doing this is not because I need more content because I’m creating a lot of content but because there are certain things like what I’m doing today which is I’m using OBS instead of Wirecast I want to learn different things when it comes to live-streaming I I was here last Thursday but there was no show I’m sorry I’m sorry Mike yes we are on break for wine antics live until the 3rd of August stub is going to I think he’s actually in the Caribbean right now so he needed some time off and I kind of needed a little bit of a mental break myself just needed a little time to do some other things and chill out so we are on break from wine antics live until August 3rd but we’ll back and we’ll have some great people so I want to get to what I wanted to talk about today because I had day one of this 31 days live I didn’t do what I normally do on Saturdays and normally what I like to do is the thing called ratter day where I kind of talk about the good things that are going on in life reflect on the week and try to put some positivity out there there’s you know we spend so much time working and doing and doing and doing and I’m totally guilty of this that we don’t often take time to just step back and think about what good things are going on thank you thank you David I appreciate that I think I appreciate you tweeting it out and I hope you use the hashtag 31 days live hashtag because that’s how I’m creating a Twitter list and kind of keeping track of what everybody is doing so the point of today’s I’m getting beeps I’m getting angry beeps my computer system is not happy I’m just kidding so for today I’m trying to focus on a little bit of positivity I’m trying to focus on the good things that I’ve come up in my life and there are a ton of good things that have come up so the first thing is and I’m going to switch this out a little bit take that away take that away and you could see my OBS boom I don’t know how this is gonna work

because now I can’t see the Facebook the first thing I want to talk about is not necessarily ladies go live but it’s this and not my lovely comments from Stacie per se or from my group text that’s going on because now I’m showing you all my facebook wine trail adventures if you guys didn’t know I as wine antics have been doing blogging chatting talking live-streaming a ton of stuff I’m drinking mimosas and coffee this is this is how life goes I’m doing all of this stuff let me here we go now you can see they were doing this but for about a year and a half now and I feel like I’ve come pretty far I don’t think about how far I’ve come or what what the impact is and what live streaming has meant to me all the time but when something so good happens to you that’s when you really start to think okay I’ve achieved something I’ve done something wine trail adventures and I spend about six weeks talking before I assigned a contract with them I am gonna be leading up there influencer or ambassador program what I’m going to be doing is helping other content creators like myself get paid paid for their wine opinions their winery opinions and this was such a very strange process and I am so grateful to Wine Trail adventures and I hope that as I go along I’m able to talk a little bit more about them and my journey with them I don’t know we will see I’ve got to ask permission and and do all that stuff but for now it was such a great process that all of this is that’s happening thank you David all of it is all of it that’s happening what has been my idea and I’m not I’m not saying this to take credit or boast about it I’m saying it because I’m just amazed I’m amazed that somebody is that somebody took my opinion and what I thought was a problem within the wine content creation community that means bloggers vloggers video creators reviewers whatever it is that you’re doing is a wine content creator they saw the problems that I identified and this is after talking to lots of bloggers and video creators and let me go through a research process and it is letting me create a program to fit a need letting me do that letting me do something that I’m very frustrated about and sometimes frustration leads to passion and I get to solve a problem for everybody for the winery’s they’re getting great information about how people perceive their wines in their winery from wine trail adventures of course they’re connecting with everybody they’re connecting with wineries they’re connecting with wine content creators so they’re getting what they need out of this situation as well and they’re getting they’re taking this app because that’s primarily what this is it’s an app that you go out and you describe your adventures it’s a wine trail and they’re getting this app the data populated and then of course the wine content creators are getting paid I’m not saying that this is gonna be a million bucks this is not gonna be something that you can you know totally leave your day job but as the program develops you know I’m gonna be behind the scenes thinking about this as a wine content creator and trying to do the best I can to help them out so stay tuned for more about wine trail adventures and what I’ll be doing with them it’s gonna be kind of a rough month in July I’m gonna be setting up the program I’m gonna be asking for information and help from my wine my wine friends in order to understand what the needs are and how I can develop this program so I’m really gonna be leaning on on my wine well anybody with a social media presence anybody that blogs honestly anybody that vlogs anybody that is willing to go to a whole winery and talk about it do they have California wineries yes David they do they have it it’s all over the United States so you just got to go on and check out the app check out what wineries are out there and get a feel of it I have a good feeling that this is

going to develop over time and things are gonna change with this app and I love that I get to be a part of this so I’m very grateful for my first week which I just had my first week with them and I have a lot of work ahead of me and all and I’m very excited about it and I haven’t talked about it until now it’s kind of talked about it with a couple people but this the contract is signed I’ve had my first week I submitted my w-9 I feel like a legit contractor us it’s insane it’s time to drink for that totally time drinks about Cheers so I also want to hear you know this is the one really big thing that’s happening to me one thing that I’m I’m kind of excited about I’m like nervous excited about it like it can’t be like raw because that stuff like you finished something this is a kind of excitement that it’s a nervous energy that I feel and there’s so many things to do and when I get nervous and when I have this level of energy it’s more like my brain starts turning and I get a little bit quiet actually because there’s just it’s just exciting so please let me know what you have coming up what projects you’re working on what things you’ve just finished with take a moment right now and just think about what you’ve achieved and what some good things are coming up in your business in your personal life and I know Douglas this is hard talking specifically to you if you’re there because you’re going through just being laid off but once you start going through this process you might find that it’s something that you appreciate or or you may not lean on your community and think of that as a good thing find your community and get them to help you I know Busey boozy life Dimitra she’s out in California she reached out to the line community and they totally supported her oh good totally supported her and helped her to find a job out in California so reach out to your to your network and your connections and see what that does you might find that you have a better network than you thought and that is something that you can be grateful for but David I’d love to know what you have coming up Mike I would love to know what you have coming up to and I appreciate you guys on the west coast and in Chicago coming out to have brunch with me in your PJs don’t mind me if I taste the whole time let’s see do I have anybody now just me over on YouTube and I have two people sharing or sitting here and watching me in periscope shout out to periscope I come by every once in a while and I say hello it’s only a tab away but it seems like a world a world away I wonder if I can fit it on this screen nah there you go now you can see the whole periscope screen what I don’t like oh maybe maybe let’s see if I can make this work all right can I make this work probably not I’m probably just messing up my whole screen why do I need all maybe there we go oh maybe I can make this work a little bit off screen a little bit off screen a little bit on screen I could see at least ah all right maybe now I’ll be able to see or just changed to a full screen the livestreamer problems I’m telling you all right I think I think I’m good now I think yeah it’s off screen so I can actually look here for periscope and over here for wire cat wire cast OBS and Facebook at this point I’m back to finding speakers for fearless Fridays and getting ready to launch a you review key takeaway from books authored by youtubers that is awesome there’s actually one woman and I do not know her name I went through out down the VidCon path of destruction and I mean by destruction as destruction in my time because VidCon can suck up your time they have a lot of people that were there and I respect youtubers a lot I think there’s a lot of books out there by youtubers I am a personal fan of Hannah Hart I met her when she went on the hello harto tour and she’s done my drunk kitchen which kind of inspired me

to really like if if wine is what I like I’m gonna do wine and if video is what I like I’m gonna do video about wine so she has that one book of my drunk kitchen and she also has another more personal book which I which would be really interesting from my perspective to read so if you’re down that path Hannah is a sweetie I have a picture with her from 2004 or 2014 ah she is a sweetie and I wish there was more of her to go around because she’s quite popular now on YouTube have you met her in the past Mike just posted the Michael cloud a video really congratulations congratulations no it’s been like the bane of your existence just in terms of what you need to get done I know uh-huh for the better part of a year so thank you you’ll need to hate drop a link here in facebook hello Felicia drop a link in facebook Cheers Benicia has come in and joined us Cheers let me drink I’m glad you got it up and I would love to share it so put it up in the comments Mike Douglas I know you put a comment up do you have many friends here kako area the only like wine connection I know is cindy writing writing I know I think she was a teacher for many years and she recently retired her I think her husband is still a lawyer I’m not sure if that’s a solid connection for you but she may be somebody worth talking to because she is in the wine industry and she’s pretty well-known throughout the blogging circuit and has done really well thank you Mike thank you very much for sharing that go check out Mike’s video seriously and if you’re on periscope you should be over on Facebook so you could check out Mike’s video maybe I’ll put it over there I’ll just drop it in there here’s Mike’s video about michael cloud uh-oh I didn’t get the whole link my bad wait one more time for periscope one more time come on here we go I wish periscope links would would be better they’re not very good all right there’s Mike’s video copy that as quickly as possible great time in Lodi Michael Claddagh was a great place to visit the move ed was to die for if you have any connections with Michael still and he’s looking for anybody to create content around his wine I will take all of his move ed to me I know you will too I know you’re a big fan yeah CIN do you know which to tap into her talk of talk with her David I see you’ve already done you’ve already like read nine youtubers books that’s that’s insane you have a buttload of content waiting for you you could do the hash tag 31 days live challenge about off the books all of the books and I know you’re building out bigger content for that but you could tease about it you could do five minutes and just start talking about it and that’s a nine days worth of content and that has that’s you could still do more that’s what’s amazing about it all right so the second thing I wanted to share it’s a little bit more personal and this is a project that I’m working on I know that it doesn’t necessarily belong on wine antics but you know what I’m a human being and this is brunch time chat and this is what I’m gonna do if you don’t like it go away so I’m working on a project that is ladies go live if you didn’t know this is a bigger summit that we have planned for the 25th of August and I promise I won’t i won’t promo this too much but on on the page okay I shared something from miss Jenny Quinn now I know people in the livestream community know who she is but for my wine friends she is somebody that did a variety show on livestream everything she talked about everything business marketing dogs I don’t even know like it’s the whole gamut I was on her show both stubb and I were on her show it was a lot of fun but she here has recently recently lost a hundred and fifty pounds I don’t know if you can hear that maybe

maybe if I turn the desktop audio yes you can hear that a little bit so she’s recently lost 150 pounds this is her photo shoot I don’t think she did the swimsuit but I wanted to show look how confident and amazing she looks in these shots I’m kind of obsessed with photography recently not really but I’m so proud of her journey and I think this is a major accomplishment and then I said this to her that this is such a such a big deal I hope you take a moment and reflect on this of what you’ve achieved and what’s going on and I’m very proud of her so in when I do this grad or day which is kind of bled over to Sunday Funday because I did other content yesterday I want to highlight the fact that I’m very proud of her and what she’s done and we don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about what others do and how we are proud of them and all these different things so I wanted to take a moment and shout out to her and shout out to some of the ladies that have responded to her Mia vos I know Maureen a barb responded to her Lesley Nance who despite how big and popular she gets she really is quite a relatable woman and I love that about her and a couple other women Monique so Q she also responded to her and it’s supporting her like I love to see that I love to see other women supporting an accomplishment and this is all part of this ladies go live livestream summit that we’re talking about so I was proud of her this and I wanted to show the video and the fun she had in her photo shoot and celebrate her accomplishment so that’s that’s for Jenny Q the last thing I want to talk about and I’m gonna pop over to my other screen because we don’t need to see all that again boom boom and do this alright so the last thing I have going on is I wanted to take oh thank you for the hearts there’s a couple of hearts out there I appreciate that periscope see I could actually see you now so when you make a comment I can see you hello hello it’s the infamous Stubb my co-host from whine antics he’s in the house I don’t know where you are in the world are you on vacation stop oh thank you for the hearts on periscope I appreciate it yeah are you on vacation Stubb where are you in the world I do not know Andrea bikini I do not know her Leslie’s amazing and humble yes David yes she is totally humble and amazing um Colleen Boehner’s book required a bottle of scotch to get through oh that’s that’s scary ooh ouch I feel like I should already make a comment about that hello see you appreciate you coming by on periscope the last thing I want to do now is small victories and joining this challenge again here are the rules and I will pin my comment about the rules again if I can find it all the way down here where did my comment go dang it this is what I’m doing the hash tag 31 days live challenge I ain’t this is a small thing in life but it can have such big impact as I go forward there’s so many things that I wanted to learn I wanted to spend more time writing about my journey Benicia who’s in the audience actually has been a little bit of an inspiration for this as well as Debbie will do you know I can’t say her last name she’s the Hudson Valley wine goddess and that’s what I can share her cuz I can’t say her but it’s horrible these two ladies have been very instrumental in me doing this and with this 31 days live challenge I want to push a couple of my limits I want to share more of the process of what I’m going through I want to be able to document it a little bit better I want to be able to make it a little bit easier for myself and for others that are going through a journey in terms of business or life or struggling through everyday occurrences so I’m very grateful for the small thing that is this little challenge that can have such a big impact and I think that’s why I harp on it so much is because I did something like this last year I learned a hell of a lot about

myself a hell of a lot I learned a lot about wine and I learned a lot about what people do and do not care to hear me talk about in terms of wine people do not care about that sparkling wine comes out of Brazil and then what are the other three top three wine producing regions in South America whereas I care a lot about that I find that interesting the people on periscope and people on Facebook don’t really care about that and that’s okay because that’s that’s identifying your audience that’s creating better content for for who’s watching you and who appreciates what you’re doing and I want to like take away all the snobbery of wine I want to be able to translate what I’ve learned into what helps others to want to try more wine I don’t okay if you like it or you don’t honestly I don’t because there’s taste is so subjective but I want you to try it I just wish to try all of it because it’s another thing to explore in this world and trying and and doing different things is that that spice of life it’s the variety of things so this 31 days live challenge has is the small victory that I am putting out for my greater day which is now the Sunday Funday from here on out though let me tell you I don’t plan on making this so heavy and I want it to be more fun but I wanted to be like a come a come together every Sunday where I’ll have a glass of bubbly and we could talk about our week talk about funny things talk about weird things talk about whatever you have going on and I’ll be here to just sit here and chill out with you share some great videos and see where this goes yeah let me troll through the comments true yeah I’m gonna troll you guys do you know that one is already addressed cheers yes cheers let’s just do that in any random time anybody says Cheers or if I get a super heart from you on periscope I will totally Cheers so I don’t see a ton of other comments but I do appreciate the like combined 7 people that have hung out with me and have given me a little bit of your Sunday look for me next week I’m gonna try to try to keep this till 1 o’clock in the afternoon you during time so that’s like seven o’clock in the evening overseas and it’s you know ten o’clock in the morning West Coast and I I went 40 minutes today during this challenge Challenger only supposed to do like 5 minutes like the minimum is five minutes nobody does five minutes live-streaming nobody just doesn’t happen but I’ll stay up to an hour but as long as people want to chat with me and want to share what they have going on otherwise I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a great rest of your day I’m gonna go finish up this glass and maybe another I’m just saying it’s it’s Sunday it’s fun I have a great week and I’ll figure out some sign off somewhere down there but for now let’s just shut down wire let’s just shut down OBS they don’t get that right one of these days one of these days