120 hz at Nurb: Valve Index

okay not sure if I’ve got all the settings right on this or not but we’ll try it out this is as far as I’m concerned the greediest track for VR resource wise but the little FPS count thing going on down there average FPS 105 in the pits it will reproject if it gets below a hundred too much I think so I did try 144 Hertz no immediately cuts it down here to some stew and it won’t go above there it just just won’t let it and it looks like as well even though it’s perfectly playable at 72 fps why would you doesn’t make any sense if it will hold 120 which is pretty much is doing there and this is a bit where I try and drive and talk at the same time as well and it never works out for anyone in mind but now you’re watching this out of one I never forget we’ll say that thing at the front of the the aerial the thing at the front the aerial on the car might look like it’s on the way on a monitor in the way on the monitor but it’s you can’t see it it’s too close to your face now this is where you get the real framedrops as you come into the stadium all look you can’t see to the Sun my mind may pick there somewhere the YF boxes and things have moved for 120 Hertz because it changes the scale so I have to look into that it’s not normally where I don’t know you just have them floating in the ether it’s quite tricky to put them in the right place on a single seat today because not much real estate dashboard wise anyway all of that aside this is ridiculously smooth 402c what YouTube does to the compression on this and if it takes away from the quality but from what I’ve seen so far what you see on YouTube is basically what I am seeing I cannot see the screen door thing in here now I have to i’d have to lean in and into a white space I think to be able to see this anyway you get one get one of these it’s awesome I could just find a central place to stuff I will put hang maybe the pits Oh other things look super sharp dashboard readout thingy great boards you have to I don’t know you can see them I can see them you’ll have to let me know whether you can see them in the video or not I can just check it No I think okay I wonder if we get the tire change animation so check seeing the mirrors look over there look at the sky like everybody’s sick sorry Oh take the wheels off I guess all right