Another Long DRY FAST🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

hey Linda how are you how’s your day going that’s great are you currently fasting there’s three people in the livestream could you leave a like on this video please thank you okay you starting tomorrow so you’re doing a drive fast or a juice fast oh that’s good I started mines today so I’ll be going for a couple of days hi Colleen hello sweetie hi you know I will call you the hay until I can pronounce that name I know you open the arm spelled it the way it sounded but I still o recall Oracle is that right Oracle hi Colleen how are you today long time no see can you guys please make sure you put a like on the video love you sis love you MA okay so it’s Oracle yes honey yes I got it so I started on day one of my drive fast I’m not gonna say how long I’m gonna go because sometimes when you plan how long you’re gonna go you set yourself up for failure so I’m not gonna do that to myself but I will be going more than 48 hours for sure yeah I enjoyed my on repeat Oracle you you are the best on dry fasten I I Drive fast a lot Carlene she’s in the chat now – she does a lot of dry fasting when I used to do dry fasting back in the day she used to do dry fasting as well and she probably has done probably more than me at this point so you got one of the best of the best in here Carlene I got this bump underneath my chin I got a fast dry fastest the way you should never do assault with a flush after you eat salt what a flushes should be done on an empty stomach first thing in the morning so what if flushes are not never meant to be done after you eat a meal oh how many days you going Colleen yes Linda had that fried chicken I had the rest of it today I had some yesterday and some today how many days are you going on the dry fast Colleen

no you have to wait a complete 24 hours so you would have to do it in the morning time Oracle can’t do a salt water flush you could do an enema so if you were trying to do a dry pass and you wanted to empty out your colon only thing you could do would be an enema you’re like me I don’t like like I am currently and I had said I was going to a 7-day dry fast and ended up only doing four days and I learned from my juice cleanse ooh my bad bump is killing me I learned from that juice cleanse not to set yourself up for how many days you’re gonna go on anything that you’re doing so that’s how I had got to 104 days on my juice cleanse because I just went and I stopped when it was time when my body said it was time so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna can go back to my old ways of I’m not gonna tell people how long the dry past is gonna be I’m just gonna drive fast until my body says rehydration well if you want to start your drive fast tomorrow way to tomorrow morning Oracle do the salt water flush early in the morning on an empty stomach after the food digests and then stop the drive fast then that’s right we sabotage your time ourselves when we stop when we set a time and also people who look to us for motivation you know you know you kind of self-sabotage them too so I don’t like to do that because I do like people to look for me for motivation you know free motivation that is the best way to do a collie make sure make sure y’all leave a like on the video I wasn’t even too sure if I was going to go live tonight but I said to myself nah I want to at least get the ball rolling build my livestream community I was gonna create a Facebook page for fasting but I said I’d rather do live streams where I can connect with the people on a regular basis and it’s like I’m there with them you know so um yeah Oracle you gotta wait to at least tomorrow morning let that food that you ate six hours ago digest completely and then do a saltwater for okay Linda have a nice night I’m glad I caught you too Carly I’m surprised to see you in here I haven’t seen you in a minute yeah and you’re still doing your drive fast that’s what’s up people don’t understand once you do many of them if they get easier they definitely get easier Oracle are you are you drinking your juices I miss you too I miss you too but I’ll be doing live streams one I changed the times at 4 o’clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time and one is 7 p.m. at night Eastern Standard Time it’s perfect I’ll do an enema tonight drive fast tomorrow and salt water flush

I don’t know how I’ll feel if I do right you can you can do that you can do an enema tonight and then you could do a salt water flush in the morning but technically you’re dry fast won’t start until you do the salt water flush in the morning now remember what I told you you can add other fruits I don’t just drink cucumber juice I make a lot of tropical on fruits with my arm juices and I add cucumber to the juice that’s what I do I don’t just be drinking no cucumber juice I want I want when I drink cucumbers I want to have a pleasurable nice tropical sweet juice I don’t want to be drinking on just no cucumber juice okay that’s good Carlene that’d be so nice to have you in the live streams and you know and you do a lot of dry fast so to know that there’s two live streams being done a day just on dry fasting water fasting or juice fasting you know you can relate to all this Thank You Colleen I had I’ve been drinking juice for the last couple of days rehydrated so I can stop this dry fast girl I was going in on him juices honey I was going in on them juices the Oracle did you put anything else in your juice beside cucumber please tell me okay I get I guess you got to do it the way it works for you but anytime I make up juice with cucumber in it I add oranges pineapples all that good stuff I am I ain’t gonna just drink no cucumber juice there’s no enjoyment out of just drinking cucumber juice so good Carly now that you don’t do a live streams whenever you have time I do two a day one at or one at 7 p.m. you know it’s kind of slow today because it’s Sunday usually during the week Monday through Friday I get a little bit more people in the live stream but everybody’s relaxing cuz it’s the day before going back to work so how are you feeling today Carlene you’re on your drive fast yeah Oracle make it um make it um you know a good experience when I said to use to compass for the hair loss I didn’t mean use just to come buhdeuce I’m just saying make sure you add cucumber to the juices so if you was making a Kiwi juice just make sure you add cucumber to it like if use that if use making a pineapple Kiwi juice just add cucumber to it I’m gonna screw see I used to stream when I was on my juice fast when I did the 104 days so instead of me having 140 videos where I updated everybody on what day I was on I got about 200 something because I live streamed as well so I was gonna start a Facebook group for dry fasting you know you know just for all kinds of different fasts that people are doing dry fast and water fasts and juice fasting so I said what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna start a live stream group so this is why I have these live streams up because I want to start a live streaming group so this is somewhere somebody can go to every single day and talk to somebody live yeah it does get much easier as you go it’s right yeah so this is I’m I’m not

gonna stop doing my live streaming this is a part of the 2019 change to my channel this is the new content that I’m adding to the channel is live streaming oh I know you would join the group but I don’t wanna I don’t want to start a group I want to do a live stream booth this is the live streaming group I want to be able to feel like I’m talking to you over the phone or that way in person this is more personal when you do live streaming where the people can talk to you in real time and action questions and you can ask them questions so yeah this is what I was on these were the changes that I was making for 2019 was to start a live streaming group so so the live streaming is not going anywhere we do a live stream and every day you know there’ll be days you know I’m not perfect that I won’t feel like live streaming and I will announce that I’ll be taking a couple of days off or whatever but for the most part I will be live streaming um every day now I’m trying to build up my um my viewers you know subscribers and all that stuff so you know I have to live stream every day now because I have to build the group I have to build the audience so I gotta go hard so that’s why I got a live stream you know as much as I’m doing now once you know I build my audience I won’t have to livestream probably every single day but the audience will be there when I do do the live streams I used to Oracle work out while I was dry fast in but I found out that you conserve more energy when you don’t drown work out for an example if you’re doing a five day drive fast and you’re working out the whole almost the whole time you’re dry fasting it makes it really difficult to get through the five days you’re gonna be miserable by the time the five days get there so I stopped doing the working out and I used to do the working out when I used to drive fast last year because it was more about weight loss now is strictly about detoxification with the bonus of the fact that I’m gonna lose weight as well right that’s why I always say that dry fasting is something you do recommend it two to seven days I think seven days should be the max then you get on something that you can do that mimics are fast like juicing so that you’re able to work out and go to work and function dry faster you have limitations you can still work and do whatever you need to do but you gotta be careful because you know you you know you’re dry fasting you know you’re not hydrated as well as you are when you’re juicing or when you’re on intermitting fast with I’m in the process of buying me a son I see someone ebay I’m not trying to buy you know any wooden one or get one built in my house but one of those portable ones that you can set up in a room saunas are great getting because because the toxins when you sweat come right through your skin and I’m definitely going to invest in a sauna I should have got one last year but some other things came to me the sauna is a fountain of youth yep but Oracle yeah you have to UM you have to switch it up you can’t just I’m gonna drive fast drive fast drive fast because when you drive fast too much then you put limitations on what you can do like lifting weights so you can build muscle you can’t do that when you drive fast then I know you’re looking at Robert Cole he does it but that’s what he does I knew you I knew before I read your

message I had said I know you’re looking at Robert Cole now I’m reading the message and you and you and that’s where you’re getting it from I want to do high-protein refeed and hit the weights so I can build um that’s what Rob army Cole promotes but then gets a little crazy yeah I know but like I said you gotta be careful with that because you are you and he is who he is you know and you that might not be good for you or you might have to do more dry paths and get the stamina going with the dry fasting and then incorporate lifting weights like for me I’m dry fast and now putting in the work am I gonna drive fast for the rest of my life and no something that’s more practical for me to do for the rest of my life to incorporate in my regiment even wanna beaten solid foods as juicing because I know juicing is a detoxification in the bonus is if I needed to lose weight I could also juice to lose weight as well and detox exactly exactly I was thinking about after dry fasten to not drink water but eat fruits and cellular water right because when you drink so much water it it burdens the kidneys so the kidneys don’t function and cause kidney filtration and drain the lymphatic system when you drink too much water Oh cold fresh juice is better than water because it hydrates the cell hi hi I’m trying to pronounce your name um er Jetta how are you can you please make sure you leave a like on the video how long do our drive fast I usually drive fast between 4 and 5 days I’ve been being lazy lately so I’ve been doing just four days but for the most part I’ve done for five days five day drive fast and for to answer your question Oracle you figured it out would you mean yeah but I normally do five day drive fast but I’ve been getting lazy uh myrrh Jetta so I’ve been doing on four days I’m you know hopefully maybe you know this time I go a day more I don’t want to uh throw out the number of what how many days I’m thinking about doing in my head because I don’t want to set myself up for failure yeah but dry fasting is not something you want to do for the rest of your life you really don’t and if people say well I’m gonna do it for the rest of my life then good luck to you I mean you know to each his own but I’m not going to be I’m doing it now so I can heal and detox the body and then after I feel as though I’ve done enough dry fast in my life I’m going to go on to Phase two which is maintenance so I can keep my body from getting toxic like it once was this is why we’re here doing what we’re doing now so we’re not doing these strenuous things in the future yeah once you get started you can go a long time Colleen what’s the longest you’ve ever dry fast so you just stop Murr Jetta you just started on today how many days have you done dry fasting what’s the longest you ever went Colleen merge Etta I just want to let you know I was thinking about starting a Facebook group for fasting and I say fasting because it’s for people who drive fast water fast and juice for fast because you know juice fasting mimics of fast so I do currently two videos live streams a day because I’m trying to build my my audience instead of doing a lot I mean a Facebook group I want to do a livestream group so I’m trying to build my audience because I want this to be a place people can go to and we can all talk and share our experiences and it can also motivate us

when we’re down on these fasts so hopefully you subscribe to the channel and you come to these live streams I’ve changed the hours to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I do to live streams a day so if you want to join these live streams for support we’re here seven days Wow oh oh I thought you said you Carlene did you how many days have you dry fast as Little Master haha what’s the longest Colleen you’ve done on a dry fast how many days oh my leg my leg is numb Margera I um last week was supposed to do a seven-day dry fast and I only made it to for one thing I will recommend to you is if you’re gonna do a 7-day dry fast sometime you need to keep that in your head that number so that you don’t put too much pressure on your mental it can get accomplished that way better oh so you did seven wow that’s great I’m trying to get there seven days is really long and that’s why I only made it to four I didn’t even I usually go to five days cuz it was just in my head even though it was close when I got the four I said I would I still got three more days left and it just it’s just that mental awareness of that just wore on me and I just said not breaking this fast a seven day water fast if I could do it would be easier than doing a dry fast but at least I know I could drink water you know what I’m saying but dry fasting seven days is long that’s okay that you feel how are you doing that’s okay that’s what this groups here for we win some we lose some that don’t make you a loser though that’s right you can start over I started mine today at 2:15 my dry fast and I don’t know how long I’m going but I’m all my dry fast as we speak I’ve done I’ve done a water fast – but I haven’t even lasted 24 hours on a water fast it makes me too hungry now I’m gonna make I want to see if I’m saying this right hey putting your mind to it how do you alright tell me if I’m saying your name right lead not lean on one hello everyone starting over tonight field last week how do you pronounce Asus 305 lean on one is that in my pronouncing that right lean on one that’s right as long as you get back on that’s all that matters these people that feel at this and they and they make an excuse up and you don’t see see see them for a year and by that time they put on five hundred pounds whoo trying to get myself comfortable Oishi I will attempt to fast again I want to get past one day one day one is

hard a good tip so that you can get through day one start your fast at night like say five or six or maybe seven the latest so when you go to sleep either those hours are beat will be when you’re sleeping and then by the time you you know get up and prepare for the day you got another four hours and that’s twelve hours sometimes when you start early in the morning like say 8 o’clock in the morning and you try to do a complete 24 hours a whole day just doesn’t work out the way I break my fast like always is with juice I drink my juices I’ve been a bad girl coz ivory feet at this time off for some carbs but I usually break my fast with juices and then I have protein to refeed like salmon and I’ll make a salad a light salad I’ll make a like a tabbouleh salad I make a homemade tabbouleh salad and I put gorgonzola cheese or blue cheese crumbles on top of it and I’ll make a salmon baked salmon when I get past the 30 hour mark it’s easy sailing for me when I get into 30 I will not well I’ll say when I get past 24 hours I’m fine you know once you get past that first 24 hours you find coz once you get into the 30 hour mark you you it’s easy sailing you might as well just do what you’re doing which is dry faster I love salmon – that’s my favorite fish 305 you eats and your salmon yet can everybody put in the chat where they’re from well the best foods for protein for me is fish I eat a lot of salmon putting your mind to it but other proteins you can eat you can eat chicken steak whatever you know whatever floats your boat you can’t eat what proteins work for me you gotta eat proteins that you like that work for you well you’re at 18 hours Leigh Leigh you’re at 18 hours so you’re almost there you got it I know it’s what I’m about to say to you I know it’s hard but you got to get your mind off of that I’m at 18 hours cuz you don’t want to sabotage yourself just say it’s almost over okay you you’re in California look Weezy Anna I think 305 you’re from New York Murrieta where are you from Lee Pennsylvania okay I’m from Boston Mass born and raised but I moved to another New England on state which is our Rhode Island it’s filling New England state though but I’m born and raised Boston Massachusetts is this video company clear for you guys just say Y for yes and for no okay I’m just making sure because on my end II don’t look all that clear but my OBS looks clear but my I’m live stream on YouTube don’t look clear Oh use born a new chore Detroit Michigan okay okay and you you move from your born state in

New York so that’s where you you’re from okay that’s what’s up that’s what’s up yeah Carlene I am going to attempt a seven-day but I think I’m gonna do it one time and then that’s it Lisa I’ll say I did at one time in my life a seven-day dry fast but if I never if I never get to seven days I’m not gonna I’m not gonna beat myself up over it either there’s a reason to everything God has a plan for all of us and maybe it ain’t meant for me to do a 7-day maybe it’s meant for me to do just the four and five day drive fast refeed hydrate and and then go back on my drive fast and do my form Fridays and that’s it everybody’s mind and body is different you can’t just because one person is doing something don’t mean that that is you know that’s for you it’s not a one-size-fits-all that’s how I look at it but I can’t wait to um finish these uh dry facets that I’ve been doing back-to-back so I can get back into juicing because I really need to flush the system out because I believe that dry fast and doesn’t flush out all the wood it kills and it doesn’t eliminate um that’s where the salt water flushes and enemas come in to flush out yeah the short fasters are excellent that’s right you can’t look at it again seven days you gotta look at it once one day at a time that’s right Lee it’s your journey everybody’s different that’s what I always say you gotta you gotta I’m telling you a lot I know that there’s been people in the world who try to copycat these kind of detoxification which are not healthy for people to be doing and they have put themselves in the hospital or in harm’s way and in some cases death so you got to listen to your body and what your body is telling you and that’s just a simple you know that’s just what it is can’t let nobody pressure you into doing more than what your body’s allowing you to do you know what I’m saying that’s right I have a video – I’m sorry I’m sitting here looking at my phone I have a video I don’t want y’all think I’m crazy over here I have a video that there’s no rules to dry I mean – fasting you know people kill me with this oh you if you if you’re taking your medication your heart medication and you’re not on a real drive fast well then you know I’m not on hot medication but I’m just saying if I gotta take a medication until I heal from all the dry passes I need to do to heal I’m taking my medication I’m taking my medication I don’t give a damn you can you can I’m not with the non-dairy stuff I’m gonna have proteins it’s going to be real proteins I’m not I don’t do that non-dairy I don’t think no I don’t think non-dairy is good for you you know nonde if you if you’re not gonna eat dairy just don’t eat dairy but when you stop doing the non-dairy that’s chemicals and all kind of stuff just like this beyond me I do want to try it but if you’re if people are talking about I’m vegan I want to save the animals I don’t like to eat meat why are you eating something that tastes like me it might not be made with animal products but it tastes like flesh you know what I’m saying how healthy can that be if they’re making these beyond meat burgers or any sausages and they taste like flesh that’s good you got off your blood pressure meds that is excellent so how

long did it take you um to UM get off your blood pressure medicine Coleen and also so you were doing like dry fast and I know all last year so I’m wondering how long did it exactly you don’t know what’s in that non-dairy stuff that I know what’s in it it’s poison just like that beyond me I do want to try it that handsome hamburgers and sausages cuz people say it really tastes like me but you know it’s like if you if you’re calling yourself a vegan or vegetarian why do you want to eat something that tastes like an animal I keep moving around trying to get myself comfortable my damn leg keeps getting um stiff Carlene you said you offer your blood pressure medication and I know it’s probably from dry fasting how long did it take you to get off of your blood pressure medication from dry fasting how long did that take calling so I’m saying that’s good but I’m saying you when you was on your own fast you stopped taking them so what I’m saying is when you did the fast and you was not taking a blood pressure medication how many months was that that you went to the doctors and they took you off I’m trying to give everybody an idea of how long it might take them if they have high blood pressure to get off their medication contribute in all of this to dry fasting that you got off your medication yeah I heard Lee I heard that the beyond products are good I did do they taste like meat okay so when you wait drop that’s when you your pressure went down okay now I get it now and that’s what I keep telling people I’m glad you said that when your weight drop people have to understand if you have if you have high blood pressure sugar diabetes kidney issues it all stems from the way you have to get the weight off high so low no I’m not drinking water I’m currently on the dry fast I just started today at 2:15 p.m. but I had water today yeah I had some sparkling spring water by Poland Spring and I had tons of juice so how are you so low so let me say so low Chiba five points square is that right okay so yeah so I rehydrated for about the two and a half days when I say two and a half days is because today is the half-day because I sided dry fasting the other half of the day right your weight has to come down in order for your blood pressure and your diabetes and everything else to clear up that’s the bottom line people have to understand that okay lately that’s great so low Chiba okay so you us a solo or Shiba five points are you on a water fast as we speak

okay so you what are you doing dry fasting okay I’ll call you solo okay so right now you’re dry fast and how many days have you been dry fasting oh good good for you solo that’s what’s up yeah how long was the water fast great question Carly hold on for one second guys what happens it is trying to adjust this hold on one second whoo-chow me see okay guys I’m back my leg was sitting up there it was stiff the way I was sitting I said I have to switch it up that’s right this is with these live streams before for accountability even if you’re not doing well on the fast it’s here too to have someone to talk to and to relate to what you’re going through that’s what these are here for this is not here to beat you up and say you did something wrong these are here live groups I don’t want to do a Facebook group I want to do a live group I want to talk to you directly I want to talk to you directly I don’t want to have to type back and forth on a Facebook group

I want to be able to communicate with you like we’re at each other’s house or over the phone that’s right solo we’re gonna do this I was supposed to start these live streams in January because these were the changes that I was making on my channel and I didn’t do it so I said to myself I have to stop somewhere and and I started doing my live streams like two weeks ago and so that you guys will know I do live streaming at 4 p.m now I changed the time Eastern Standard Time and 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I’m trying to build the audience so I’m trying to do to live streams a week you know I mean I mean not a week I’m trying to do to live streams a day so I can build the audience I want them to know I’m going to be here you know then it will taper down I probably do one at night not two but now I got to build the audience so I’m and hard you know and trying to make myself available to you guys you know by doing these live streams twice a day and if you have any crisis’s or any you know things that you want to ask me I want to be there for you to answer them live thank you putting your mind to it and yes Carlene we got this sometimes people just need that push sometimes people just need to know that they’re not the only one in the struggle to continue on whatever they’re trying to do this is not just the dry fasting livestream group this is for any type of fast that you’re on it could be the snake diet it could be a juice fast or feast because juice fasting mimics a fast it could be dry fasting or water fasting it doesn’t matter we don’t discriminate here whatever you’re trying to do to get yourself healthy or lose weight this is what this groups all about we’re not going to judge people we’re not here to judge anyone that’s not our job we’re just here to support each other and always remember that you don’t have to be on a fast at all to come into this live stream you could just come into this live stream just to see what other people are doing while you take a break I don’t want to be a channel where I feel like I can’t tune in to say anything because I’m not dry fasting with them oh I’m not juice fasting with them oh I’m not water fasting with them I want you to come into the group even if you’re eating Burger King every day even if you made a conscious decision that you don’t want a fast anymore I still want you to be able to come into this is not a group where it’s like a cult and only if you’re fasting you could be in this group this is a group for everyone everybody is welcome in any situation you could be in the group because you haven’t marital problem marital problems I can’t pronounce it having problems with your husband or your wife and you just want to vent this almost means this is a group for it it’s a judge freeze on exactly Colleen it’s a judge free zone this is some way you can just be yourself doesn’t always we don’t even have to always talk about fasting we could talk about good foods that you eat the other day I show pictures of juices that I made I showed you guys you know we can talk about recipes trips that we went on I’m so happy to see you Colleen it’s been a while putting your mind to it you’re still in the group make sure you guys leave a like on the video please I

had to switch up my with how I was sitting my legs are going to sleep on me I said oh hell no Thank You Lea I don’t even want to talk about juices cuz I ain’t gonna be having no liquids until I come off this dry fast yes we we have to learn how to eat we definitely learnt have to learn how to eat cuz this is what got us in trouble in the first place is not know how to eat this is what got us in trouble in the first place just like when I when I broke this this four day drive fast you know I hadn’t had carbs in a while so I said the hell with it and I had carbs I didn’t break my fast with just my juices and my fish I had fish but then I had like you know dessert and they were carbs and when you have carbs it does affect the way you break your fast it really does but I knew the consequences of it I don’t do it all the time so you know when I break my fast in a couple of days I’m not gonna have any carbs I’m gonna go back to how I break my fast and the other time which is with my juices and then when I refuse you know knows but we definitely we definitely need to learn how to eat that that’s way our issues come in that’s where our high blood pressure diabetes and kidney problems and liver problems and and arthritis and all these ailments come from is from how we have eaten for so many years and how we can how we continue to eat that way even after we break our fast you know and we have to learn that if we don’t change our thought process nothing’s gonna change you know and that’s that’s just what it is that’s exactly what it is let me see something seven watching videos I’ve got five likes I got seven people in here can you guys leave me a like on this video if you don’t mind that’s right that is right like lease that exactly health is the top reason for me fasting weight loss is a must but my health is first and that’s what I always say that’s why I stopped getting off of the weight how much I weigh people say oh how much did you lose on the dry fast it’s not about the dry fast and how much you lost it’s about the healing that came from the dry faster because if you if you detox in the heal weight loss is gonna happen anyways because you’re hormonal will be in order and your insulin levels will be low and you’ll be able to burn fat fat I said in fact period people need to understand that that’s just the facts Thank You Colleen

that’s just the facts and people need to understand that look you know it’s not about the weight you got a detox and try and heal the body once the body is detoxifying and healed your hormonal levels will go back into our balance your insulin levels will lower and the weight will come off fast those are the facts it’s no going around it those are the facts so listen I’m gonna end this live stream I try to just do an hour live stream at least sometimes we’ll go over an hour that’s right Lee but um today Sunday it’s kind of slow anyways and I gotta get ready for not exactly going to bed but just enjoying the rest of my Sunday cuz I did two live streams today and that takes a big chunk of your day so I’m gonna say good night I will do a live stream tomorrow at 7 p.m. I mean at 4 o’clock Eastern Standard Time so that you guys know and 1 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time ok so you guys have a great night so I’ll be doing two live streams one at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and one at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so have a great night yes it does it bumps up all the bad cells Carlene so I’m gonna talk with you guys tomorrow cuz I’m gonna end the livestream now so I’ll talk with you guys tomorrow so you guys have a great night good night everyone wha