The Future Of VR Is Finally Here! – Boneworks pt. 1

all right guys times finally here Bell works is finally released and I get to play the entire game and finally figure out what the hell this game is about I’ve been helping consult on bone works here and there for some of the shooting and stuff like that so it’s been cool to see the development of the game but I’m really excited to actually play it so let’s do this well it’s bread what up son that place is familiar what is he up to it’s an old Pelican case we used to carry go for a Zune I love how to use the sound effects from the game what are you doing bread what is the son doing he’s jacking in boys that’s me Midwest City oh nice okay so hasn’t opened yet so they’re still working on it nice okay so they’re basically the backbone of the game they’re the ones who create everything jump you got it [Applause] nice climbing oh nice that feels great apparently Alex Brandon were telling me that the key to getting really good at this game is climbing being able to climb well is how you’re gonna get further and find some cool stuff in the game well what’s all this I’m just filled with all this childlike wonder whoa whoa I take you with me can’t take you with me that’s awesome whoa Wow Oh what that’s crazy oh my goodness oh wow that’s so trippy what the Wow that’s really cool that’s insane I was gonna cut out all this training stuff but it’s really cool mono matte object dispensing system geometry information impact physics okay so take a vending machine we use bullets to buy things oh that’s cool Hellyeah preserve acquired items for later use well I save you for later save you for later hell yeah this one talking about ooh some mp5 action oh yeah weed energy this chaotic matter

forms the foundation upon which mythos stands quantum ve particles exists in multiple places at once providing the perfect glue that holds instance matter together wall this [ __ ] looks crazy whoa whoa 314 314 all right there we go trash and and I go whoa oh man I’m gonna trash bring this for protection I played a little bit of this level but will this all look locked so you gonna freak out hey buddy hmm damn get this hammer Oh Oh boom [ __ ] oh that dude almost killed me alright these all gonna be basketballs oh just but just [ __ ] nice that’s what I need that key hmm oh [ __ ] is that a turret Jesus I was wondering what’s on us oh wait can i Captain America shield this can i captain america this guy let’s see let’s test he doesn’t see me he doesn’t see me he doesn’t see me beyond being like oh nice he doesn’t see me behind this that’s great it printed maybe he’s only looking for oh [ __ ] Jesus not oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] every woman’s I don’t need a weapon No he almost try to wear me ah geez oh my god oh my god that was pretty unexpected as long as he doesn’t see me I’m just a trash can walking on through no big deal no big deal I turn them off Oh what nice okay I got a gun sick let me so this is where the key goes nope is where this key goes oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] back up I got a gun oh oh thing is so heavy yeah that’s the blue key there’s another turret and there put this down for a second huh okay now what does this do whoa whoa phone oh wow okay

this probably goes down oh nice it’s a little cure reference in there oh [ __ ] the omni’s are loose so these guys are basically just clean it up house alright okay get out of here shit’s getting crazy authorized personnel only well Hey oh damn this guy wants some oh you want a party let’s go come on be all crazy like that don’t my knee just need this he’s just gonna hang out up there just do you’re gonna do I’ll let you live tell yourself lucky oh man I could climb the ladder for some reason okay let’s climb Oh what I’m not climbing whoa holy [ __ ] that tripped me ah okay Oh what that’s insane talk about subverting expectations I did not expect that to happen oh man all these physics puzzles so you get one of those metal things over here somehow to hold it oh Jesus oh my god oh my god oh Jesus I almost fell oh no oh no okay okay I see I see how this is working okay there’s a plate underneath this so let’s take this put it here and maybe I can yes yes this is it I got it I figured out guys or hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry I got a push you gotta push gotta push almost there almost there almost there getting slowed down when we getting slowed down oh Jesus go go go go almost there come on come on come on oh okay okay okay all right here we go I freaking did it oh there’s probably a bunch of different ways you can do that but that’s how I did it huh it’s this really heavy no it’s not too bad hi a minute nope Arthur oh my god it’s mine how are you still on the city the board’s calling an emergency meeting for all monoghan employees all of myth OS is on lockdown it’s crazy over here I have no idea how

you weren’t kicked like nobody else can log in the system talking frozen might have something to do with it so if you can make your way to the floor tower you might be able to manually restart it and let us back in alright Mike get you back in the game let’s be a gun hell yes baby’s first gun all right we’re gonna boys oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I don’t want to end up like that guy okay uh let’s see look up stop no warning sucks you up don’t step on the street oh I see don’t step on the street too many rigid bodies Oh oh boy it’s definitely some stuff down that alley I got a good stance boys oh I feel so good my god this too much to explore it just what did you spawn Zamir [ __ ] definitely probably some [ __ ] up in here oh yeah secrets this is a melon holy [ __ ] isn’t knowing nice ok leave them at the west where do we go from here what if this is just a tech demo that’s hilarious prepare thyself the hell does that mean I think this is where the DES work ah I gotta get that bulwarks box okay if I just shoot it oh yes yes I got it yes yes hell yeah oh I like how you can do all the puzzles in multiple ways but hover junkers hell yeah hell yeah prepare thyself that’s why it’s that nice is the Black Mesa Cup over there that’s awesome all right hey yourself oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] doesn’t go the gun right there let me see if I could sneak up on them oh boy oh boy he totally saw me

Oh Oh Sun nap hell yeah well micro uzi down with mana gone a lot of puzzles Hey oh man no man can’t climb okay okay nope can’t grab the yellow oh boy my arms are tired already Oh oh damn okay huh those easy I thought that’s gonna be some crazy [ __ ] what is this – I think I know what this is gonna – can we get enough guns I don’t use these damn melee weapons anymore it’s back here secrets I’m just just so hungry for those secrets I know there’s so many Easter eggs little things hit in this game my god this is endlessly spawn why am I here just to suffer get the hell out of here hello reclamation bit of this way god it’s so much nicer to have have guns oh god that feels good all right time to hit this reclamation bin nice for myself an axe that b5o micro uzi I see transit station all right [Applause] oh [ __ ] bread oh yes thanks bud mp5 axe yeah I’ll take

an axe what do we got here nice pretty effective has to be expected what’s this do we got here hell yeah finally Oh see if I can Ryan jump and hit this I can elevator lock reverse the elevator long these are both grain Leon yeah what are you doing set that down set this to go up and then eventually when that gives or go off I see I’ve done I played games of four there we go there we go Hey whoa calm down buddy all right let’s get the hell out of here comes to null bodies and the omni’s alright let’s get ready for this fight down what’s up what’s up what’s up look at these guys leave me hit [ __ ] you hit this ow ow he hit me [ __ ] oh [ __ ] you still like Jesus Christ oh nice crate here a lot of boys well I remember this part when I was playing for node this parts pretty rough based on the trajectory of the lasers I gotta wait for the blood fall of my face okay this whole bunch of stuff on top

off got a crate let me create what got in here grades yeah definitely well laser sight all that’s so sick ah oh I didn’t pull a charging handle back on that one see what the real been you can tell if the charging handles pull back or not on a VR gun it’s extremely difficult to tell so instead of leaving up the chance always just do it myself people give me a really hard time about that though they’re like you’re wasting a single bullet I can’t believe it cuz I am a special-forces operator and I would never waste a single bullet because that bullet could be the difference between life and death it’s like okay all right they’re all right there Chris cost about two relax I’m sure Special Forces operators spend their time on YouTube critiquing VR videos because you know making sure that your gun is operating no matter what is definitely not as important as having one extra bullet but you know what do I know I just played video games not a Special Forces Navy SEAL jet fighter pilot a sniper Scout like all these guys apparently are online I’m gonna need something heavy to weigh it down probably pull this down a little more leverage on this come on get in there get in there yes okay now I’ll take this off perfect perfect I nailed it I killed it this puzzles murdered I did it something good it’s in the juicy I’ve never been up here transit station another block don’t matter if I do do a will they now whoa well what’s all this what is down there ah chef out you’re dead oh [ __ ] Oh what is this do ki key oh I got doing the right order but first what’s this oh nice new enemy what is this oh it’s the omni’s they’re doing the right order let’s try this that’s this there we go Dora Otto locks

what’s out here Leon Leon what are you doing we go what are you doing buddy my big what’s my big handsome guy doing huh I’m sorry I’ll play with you in a second I got to finish all these bone works videos though cuz the game just came out he just wants to play ball work set up a [ __ ] no way I’m going back down there this is a secret is this the how to progress it’s Captain America time [ __ ] let’s do this come on let’s go cat to America I’m pinned down so bad right now oh boy how’s intent also in case you don’t know if I drop a mag the ammo I drop out of the mat I don’t lose it’s just it’s accumulative stays in my inventory so so before you guys start give me crap about reloading constantly just know that not losing ammo it’s all good here we go oh man these night sights look so good now oh yes oh yes m61 ACOG how’d they know a lot of boys down there there’s one right underneath me easy it’s gonna 360noscope that fool ow my face I feel so good it looks so good Oh another crate I already have so many

Glocks I already have two Glocks I can’t carry more Glocks yeah the ACOG is a way to go see me I think Rex the one-shot headshot is really nice with this thing all right top off has a hazardous gravity waist Malone Malone water Malone I think I know what to do that’s what I got to do use this particle waste to give this some weight underneath it a couple more of these should do the trick send it up there we go now we’re talking to multiple at once oh that’s so cool all right let’s go perfect we did it guys oh Jesus Oh slime oh no sludge Oh No come on oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] those guys came out of nowhere holy [ __ ] this is great I’m gonna blast this is really cool it’s been a long time since I’ve played a real-ass VR game that’s so sick the single one tap headshot to the m16 feels so good I hear more water Malone’s no no no Jesus I don’t know how to miss I missed something

hope [ __ ] this is way more today was not expecting this I’ve never played this level Oh rain ahead Ahana so sick I mean at least even lied there are Malone’s here oh nice that feels so good oh I don’t want anymore ultra version what if these guys aren’t the bad guys what if I’m the bad guy where do we go from here look up 3:14 they keep saying 314 in this keep going keep going trash wheel Jesus Christ that’s so cool oh whoa dude told him we trash no don’t even try better get on the side gotta get on this side good-o oh sure I was time it was terrifying I’m sixteen laser sight m16 ACOG Glock 17 and on me imagine I go down gross gross oh my film is getting tired Aqueduct Piper alright guys I’m in the video there I’m gonna be uploading the second part tomorrow so hit that subscribe button on screen and hit that notification bellow so you don’t miss a thing and let me know in the comments what you guys think of the games so far and stay tuned for more bone works