ENG SUB【燕云台 The Legend of Xiao Chuo】EP09 | 姐姐们相继出嫁,燕燕伤心落泪(唐嫣、窦骁)

Tencent Video presents ♪Birds over the clouds♪ ♪Horses over the steppe♪ ♪Misty rain, armor suit♪ ♪Flower blossom under the moon breeze♪ ♪When did the universe start?♪ ♪Who will the moon shine on?♪ ♪Spring breeze sprouts buds in trees♪ ♪and breathes new life in me♪ ♪Love is a song, passion a painting♪ ♪Dream falls at the flower of my hairpin♪ ♪Been around the world, seen it all♪ ♪Have the universe under my sleeve♪ =The Legend of Xiao Chuo= =Episode 9= Even nothing had happened to Wuguli, sooner or later, Taiping King would find other reasons to marry me His Majesty is brutal and kills people frequently You’re in a high-status, our family is also on the cusp of the game of power Ever since I was a child, I’ve seen lots of my old family friends suddenly die If marrying Taiping King can keep our family safe, then there’s nothing wrong with that The common people only see that it looks great to be Princess Taiping, but they don’t know Taiping King has deep scheming who is very unpredictable My girl, when you marry him, you have to tread carefully It’s not easy to be Princess Taiping I know when I get married, I won’t be as comfortable as I used to be at home But don’t worry, Dad No matter what happens, I’m going to make myself have a good life I believe you can do it Miss Look, this wedding dress is really beautiful Isn’t it beautiful? It’s so beautiful Miss Xiao Yanyan, here you are Miss Xiao You are so selfish! You only care about your own happiness, but you have ruined Hunian’s life You crazy girl! This is what I’m going to wear Are you going to ruin my wedding? You only care about wedding and think about yourself, have you ever thought about Hunian and our family? In order to save you, Hunian had no choice but to marry Yansage You’re ruining her life now, but you still feel at ease and justified What are you talking about? Yes, it’s all my fault It’s all my fault, Okay? Hunian is the most selfless one You are so silly, Yanyan Haven’t you ever wondered how this could be the wishful thinking of Yansage? In my opinion, it’s Hunian who wants to be queen herself, and sees in Yansage who is highly regarded by His Majesty, and wishes that he could be able to inherit the throne one day -You are so selfish -Miss Hunian has helped you but you are insulting her Miss Wuguli I really regret that I helped you How dare you push me? Fine, bad Yanyan, I don’t have a little sister like you I don’t have an old sister like you Let me go I’m going to teach her a good lesson today Miss -Don’t be angry, miss -Don’t stop me Miss You’re going to get married soon Please don’t ruin your makeup Miss Stop adding fuel to the fire Don’t stop me It’s about the big day for the two sisters, and they will only be here for a few days How about going out for a walk and cooling down? Stop talking

Guiyin, Chongjiu, get her out of here I don’t want to see her again I don’t need you get me out of here I don’t want to be here at all I don’t want to see you at all Get out Miss -Don’t be mad, Miss -Go away (The King of Yan Palace) Yanyan Bro Derang What’s up? It turns out Hunian did not want to marry him It’s all because of Wuguli Can’t you try to persuade her? If you try to persuade her, maybe she will change her mind The wedding ceremony is about to be held, we can’t change anything Yanyan, Hunian is intelligent and kind, and she knows what she is doing How could Wuguli get to be like this? Yanyan, she must be very sad because you blamed her like that Do you really want to see her get married with a sad face? If you keep holding it like this, it’ll get crumpled and won’t look good tomorrow I don’t care Don’t you want me to look bad when I get married? You know that I didn’t mean it Then what did you mean? Tell me, what did you mean? Didn’t you say I have no conscience and Hunian is the most selfless one? Didn’t you say that if I marry Xiyin, you would never see me again? Yeah You have already known you were wrong, but you didn’t want to admit it yet So I was so angry But you are my sister who is about to get married I don’t want you to get married without anyone talking to you Except you, who else will ignore me? You are the only one who will ignore me You are the only one who is cruel You have no idea during the days that I was locked up by Yansage, I just thought I would never see father again, I would never see you and Hunian again I just thought when you little bad girl compete riding with others or fight with others, there would be no one to help you anymore All right, stop crying What are you crying for? Is Yanyan in there? Yes They were crying and laughing in there for a long time, and now they were asleep Miss Hunian, do you need me to wake them up? No, not at all Go get a quilt I will sleep here tonight Yes, madam My daughters,

if this is your destiny, then I would like you to remember that blood is thicker than water No matter what the situation is, you should trust each other and always be in one mind Don’t get involved in the political struggle (Xiao’s Mansion) Be careful! (Xiao’s Mansion) Thank you -Welcome -Congratulations Congratulations Slow down, slow down Come in, please Come in, please Congratulations Welcome. Come in, please Thank you. Welcome Come in, please Brother-in-law, please Father-in-law I have no son but only three daughters, who are all regarded as a treasure Hunian will marry you today, and I hope you will treat her well in the future and grow old together Please rest assured, father-in-law I will also value her as treasure Well, as you said Please drink the wine, dad Hunian, remember what I told you Please rest assured, father This is for you, father-in-law

I don’t need to tell you how much Wuguli cares for you I hope you will treat her well in the future and live in peace and security Don’t worry, father-in-law I will not let her down Well, as you said Please drink the wine, father Remember what I told you and live in peace and security All right It is the good time You guys should leave Get up Deliver the betrothal gifts (Xiao’s Mansion) Taiping King, you are married our sister and you can’t just leave like this, you have to reward us a treat Yeah We won’t recognize you if we don’t have enough reward Sure Gaoliu, grand the rewards Come on, come on Thank you, Taiping King Xiyin King, you couldn’t marry my little sister without giving me any treat All this for brother Dalin Thank you for taking care of Wuguli all these days Thank you very much I wish you happiness and good health in the future Let’s go God Tengri, I hope you can bless Hunian and Wuguli happiness and well-being Even they have been married, we’re still the best sisters in the world Come on, let’s drink up

Drink up Come on, come on Yansage, congratulations on winning the beauty Here’s a drink to you Drink up Good things should be in pairs, Taiping King Come on, Lord Hugu Come on -Congratulations, Your Highness -Congratulations, Your Highness Thank you for your congratulation Let’s drink up Drink up Brother What’s up? All the important figures in the clan and queen family have come here I think it’s going to be silent at Xiyin’s home Brother, do you think when we get married, whether it could be so imposing like this or not? It’s a good thing to get married with the one you love But look at these, these are too hypocritical, which is useless Do you think Taiping King is so happy today because of those who come to join in the fun? All right, go back and sit down Come on, come on -Drink up -Congratulations, Your Highness Your Highness Did the princess send you here? You go back and tell her

I’ll be right there Yes Princess, the front yard is empty without any guests Xiyin My Xiyin How can they bully you like that? Here comes the king You’ve been waiting so long You have been tired all day, you must be hungry I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare some dishes for you so you won’t be starving On the wine table, no one is my match Your Highness, be careful I’m all right You are really beautiful today You are drunk, Your Highness I’m not drunk I can see that you’re not willing I’ll be waiting for you till you change your mind You don’t want me to leave? Hunian. Hunian You’re mine at last Hunian Hunian I am right here Why do you call me so many times? I’m afraid I’m dreaming, so I want to call your name few more times Hunian Hunian Taiping King, do you really like me so much? Hunian Although I’m Taiping King, I can choose anyone

from all the girls in Liao Dynasty, but I don’t care You come from queen family and you should know in particular the cruelty of the Royal fighting Especially for those who are entitled to inherit the kingdom like me, there is no peace around them Therefore, I particularly want to marry a girl who regards kinship as the most important, who would never leave me alone even when I’m frustrated You are the girl Taiping No, call me Yansage Yansage Call me again Yansage Hunian You are really a good girl and I will cherish you, stay with you and protect you all my life Wuguli You just leave Yes These dishes are the specialty of our cook, and you cannot get them anywhere else Just have a taste What’s up? Xiyin, I must help you get everything back and make those who despised you today regret what they have done My silly girl, it’s a man’s business to fight for these things You don’t have to worry about it You don’t need to wait too long then I will make it up to you a thousand times for what you’ve been wronged today Yanyan You haven’t left yet I worry about you I feel very sad I feel a lot of grievances However, I really don’t know what to do It’s all gone And I’m still here If you have something, you can tell me Once my father and sister were the sky above my head But since the trip to Youzhou, I suddenly realized that my father, who had been thought he could do anything, has been under the dictate of others; and my sister, who is smarter and more capable than me, can’t even control her own destiny Why? For what? Why should we bear this? Yanyan We’ve worked very hard and will continue to do so I know

there is only one reason for all this It’s because we let someone who could bring disaster to us get the power, so all of us have to live in the panic and live in uneasiness forever Yanyan, don’t let others hear you Am I wrong? My father has told me since I was a child that in the Eight Tribes of Khitan, the one who is capable could become the Emperor A leader who couldn’t gain the support of the tribes and bring benefit to the tribes is not qualified I know you’ve always had more courage than anyone else You’re smarter than me, Bro Derang Can you tell me what to do? Where should our Liao Dynasty and our destiny go? You need to think about these things yourself, then you can think it clearly If our present Emperor had been merely the head of an ordinary tribe, he might have behaved no worse than any other tribe leader today But when he had the power that four generations of Emperors had painstakingly amassed since Emperor Yelü Abaoji, his recklessness could magnify his harm hundreds of times and there is bound to be a great upheaval in danger of death Is His Majesty going to kill all those who are against him or to be killed by those who opposed him Brother Derang, as far as you and dad, have you already I’m willing to support you Just keep it in mind and don’t talk about it Hunian has known it but Wuguli hasn’t, right? Yanyan Sometimes you’re really smarter and sharper than I thought It’s not Taiping King and it’s not Xiyin, either So is it Prince Zhimo or Prince Mingyi? All right Let me take you out for a few days, and don’t think about it, okay? I know right now you can’t tell me that yet But I hope it won’t involve my eldest sister and second sister Your Highness, I don’t think she’ll be out of the mansion today You’ll draw attention to yourself if you’re out of imperial palace every day Since in Spring Outing, I saved the His Majesty once, he has no doubt about me It’s no longer a big deal for me to get away from the palace -But you -Enough, I know it I know exactly what to do and what not to do I just want to return this Pisces jade pendant to her Keep up with her, Po Hurry up Come on (Arrest warrant) Great! (Arrest warrant) Everybody, please give us some money if you have, otherwise, please give us some applause Figured cloth, beautiful figured cloth Who are you?

Why are you following me all the way from the city? I didn’t expect such a coincidence that you and I met again You are Lady, I don’t know if you remember what happened on the haystack Haystack? You’re the Cough Childe Cough Childe? Sorry to make you laugh at me But I’d like to say thank you for your help at that time, otherwise I would have lost my life You don’t have to say that, it’s just a little help I’m really grateful to you for saving my life, Miss Yanyan You also know my name? What’s your name? My name is Mingyi Mingyi? It sounds familiar You are the Prince Xian The Imperial King of Men is my grandfather and Emperor Shizong of Liao is my father Prime Minister Siwen Zhimo King Please get up Prime Minister Siwen, you are the veteran of my father, I just can’t bear that You’re so kind Prime Minister, are you just going out of the cabinet? I have been reading history books since childhood and I really admire the loyal ones There are two happy events in the Prime Minister’s family, but you have not forgotten the state affairs, you’re the real model of officials of Liao Dynasty You are flattering me It’s my duty Actually, I have something to talk to you, Prime Minister There is also the youngest girl in your home, I wonder if she has been taken When my late wife was still alive, she asked someone to do fortune-telling for my little girl which was telling she could not marry too young Besides, my little girl always gets into trouble for her reckless nature, I also have the intention to keep her around for a few more years of teaching There are only second brother and I left in the royal family, but he is in poor health Sooner or later, the throne will be mine Please don’t be perfunctory, Your Excellency How dare I? Zhimo King, you are brilliant and noble, and you are good enough to be the husband of my little girl It’s just because of my little girl’s fate, I dare not take risks and don’t want to hurt you, Your Highness Of course I understand how much you love your daughter All that will wait for Miss Yanyan growing up Farewell In fact, I was not in a good mood today, that’s why I came out to hunt I didn’t expect to meet you Is it because of your sisters? How did you know that? The whole Shangjing City knew Prime Minister Siwen had married his two daughters to two of the three branches of the Taizu that were most likely to control Liao Dynasty It’s nonsense My father is not such a person If he had a choice, he would not agree to marry his daughters to two Kings Right It’s all because of he was forced by Taiping King and plotted against by Xiyin, so my father had no choice These people are such gossips ♪Who wrote the love down with affection♪ ♪Who got drunk with thoughts on horse back♪ ♪Song of her across land and sea♪ ♪Lingers on and beyond the men’s world♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪

♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪ ♪The watch at night, dawn at the skyline♪ ♪Two beating hearts, a never ending story♪ ♪Unbending belief, bothered by none♪ ♪All the joy of the universe at your blink♪ ♪Like a bird across the clouds♪ ♪World shimmers at me♪ ♪Love without regret♪ ♪Fear for no danger♪ ♪What a brilliant life♪ ♪Like a bird over the waves♪ ♪Still be the same as we meet again♪ ♪Exchange our love and passion♪ ♪Fill two hearts with happy ending♪ ♪You and I, from now to the end of time♪