How to cost effectively Re-Enamel / Refinish a old bath tub

today I will be painting my bathtub my brother Finnish cabinet building tiling everywhere just finish grouting yesterday a day before that and now we definitely need to fix up the bath because this pink color is quite terrible first things first the kit that I’ll be using is this we’re going for the white finish to match our grout color now all the instructions everything you need is on this so it’s pretty straightforward you just sort of need to take your time painting I’ve got all my tools everything I need heaps of rags just to make sure everything is nice and clean and dried and put some sanding paper and a sanding paper I recommend is either 400 or 600 and I’ve just got both first use the 400 to rough and everything up than 600 to just smooth and everything out decent paint brush safety glasses and a good breathing apparatus because the paint is actually pretty toxic so you can probably definitely get away with one of those cheap disposable masks and have a well ventilated room and leave every 5 or 10 minutes but I’ve got one of these I might as well use it now the kit comes in a big tin as a base and small tin as a activator and you put the activator into the base mix it up well and then either you can use a roller or paintbrush to apply it is this I should be able to get away with two coats with this amount so I’m happy of that and I bought this at the local masters store and was forty five fifty dollars I can’t complain of that alright so as you can see the boss still needs to get a little bit cleaned up so just use water to get rid of this excess grout I’ll cover the drain up of sticky tape and then I’ll just cut around it to get it cover up the chrome I’ll fix this up later on so I’ve just cleaned the bath really easy now one really important part is to check if there’s any grout or paint spots anywhere because just like yeah because the paint might not be able to grab that on so they just go around thoroughly around the bar and take off any paint spots and once that’s done you could sort of draw it um the next step is to slight Stephanie come in handy on the camera the next step will be to use the 400 grit sanding paper and just give everything a nice rubdown so first I’m going to use the 400 about sheets like this let me through this I’ll just cut them into either half quarters easy the handle as well and give everything proper Sandown okay so the tubs nicely being sanded I probably recommend using a 400 grit paper because the 600 is just too fine who knows if actually did anything but anyway so but that’s better okay now with this drainpipe what I’m going to do is obviously I don’t that to be painted I’ve just some simple masking paper now I’m just going to get a Stanley knife cut around it to get a perfect circle so I’ll be able to paint sort of the edges

of the bathtub around there but I won’t be getting their chrome drains so I’m going to do that and then I’m going to give a final wipe over to collect all the dust which it looks like that at all the masking tape there it doesn’t matter because I’ll just get it on a strip put it over there cut around it I’ve mixed apart activator of the Part B that’s sort of the outcome they get you mix both the small care the B can and then you mix both of them together just before we start painting gets just a cloth that attracts dusts or whatever and just before painting just giving everything wipe down just so any paint the surface is going to be nice and clean so yeah another thing is that this stuff does smell pretty terrible so make sure you’ve got a open window you can work on a fan but this one’s currently switched off at the moment definitely wear a respiratory mask whatever wear some gloves because it’s not good for your skin either and safety glasses just in case another tip is that I’m going to start painting from the back here so I’m not going to be overlapping but touching wet paint or leaning on any anything that’s already been painted so yeah here we go so that’s just the first cake to the point behind left over come think much over try after waiting our turn and then give another cake should hopefully food the next coats grownup like and hopefully I should still have some other paint left over the second coat I’ll give our light sand with this 600 grit paper and then I’ll do a third and whatever us other coat I need just for this to be sparkling white so next up I’m going to do another recording of the fourth code and it we’ll see how that turns out another thing is that you definitely can do this with both roller and paintbrush rollers probably quicker but the paintbrush is definitely good to just touch up so hard-to-reach places okay so this is a final product I’m not sure what the justice the cameras doing but I did about three and a half coats on this and it it does do the job well it’s not ridiculously smooth but it’s definitely good enough and huge improvement over the initial prodigiously pink box a thumbs up that this this wasn’t that expensive if you can see that the first three quote three coats are good enough you can easy just by self another sort of kit and do another one or two coats and I have to say that you can definitely use both the roller and the paintbrush and then after the second coat my brother sanded everything down and applied a third coat and then after that

we just patched a few places up that needed to get fixed up yeah that sums it up in refurbishing and repainting the porcelain Bartha