【ENG SUB】致我们单纯的小美好 11 | A Love So Beautiful EP11 胡一天、沈月校园甜宠爱恋,融化少女心!

-♫ I love your eyes, ♫- -♫ your eyelashes, your arrogance and pride. ♫- -♫ I love your dimples, ♫- -♫ your lips and your smile. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows and mocks me but don’t be annoyed. ♫- -♫ I’ll keep going, just get ready for it! ♫- -♫ I love your shirt, ♫- -♫ your fingers and your smell. ♫- -♫ I wanna be your coat, ♫- -♫ your gloves or your heart. ♫- -♫ I love you, everyone knows. ♫- -♫ It’s a little awkward but don’t be angry, please. ♫- -♫ I’m patient enough, just see it! ♫- -♫ Love you for each minute, each second. ♫- -♫ Love you, everywhere, every corner. ♫- -♫ Loving you is my unchangeable habit. ♫- -♫ How much I love you? Just don’t know. ♫- -♫ My love for you stops the rain and makes the sun rise. ♫- -♫ My love for you warms the snow. ♫- -♫ My love for you is my belief, just can’t give up. ♫- -♫ How much I love you? Some day you would know. ♫- Now there are some special situations in school, and we need to record your temperature I seem to have a fever Li Wei sits with Qiao Lu Is it possible that Li Wei has been infected too? Li Wei Come here Don’t worry Have a good rest Sir, I’m a bit ill Why are you here? Didn’t I just say I’ll come to you later? -The crime and the penalty of the crime always hold me spellbound.- -I like reading all kinds of…- Xiaoxi, can you see me? I’ll always be here -After the sea calmed, people on the bank sailed a boat.- -They could find only ten corpses lying on the Soldier Island, and an unsolved mystery.- Finally, he said don’t be afraid -Episode 11 Happy Winter- What are you going to send Jiang Chen for Christmas? Have you saved enough money? Do you want to give Jiang Chen this small card only? I have neither money nor ideas How about I drawing a comic book for him? Do you think Jiang Chen will read it? He won’t Alright For the sake of poor you, I’m going to share my plan with you Nothing shows a girl’s softer side more than a hand-knitted scarf And nothing can be warmer than wearing a scarf knitted by a girl But I can’t knit It’s so easy Just search on the Internet How about we both knitting scarves? You make it for Li Shu, and I make it for Jiang Chen Lower your vioce! Pick a color Has the certificate been sent? It’s sent from abroad. Not so fast Could you urge them to send it quickly? What if it can’t arrive before Christmas? Will you be responsible for my love life? – Why didn’t you arrange it early if you’re worried? – Arrange what? There is a campaign against pornography Get ready to lay a strong foundation for the major event of my life Didn’t I tell you not to trust the adlets on the wire pole of praying for kids with huge money? – Time for class, hurry up – Lu Yang What’s the matter? Please lend me your gloves Why do you borrow my gloves? Just walk up to hand in hand and share the temperature I’m begging you Stop it, okay? I’ve bought ice cream for you and taken over your duty What more do you want? How about I pack Lin Jingxiao for you? What’s up? Are you saying ill of me? Lu Yang rambles on much about Jiang Chen and me – You failed to report, you’re also an accessory – Hurry up! Excuse me!

– What’s this? – Gloves I don’t want it Don’t always buy things for me Come on! This is a Christmas gift I bought all Give me a second Jiang Chen How are you going to spend this Christmas? I won’t celebrate it Oh Lu Yang Where is Wu Bosong? Dose he have a match today? It seems he got a friendly match Why didn’t his coach tell me? It seems that it’s privileged Privileged? Is there a privileged match? A random inspection within the team A sudden selection Excuse me Welcome Wu Bosong returns in triumph Come on, time for class I helped you a lot, buddy You helped me conceal it? It scared me to death! Okay, we’ll hand out transcripts in next English class Class is over Goodbye, madam A Christmas present But I already have gloves Can you give me a pair of wool socks? Pay with your life Buddy Thanks Thank you – You really bought for everyone – Yeah Look at the color, do you like it? Girls should all like pink Not at all Yours looks nice -Chenxi School.- Lin Jingxiao What do you want for Christmas? I can even pick the stars for you Then do it Just see it! Cut it out! If you really have something, then give me a snow What is it with this weather? It’s neither cold or hot You thought it’s not cold? But it’s good to snow. I love it Why there can’t be a snowy day? It’s been a long time since the last snow Hope it can snow at Christmas How romantic! So romantic that you can’t help to fall through the snow every time The road is slippery after the snow It hasn’t snowed for a long time Let me give you a snow I’ve got go. Bye, see you tomorrow – Goodbye – See you tomorrow, Jingxiao Ride slowly Chen Xiaoxi, hurry up! Jiang Chen Lin Jingxiao comes to my home to play today Does he usually ride so fast? No Then there must be a lot of jealousy in him So he needs to cover them Nothing. Let’s go – That’s nice – It’s ugly and rustic Why rustic? Let me tell you what kind of scarf do boys like? – See, boys all like this kind of scarf – That’s nice What do you think if I embroider the letters of ‘JC’ here, and add a little heart? – Here, take some fruit – Apples Thank you, auntie What are you playing with so much yarn? Well… that’s… that’s the case

Auntie, may I ask if you can knit scarves? She grew up with my hand-knitted trousers and sweaters, let alone scarves Auntie Can you teach us? No problem, let me show you Hold this and the needle on your left hand Then casting on, look Just like this. Wrap it around Look, casting on as many stitches as you like Knitting a scarf should cast on many stitches Depending on how wide you want – Xiaoxi, are you clear? – It’s fine, auntie. I’ll teach her later You’ve got it? – I think it’s easy – Yeah? Hold the needle on the left hand and the yarn on the right hand Then wrap it around, right? You’re so clever, kid Look Your hands are so clumsy You’ve wrapped it around hundreds of times – Look, just like this – You must wrap it around If a mom is clever, her daughter is stupid Mom! All right, enjoy your time – If you need any help, just tell me – Auntie, you look so nice today – Bye, auntie – Bye Come on, just give up No, I can’t How to do with it? What should I do? I need to take out again I’ve done over 20 times I think Why not you buy another yarn? -Ask me how much I love Li Shu.- Chen Xiaoxi picks the same color as you Qiao Lu, let’s go See? That look she gave me She looked down upon me Well, I think, Li Wei is not unreasonable Dear name astar live, My name is Lu Yang Where is my star? It should be understood Yours is almost broken Mine is better Who do you think you are? Textile workers? Jingxiao, Jingxiao Lin Jingxiao You regard yourself as a heroine? You are students The next time I see you doing like this, I’ll confiscate all of these – Why didn’t you tell me? – I didn’t see What’s so funny? Class is beginning Dear? She goes again with that It can’t work No, no way This time I must teach her a lesson You just stopped me to get angry with her Do you remember the last time? Didn’t we deal with it well? Let’s deal with it as last time It works Last time? Okay Let’s go What are you doing? You are too old to flirt with eyes

Er… well Xiaoxi Do you still remember Auntie Liu who worked with me at the Food Factory? No It doesn’t matter if you forgot Auntie Liu has a daughter who is two years older than you And she’s very good at studying The same one that always came our home to tutor you What’s up? Does she ask for the tutor fee even now? She’s in love She fails the college entrance exam and just goes insane Why does the story have such a terrible ending? I just have a good chat with you – Can you even have the courtesy? – What’s wrong with me? Her insanity is not caused by me Do you understand what I’m talking about? Well, alright Here, have the meal Let’s drop it Enjoy the meal Tang Li I thought maybe that’s not it We have beat around the bush for hours She didn’t understand at all It proves that her mind is not there Then tell me what the ‘Dear’ in the card is all about? A card means nothing Maybe it’s written for her teacher Let’s continue monitoring Don’t scare yourself! Right I can’t knit better than Li Wei, anyway How about I change something else? – Good morning, auntie – Morning Jiang Chen I’d like to ask you about something Do you think if there’s something wrong with Xiaoxi during this time? No Does she have any close male classmate? No What I mean is Does she talk much with any boy at school? Then sometimes they will go out for fun or something No It’s no use to ask you You usually devote yourself to your study So you couldn’t care so much Alright Go to school – Goodbye, auntie – Bye Really – What are you doing here, mom? – Hurry up! Jiang Chen has been waiting you for hours Hurry, go Have you really been waiting for me? No I knew it! What were you talking about with my mom? About the weather What weather? Whether it will snow or not? Is it going to snow? Will it? I don’t know Your chat makes no sense What the hell do you write? – I can’t even understand – That’s normal for you I dislike your manner of speaking What on earth is it? The weather I’ve checked the weather in recent half month I’m speculating if it will snow at Christmas How is it? Will it snow at that day? Maybe it will How likely will it snow? Fifty percent Xiaoxi Do you think it’s nice? You did a good job – It’s nice – Return it to me – Give it back to me – What? Do you want to send it? Return it to me Jiang Chen I have something to tell you Can you go out with me? What’s up? Teach me! Jiang Chen Why you wear so few clothes today? It’s fairly thick Don’t go over What’s wrong? Well I have something to give you This is my hand-knitted scarf It’s the first time I knitted a scarf Maybe it’s not good looking Try it on Why you’re sneaking around like this? Chen Xiaoxi What’s going on? I won’t play this game What’s happening? Nothing Jiang Chen

Why are you running? – What’s your look? Do you want to cry? – Lu Yang Can you shut up? How nasty! Enough? You should have received a lot of gifts recently Have a look It’s really quite a lot Do you think I’m the same as you? I also received gifts from others. Okay? From Wu Bosong? Go ask her Go ask – You go – No. It’s suitable for you to ask Come on Go to ask her Xiaoxi Xiaoxi I came across this card while I was cleaning today Have a look Is it yours? Why do it feel so cold? Because it’s a little cold today Well Who do you want to give it to? Bastard! What? No one. I bought it by chance How is it going? She kept tight-lipped Morning What do you think? Stunning Excellent Why don’t you weave the hand chain? I’m quitting Why? Or let’s Lin Jingxiao What’s up? – Making a sneak attack? – No I have a international package notice Can you check it for me? – You’re not illiterate – Just have a look You can’t read the international dirty book, right? How can you think of me like this? – Am I such a man like this? – Yeah You’ll see I’m sure to make you move with tears Sir Sir Come on Are you blind? I’m so sorry – Are you okay? Jingxiao – Piss off! I didn’t mean to Dazhuang Lin Jingxiao is being hostile to scold you You’re not mad about her behavior? – Do you like her, Dazhuang? – Get away! I think it’s pretty close. Dazhuang, you’ll be a hen-pecked husband Honestly, I really believe Medecins Sans Frontieres is meaningful Is it yours? It’s from my girlfriend You must put it away quickly Stop showing it off before me Why don’t you make a girlfriend and show her off? Look at those girls

They come to us fussily with hands pressing their stomachs And they even name Mr. Li to examine – Stop it! – Get to work I believe Li Shu has a girlfriend She is definitely the type who has long legs, a slim waist, and no baby fat but looks hypocritical I’m sure he won’t like me Certainly not Aren’t you the type who has long legs, a slim waist, and no baby fat but looks hypocritical? Are you really my friend? I’m definitely your friend Because the same thing is happening to me today What’s happening? The scarf Jiang Chen wore this morning is from Li Wei I saw Li Wei giving it to him Jiang Chen’s drawer is full of gifts One more from Li Wei makes no difference But those presents were pressed on him He won’t accept others’ gifts But he has received Li Wei’s present Li Wei must mean a lot for him Don’t you fetch water? I suddenly remember I should go back to get Lin Jingxiao’s cup Don’t you hold two cups? Don’t forget to use your brain Dazhuang, Dazhuang! She is coming down Learn from me Lin Jingxiao What’s up? I have something to tell you Speak out! What are you doing? You’re quite a tomboy Are you crazy? No, look, well Anyway, I have nothing to do recently So I’m thinking about finding a girlfriend I think you’re suitable, although you are too ordinary It doesn’t matter You study well and complement me After all, there are not many people like me in our school Let’s decide it happily I’ll treat you to a movie tonight Are you mad? Get away! Lin Jingxiao You don’t cherish the opportunity I give you – Who do you think you are? – I’m nobody Piss off! Get lost! Lin Jingxiao Who are you? How dared you to refuse me Look at yourself in the mirror! No one will like you because you’re so mean I like Lin Jingxiao – Why do you appear everywhere? – What? Why not? Let’s go Are you all right? I’m fine Thanks for that You’re my buddy indeed You never drop away at critical moments Lin Jingxiao I was going to touch you at Christmas But it might come in handy in advance Wait for me. Don’t go I picked a star for you I bought it from the sky It’s Lin Jingxiao’s unique star From now on, the star with the number of Lin Jingxiao 520 is called Lin Jingxiao I asked Jiang Chen to buy it for me from an American website It must be booked for two months ahead This kind of naming-right of a star you bought, is the way that business company earn money with a picture and a certificate What’s more this name won’t be recognized and used by the astronomical society Then forget it But thank you, anyway -[Dear Mr. Chen]-

Listen, everybody We have been notified that, a TV station will come here for shooting tomorrow We can’t take today’s self-study course The whole school has a clean-up Alright Don’t complain. It’s useless Monitor, arrange it I’ll come back to check later Lin Jingxiao Why do you stand on the table? Get down! How dangerous! My dear, please get down Don’t scare me. I have a heart disease Chen Xiaoxi Up there Change work with Lin Jingxiao Look at your height A low center of gravity isn’t easy to fall You didn’t stand so high? You stand up a bit The view will be much more beautiful Cut the crap, hurry up! – Fine. Get down. I’ll go up – Let me help you Use this, idiot Don’t you come down? Lu Yang. Chen Xiaoxi Get to work! Come here, guys. It snows here It’s snowing, come on The snow falls It’s fake snow Picking stars is more romantic than snowing, right? You again! Get out of there! Get down! Hurry up! – Here comes the teacher – Have you done? Who did it out here? There is white trash all over the floor You all get out to clean It isn’t me. Whoever did it should clean up You’re always talk, right? Ms. Liu, no need to clean up It really snows It’s so cold Put it on Ignore me – I don’t want to wear – Fine Hold my bike It’s mine I won’t return it to you It’s mine Slow down Don’t follow me It’s chill Wear it Or you’ll scold me later Jiang Chen

I don’t want to wear this scarf I won’t wear it because it’s from Li Wei It’s from my mom Hey, Jiang Chen. Wait for me! You’re a champion now, right? You’re awesome, right? You can do whatever you like without observing the rules of our school? Excuse me, director. I can’t I thought you can! You thought you got to be excellent – Why not compete in the Olympics? – Soon Please see in due course You… See how I punish you! Is it enough for 300 push ups? I didn’t ask you to do push ups – Mom and dad, I come back – Welcome back Hurry to have dinner Come over here Where did you get this scarf? That’s right Whose scarf is it? It’s Jiang Chen’s It’s from Jiang Chen I thought it’s from someone else It turns out to be Jiang Chen’s Go to wash hands Many dishes today The scrambled eggs is delicious Merry Christmas! – Dear Chen – What’s the meaning? Dear Chen This is for me See? Don’t be jealous Morning I also have a Christmas gift for you What’s this? A hand chain But I accidentally weaved it too long last night It’s also a bit long as a necklace Or you can use it as a belt It’s not bad I can also use it to hang myself Jiang Chen, come here I want to ask you about something Do you think if there’s something wrong with Xiaoxi during this time? -Your daughter has never been right.- If there is any male classmate that she gets close to? -She gets close to me everyday.- For example, if she talks much with any boy at school? Then sometimes they will hang out or something -It’s me.- Talking to you makes no sense You devote yourself entirely to study -Than why ask?- Go to school Bye, auntie Mom, what are you doing here? Hurry up Jiang Chen has been waited for a long time. Come on Are you really waiting for me? No -♫ Maybe it’s fairy’s magic, I think. ♫- -♫ She makes you talk to me. ♫- -♫ This prosperous world is so noisy and crowded, ♫- -♫ where is my stop? ♫- -♫ Don’t care about it, the doubt or sufferings. ♫- -♫ Calm down and follow the answer in your heart. ♫- -♫ What you lost and makes you feel sorrow, ♫- -♫ you must know. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in dream, ♫-

-♫ I’m in somniloquy, ♫- -♫ drawing my future home, ♫- -♫ the home full of what I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, all the struggling has gone. ♫- -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫- -♫ talk to me gently, ♫- -♫ “come here, be easy.” ♫- -♫ The dream makes me sleepless. ♫- -♫ Full of bitterness and sobs. ♫- -♫ That’s my original intention, that’s my youth. ♫- -♫ Tell me it will come true. ♫- -♫ Tell me I’m in somniloquy, ♫- -♫ drawing my future home, ♫- -♫ the home I live with all I love. ♫- -♫ In my dream, ♫- -♫ all the obstacles have been overcome. ♫- -♫ You stand there with smile, ♫- -♫ talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.” ♫- -♫ You talk to me gently, ♫- -♫ “come here, be easy.” ♫-