Easy Foraging Tips and Toys For ALL Parrots 101

(bird noises) (laughing) – Hey guys, (parrot noise) Wow! Hey guys, Jamie Lee and Jinxy here I just need to start introducing you first sir With a really exciting video today that I hope you guys are gonna find a lot of value from Did you wanna do the talking? I’m sure people would love (parrot noise) that way more Jinxy is going to be my demo bird today And this is gonna be a lot of fun for not only you guys but definitely for him Correctamundo? Handsome? All handsome Okay, so what I’m gonna be talking about today is 14 easy tips and tricks to introduce your bird to foraging Now I have a free download if you guys are more interested in seeing photos and text and like a guide Basically, if you learn better that way, or you want to have something that you can actually hold print out and look at, you can print that it’s just a free download you check out as normal You just don’t pay anything and then the download is sent to your email So I will leave that in the video description for you guys just launched that on my website and I’m really excited about it But I wanted to make a little bit of a video version with the help of Jinxy to show you some really simple, non time consuming foraging ideas Now, ideally, your bird should be foraging for the healthy stuff, such as fresh foods, if you can, and there’s, I’ll explain more of that in my guide, you’ll see how we use fresh food as foragers He’s already looking at some of my supplies over there But foraging getting your bird to forage for his own pellets is a really awesome, awesome tactic because not only is it time consuming teaches them to self entertain and only time consuming for them by the way, but also it gets your bird mentally engaged and keeps it from screaming So instead it’s busy looking for its meal So instead of just eating directly out of a bowl, and taking 10 minutes, it’s actually taking a lot more time and you get a lot more peace and quiet in your household ’cause these guys are not that quiet Although you’re doing really good right now Now one of the things that I do with my birds and my aviaries is as they destroy their toys, I pick up any sort of chunks of toys that I can salvage Now this means that it can’t be toy parts that have been in poop or got really nasty and dirty definitely disregard those, but if you find pieces that you can salvage, this is what I do with those So for instance, this was actually from Jinxy’s cage This came off one of his toys, one of his foraging toys These are literally the insides and outsides of the natural toys that I give them So just fun stuff and this is from their party purchase So Bondi did this And this is literally a chunk of toy that they broke off and dropped to the bottom of the cage and I was able to salvage it before anything nasty happened to it, like get pooped on And this is my from that Now what I don’t want you guys to use is any sort of plastic beads or plastic parts Do not give your bird plastic to chew on, they will break it, it will have a sharp edge, it’s not good So stick to natural things we even have because I have a seven year old who loves crafts, we have a lot of just natural popsicle sticks around our house, you could also use stuff like that So just think pieces of paper crunched up Real simple stuff guys doesn’t need to be anything elaborate As you can see, these are just remains from my bird’s toys So instead of giving your bird its pellets in a bowl, and that’s it, that’s really freaking boring guys And I’m gonna mix some pine nuts in here just to give them a little extra incentive And you would simply put some of this stuff in a bowl, and I’m letting him watch and I’m gonna stack this stuff on top Now this might be a bit much for your bird, you might wanna start with just a few things where they can easily see it but I’m gonna show you what happens when Jinx gets ahold of this All right (seeds crushing)

(plate falling) And as you can see Jinx got to the good stuff, he found all the food inside just by moving that stuff out of the way So this time, let’s make it a little bit harder You passed level one foraging bud, I think we should move on All right? So level two And guys I’m gonna show you a simpler version in case your bird is not this advanced I’m only gonna put a couple treats in here for jinxy but for example Hold on a sec bud I’m just trying to show them Okay wanna get this ready without your bird helping you But I’m gonna drop a couple treats in the bowl He’s eating pellets I’m just gonna cover it with a piece of paper Okay, super simple, easy A lot of birds will just knock this off on accident Hey Jinxy, there’s stuff in there (laughing) So as you can see, you can give them a little bit of a reminder each and every little thing is gonna give them a little boost of confidence Okay, this time, I’m gonna add a few more treats back in And I’m actually gonna wrap the bowl in the paper so it holds on a little bit more We’ll see if Jinx can get that (paper ruffling) There we go (laughing) Way too easy All right, so and that was even making it a little bit harder because it actually hung on so you can see he got to his goodies And the way to make that harder would be to have all this stuff on top So let’s go ahead and do that I’ll let him finish what he earned So this time, I’m filling the bowl with all this stuff and I’m going to wrap it (paper ruffling) I’m gonna try to put the bowl on top of it so that he can’t get to it as easily Will you quit looking at my thing of treats I keep filling up Okay, it’s ready for you Also, not that Jinx needs it, but I’m just going to show you real quick If your bird needs the help, you can poke little holes on the front, to kind of give them a little extra help You can also make these holes really big at first and then make them smaller and smaller Another thing you can do is if your bird is still nervous, you can take like a little pine nut like that and stick it in the holes Not only will that help keep it down but it’ll give your bird that initial reaction of checking it out, realizing there’s more goodness inside and going for it So as you can see, this can be a really fun just engagement activity to do with your bird It doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the cage But it is a fun thing for them to be able to do in their cage as well So that you can have your own alone time and they look forward to going back in the cage to play this game and have this much fun Good job, buddy To make this even harder if you guys have a bird like Jinx who just has no problem, no hesitation at this You can do the same thing Don’t poke the holes in the top and make sure that the paper is on and tie it with string around to really keep it intact Make sure that you’re using something that your bird can’t actually ingest or eat and you can use a little bit of rope from our rope toys if you want, but something to just kind of keep that piece of paper on, so they actually have to break through Ideally, he’s going to have to break through this to get there And then the next thing you can do is use multiple pieces of paper So use two pieces of paper and then five or something like that to make it thicker of a wall for them to have to spend more time breaking through And they will just have at it, it’s a lot of fun And it’s a great way to engage with or without your bird, give him something that he can work on by himself or like this, bring it outside of the cage and do it with them Just as a fun activity, see how creative you guys can get So I do wanna emphasize that I wanna make sure you guys are using natural safe materials for birds That you aren’t getting so creative and outside the box that you’re using toys that are not meant for birds or meant for them to destroy So be really mindful of the materials that you use Again in my freebie It’s a free download go straight to your email

I’ll leave it in the video description It talks about materials that you can use to give you some other ideas, different from what you saw here And it also tells you what not to use So I include a list of both just to keep our feathered guys safe Bubba! Thanks for the demo What a mess Did you do all this? You did all this Just a couple more ways that you can expand this If your bird’s enclosure has multiple food dishes, do this in multiple dishes and just make it so that one bowl has three pellets One bowl has one pallet one bowl has 10 pallets however you need to divide it up, but make it fun and Interesting So your bird never knows or never expects, how many treats or pellets it’s going to find Now initially, you may have to use just treats, Jinx is pre accustomed to foraging And so this is not anything that’s crazy new to him as a concept So he is willing to forage for his pellets But ideally, birds can be foraging for their dry foods, which is a lot of fun, and makes it so that the evening is a little bit more calm for everybody So definitely share in the comments what kind of tips and tricks you used from either my freebie or from the stuff that I showed you in this video How it worked for your bird, and maybe offer some tips to everybody else, so that we can spread the knowledge of foraging for our birds and keep them more engaged with us Okay, for the next part of this video, I wanted to show you some interesting stuff that has to do with my rose breasted cockatoo Bondi And some of the stuff that you saw Jinx get to play with is just because of Bondi So we have added these party purchases to our toy line This is what they are supposed to look like when they kinda start out Although the Conyers have had at this a bit So these are made of bamboo, and they have some fun stuff inside for your birds to destroy, and they also get to stand on it This is what Bondi I did to hers The End used to be pink, like you see here, and so she destroyed this, I’m still going to give it back to her to be able to destroy what is left, but this is how I got some stuff that Jinx was able to use and forage through So these are included in our toy bundles So if you’re interested we have literally aaw you’re cuddling We have five toy foraging bundles Now these are literally five toys delivered to your door that are all about foraging So you can either give them to your bird as is, which I took some from my birds aviary Obviously yours will come intact but this is one of our toys Now It may look like your bird can just destroy this and they definitely can But if you wanna make it into a foraging toy, you can simply add large nuts in between here or you can take pieces of paper, wrap up pellets and stick them in between the pieces Now, when your bird breaks off these pieces, that’s when you can use it in your birds dish as a little time consumer for your bird But otherwise, I’m going to show you how we do this (paper ruffling) And it’s really good to let your bird be part of this process so they see what they’re going for So I’m gonna take some pine nuts, I’m gonna put them in a piece of paper So the first thing that you wanna do is accustom your bird that this has food in it So simply let them watch you do it and then give it to your bird and let them destroy it I’m gonna move some toys around here And then you’re gonna give this to your bird, and teach your bird to destroy this and open it up Oh, she’s just handing it to me because she knows the retrieve So let’s try again Good, good job So the first thing that you wanna do is teach your bird that inside crumbled pieces of paper are treats and or pellets depending on what you can get your bird to search for So I’m gonna start working on Bondi putting it in the bowl That is a trick that that you know This is gonna be confusing for you (laughing) Okay, go ahead and open it Good job Good job Bondi Once your bird understands that which Bondi clearly does, she’s gotten two treats out of it You can then incorporate that into some of the larger toys Now this is a large toy that I normally give my macaws But if I wanted to make it work for Bondi as a foraging toy, I would simply put that paper into there and then hang that up

Do it at a level where she could reach it from a perch and let her go get it Now you can make it harder and harder and harder by moving the toys to places that are harder and harder harder for the bird to get to So it may have to go destroy something, wait for it to fall to the bottom and then run and get it Or if you have a grid down at the bottom, you might want to put a little shelf to act as kind of a catch all when they are doing their foraging stuff Now the other ways to use this, I’m gonna set this aside, although she might go for it I’m just gonna show you some of the toys that come in our foraging line that make it so that you can hide stuff Again, you can fit them in between things These have kind of been a little bit destroyed already from my birds And we love giving you guys coconuts in our toys, because they usually last fairly long So you can hide stuff up and in here And remember, you don’t have to necessarily hang this this is something that you could have out on a table Remember foraging doesn’t always have to happen in the cage It can happen outside of the cage with you Okay, now our party purchase As I mentioned, you can add stuff to these These are very, very simple and easy to add little treats and pellets into, or you can just simply give them as is This one was just given to Bondi as is I didn’t hide anything in it, she just naturally wanted to destroy it, which is really, really fun So that’s kind of the purpose of the foraging toys that we send in our bundle Is that you can just provide them for your bird and they are naturally gonna forage through by destroying everything out of them because they have stuff hidden inside Now the stuff they have hidden inside currently is just a variety of textures So it’s really fun for birds to explore into that But if you wanna add food, that’s always a fun option to just make it a little bit more interesting One of my favorite foraging toys is this one I put two of them together, but you will see that it has a little bit of a pattern And you can open these up and wedge things in between So this is something you could do with pellets or Little sunflower seeds would fit great, especially if you have small birds And you’re fitting small things, you can fit them all in here and your bird will spend a long time trying to destroy this As you can see, this one has a few bite marks in it and has some chewed stuff in it already But honestly, the more they chew it, the easier it is for you to add foraging elements to it so it can be really, really fun I wanted to show them what the macaws have been doing to our coconut toy Now this is one of our giant toys And it literally has been through it with my macaws As you can see they are pulling off the outside of the coconut on all the coconuts They’re going to town on them, which is really great because then it gives me something to stuff the bowls with Now the other cool thing is that it’s pretty hard for them to fully destroy the coconut So this toy lasts a while and I can keep refilling it I can put stuff in here Whether it’s just a bunch of different types of paper, I can stuff all these pieces in there And they’re really interested to find out You can also do the paper thing where you stuff pieces of paper in there that have stuff in there So when they pull out the paper, they’re getting something along with it So all these toys are definitely designed with the bird in mind to appeal to them and their natural instincts of wanting to feel those different textures, feel those preening materials, and explore with their beaks So I hope that you guys enjoy these And don’t forget to get that free download with 14 tips and tricks on how to introduce foraging to your bird Whether you need to train it or whether or not they naturally take to some of the fun stuff that I’ve showed you in this video today She’s already playing with toy scraps that are falling all over the table as I speak Thanks for helping me I decided to team up with Katie’s birds on Instagram and I asked her to do a little demo video of one of the ways that she gets creative and feeds some of her aviary birds Now Katy specializes in working with birds that have self mutilation problems This means they pluck, but sometimes it goes even beyond plucking their own feathers out and actually continues to where they literally bite into their own skin So this self mutilation can be very intense And she specializes in working with these types of behaviors and using foraging as her number one tool to overcoming and reversing this type of learned behavior – Hi, I’m Katie If you don’t know me already, I deal with a lot of self mutilating birds So birds that pluck their own feathers, foraging is so important So these, these are cheap, you can buy them on eBay Those actually come off as well And you can put any kinds of things in there Birds love to have what they can’t have If you think about your own pets when you’re trying to eat your own food, they always try to steal your food off you Well this kind of works as the same sort of thing

If I offer them celery and corn or whatever and put it all in a bowl, sometimes they’ll just look at it and walk off and not be interested but you put it in here All of a sudden, they think they not gonna have it and they want it It becomes something they wanna work at I put things in even that whole apples, whole kiwi fruit some broccoli, chilies You can add things like nuts, walnuts in if your birds can’t get through them It works as a little bit of a blocker to stop the birds, taking everything out of there too quickly I do have some major mixers that can crack those I don’t know if they’ll be able to get it through there But good luck to them I’ve got in here, this is all my home grown So I’ve got some celery, some lettuce, some basil, parsley, the other bits And so these kinds of things You can jam in there quite firmly Because obviously if they’re too loose, they’re just gonna pull them straight out and you want them to be really working to get everything out of here The birds find that so much more amusing than having it in chopped up little bits of chop that you’d feed them that takes them hours to get through They love trying to get to it, honestly, they really do enjoy it (bird noises) (upbeat suspense music) There Lexy you’re feeding your boyfriend – Well, I hope you guys found some value in this and that you get to use it at home with your own birds Or maybe you spend time volunteering at a rescue And you can implement it there or share the information with a bird lover that you know So the more that we can spread this kind of information, the better quality of life that we can provide for these guys So please help me in spreading these resources especially my free resources that I have available on my website I’ll leave a link to my freebies in general ’cause I have more than one But this is kind of what I wanted to talk about today and spread more knowledge on So definitely share what you end up doing in the comments below or on social media make sure to tag me so I can see that this information is reaching more people Also, don’t forget to subscribe and like this video so it reaches more people who need this kind of information