Ehd e Wafa Episode 19 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 26 Jan 2020

Behave yourself now You are now the wife of an MNA Forget it Listen, open this up Forget it Rani! Rani what are you doing? We are on the highway Get down What happened? Nothing…there is no fun Hey! You sent me a picture holding a trophy I have won the final for my unit I am a little sad along with being happy to hear about your victory Infantry’s trophy is a little smaller than the Armor’s trophy Gulzar Hussain! You reached a tank from Taunsa This is not a city of values but the city of power The PR game runs here and not the love game Everybody here makes up with everyone and they also make a fool of each other They are filled with bags of poisons inside for each other but their accents sound like honey You will feel like being in your mother’s lap when they will meet you but the time they realize that you are going a head of them they will scramble you so that your heart comes out breaking your ribs There are no rules in the game of power and sovereignty here to keep moving to the upper levels may it takes stepping on somebody’s head or heart It will take time but you will eventually learn Father asked me to meet you for sure so that I can learn something from you The spark in your eyes tells me that you are not here to learn but to teach What are you talking about sir? How can I teach someone else when I myself have just entered into politics? You have a sweet tone along with sparkling eyes How much sugar? One tea spoon One yours and one from my side Always take extra sweet Your accent will become even sweeter I am scared of sugar sir I am scared of blood pressure It is a silent killer Keeps killing you from inside before you even know it Was it the first lesson? It is an advice I don’t teach lessons…I just give advices It is up to the other person whether to act upon it or not Then advise me… what should I do in the future?

Act salty Become the need of every dish Keep smiling if someone hits you and hit your enemy when you get a chance and put salt on his wounds too like a friend Be friends with Media, powerful organizations, rivals… especially media It is very powerful these days It keeps a politician alive and makes him a living dead too I got it I have done arrangements for your interview on a TV channel … they will contact you One of my men will be with you… he will keep guiding you Manage it on screen and he will manage the off screen Ok Can I ask you a question? Go ahead What do you do here? Grooming I groom young men like you so that they become hunters and not a prey in this jungle of power Have your tea Hello! Hello! Man I am badly stuck What happened? Shahzain is coming on my show as a guest Yes, tell me now Why is he coming? He has become an MNA, don’t you know? He had to become one He was not going to be an astronaut and visit the moon Tell me why is he coming on your show? I don’t know man He lost his respect in my eyes the day he kicked us out of his house Grow up and forget about the past and focus on your show, that’s it Let’s give him a surprise… I am coming to you Let me get rid of this show only Otherwise I will say something awkward and spoil the whole show Water will do nothing I cannot figure out if this is anger or hatred or… Take a sip Sit down You don’t have hatred but complaint Meet him before the show and tell him about your complaint and you will feel better I don’t have just one complaint but many and he is a stubborn person Shariq I know one thing that he is not your friend but a politician and you need to be professional Get ready What is it Shariq brother, you are sweating a lot today? I think I have taken a lot of water Yes, what’s up? Where are you? I am home, spending vacations Switch on the TV quickly Why? Are you on the TV? No, no Shariq and Shahzain are going to clash Ok So sir, are you ready? I got ready at home Good luck then All good Is everything ready? Ok, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Greetings ladies and gentlemen

I am your host Shariq Habib with your show “Hot Seat” Our guest today is a young parliamentarian who had a record breaking victory in the bi-elections in his sector Malik Shahzain! How are you? I am fit, how about you? I mean I am fine by God’s grace Are you ok? So much formality from my well-mannered baby The basic aim of our show is to show such men to our youth which could be an example for them A young politician and a young Parliamentarian What does he think about the country, about the nation, about the youth… let’s see what Malik Shahzain has to say So what are your dreams Mr. Malik? The same dreams that others have I want to do something for my Country to make the future generations feel proud of us I want to do everything which could not happen in the past 70 years Your thinking is very good Mr. Malik Tell us a little about yourself, your background We know you very well but our audience does not know about you I belong to a landlord family but I am the first member of the family to become the member of the Assembly Your family must be very happy The times are changing ladies and gentlemen… educated youth is becoming a part of the Assembly and Parliament Throw some light on your education You are absolutely right Shariq Our country will keep descending as long as educated youth does not come forward You can see it for yourself Shariq that who so ever has been given a chance in the past 70 years has done nothing apart from making us a fool But it is about time that we move forward forgetting about the past You are absolutely right Mr Malik but I want to know a little about your journey to the Assembly Did your family ask you to get a degree and complete your education and then join the politics after your initial education? Actually… Water? No, thank you Shariq you have to lose something to win something God has given the responsibility of hard work to a man The more you work hard the more you get the reward Politics is a very tricky and difficult field but someone has to come forward in it Absolutely We have hopes from young and educated men like you to do something for the society Where did you get your early education from? Shariq move forward…ask him something apart from education I have done my schooling from my village and then Lawrence College and now I am here with you Yes you are with me but tell me you must have gone to a College or University after Lawrence College or did you go directly to the Assembly? I will tell you if you insist I have done my bachelors in political science from NMZ University Sorry! Which university did you mention? NMZ University… Correct me if I am wrong Mr. Malik… this is the same University for which there is a fake degree scandal case is going on in the courts? If I am not wrong Take a break immediately, we have breaking news Let’s take a short break ladies and gentlemen and will carry on the question and answers sessions, we will be right back What nonsense is this? Why are you asking me the same question again and again? You are talking nonsense Mr. Malik I am not an anchor who hosts planted interviews Your man came to me a little earlier before the show I would have hit him if he would have come a little earlier and hit … Why did you stop? Go ahead…would you have hit me too? I have hit you in the live show Mr. Malik Where is Shahzain and what is Shariq doing? Shahzain is gone and Shariq is arguing with Ramsha in his room Shariq I will not be able to work with you if you keep doing this I know how I have managed to complete the show by playing back to back packages after the break

And be ready to bear the insult from the news director tomorrow No one dares to dictate me till now and to tell me what questions to ask and what not to ask And I don’t want to do this fake journalism Whatever I did was absolutely right Why don’t you admit that what you did today was wrong? And you also admit that you are not getting my point Work alone then I am not taking anybody’s side but it was not justified to insult him like this in front of the whole Pakistan? I thought things might get better if we will meet after such a long time The opposite happened Go to the room and try to convince both of them… cool them down There is no use fighting with each other I will go and convince them Ok may God protect you You also would have done the same if you were in my place Everybody is blaming me now that I have done it No one is saying anything to you We will not discuss this issue in the future now And don’t try to be a hero in front of Ramsha Ok…let’s leave it till tomorrow Let’s go for dinner now Why both, why not the three of us? Now you will both shut up and listen to my nonsense I did not know that my man has given you some questions In fact he is not my man My Father’s friend had sent him to guide me on how to give an interview It was the first interview of my political career And I swear I did not know that you were the anchor of the show I knew nothing and you started firing the minute I came in and that too live… in front of the whole Pakistan I had thought of something else and what did you do Why… what did you think? That I will hug him after the show, will apologize to him but I changed my decision after I saw his attitude I said I will not take an initiative I was going to my house but you both reminded me of SSG Then I thought that I will take the initiative of apologizing I thought of apologizing to both of you, take you home and make you meet my wife Why would you take an initiative? I will take an initiative Come on I am sorry man… I made a blunder this time I have made so many blunders in the past So what if you made one today I am not taking an initiative You will have to make an effort to reach me Come on my lion You also come in Yes Greetings Mr. Malik I was in a wedding, just saw your call and called you Your man has insulted me well today I am sorry Mr. Malik, I have got the report I will fix him tomorrow so that he will apologize to you on air I don’t need his apology but his termination Can you fire him on your own or should I talk to Mr. Rehbar? Not at all Mr. Malik, you don’t need to talk to him You have said enough I will fire him tomorrow But he should not get to know who has got him fired His misbehavior has got him fired and no one else Good What are you doing? It was a small misunderstanding, and just to tell you about it, I was calling you but you did not receive my call neither did you listen to my voice note There is no need of listening to it now Yes there is no need of listening, there is a need of saying You say whatever you want to say, I will listen to you and I will do as you wish but please forgive me I cannot, it is over now What do you mean by it is over now? Have we ever fought? And even this was not a fight, it was just an argument and you have come to pack up your stuff on this You will not go anywhere If you will go than so will I Both of us are going The news editor has fired both us for your yesterday’s performance

How can you do this Mr. Saleem? How can you insult a guest Mr. Shariq? Was it an insult? I think you have not seen the other talk shows, where people reach out for each other’s collars, break the chairs, anchor’s shout on the top of their voice I have done a normal show in comparison to them Politicians abuse each other or reach out for each other’s collars, that is their brought up Is it an anchor’s to become personal with them and start talking nonsense? You are the one talking nonsense That guest is an old friend of mine and it was a misunderstanding Do not popup your eyes on me boy The owner of the channel has seen the show himself Neither has he liked your show, nor you nor your attitude He has directly fired you Fire means fire Chain Under Back foot Run Greetings sir! Greetings 1, 2, 3 and 6 shot 5 4 shot 2 and 5 shot 3 bullets sir 4 and 5 will stay back, the rest of them can leave Except 4 and 5 the rest of you turn to the right Run If this is the standard of firing than we will be the first from the bottom in the firing competition What are you people doing? I want all the 5 bullets on target Someone is hitting 2 and some 3 Sir you are wasting your energy on these 2 since a week If we will depend on them then we will lose the firing competition I would suggest, replace them We have to work on their targets We will not replace them Mr. Fida The target will be fixed today only Whether we have to stay here the whole night Right? Yes sir Load 5 round, on time, on target Fire! Yes Mr. Fida Sir 2 on number 4 and 3 on number 5 Again Sir 3 on number 4, 3 on number 5 Again I have reached this point because of you Shariq I have agreed to everything you said and I listened to everything you have said How would have it damaged your manly ego if you would have listened to me for once? I told you to do the show normally But no, you did what you wanted to do I… I have not finished yet Listen to a woman sometime Do not act like a macho man and come to me with this face Sorry Go ahead Thank you Why did you bring me here from Lahore? Obviously so that we can work together and be each other’s support Exactly I supported you Did you support me? Who is the producer of this show? Me Did you listen to me? It would have been better if I would have listened to you Exactly It would have been better if you would have listened to me, our career would have progressed at the same time Ok do not sit with this long face I have taken my frustration out Hello! Where are you? Here in a restaurant Send me the location, let us have lunch together Hmm What happened? Shahzain is coming You sit here, I am leaving Sir Malik Shahzain is very close to Najeeb Rehbar Whatever happened that day on the show, he has taken it to his heart I had to fire him because they were pressurizing me The country will face a downfall if we are going to take the pressure from these politicians Why should we bare the loss by benefitting these politicians? Right sir Why did you not tell me that you are in trouble? I am not tensed about myself, I am worried about Ramsha The poor girl came here because of me and what stupidity have I done Do not worry when your brother is here I will fix everyone just now

Who is the owner of your channel? Forget about me, just do something for Ramsha And anyways I got into an argument with the boss You only got into an argument, if I was in your place, I would have broken that guy’s face I will get the person fired, who has fired you Tell me his name There is no need of getting so hyper And the person who has fired me once will not hire me again You talk to them about Ramsha please I will talk about both of you You do not worry Will you let me do the things my way? Nobody’s can fire the 2 of you Just a second Greetings Mr. Malik Greetings How are you brother? Mr. Malik I have fired Shariq as per your orders Yes I got to know Well done Sir but there is an issue The owner of the channel liked his show and he wants to give him the prime time show I am badly stuck My job is on one hand and on the other hand I have your friendship What should I do? Why do you worry when I am here? It is ok if the owner is pressurizing you Call him back My anger has been subsided anyways We should not ruin anybody’s source of income I was worried that you and Mr. Rehber might get upset but trust me when I fired him I did not even mention your name Thank you so much darling But do mention my name when you hire him again By the will of the God sir by the will of the God Ok than bye What happened? Is everything ok? Yes, can anything go wrong when your brother is here Take it, why are you scared? Hello! Yes Not at all sir, there is no problem Yes Thank you so much, thank you so much Thanks buddy Now my brother will enjoy the prime time Ok now sit Waiter! Yes Mr. Fida Sir 5 of Jawwad and Liaquat has the same score of 3 Good job Jawwad Come up Liaquat Yes sir Now this is your last chance, if you do not get all the 5 this time… you will face something which has never happened to you before Buck up Now watch what I will do with you At least keep the prestige of your name If you do not have the ability than what was the need of coming into Army? You have made the boss upset for no reason Yes Qamar what is it? Give the phone to Liaquat Liaquat! Sir! Come here Run Liaquat your last 2 shots were approximately 2 inches to the left It should not happen again because now I will stand there Sir what are you saying? What you are hearing Now imagine what will happen to me if you miss the target by 2 inches I can accept death but I cannot accept that my soldier’s target is not on spot Now either you will hit the target or I will not survive Come on buck up Sir is saying that he will stand next to the target and asking me to shoot Sir you are going against the rules sir Sir Fire Sir you are going against the rules, it will be reported I said fire I begin in the name of God Shahzain

think one more time I have never been to such high class parties I do not know what to talk about here Your image will be spoiled if I say something wrong If we talk about equality, you are much more educated than me, you will not go wrong Being educated does not matter I am still hesitant Why are you hesitant, I am with you? Come on get off I am not getting off You do one thing, you go inside, talk to people, have food Till the time you come back I will sit here and wait for you What nonsense are you talking? Get off Please try and understand my love I do not have the experience and confidence like these women Oh ok So if that is the case, I will marry a girl who has the confidence and experience to attend the parties What do you say? Why are you quiet now? Shahzain! Darling we are getting late Bye I do not like Paris, it is over rated But Jameel said he loves Paris I said I will give you divorce if you ever said this again Ya ya me too Sorry I am talking too much Say something please Ya ya Greetings! Hello! How are you? I am good I am good Mrs. Shahzain Yes Greetings Greetings How are you? I am fine Where is Shahzain? Shahzain is over there Excuse me! Sure sure Please! So how are you? I am good, how are you? We have got a huge carnival in March There is a race among 4 horses and then there are other competitions as well Do let me know if you have time, we will take you to the carnival Oh it sounds great, thank you so much Mr. Malik I am ready By the will of God, I will be waiting for March By the way I can take you before March Oh really! Wow! Just give me a call I will make all the arrangements Thank you so much Hello! He is my husband She is Rani, my better half So you are Rani It is nice meeting you We were talking about you No! You were talking about horses I heard that Bye! You left me with that girl there and you are inviting other girls at the carnival here I can see the guilty person in your heart Malik Shahzain If it was the truth than you would have said it loud and clear that I am your wife What is this better half?? Wife is known as better half No! Wife is wife and better half is the other girl Go and tell that girl now that I am your wife Otherwise I will tell everyone that I am your wife not your better half Huh! Better half I am the legal wife What is this better half? I do not know why the character of people becomes half when they come to Islamabad Saad this is totally unacceptable Why did you do this? What if something would have happened? Sir I had complete faith in my soldier that nothing will happen and then what example will I set for my soldiers if my feel start shivering? There are other ways of setting personal examples Standing in front of the rifle is not sensible Sir standing in front of the riffle is the real test for me I am happy that I and my soldier have passed this test I am warning you Saad, this was the first and the last time And now who you have chosen has to win this competition otherwise I will not spare you You may leave Greetings sir Hello! Can we talk? How are you officer? I am fine but I am not fine too Tell me the reason of being fine Today is the firing competition And now the reason not to be fine

My Father is the chief guest He will fix me if something goes wrong Really? Thank God you are scared of someone I am a little scared of you too Why me? The more you love someone the more you are afraid of not coming up to their expectation How would I feel if Father is there and I lose or what if I lose you? Sir I am afraid that you will lose if you keep firing with your talks So stop doing poetry and compete I am sure you will not lose Why do you trust me so much? Because I… What? Go ahead…why did you stop? I will say what you want to hear But for that you need to win Bye! Pakistan Army Long live Pakistan! Long live