Tum Ho Wajah Episode 7 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 8 June 2020

I killed him! What happened? Who did you kill? What are you saying Babar? Nothing.. nothing Where did it go? How did she lose the ring? What do I tell you I myself am so worried I don’t understand what has gotten into Chanda She’s always stays lost these days For instance she’s been crying since yesterday, she’s saying that, what will I tell Shebi if he’ll ask me about the ring She’ll tell him the truth that she lost it You surprise me sometimes you’re talking as if you don’t know your own daughter you’re talking as if you don’t know your own daughter She’s insisting that I go and get her the exact same ring You tell me, can I afford to buy a gold ring for her? That is why I came to you I also don’t have any money Whatever money I had was spent on the hospital bills, doctor and medicines Okay You must have prepared for Chanda’s wedding, something or the other It’s not much I’ve gotten a few things made Then bring me something from those things I mean to say when will it come in handy if not now? Whatever you will give me, I’ll sell it and get the exact ring made for your daughter What are you thinking about? Go and get it quickly Okay Shebi and Chanda you two are very lucky for me, so lucky May god always keep you two together. Amen! Ameen sum Ameen I’ve gotten more worried after whatever brother said I don’t understand what to do You’ll have to get a hold of yourself Sitara You’re the only one who can take care of aunty and uncle in these circumstances When will everything go back to normal Danish? I’ve started to feel suffocated in this environment Very soon. Have faith in God I’ll come today and we’ll try taking aunty and uncle somewhere out today I had to see this day also Asalam o alikum Are you feeling okay? I’m fine You look worried Since you’ve come to my house, this house has started to feel like home to me You’re so skillful, totally different from your mother My sister in law never liked me and now What now uncle? I’ve become my sister in law’s criminal by giving you harbor

When she found out she became so angry towards me, so angry as if I had committed a very big sin So did you not say anything to her? I did I said this Chanda is my daughter, she’s my blood I cannot leave her all alone like that but she is full of ego Now take a look at our Shahab, he’s such a sweet and innocent boy, you chose him for yourself but your mother didn’t like your choice and refused to the proposal without telling my brother You tell me yourself, why would she want you to stay with me in my house in such circumstances? What happened? What do you think? A father should be happy whose daughter has run away from home? Babar was right, everyone is only talking about us The whole city knows Whenever I go out it feels as if every person is shouting and saying ‘ look, that’s the man whose daughter ran away from home’ What lacked in my love, in my upbringing that my daughter did this? That she left us like this? Look the doctor has asked you not to take a lot of stress, anger is not good for you Sitara go get water for your father Listen Mansoor whatever that has happened Be quiet, please be quiet for the love of god. Be quiet! Can a mother think in such a way for her own child? The truth is that your mother wants Shahab to leave you and for you to get helpless and go back to their house feeling humiliated so that her ego gets satisfied And all that my brother does is act like a slave in front of his wife His eyes haven’t opened even after all that happened but there’s a chance that he’s quiet because of his children Dad What you did was wrong All of us are very sad but the most important thing for me is your health Please take care of yourself. If anything happens to you god forbid Stop talking nonsense You’re her sister only, right? You will do the same that she has done Today, you tell me. With whom are you involved with? And when are you planning to runaway from this house? Mansoor Why are you saying such things dad? No no tell me No no dad You and the respect of this house is the most important thing to me I can never do such a thing, never. What are you saying You should have spoken to dad. You should have told him everything Dad would have talked to mom, he would have scolded her Dad loves me a lot, he can do anything for me! What love? What kind of love? Have you forgotten what happened to you at your father’s house? Brother is not to be blamed for it My sister in law has brainwashed my brother in such a way that loving you is another story,

he doesn’t even want to hear your name and she has also poisoned Babar against you Anyways let it be, let her be how she is, forget about it I’m sad to know that mom can stoop so low How can a mother even think like that for her own child? I hate mom! Those mothers must be different, your mother can do anything, anything I know her when you weren’t even born My brother is blindfolded, he can’t see anything besides his wife We have been bearing my brother’s mistake since ages I tolerated whatever she did to me, I forgave her for it but if someone will do something bad to my daughter then I can’t tolerate that, no way I can’t tolerate that, whoever it maybe, be it my brother, my sister in law or whoever it maybe Why are you upsetting yourself? Nothing will go wrong Your uncle is always with you even if nobody is Here, drink your tea, it’s getting cold. Drink it What are you saying? What has happened to you? Why? Am I saying anything wrong? Whatever I’m saying is right Before she humiliates us I should kick her out of this house What? Right? Get out. Get out Leave her. Leave her! What has gotten into you Mansoor? You respect is more dear to me than my life If you think I will cause harm to your respect then kill me and I will not object, I promise I will not object dad but don’t be upset with me, I can’t bear that Don’t kick me out of the house, I will die dad Where is the mechanics shop? Tell him to fix my jeep! I’ve been standing here Be careful! Be careful! If you don’t know how to ride it then why do you take it out on the road? Go do your work otherwise you will get beaten up What do you mean? I spared you that day because of your sister. Do you understand? Really? You spared me that day but you won’t have obligation today right? What will you do? You tell me, what will you do? What will you do? You spared me that day right? Don’t come near me! I will not spare you! Do you understand? I will kill you! I will kill you! Leave me! Leave me! I will kill you! Leave me! Tell me today, with whom are you involved with? And when are you planning to runaway from this house?

I know what you’re going through It’s like someone’s evil eye affected the happiness of this house Mansoor loves all of us very much I’m not worried, I know dad loves all of us very much I also know that it will take time for things to get better You don’t get upset by your father, he has gone through a trauma How can I get upset by dad, mom? You also don’t worry Dad will also start smiling and laughing again Inshallah This Babar has grown some wings He’s become very rigid! If he wasn’t Chanda’s brother then I would… No, no, son You don’t pay much attention to him. Leave him, let him go He’s exactly like his mother Ill mannered, arrogant, egoistic! Let’s not talk about him You tell me, how is Chanda? How would she be? She’s fine I try my best to keep her happy But it is true that her father has brought her up with a lot of care and I am just a poor man What comparison is there between me and Bhai Sahib? Uncle, this… This is some money… No, no, son Look, this is why I don’t tell you anything. You make me feel embarrassed, son… You are my son in law, it doesn’t feel nice at all… Uncle, you’re saying the same things again? I am not your son in law. I am your son! And do you keep a difference between me and Danish? Hold this Come on, keep it But son… I have just been praying for one thing these days and that’s that may Allah Almighty bless every parent with a son like you Look, don’t lose your temper when you talk to him. Stay calm Wait! What, do you want to take your fathers’ life? What have I done, dad? What have you done? Some inspector called He was saying that he’ll break you bones apart if you mess with that boy… I am the one who will break that boy’s bones, if he ever comes in front of me again Babar! What are you saying! You stay quiet! I am talking, right? Mansoor, for god sake… Babar, you… You! You won’t live here anymore! My Bhabi is unfortunate! That she won’t accept a son in law like you She has brainwashed everyone against my diamond like son! My son, now I only wish for one thing which is that you take my daughter to your house with respect so that I can die peacefully! Uncle, what are you saying? May Allah Almighty bless you with a long life! You are the only one who stood by us through the difficult times We will be forever be in your debt By the way, where is Chanda? Go! Go and meet her. She’ll become lively and happy when she sees you. Go! And you, don’t stress so much Just like that, son… What do you mean I won’t live here? Actually, your dad is making arrangements for you in Islamabad or Lahore You can start your work… I am not going anywhere Tell him not to piss me off any further!

And you tell him that I won’t leave you guys and go anywhere during these difficult and problematic times That’s it! I don’t understand what I should do with these children of mine! Don’t you see how worried he is? He doesn’t want to leave us in this situation! Situation? So he shouldn’t put us through more difficulties either! He keeps fighting with someone or the other! What do I do? Where do I go and die! You don’t take stress I shouldn’t take stress? With children like these, a person shouldn’t be stressed? I will talk to him, okay? I will talk to him We have become so distant from each other This is not why I got married Neither did I get the peace of living with my in-laws nor with my parents For how long will I stay here like this? I am trying I will take you home once mama and dad are convinced Just give me some more time Time, time, time! How much time do you need? I have had enough now I don’t care if mom and dad don’t get convinced now We will buy a small house of our own and live over there! You are listening to what I’m saying, right? Chanda, what happened? I don’t know. I feel dizzy Sit, sit What happened? Are you even okay? I haven’t been feeling well since morning. I feel dizzy You listen to what I’m telling you. We will buy a separate house? We will. But let’s go to the doctor right now, okay? I am holding my hands together in front of you, don’t mess with him! Your dad is already worried Consider it as the fact that he has gotten a new life Instead of taking care of him and being grateful, you’re giving him more stress? I am giving him stress? Am I giving him stress or is it the other way around? You go and make him understand that I am not leaving this house and going anywhere! That’s it! I will make your dad understand. But you will not mess with Shahab again! When was I messing with Shahab, mom! It was him who came in my way And you should thank god that I got control over my anger otherwise I would have killed him! Why have you all become our enemies! Why are you after us, why have you destroyed our peace! It’s better that I die and get rid of all this! Mother, come on Listen to me. Listen to me! Alright, I… I won’t fight with anyone. I promise you I promise you that I won’t ever fight with Shahab again Not just Shahab, I won’t fight with anyone! And even if Shahab gets in my way again, I will just change my route Okay? I cannot make you and dad upset because of me And then you tell me yourself Can I leave you guys in a time like this and go? Tell me? No, right? Now, stop this crying Congratulations to the both of you on this good news What do you mean, doctor? It means that your wife is pregnant! I am prescribing you some medicine, take them regularly And don’t take any on your own Yes This is your amount, keep it Mine? Yes. You shared about your financial issues in the office, right? But then you didn’t come to take it so I thought I would just come over and give it myself I am grateful to you but I needed this money for Babar I don’t need it anymore Look. It was a matter of your house’s woman, right? Now, if you felt bad about something that I said then I am sorry. Forgive me? No, no, sir. Don’t embarrass me

You are upset with me How can I be upset with you? I don’t know why you are feeling this way Actually, I put myself in your shoes and thought about it. Anyway, you and I have been working together since a lot of years now You have never made me upset, you always did your work with sincerity If you ask me the truth, Wajid Sahib. You have done a lot of favors on me You never left me alone Although, there are a thousand people in the city who can do the work that I do for you So in all this time, we have become familiar with each other, right? We understand each other’s pain Keep the money Oh, I don’t see the kids and Bhabi? Won’t you get tea served? Actually, they have all gone out somewhere with Babar I… I will go make tea and bring it myself Oh, no, no, no. Sit. How is your health? Grateful to Allah I… What? Sorry You have given me the world’s biggest happiness How can I be upset with you for this? Alright, listen Ask for whatever you want! Are you sure? Will I get what I ask for? I swear upon you. Try asking and you will see Your support That is with you Forever and ever So then alright Take me to your house right now Chanda… You know that this can’t happen, right? You told me I could ask for whatever I wanted So I asked for it. Can you give it to me or not? Muraad uncle? Hello? Yes, Muraad uncle? Hello, yes? Shebi, son. Listen to me carefully You do not have to come home right now Why? Why shouldn’t we come home? Oh! That is a problem Alright here, talk to Chanda Hello? Yes, uncle? Your mom has brought Sitara and Babar all of a sudden What did mom do? She was saying that they were getting worried Babar forced her and brought them But my child, I think this is one of your moms’ tactics Obviously, my child. Why would she want you to stay at your uncle’s house in peace? I will live, uncle And I will live with you only! I will see what all she can do with me Alright, my child Muraad!

Did you talk to them? Yes, Bhabhi Jee. I spoke to them. They have stayed for dinner You just have tea and get going They must have gotten very worried Obviously. I’ll go get samosas for you Chanda, why are you getting so worried? Relax You should’ve at least taken me home! Alright. What would have happened then? I would have stood firm and spoken to all of them. After all, what have we done? Thank you What is it that we have done after all? It would have been of no use All of them would have insulted you together and you know that I wouldn’t like that I have bared a lot already Why are we getting scared and hiding, what have we done! Chanda, it is not about getting scared It’s about uncles’ respect Have you forgotten who stood by us in our difficult times? And would it be a nice thing if today because of us, his relationship with his brother gets ruined? He is the only sensible person in your entire family! Alright, now. Think about it How happy is he going to be when you get home and give him such a big happy news? Yes You are right I have always given him the status of my father My heart feels at peace whenever he is happy And anyway, why should I waste my precious moments thinking about the people who don’t even care about me? Why should I worry about them? Exactly! Now you’re talking sense! Don’t ruin your mood now. I am really hungry. Tell me, what should we order? What happened, do you need something? It feels very nice… to see you working in your house My house? But this house is yours Yes. So it’s yours too then I am anxiously waiting for the day when you become my bride and come to this house. You love me, right? You’re her sister only, right? You will do the same that she has done Today, you tell me. With whom are you involved with? No I can understand, what are you going through Because we are also going through the same When parents see anger in the eyes of their children they get scared And that fear makes them angry Are you getting my point? Yes I know that you people are worried about me, but believe me that I also worry about you people I cannot leave both of you in this condition so please stop saying this that I should leave Okay, don’t go But try to take a little responsibility, these are tough times

Can’t we forget the past and move on? You might not believe me, I try alot to forget it but people don’t let me do it Don’t give importance to what people say More you react on those things more people will taunt you and try to tease you You know that when parents get older they have their children’s suipport after God I don’t know how many days I have left with me But son of something happens to you then I will die What are you saying dad? God forbid nothing will happen to you Stop worrying about me, I promise I will try to control my anger and I will ignore what people say but if again you talked about dying Mom, I am very very happy today Oh wow! After a longtime I have seen my son so happy. What is the matter? There’s a good reason to it. You will dance when you hear it Come on now tell what is it So listen You people are about become grandparents