BEST FAMILY CUV! — 2020 Honda CR-V vs. 2020 Toyota RAV4: Comparison

What’s going on YouTube? Honda and Toyota have been battling for the hearts of American families for decades now at first with Camry versus Accord But now with rav4 versus CRV the two best-selling vehicles outside of the big three pickups Rav4 was just fully redesigned last year But now for 2020 things are heating up with the CRV getting an extensive refresh to fight even harder against Toyota So which of these crossovers is the best bet for you and your family? Let’s go ahead and find out So to get things established here let’s quickly talk about the pricing and option levels of these to as Close competitors. The pricing structures are closely aligned. So starting out with the crv We have selected probably the most popular trim the EXL all-wheel drive As many of you know honda doesn’t really do options So adding just the destination charge will bring us to a total of thirty two thousand six hundred and forty five dollars Keeping things equivalent We have the rav4 XLE premium all-wheel drive which itself starts at thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars Toyota offers a ton of options for this trim, but in order to keep things, even we have only the $425 paint and the mandatory destination charge bringing its total price to thirty two thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars that Makes the two prices basically identical so with that in mind, let’s see how they stack up So starting off here with the exterior x’ we have two designs that honestly couldn’t get any more different the rav4 has gone for a more rugged and Sculpted front look and while the CRV is new fascia for 2020 does look a lot more aggressive it still has the more conservative design as Far as lighting is concerned the CRV has halogen headlights for the low and high beams compared to fully LED lights on the Toyota However, this year Honda has changed the fog lights to LED while it’s Toyota that has the halogens Around back both have premium looking designs with partially LED taillights and up to 1500 pounds of towing capacity The only real difference here is the rav4 having dual chrome exhaust outlets Moving to some of the other features like the wheels you’ll find 18 inch contrast alloys on the Honda but 19 inch chrome finished alloys on the Toyota And as far as the mirrors, they both have heating and power adjustment as well as blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert Now of course for family vehicles you’ll want to have more than just BSM So you’ll be happy to know that both crossovers have very comprehensive safety suites both suites include full adaptive cruise control Lane Keeping Assist board emergency braking with pedestrian detection and auto high beam headlights However, the rav4 even throws in a few additional ones bicyclists detection and Lane tracing assist and Then the last thing on the outside is that they share three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and a 5 year 60,000 mile power train warranties what Toyota does give you two years of complimentary maintenance, which Honda does not? But anyways, that’s it for the outside so now let’s get to the much more important cabins before we take them out on the road So heading up to these two both crossovers have smart entry with nice key fobs However, only the CRV includes remote start on the key fob without a subscription Once we open up the doors, you’ll see interiors that are both practical and surprisingly upscale Our Honda has the gray in black color scheme and our Toyota is just straight black Checking out the seats themselves The rav4 gives you 8 ways of power adjustment while the Honda goes for an impressive 12 ways with four-way lumbar Additionally, you’ll find real leather seats on the Honda compared to the Toyota soft X faux leather and Furthermore the seats are heated on the CRV and not on the rav4 unless you get the weather package Now once inside the cabins we can check out the material quality

Starting with the CRV it gives you all soft touch materials even on the upper portions There is also some stitching as well as some faux wood accent Switching to the Toyota It also has softened materials across the entire dashboard with stitching but where it falls behind the CRV is at the door trim Its door trim is mostly hard touch plastic while Honda has extensive use of stitched leather soft touch plastic and the faux wood accents Both crossovers have push-button start And then looking at the gauges Honda gives customers the premium 7-inch digital set up on all trims Whereas Toyota uses the smaller 4.2 inch screen until you get to the limited trim Coming back to the steering wheels both are leather-wrapped manual tilt and telescoping and neither have heating at this price point Now moving on to one of the most important interior aspects. Let’s talk store it Honda always does something cool with the center consoles and this is no exception With a new sliding and folding tray that allows for the center console stores to be at least twice as big as in the rav4 Up in the front both of them have another generously sized bin but the Toyota fights back by giving you a large storage shelf Which the Honda doesn’t So with all that stuff considered I’d say they’re roughly equivalent Moving on both have traditional shifters though. The Honda’s has a non-traditional placement When you go into reverse both will have multi angle backup cameras with Trajectory as well as electronic parking brakes and brake hold functions Next up we have the dual zone automatic climate control systems There’s not a great deal of differences between them But the rav4 is is the more ergonomically sound setup since in the CRV You have to use the touchscreen to get to some of your functionalities like the zones As far as audio systems both have the standard options which could be characterized as decent and Now, let’s quickly check out the infotainment systems both Toyota and Honda give you 7 inch displays at this price point and Both have apple carplay and android auto as standard equipment But no integrated navigation Both models also have auto dimming rearview mirrors and as you’d expect both have regular-sized moonroof Now heading to the rear quarters, both models are undisputedly spacious But the CRV continues to be pretty much the best option in the class it has forty point four inches of legroom and 38.3 inches of headroom Compared to thirty seven point eight four legs and thirty seven point seven four heads in the wrap After getting in you will notice that both provide air vents for the rear passengers as well as two smart charging USB ports Walking to the back areas both have power tailgates and the kick to open function is reserved for the higher entrance only Once the gates open up the CRV is also significantly more spacious here Giving you thirty nine point two cubic feet with the second row in place and seventy five point eight cubic feet with it folded in Comparison the rav4 has 37 and a half cubic feet which expands to sixty nine point eight cubic feet with the seats folded And the last thing worth mentioning is that the CRV gives you a power passenger seat which the rav4 does not All right, so heading out on the road with these two you’ll find a surprising number of differences Toyota goes with a more traditional set up a two and a half litre naturally aspirated Four-cylinder engine making two hundred and three horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque Honda goes a different route and gives you a smaller turbocharged one and a half liter four-cylinder that makes less power at 190 horsepower and

179 pounds of torque that power difference can be felt out on the road As far as acceleration it definitely handled coming up this Hill here with these You know, I’m I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the power we were just on the Forester Just a few days ago And you know, I think this feels more powerful and and the rogue is when a death warrant. They are more powerful As far as the actual acceleration itself I would say it’s not bad. It’s you know it I would say it’s the best in the class, of course, you know Some of the rivals have up level engines. I’m not even not talking about that But I would say it feels a little bit slower than for instance the rav4 but quite a bit faster than the rogue Those are of course the things that people most often cross shop with this CRV For the transmissions the same thing plays out Toyota with a traditional 8-speed automatic while Honda chose a CVT So even though Honda did an excellent job tuning the CVT The average consumer is going to prefer the instant response and traditional feel of an 8-speed automatic Now we haven’t mentioned the transmission open to this point So as you can probably tell is Kei continuously variable transmission that standard equipment on every single trim level You know Honda What they do basically is just make a really good CVT But they don’t bother with any of the tricks or anything so it doesn’t simulate gear shifts It’s not going to make you think it’s anything except a CVT But like I said, they do a very good job at making its EBT kind of blend into the background You know, so even when you’re heavy on the throttle you avoid things like heavy droning and It’s just very responsive. You’re not ever waiting on it to start making things happen and I’d really say for the average driver of something in this class I’d really say that you wouldn’t notice the difference too much. Oh very regular transmission Let’s talk about the 8-speed automatic transmission I’ve been driving in for a few minutes I have to say really liked it They do a great job Place a a lot of the competition is going to have CVT so it’s really nice the Toyota stuck with a traditional automatic Now this It really does a good job of keeping the vehicle in its power band as you probably noticed It shifts around quite a bit But that doesn’t bother you because they’ve done such a good job at making it smooth that It’s just shifting up and down quite a bit and you’re not even noticing when it when that happens or anything Like we already discussed the engine and transmission combo in the rav4 does feel more Responsive, but an important thing to point out is that the Honda is a lot quieter as it delivers its power but like Mason saying Honda delivers you that speed in a way that’s much much quieter much more refined than the main rivals It really does create a much more I don’t know it feels the more upscale to me When you don’t when you push the accelerator who doesn’t You know kind of like the wrath for does Now one thing I will mention is something we mentioned last year and in the Camry as well This two and a half liter four-cylinder is a little bit on the noisy end of things It but whatever reason it just Seems to make a lot more noise when you’re accelerating heavily

I mean, of course want you if you’re just driving more casually and what you’re cruising here. Now, everything is really quiet inside the cabin But as far as it when you first takeoff and accelerate heavily You will notice more noise than what most of the competition produces now as far as the other driving Characteristics both have fantastic ride quality as well as surprisingly nimble handling However, by the seat of my pants the rav4 has the sporty or setup. I Know the last thing I just wanna talk about here is your steering and handling I have to say really really impressed by this The switch to the new TNGA platform is like life-changing for the rav4 you know because it went from frankly not real sport real sporty or real good handling or anything – now this is kind of Towards the top end of the class. I can only think of a few things Like Mazda cx-5 something tough like that that you know feel better out on the road Like it really has a surprisingly agile feel you can take this like into this corner here And it stays really flat Feels really well-balanced the steering actually has a decent amount of heft and as you can see it responds immediately this is really all that I could ever ask for in this class a vehicle like You know, it just it just works. It works really well Lastly in regards to fuel economy. The CRV does outdo the rav4 but not by more than our 5 percent margin to get a point It gets a class-leading 29 combined with all-wheel drive versus the rav4 is still great 28 combined Well there you have it the CRV edges out the rav4 edition but as you can see both have distinct advantages and disadvantages over each other as always we encourage you to check them out in person at a dealership and All in although. There are definitely many reasons why these are the two best sellers Anyways guys thanks for joining us on this car confections comparison and be sure to subscribe for more Comparisons as well as our signature for review videos Take care!