Replacing Tub Spout Extender/ Extension EASY!

one of my recent videos that I posted it was how to replace your tub spell one of the things that I want to do today is answer a question is going to deal specifically with this back piece of the spout this is what is called a tub spout extender the tub spout extender allows you to extend your tub spout if your tub spout is too close especially if you have a Roman tub of some sort what happens is when you turn the water on it will cause all the water to splash all over here at the lid you want the water to shoot into the base of the tub it really is a simple job to remove and replace it with a new one if you live in a region that has hard water deposit a lot of times you’ll see even when you try to clean the surface of your spa or your extender you’ll find that it will leave these marks and you can’t really clean them out and so over time the shine starts to dole out to replace this you’re going to have to remove the tub spell if you look at one of my last videos I posted I explained the two different types of spouts this one is going to be one that has to do with a screw so I’m going to go ahead and loosen the screw pull the tub spell and order for you to remove this you have to remove the spout because if you see here this goes into the back of the spout you can see here that the tub extenders slides into the back of the tub spout and that’s what will secure it there’s no actual screws that will secure to the tub spout to secure your tub spout extender you’re going to put the tub spout extender tight against the wall and then you’re going to secure your tub spout and again this back lip will slide into the back of your spout just make sure when you purchase your tub spout extender that you take a measurement from the of your tile to the back of your tough spell now a lot of times you can see here this isn’t gonna come out you have to remove the spell but just to give us some extra security just make sure it’s flush against the wall and then go ahead and just caulk around the scene where the tile and the end of your tough spot extender meets if this video was a help if it was informational please subscribe