Tum Ho Wajah Episode 8 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 15 June 2020

Mama I am very very very happy today Oh wow I have seen my son this happy after so many days. What’s the reason? It’s because the news is so great, you’ll also start dancing when you hear it Tell us already, what’s the good news? Then listen, you and you are about to become grandfather and grandmother Mama, I won’t keep Chanda there now But she won’t come into this house But dad Look son, I think you have a memory problem Let’s start from the beginning Me, Ghafoor counselor took your proposal to that girl’s house for your happiness What did I get in return? Insult I went to that man’s office for your happiness so that maybe he’ll listen to my request, what answer did I get in return? More insult That scoundrel, your brother in law, insulted me in my own house for the matter of your happiness You tell me, till when will we get insulted by these loser people for your happiness? Please tell me! Dad I haven’t forgotten your insult but I also can’t leave Chanda there alone When did I ask you to leave her there alone? Then you tell me what should I do? Hire some woman who will take care of her there So you two don’t want her to stay in this house ever? No, never You will not accept her again? I have said it, never Fine then, I will also leave this house Really? Just because of that girl you will… She is not just another girl anymore! She is the mother of my unborn child! Shebi She will come in this house now otherwise I will also leave! The decision is in the hands of you two He will leave the house Let him leave if he wants to! But you What me? What you? Nobody is of any value for him now, all he thinks about is Chanda only And don’t you dare and stop him or if you go after him! I will also watch him struggle in this world now, I will also see how he will survive! You are saying that he should go and struggle but will you be able to see it? Will you be able to see him struggle? I know he has made a mistake and he should get punished He was so happy to announce that you two are about to become grandfather and grandmother How would a son know how the world treats you who has lived all his life on his father’s money? You are right Go! Go and kick him out and ask him to leave the house! Why are you standing here? Go! Chanda! Many congratulations! Shahab gave me the good news I don’t know what to do I feel like lighting up firecrackers, distribute sweets, I feel like distributing food and sweets to the poor in the whole city but what do I do your uncle is a poor man What are you saying uncle? Nobody does what all you have done for me, you are very wealthy from your heart Oh that’s just

And I knew that you would be the most happy in my happiness And why wouldn’t I be? Only the lucky people get to be grandfathers I wish I could have seen the same happiness on my brother’s face but what can we do? My sister in law has always embraced misfortune What could have happened if she wouldn’t have made it a big deal and my brother wouldn’t have gotten upset with you but she will never do that She still wants for you to be out of this house What was the need to bring Babar and the children here for picnic? I don’t understand what’s inside her heart.. What does she want All she has is hate for me She could never stand the love dad had for me, that is why she’s doing all this You don’t get upset, just leave her on her own, to hell with her I’ll go get some fruit for you Look, God has given you such good news You have to take care of it and you’re not supposed to take any tension Sit down, I’ll go get fruit. Good girl I don’t know what would have happened if uncle wouldn’t have been here for me today You love me right? I can’t break dad’s hope, honor and trust, never You don’t even have a little trust or confidence in me? You refused to me with such sternness Shebi! What is this madness? This is not madness, this is my final decision just because of you and dad’s stubbornness We are not being stubborn anymore We accept what you’re saying Son, you are our life Our happiness is in your happiness End your stubbornness and bring your wife And dad? Your dad has agreed Alright then, I’ll go bring Chanda right now Not like this, at least give me some time for preparations What kind of preparations? My wish of seeing you as a groom didn’t get fulfilled, I can at least welcome my daughter in law with grandeur One minute Chanda is your wife, she can live in your house, I kept my ego aside But on one condition, she will cut ties with her parents and siblings and nor will her parents or siblings come here ever Dad Never ever She will either keep her relationship with you or with her family forever Okay dad, I accept every condition of yours I knew that you love me a lot dad, you wouldn’t let me go anywhere Children are a test Sahiba where are you?

Chanda Sitara Sitara? Sitara! I am coming in okay? Sitara? Sitara I know you love me. I will come to meet you today You will hold my hand and accept it yourself I have good news for you What kind of good news? You’re about to become a grandmother What? Sitara! Sitara! Sahiba! Yes dad? Where is your mother? One minute, I’ll call her Sitara! What happened? Mansoor? What happened? What’s happening? Where is Sitara? Sitara! Sitara? What is it? What is it? Leave her! What happened? You’re asking me? I leave her? Ask her what she has been doing! What did I do dad? I didn’t do anything. What happened? You lie to me? Look at this! Danish’s messages You’re his sister right? Of course you’ll try and deceive me. Shameless girl! Leave her. Show me the messages To hell with it! I swear to you There is no need to swear on my name! I swear to god! Where did these messages come from? Do one thing, do one thing, instead of killing me slowly, it’s better that you kill me right now! Kill me! Tell me what the messages say? I tell you? What did she do? I am dying out of embarrassment! I don’t know what sin I committed that I have gotten such daughters! Dad listen to me once, I didn’t do anything For the love of god Mansoor, for the love of god leave her I have started hating you and I have started hating you too Don’t come in front of me again. Get out of here! Get out of here! Get the hell out! She will not study or go out anymore! Please take care of your health To hell with my health! Pray that Mansoor dies! What are you saying? You are my life! You destroyed my life! You couldn’t take care of these girls? You couldn’t know what they were up to? One daughter has already embarrassed me and the second one is also about to do it! What are you saying? It’s not like that Please sit, I’ll go get water for you Get the hell out of here! She’s not supposed to get out of the room again! I’ll see to it Mansoor? Mansoor? Please stop, you’re not well. Listen Asalam o alikum uncle Why have you come here? Leave the same way you came inside But uncle what did I do? Your uncle has died, you took his life! Mansoor, let’s go inside and talk I don’t want to talk and there is no need to tell what I should do and what I shouldn’t Get the hell out of here! Uncle, what have I done after all? You also tried to harm my home by seeing it’s base going weak For the love of god.. What are you saying uncle? I would never think of doing anything wrong Enough Don’t tell me about what nice and what bad you can do for me Go away from here. I don’t even want to see your face I won’t leave until I find out why you are angry with me You shouldn’t have done this You should have brought a proposal with Muraad instead of messaging Sitara What proposal? I don’t want to tie any relationship with them and what we had, that also has ended Get out of here! Uncle, my relationship with you all can never end I will kill you if you stand here for one more moment Uncle I know I’ve made a mistake and I hurt you

that is why I ask for forgiveness and I want to go get the magistrate with dad I will not forgive you or Sitara and there is no need to bring anyone here What are you saying? He is your own blood My blood has become white It’s betrayal, only betrayal When my own daughter can do all this to me then how can I complain about others? Get the hell out of here. Get out! Get out! I say get out! But uncle Get out of here! But uncle Go on, get out! Uncle! Uncle, you’re wrong! Hello! I am coming! I am coming in a while! What are you doing Chanda? Leave it, leave it Let me water Leave it. I’ll do it Come here, come. Sit, sit down. Good girl Take this, drink fresh juice I have made it with my own house. Take it What is this? You didn’t let me make breakfast in the morning also and now you’ve brought juice, what are you doing uncle? I am trying to play your mothers role Uncle you said mom will come, when will she come? I think she will come when she will have time You finish your juice, I’ll call you later I’ll be back in two minutes. Good girl Go in your room, go Mom, Mom, I didn’t do anything I swear to god I didn’t even know what message, when he messaged, why he messaged. I swear You had no clue that Danish likes you? I didn’t know anything I had my doubts, from him and from you Yes but I didn’t do anything I didn’t do anything because of dad. I swear to god I didn’t do anything If he would have spoken to Muraad, if he would have brought a proposal properly then your father would have accepted him happily I don’t accept anybody’s proposal, I don’t accept it dad has started hating me because of these people Please ask dad not to hate me I haven’t done anything I promise I haven’t done anything wrong I can never do it, I can’t even think of harming dad’s respect Okay fine Please ask him not to hate me mom Okay okay.. stop crying.. I’ll talk to him How have they arranged these flowers? Mama! You have made the entire room shine! Looks nice, right? Yes! Thank you so much You’re welcome! And mama, I have also ordered the flowers. They’ll be here by evening The fragrance is important, right? Oh, my son! What’s the need for flowers? I know that the entire house will smell beautiful when my daughter in law comes And especially, when my granddaughter and grandson play over here! Even our lives will be beautiful then And do you know, mama? I haven’t told Chanda that I am going to pick her It’ll be a surprise for her when she finds out that you and baba are waiting for her in this house Yes. Indeed I love you Don’t you have the manners?

Don’t you know the way to enter someone’s room? You’re going to teach me manners? Do you have any yourself? What has happened to you? How are you talking to me? The way you have ruined all of our lives… it’s pointless talking to you! I will complain to uncle about you! Go! Complain! It would’ve been better if he was home right now I would’ve told him to kick you out of this house! You would’ve gotten me kicked out of this house? This is my uncle’s house! So that means that it is also my house! You set your own house on fire! Shut up! You’re the one who has done it but we should bear the consequences? Even then you won’t be ashamed, Chanda! Yeah, so? Whatever I did was completely right! You can see how everybody is so comfortable in their own lives! Nobody has any problem, any issues. Everything is fine! What do you think? Everybody is busy in their lives? You’re selfish and pathetic! The trouble that Sitara has to go through! Because of your one stupid decision, Taya Jaan has stopped trusting her! Poor girl is always and always crying! Bearing insults! Chanda! I should not see you in this house before tomorrow morning! Did you hear me? Ill mannered! What has happened to Abu? He’s scolding that poor girl for no reason I am the one who did everything, he should say something to me I didn’t even do anything! Even then this is happening Everything is getting ruined There’s nothing in my hands If dad doesn’t talk to me, I’ll give away my life I don’t know what sin I committed that I have gotten such daughters! I’ll give away my life! I will give away my life! He will get convinced then, right? Mom, I’m very hungry. Please serve the food! Mom has gone to Aapi’s house What did you say? Where has she gone? No, brother. Nothing. It just slipped out of my mouth I’ll slap you! Tell me the truth, where has mom gone? No, brother, no. I was joking with you. She hasn’t gone anywhere! You know it’s my fault only I am always so furious that you guys get scared of me But I am your elder brother. Yours and Chanda’s as well I am worried about Chanda. I was missing her since so many days. It’s good that you told me I….I’ll go right now and meet her at her house No! Chanda Aapi is at Muraad uncle’s house I think mom has also gone there only How do you know? I heard mom talking to Muraad uncle on the phone Brother! Brother! I came here running as soon as I found out! This news must have fallen really hard on you, right? What are you saying, Chanda? I won’t be happy in my children’s happiness? Happiness? If you had cared even a little about my happiness, I wouldn’t be here today! Because of you, I am in this state today! Because of you, dad and everyone has started to hate me! So much so, that even my in laws aren’t ready to accept me! I told you, right? I told you to go to Shahab’s house and ask forgiveness from everyone! What did you do! You went there and uttered poison! You created hatred! And you say that you are happy? What have I done to you? Why are you doing this with me! I went there to beg for your happiness! You’re lying! You’re lying! Oh, Chanda, my child! What are you doing? She’s your mother. You cannot talk to your mother in this tone Look, my child A mother never wishes bad for her children, no matter what Your mom did what she thought was right for you

And look, it’s not right for you to take stress in the condition that you are in right now Take care, okay? Alright, so tell her! Tell her to go away from here And what has she done to me? My weddings first gift…. She even took my ring away! Why would I take your ring, Chanda? What do you think of yourself? And what do you think, that you’ll do all of this and turn Shahab against me? You’ll succeed in your plans? That won’t happen at all! Go away from here! Go! Babar! What happened? What are you doing! You’ll waste not just one but two lives if you kill her! And what about the fact that she killed all of us while we’re alive? You’re still supporting her? She has given us so much insult! People are spitting on us and you’re sitting here, keeping her close to your heart? But I won’t let that happen! I will kill her! Babar, she has made a mistake but you cannot kill her! Move away! Go away from here! And what are you talking about? Uncle, are you seeing that? My own people are standing here as my enemies! What you did wasn’t right at all! You kept me and dad in the dark! And now, I won’t spare her! Get out of here! What am I saying to you? Leave me! Go away! Get out of here! Chanda! Chanda! Chanda! Don’t touch me! Stay away from me! Stay away from me! I hate you! Go away from here…. Go away from here! I’ll just go get her warm milk I hate you! If dad hadn’t been by my side in this life, then you would’ve killed me a long time ago! Leave him! I have married him by my own choice! Instead of killing me slowly, it’s better that you kill me right now! Kill me! Oh! What happened, Mansoor Bhai? Are you okay? Did you get dizzy? Yes. No, no. I am alright What was the need for you to come here? Go home and rest Yes. I’ll… Chanda! Get up, my child. Get up, get up! Take this! I have brought turmeric milk for you. Get up Sit. Drink some of this. You’ll feel lesser pain Ill literate, ill mannered! Bhabhi hasn’t taught Babar any manners at all I am just scared, what am I going to say to Shebi? No, no, uncle! Shahab shouldn’t find out God knows what all he’ll do out of anger. Don’t tell him. Please! You’re right, my child. But the way Babar has found out that you’re here, the same way Shebi can also find out about the way he treated you But… how did brother know that I was here? What are you saying, my child? Who else can tell him this other than your mother? Mom? Obviously, my child Sister in law! Who else other than sister in law knows that you’re here?

By the way, what a game she has played! She’s the one to kill and she’s the one to save My child, you’re getting a call It’s Shebi’s No, I won’t talk. It’ll become a problem, uncle Get hold of yourself and talk to him. Here, talk to him Hello? Hello, Chanda? How are you? Yes, Shahab? What happened? Why is your voice so heavy? Everything’s fine, right? No, no. I am completely fine! It’s just that I was getting worried since you hadn’t come I was just a little busy Alright, listen to me Chanda. I am coming to pick you Where are we going? Mama and Dad have agreed! That means that I can go with you… Hello, Chanda? Chanda, what has happened? What happened, Chanda, my child? Why are you crying? What did Shebi say? Here, give it to me Hello? No, my son. Chanda’s health is completely okay But what is it that you’ve said to her? She’s crying I only told her that I was coming to pick her What? Shebi, this…. Is a very happy news! Live long, my son! I have become very happy! Okay…. Alright Uncle! My daughter, many congratulations to you! He’s coming to pick you up! You in laws have accepted you, yeah? You tears have brought colors Here, now have some of it. Drink it! Drink Why did you go to meet her! Why! You were strangling her! Yes, so she would’ve died! It would’ve been nice if the curse would’ve ended once and for all! What was she doing at uncle’s house? I’m asking, what she was doing at uncle’s house! Shahab is convincing his parents… Shahab can go to hell! I do not care about Shahab at all! Don’t be so cold hearted! I am cold hearted? I? Yes, your heart is very soft, right? That’s why you made her stay at uncles. Tell me! I did not know that she was at Muraad’s house! Muraad… What do I do! What do I do! I don’t understand anything! What do I do! What do I do? What do I do! You keep telling me not to get angry, that I should have control over myself! Do you not see what you’re doing? How will I control myself if you keep doing these things? Why don’t you forget about her! Why don’t you put mud over her! I am her mother! So aren’t you our mother? Are you only hers? Either you become her mother or ours! Stop it… How do I stop? How do I stop! How do I stop! But remember one thing, if dad finds out… Don’t you dare! You won’t tell him anything! He won’t be able to handle it! You really care about him? Then, why can’t we say this care? Why do you keep running to meet her? You won’t meet her now! Because if you do meet her now, I won’t listen to the worlds’ taunts! This time, I will take my own life! I won’t meet her! I promise. I won’t meet her Mom kept meeting her and never made it obvious She’s brought this new problem into our house You were making me understand? You were making Ghafoor Counselor understand?

Now your beloved is bringing that girl! He’ll make her sit on his head He’ll make her sit on his head? My foot! You will see! You can change my name if I don’t make Shebi kick her out of this house! Change your name then! Shebi will kick that girl out? The one he was ready to leave the house for? I’ll kick her out of the house! He’s in love! Let her come. Then you’ll see what I do to her You can’t do anything! He’s more of a lover than he is a son! And these family planning ads run just like that Your daughter in law is pregnant! Listen to this! Baaji! The floral guy has decorated the entire room What else is there to do? Oh, let’s listen to her! Tell him to bring the flowers and put them on my head! Why are you standing here now? Should I go? I am going, I am going What are you doing? You’ll ruin the entire game if you keep getting mad like this! What is there to get ruined? What is there to get ruined? He took someone’s daughter, ran away and got married! What about Ghafoor Counselors reputation? He’s ruined it! I told him I won’t accept the girl but now? Don’t worry! I’ll play such game that the snake will die and even the stick won’t break! So now, the family politics will begin!