【ENG SUB】致我们单纯的小美好 07 | A Love So Beautiful EP07 胡一天、沈月校园甜宠爱恋,融化少女心!

♫ I love your eyes, ♫ ♫ your eyelashes, your arrogance and pride. ♫ ♫ I love your dimples, ♫ ♫ your lips and your smile. ♫ ♫ I love you, everyone knows and mocks me but don’t be annoyed. ♫ ♫ I’ll keep going, just get ready for it! ♫ ♫ I love your shirt ♫ ♫ your fingers and your smell. ♫ ♫ I wanna be your coat, ♫ ♫ your gloves or your heart. ♫ ♫ I love you, everyone knows. ♫ ♫ It’s a little awkward but don’t be angry, please. ♫ ♫ I’m patient enough, just see it! ♫ ♫ Love you for each minute, each second. ♫ ♫ Love you, everywhere, every corner. ♫ ♫ Loving you is my unchangeable habit. ♫ ♫ How much I love you? Just don’t know. ♫ ♫ My love for you stops the rain and makes the sun rise. ♫ ♫ My love for you warms the snow. ♫ ♫ My love for you is my belief, just can’t give up. ♫ ♫ How much I love you? Some day you would know. ♫ I’m going to tell you something What about transferring to another school? The achievement gap is still wide! After we had a discussion we decide to divides into groups The students with good grades in each group should help the ones with poor grades Go in! She’s really shameful. If I were her I would transfer to another school Go to fetch water Chen Xiaoxi, Mr. Liu wants to see you She isn’t like a student now! Chen Xiaoxi was requested to the office again And also I heard that her parents were requested Why is she really out of luck this week? She’ll transfer Who’s going to transfer? Although she didn’t get a good mark now, I believe that she can do it Come with me, helping me fetch the homework I won’t transfer! I promise that I’ll study hard in the future! And I’ll get a good mark this final exam! Rank 13th in the class? Chen Xiaoxi, your real grades cannot be hidden anymore! Episode 7 Two days and a night Dear teachers and students! A school year has passed and now a new term begins! Everyone, listen to me! Who wants to change your seat needs to make up your mind quickly The teacher will come soon Come here, Chen Xiaoxi – I miss you so much – Me too – You held a seat for me! You’re so kind – Obviously! Come on, stand up! Jiang Chen is coming! Jiang Chen! Sit here! – No – You flatter yourself! – Jiang Chen! Or you can sit here! – No Jiang Chen, I want to ask you some questions Come here He doesn’t want to sit with you Why can’t I be your desk-mate? – Can I sit here? – No! Someone will sit here Who? Who will sit here? It seems that no one will sit here. Then I’ll Wait a second! Me Are you thirsty? Let me get you some water I have some regrets now Just kidding Jiang Chen. I want to go to the bookstore as the teacher asked me to book some papers Could you come with me? I’m afraid that I can’t fetch them by myself Let me help you. I’m strong He always goes there so that we could have a big discount – Okay, I know. Let’s go there during the noon break – Thank you so much But we could have a big discount if you go

Sometimes I really want to lock him up Oh my goodness! I can’t bear you anymore Wake up! Class will start Students, you’re now in Senior two Time flies You go closer to the college entrance exam Today, I’ll tell you something about last final test First, we’ll talk about the compositions The title should be named as “If I were…” Lu Yang Although he hasn’t got a high grade, he made his own innovation We used to say that compositions should be according to patterns But we need to express all our feelings when we have thoughts about how to write it His composition is named “If I were the chaos in the cosmos” Chaos? Let me read it to you What is it? Not food. (Chaos and Wonton have similar pronunciations in Chinese.) – You know her so well – It becomes dark The waning moon is in the sky I, a fierce blue chaos, have hidden in the heaven for 80,000 years Now, I fall to a new world It is a dark midnight Nothing can be seen It seems that it couldn’t be a peaceful night tonight I don’t think it’s a masterpiece I’ll be shy for you reading it But if you really want to read it, just ignore my shyness Don’t have to be embarrassed Liu Qingshan knows little about it Your words are similar with fantasy novels’ You Lu Yang, be a good boy and have your meal Jiang Chen. Let’s go to the bookstore Okay Jiang Chen! Don’t you read my composition? Wu Bosong I finished. I go back to train – Let’s leave too – But I haven’t finished yet – Hurry up! – Help me deal with the plates Lin Jingxiao Shouldn’t we just go inside? Why do we need to be like this? This can be exciting Exciting? Can it be more exciting than my essay? Jiang Chen, thank you so much By the way, I heard that you have a younger brother I want to buy my brother a story book but I don’t know what he likes Can you help me? Who told you? Chen Xiaoxi She treats me unjustly! Little bitch! I know little about it I think you should find one by yourself I’m afraid of I’m afraid of buying a wrong one My dad and mom divorced in my childhood Then my dad had a new family A few years ago, my stepmother gave birth to a little son He will have his birthday soon My dad asked me to buy him a gift Actually the relationship between my parents is very bad My mom has been very strict to me since I was a little child As you can see, what I did wants to make her happy And also, I hope it can let them be okay Fine… I’ll help you to pick one Do you think it’s pitiful in this way? Does boys like the girl with a poor background? The one with a broken family can be easily found Everything is ready to wait for the hygienic license Flow costs time Flow… It’s the only thing you know! But it’s no use for you to be impatient

Don’t you have a classmate who works at the health bureau? You’ll soon have a classmate party in two days You can ask him for his help It’s abusing his power to secure advantages for yourself I don’t agree with you What do you mean? Everyone does things like what I talk I just want you to ask it – No. I won’t do it – Chen Guowei! – You don’t care for our family! – Well… There you go again Get out of the way! They cannot be my real friends They even didn’t read my work I will make some good friends when I’m rich Here can let you be rich tonight Earn millions of money by Macao gambling Overseas lady pays a huge sum of money for a baby What are these? Calling us for interesting question which has easy answers Luxury and quality trips to Hainan are waiting for you – I’m so sad – Didn’t you finish your homework again? Jiang Chen. What do you think about Lin Daiyu? Is she really a delicate and touching girl who makes others want to protect her? What kind of protecting? I’ll protect you Don’t interrupt me! What do you think? Better than you anyway – She must east less food than you – I didn’t eat too much I think I’m like her sometimes Like what? Did you spit blood? Or is there anything wrong with your flowers? There is nothing wrong with them Why are you only focusing on Chen Xiaoxi? Pay more attentions on me! What kind of business can you have? Did you find that all the pornographic parts are tore by others when you rent porn novels? Listen to me first! I’m so nice to share it with you! Have a look at it! This is the final trailer of Xiaoqing’s quiz We can go to Hainan if we can answer her questions Lu Yang, are you silly? It’s just a swindle without thinking – Tell me the truth, how much did you spend? – It didn’t cost much. Stop talking about the money If we can go there in the end, it can all pay back You’re right! – Do you join in? – Yes! Sounds not bad Jiang Chen, I want to tell you something But I don’t want to hear What I tell you is true My parents quarreled again yesterday Not only yesterday. They quarrel everyday I think that their relationship has been ruined Maybe they will divorce in the future If they finally divorce, whom should I be with? My mom has a bad temper. My dad has a bad cooking Maybe I still have to make a move and have a displaced life I can’t be your neighbor in due course And someone told me that children of divorce will have a hard life If by any chance they remarry and refuse to feed me, what should I do? – It would be because you eat too much – I’m not kidding! They even smashed things! – It was really a serious quarrel! – Tell me. What did they smash? Refrigerator It’s really a “serious”one I’ve spent all my allowance for this month on it Try your best to win! Are you ready? Welcome to the final guessing competition

Please answer the following questions Are you ready? Yes! Please listen to the question What Zu Qianqiu gave to Linghu Chong is named “Eight Pills for Renewal of Life” How long did it take Huanghe Ancestors to make? Lu Yang, you always read books in the class Don’t you know it? I don’t read serious literature – Who knows? Hurry up! – 12 years Bingo! Jiang Chen! You’re awesome! You read more books than I did Next. What’s the name of Tsukino Usagi and Tuxedo Mask’s daughter in “Sailor Moon”? Why are you looking at me? Am I the one who’ll see “Sailor Moon”? I know her. She’s small and has a pink hair What’s her name? I can’t remember it! – You still have five seconds – Who can answer it? – Hurry up! We’re out of time! – Think about it! Three Two – I really can’t remember it – Chibiusa Bingo! You’re really a know-all of “Sailor Moon” I’ll praise you in the name of moon She once said it Well, it seems that you have a good memory about my words Last question. Which kind of force plays a leading role in the galaxy? – Gravitation – Why did you answer it so fast? Think it again Bingo! You’re the cleverest person in the world! Award address will be sent to your phone We did it! The address! Here’s the address! See! It’s in the suburb. Really far away What does she mean? Do we still have to go there after being cheated? Forget it. It’s just a joke. We don’t need to go Let’s go! Please! I’ve spent all my money Yes, he’s right. Let’s go – It’s interesting for us to go out together – Yes! We absolutely can go to Hainan. Absolutely! Okay, I’ll join Let’s go together this Saturday! – Come on! – Come on! Cheers! – I’m sorry for being late – Sit here, Fuhua Here’s your cup Liu! You’re successful now! You’re the deputy leader of health bureau! Come on, cheers! I’ll empty it. Be my guest! What did you want to tell me, Guowei? Nothing. I’d like to ask about your recent developments – Come on! Cheers! – Cheers! – Fill it! – Enjoy yourselves! I suggest that we should cheer up again! Chen. Why are you drunk? Come on. Why are you so drunk? – Did you ask him? – What? Did you ask your classmate? No Why didn’t you ask? We’ve agreed! I don’t think so I told you that it’s not a possible way If you want to set up a shop you need to obey the rules Rules? Chen Guowei! Is it so difficult for you to ask it? Will you be hurt or robbed? Let me tell you It has no relations with money I’m not the one who’ll be like that I can’t do it Okay! Do as you like! If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll stop setting up the trotter restaurant! Stay with your damn rules! My parents quarreled again She asked him whether he did it or not. He said no Then she asked him to stay with his rules angrily I’m really worried that they’ll divorce If they divorce, he giving me a stepmother and having a new baby, will he still care for me? Stop talking about divorce as a joke It’s not funny What happened?

Shall we go out tomorrow? Are the snacks ready? Shall we go to buy some? Xiaoxi? Xiaoxi I’m not caring for the money, but can we finish eating them all? What happened to you? Girl has her own secrets I’m going to the restroom – Hello, dad – Xiaoxi? Yes? Not a big deal. I want to know where you are Will you have supper at home tonight? I’m working overtime at the company Don’t wait for me. You have your own meal, okay? That’s all. I need to work now Hey! What’s wrong with you? I won’t tell nonsense anymore! My parents are really going to divorce It’s dirty Have it your way Welcome back, Xiaoxi What happened? Nothing If someone bullies you, you must tell me. I’ll help you deal with it Nothing happened. It was a windy day The sand’s getting into my eyes Really? Both you and your father don’t know to come back earlier which makes me really can’t rest my heart I’ve just made some trotters Come and have a try Is it delicious? Slow down. I’ve made a lot – Chen, did you drink? – No, I didn’t – Go to do your homework! – I refuse – What’s wrong with you? – Nothing wrong with me! You haven’t come back for dinner these days Who knows what you’re doing outside? Xiaoxi? To: Chen Xiaoxi What are you doing? Send Chen Xiaoxi Brother. Where are your dirty clothes? Mom’s going to wash them

On the bed, take them Brother Why are your sleeves wet? They were licked by a little dog on my way home What kind of dog? Is it cute? It’s okay But it’s a little bit noisy – Can you bring me to see it another day? – Okay. It’s near home. Often appears I’ll go to have a look tomorrow Hello? I’m ready to go Are you going to go out? Never mind. I’ll wait for you Well Okay, I know Okay, Fuhua. See you later Why was the door locked? Mom! Who should I call? Jiang Chen Jiang Chen, please answer the phone Sorry. The subscriber you dialed is powered off Hello. Jingxiao What? I was just up. Don’t rush me I was locked in the room Okay, I’m coming to save you What should we do? Let me think I go to find your mom and Wu Bosong goes to find a locksmith Jiang Chen. He’ll stay with you But I’m new around here. Why don’t you let him go? There is no reason It’s embarrassing to see you in the door Really want to feed you Why? Chen Xiaoxi, I can’t find your mother Obviously, I can’t find a locksmith What should I do? I must go out today Chen Xiaoxi Don’t tell me that you didn’t find your own keys Yes, he’s right Chen Xiaoxi Come on! Don’t worry It maybe a misunderstanding, right? Let’s go to have a look I heard that he would go to Fu Hua Let’s go there right now Fu Hua. But where’s Fu Hua? There are so many places named Fu Hua There’s a Fu Hua furniture in front of school Yes. And there’s a Fu Hua chess room around my home There’s a Fu Hua sauna room near the natatorium Can you remember any other clues?

I can’t Small Town’s Spring Restaurant Qing Feng Restaurant Dong Po Restaurant Chen Xiaoxi Does your family usually go out for dinner? That’s right. Let’s go these places separately Keep in touch by phone What about me? Come with me I’ll go with you as well He follows me Follow me Move It’s uneasy for you to live alone that you need to pay more attentions about yourself – Thank you so much for finding a lawyer with me – We were classmates – Don’t you go inside? – I dare not do it But why did you divorce? A married couple needs compromise If they don’t have, they can’t live together anymore Absolutly That is life Chen, don’t be like me Now I realize that nothing else can be more important than our family Hello, Liu I’m Guowei Dear friend, I hope that you could do me a favor My wife wants to set up a grocery store But I heard that it would spend a long time to transact a hygienic license So I hope that you can do me a favor The regular process can be done in one month? Thank you. Okay! Guowei. I’ll see the lawyer whom you introduced to me Thank you so much. It doesn’t matter Have a nice conversation If you need help, feel free to ask me He and I are familiar with each other Guowei. Give my best to your wife Okay – See you later – See you It seems that I misunderstood him You seem to be disappointed Did you find him? What’s going on? Not a big deal. Just a misunderstanding You scared me! Oh god! Lu Yang has been forgotten Lu Yang: I’m going to accept the prize Don’t come with me! Sir, here is No.382. The message said it’s here to accept the prize Why does someone come here for prizes at intervals? This is just an old school, having no prizes here It’s impossible! Please open the door I want to prove it by myself Go away! Don’t make trouble with me! You refuse to open the door, right? Okay. I can go inside by myself – I’ve answered all her questions – What are you going to do? What a stubborn boy! Lu Yang – Lin Jingxiao – Who bullied you? It’s fake. No prizes here – I was cheated – You little children! It’s just a lie. There isn’t any prizes here Just like what I’ve said Fine, we’re already here now It has a good view here We can take it as an excursion

She’s right. It’s better than staying in the pool Sir, please turn it off You two, don’t go straight ahead There’s no car. It’s no need to keep walking Jingxiao, or shall we agree with Wu Bosong’s idea? Go back to ask the gentleman for a place to stay tonight No. My mom will worry about me if we stay here There’s no more place here And it’s getting dark It’s unsafe for us to keep going I think that you just want to stay over with Jiang Chen, right? Of course not! Or shall we vote for it? If you agree with me, raise your hand Let’s go, please We can see the sunrise together when we wake up tomorrow. How nice it is! Here – Let’s play here for the whole night! – Right here? Look, there are beds over there Okay? What else can I do? – Should we call home? – Yes! Make a phone call Hello, mom. I’m at Lin Jingxiao’s home She’s giving me tutorial Hi, mom I’m staying with the top student in our class Yes, auntie. We’ll go to bed early Don’t worry, auntie. Lu Yang is with me – Goodbye, auntie – Mom, did you hear that? Take it easy Why didn’t Jiang Chen come back from the restroom It’s dark outside and we’re now in a wild place Shall we play some exciting things? What do you mean? I won’t take off my clothes What dirty ideas you have! – Give me the pen – Let me find whether I have or no – Watch out – Here you are – Let’s invite the spirit of the pen – No. I refuse! – Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you! – Me too No. I’m afraid of it Chen Xiaoxi, we all join except you When the spirit appears and finds you’re disrespectful to him, he’ll kill you – I join – Take it easy Let’s play Gosh, you frightened me! Why do you come in without any sound? – Don’t loose your hand – Don’t loose If we suddenly loose our hands, he’ll be angry It seems that he’s irritable Forget it. That’s all for today Dear spirit of the pen, we don’t bother you to rest – Best wishes for you – Best wishes for you Best wishes for you Where did you go? I’m really afraid of it – They must let me join – But I think that you were happy Xiaoxi Last time when we bought snacks I found that you like it very much I’ll have it later Do you think the spirit of pen is unreal? Science can’t explain everything What we don’t know doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent Don’t scare me What questions did you ask? Lu Yang asked whether his future girlfriend will have a long hair or not The spirit told him that she will Lin Jingxiao asked whether the Rosetta will find Philip or something The spirit said “yes” – Wu Bosong asked – Did you ask the most important question?

I’m too shy to ask it What kind of question? You even can’t ask the spirit I’m afraid of that if I ask whether you’ll like me or not, I’d got the answer, “no” Then I can’t like you anymore – Why? – Because it’ll be so sad Knowing that you won’t care for me, I still need to pretend to be happy and keep on trying I’m afraid that I’ll ask you to tell me the truth that you’ll never fall in love with me and let me drop the idea forever It was said in a moment of anger Don’t take it seriously Don’t really tell me the words in due course Actually, what I want to know is not the one you thought – Then what is it? – Does an idiot can be cured? What’s the meaning of Rosetta and Philae? Europe launched Rosetta in 2004 which carried Philae to the universe When Philae landed, it lost contact with Rosetta They’re waiting for each other in the vast universe Don’t you think that it’s impressive? So I like astronomy very much I think that stars are so beautiful Right, it’s beautiful Lin Jingxiao Do you like someone? No Really? Nice! Why do you ask it? I was just thinking it Your interest is really high-class Not like mine I just like playing games I have a heart condition so that I can only choose to play games Stop it How lucky you are! It should be called a blessing in disguise I can’t fall asleep Let’s play one more game Please let us sleep, Lu Yang. It’s already midnight I fell in love with someone, but I’ll keep the secret I’ll see it first I hope Rosetta can find Philae one day I like the girl whose hair is the longest I love Chen Xiaoxi We all need to keep the secret. Can’t tell others How is it like? The view is as fine as the one of Hainan

Stop cheating yourself The atmosphere is so good. Let’s shout something! – You fool – It’s your turn Me? I hope that Lu Yang can shut up! You! Have a try! I hope you all can come to see me taking the championship the day after tomorrow! Boss I hope that Jiang Chen can do what we did It’s your turn Manchester United is the best! You really did it! Do you have fever again? – I don’t want to do homework! – I don’t want to go home! I’m not afraid of you, Zhang Shiliang! Hygienic License You’re back It’s really a simple thing Why can’t you do it earlier? If you do it earlier, we can start our shop earlier We can finish it by the internet but you still asked me to make a phone call Well, as you see, we still need to obey the rules Are you going to operate a mom-and-pop shop? Stop! You didn’t come back last night and you now still have a loud voice Have your meal – Yes, sir – Have your breakfast Natatorium Wu Bosong Wu Bosong Wu Bosong Are you okay? Don’t be nervous You must take the champion if you swim as usual I’m not upset If you take the first, I’ll treat you a feast Deal! Wu Bosong Come on, Wu Bosong! – Wu Bosong! You can swim beyond them three laps! – It’s sprint. What do you know? It starts! Come on! Wu Bosong! My heart can’t afford it I won’t see his race anymore Wu Bosong, defeat them! Go go go! I can’t see it anymore! It’s too exciting! 1. Wu Bosong Did you see that? He’s my friend! He’s my desk-mate! Congratulations! Wu Bosong! Tell us your feelings! Could you tell us what makes you win the match so easily? Because of her It’s wet through ♫ Maybe it’s fairy’s magic, I think. ♫

♫ She makes you talk to me. ♫ ♫ This prosperous world is so noisy and crowded, ♫ ♫ where is my stop? ♫ ♫ Don’t care about it, the doubt or sufferings. ♫ ♫ Calm down and follow the answer in your heart. ♫ ♫ What you lost and makes you feel sorrow ♫ ♫ you must know. ♫ ♫ Tell me I’m in dream, ♫ ♫ I’m in somniloquy, ♫ ♫ drawing my future home, ♫ ♫ the home full of what I love. ♫ ♫ In my dream, ♫ ♫ all the struggling has gone. ♫ ♫ You stand there with smile, ♫ ♫ talk to me gently, ♫ ♫ “come here, be easy.”♫ ♫ The dream, ♫ ♫ makes me sleepless. ♫ ♫ Full of bitterness and sobs. ♫ ♫ That’s my original intention, that’s my youth. ♫ ♫ Tell me it will come true. ♫ ♫ Tell me I’m in somniloquy, ♫ ♫ drawing my future home, ♫ ♫ the home I live with all I love. ♫ ♫ In my dream, ♫ ♫ all the obstacles have been overcome. ♫ ♫ You stand there with smile, ♫ ♫ talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.”♫ ♫ You talk to me gently, “come here, be easy.”♫