60 Frames No Lag Podcast: God of War Wins GOTY | Phil Spencer's "Game On Every Device"

I was you know underwhelmed in a way by like I loved the performance but at the same time I Wished it would have been D’Angelo and like Willie Nelson the people that action moving game, you know Hey, I invited home Lincoln clay so he’ll be joining us he’ll be rocking out Oh speaking of the devil Yeah I thought it was just too long in that show. I heard The show stopped at 2:30 in the morning, so I didn’t watch any of it. I’m like Thursday 2:30 I’m like man, I can’t be doing this, bro I might go to work hell not I was doing the live podcast with Ryan and I Kept checking out and I’d come back and go. Oh, there you are, cuz I couldn’t fucking sit there and watch that shit I was this I Hope you complain that it was like super long And the premiere they were like they were promoting all these world premieres on these games and they were mostly fucking dogshit doublea’s I’m like, oh I’m never playing this shit You know I saw it like just a trailer like after the fact obviously I guess for that by daylight now it’s that game But I haven’t played a game I know I downloaded it for free on PSN plus is that just multiplayer only or is there like a story mode today? No, it’s a multi player on the game. Ok, cuz like looking at the trailers It just gave me a pressure like when I saw like there was like a sizzle reel, but they show Jason Freddy They sure like multiple, you know horror themes that shit like that and four She just gave me the impression like there’s like a story or something. I’m like wait a minute Gave me that impression. So I was wondering like is there like a little story mode or something? Yeah They did promote a lot a lot. So I was happy to see the Indies get some love It’s got a paint, you know, Jeff’s gotta pay the bills and but yeah you were talking about Detroit earlier I think the choice is up for a lot of awards Sunday night and very well could could win something that s one Yeah with the CBS one is is that’s the one I’m more interested him because that’s that’s a national broadcast that’s coming in after 60 minutes and It’s a day. It’s gonna be a good time. I’m looking forward to that Hi, that’s that’s pretty cool All right, so I think I think I don’t know if all day is gonna join us Did he did he answer up in the DM? I? Think he’s gonna be the leader of blue World Order The Leader of late to the podcast, but he ends up getting He’s fashionably late All right, but first my friend my fellow gamers welcome back to another episode of 60 frames no lag podcast Of course We got the crew together Great week to talk about gaming and we also got a special guest but let me go down the line We’re gonna start out with Craig Harris The eggs by himself with the weird doll as his avatar That’s right. I’m gamer You heard Reggie feel and and Shawn out there calm in everybody’s nerves It’s all one big happy family And I was glad to be here. Thanks for the vine. And yeah got some cool topics here All right. I also appreciate it. Thank you for rockin out with us. Of course Jay finds the man with the magic voice the best Acoustics on YouTube what’s going on, brother? Hey, thank you for the invite. Of course. It’s good to see the chat in here. I see the same usual suspects Great chat. You always have in here though. Love it. Yeah, also man, thank you. Thank you for showing them I appreciate it And of course the man the man who was so confident that he was going to double down and deliver Brand new xbox if got award. They might win game of the year Everybody was Saladin The God aim of the years was going on it was going on everybody He’s gonna save he’s gonna save it, you know, I gotta save it for that right And then of course, you know all day would have been introduced you know the man You know with the blue beard the leader of blue World Order You know, he fully embraced his phony ISM before was just blue aftershave now he’s drenched in the blood of his enemies right now My understanding is that uh congratulations are in order you are now the leader of So since they’ve been annexed are you gonna give you out the property amongst us that we can we be some lieutenants or

Merely a servant of God that became to unite my people I Came down, you know I spoke with the burning bush. I came up the mountain you Know in the God spoke to me, you know Yoshida set unite my people, you know You will go see the federal and you will tell him let my people go That’s what I did All I do is set my people free that’s it I Have to run out I have no control, you know Obviously one over on a good shag. Look I already got game of the year Kratos out there talking shit Xbox Microsoft are making games from Playstation, you know, everything’s great That’s a good time to talk about we’re gonna talk but anyways, so Appreciate it. Of course, right all day. We’re joining in here though. Join in like in the last minute when the podcast over Everything all over again. I’m not doing that Jump in I’m just back. Okay everybody. Good night Anyway, so let’s get into these topics want to kick it off or I got a war on game of the year against the dog And I read their Redemption We’re gonna go down the line and see how our peoples reaction how you feel about that and then after that we’re gonna go what I would like to discuss is Your personal game and it doesn’t have to be any of the war nominees. It’s just so from what you played this year What’s your personal gamer? Yeah, and why? All right, so we’ll kick it off with Craig Harris almost start off with got a war Your opinion on a winning given a year. Did you predict it? You know what? What was it was? What was running through your mind once you heard the announcement, I Think I picked Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to win game Rick I think that’s what I pick as a multiplayer game a lot of people Are monster hunter I can’t live without her monster was uh, it was one of the big multiplex It surprised me a little bit but when I really thought about What was being said was that because the devil Pollock had hope on that host show seemed like they were just going to give multi-platinum everything and So I was on a podcast shout to sick humor of me They were fish flats and his thing is rigged, you know, so, you know You know and which was funny em, it was all in fun. It’s all subjective But uh, yeah, I think a lot of hurt feelings. This is from my Twitter v. Nobody was saying anything today People there’s a group of people and again 90% of the Xbox X owners went to the store. I bought it off Howie you got it. They got it They went home. They powered it up. They’re playing it. They’re enjoying it. There’s ten percent that aren’t man enough They’re still looking for reasons to say here’s why you have this system like there were still not getting it is not enough and they desperately wanted to say and here’s the reason to have this console and That’s what finally broke yesterday. Was that it here’s a game on another It’s only to one system. It was over my understandings that it won overwhelming So and so shout out to Corey and all those guys. They took a risk with this game There were people on his own team who didn’t who thought who were questioning what they were doing My personal game of the year was Detroit become human I thought when the robots were walking down the street and you had two vehicles you could take, you know, two choices They were taken directly from King and Malcolm X if you chose King version you got a different game You know it played out differently if you show us Malcolm X’s words so a lot of people didn’t know that but uh, so yeah, I thought it should have won best fairness but uh, It’s all subjective. But I overall I agree with J Fonz. It was just too damn long. You know it was That’s my man my man Craig found a way to talk about gaming a year and tie it it’s a xbox one Xbox amazing Organ great. Absolutely. Fantastic how you did that’s like For this they can’t even do that They founds Before I get started I just have to say you have to leave Kratos for last cuz he’s gonna go in Last in fact we have one he’s off. I’ll be – hold on. Let me get some drinking popcorn You know God was

amazing awesome It was a phenomenal game people. I mean if you’ve played it if you say you don’t like it There’s something the game is fantastic. So it wasn’t a big surprise to me that it was maybe a little bit I thought maybe read dead 2 might take it But at the end of the day for me read dead 2 was my game of the year actually No, I take that back. My game of the year was actually a sea of thieves So I’m out there on the ocean with a couple of dudes, you know And we’re just like taking in the sunset and we’re just having a great time there’s nothing like experience that in any other game I Wish that would have been dominated, but unfortunately, it’s not I Was red dead too. Seriously. He was my game of the year gave me the generation But I don’t hate fucking gotta warn all not mad at it. It’s a fantastic game. Well deserved congrats to them As for the like this whole X bar and a multi-platinum Game is weird to me and it will always be Your gang rape 2 is for everybody I don’t care if it plays best on this I mean I do personally I like I like playing it on the X but at the same time I’m not Rallying around this game saying this is an Xbox fucking game. You got it You know You gotta uphold this game No matter what because I think there’s some frauds out there in the community some X bots that were championing this game That didn’t even put 5 hours into the fuck Out there they have their gamertag like locked So, you know they even playing the game anymore Exactly, but cuz you can pick on all these people on xbox See you can how many hours they put in. I’ve seen a few of them out there. They didn’t put In second coming of Christ, you know That’s where I look at it, you know congrats to God award though. Hey Lionel bogan with the flat-out super check He says foxy out here giving elves don’t at me. I’m just here to speculate was gonna rock. We still partying tonight It’s a celebration bitches Stop your titties Hey Lionel be was good man. Appreciate it, brother Alright, so we’re gonna go a little special guests because we’re gonna we’re gonna gonna give cradles his moment to shine So linking clay welcome to the pocket. I think this is your first first time Lincoln having stage fright Blanket oh shit, my man. Why are you doing making protein shaker saying? Oh shit, he’s like damn being they truly ignoring me in this caca Before before you doing this is your first time, you know that sharp people. I don’t know where we could find you. What you doing YouTube pages leaking clay six seven zero You know do uh, new game streams to you know I’m the big supporter of a VR game so you can always check me out doing VR strings And I mean, I’m really opinionated about some of the stuff going on in other games You have a podcast when is it when do when do you do your pocket? Craig Harris In the beginning he’d be like like yours like a Saturday at 2:00 in the morning and like I also see a tweet Your Porter are keepo podcast. I’m like Like I know Tuesday with the blood sorry, I’m like another phantom cast. Oh That’s good shit man sign away. Give me give me your opinion on um What was your reaction here got a war won Game of the Year over? red Starters, I’m embarrassed to say that I was going on Yeah, by the time I got up it was about 1:30 in the morning Eastern Time and arrived the roundtable was going on But I was glad to hear that. Uh, God award did win game of the year I thought it would win game of the year. Although I want to Detroit to become human the winner Yeah, when the game of the year, I think God award deserved to win But I have to sick humor pointed out a few things I thought it was gonna be some fucker in you know in the game and I thought it was gonna get rigged from For Red Dead to win it which if they would have the Xbox just would have like

demise and then we would have the listen to Aaron Greenberg fat ass talk about how Red Dead looks and plays best on the X and that kind of stuff. You know, he had that tweet drafted. Yeah, I Go down his phone is something like a congratulations to rock star team we read their – amazing achievement and you can playing xbox 1x and native 4k I Guarantee he had that shit in Drive. Oh, he was just rated to press tweet. He was his way. It was like there That died today, yeah, I’m gonna blame him. I don’t blame him That’s his job hours. Yeah, you know what? It’s not a war one last night I don’t know how many people added me and just showed like these different gifts I’m like, I’m like dude. I’m not mad at it like but it’s funny Yeah You know I like them and you know pass it along as some people pass me some funny shit that I retweeted like that one of uh, got a war winning the award but then I Saw you pose that shit is hilarious Oh, that is so funny The funny thing is how people so fast they create these memes like Now that guy had that in the chamber Trailer with Captain America crying that’s gonna be your new big Any any any any big thing that cries people love people love crank memes Hey lino, be shut out another super chases yo there Maximus guys a little too quiet on Twitter like I would I would like just to do a Pretend Red Dead one Game of the Year day and just see what you would tweet out I would just love to see the inventive tweets that would have that that could have happened because you know There would have been some funny shit and run games and it just will never come to food through food fruition Because they I’m telling you they were ready them guys were ready God of war at least has realized er down Put out a game with fake HDR looks like a crazy I was one of the first people who detected that fake HDR was posted Before the industry even found out it was faking a charm like a something wrong here, bro. Hey Wait a minute. I seen EVR before there’s ain’t it They won’t fit Online is out. It’s too late to fix anything in single players done. Yeah. I hope they may send any patches Seen any updates But here’s the thing this game took about years to make and I don’t think that the HDR was ever baked in So this was just like they threw on top of it and in order to get real HDR It’d have to be baked in and it would just take too much time. They’re not going Alright so everybody get your popcorn get your drink I just came by drives Okay, oh yeah damn I know bees up in here pumping my man alright Yo, Phil Spencer came out with his big head and he still managed to come off short out of the three by five foot two bobbleheads better I’m telling you man. I know bees yoshito I swear to God he does his persona. He just you know, he just took an island black dude. That’s his avatar Alright, so anyway, so we’re gonna go ready cradles, I told you Was Fast one we’re back two years ago two years ago When I made my Twitter account credos god of war This is all Curated and I told you guys when I when I saw them to come out on the stage, and he was that at our e3 And with the whole Orchestra and everything and when Kratos came out the shadows I knew it from then history was written and I have been vindicated and Again, you know Southside Saraya dead, you know, it’s a great game kid denied

I’ll have it on the X and I have it on the pro It’s rock star I mean what can you say? What did you expect? I mean, of course it’s gonna be a top-tier game, but God of War was something special man It was something special not only to me But to a lot of people it was a reboot of a franchise that Sony had had for, you know, damn near decade And for them to transfer they transform that game frontal Reboot the thing and giving new life into it and breathe another couple of you know games out of it Everything from the music the graphics what they were able to do The styling and just everything about that game just a story in the Lord man. It was It just there was the only game that Was the only game that we could give it to, you know, a spider-man because spider-man was an excellent game as well We could give it to Red Dead. I mean Detroit became human was a top-tier game I really loved that game, but God award just had that something extra special about it And and and what they did to run it on, you know the weak-ass Playstations I mean it wasn’t about 4k, it wasn’t about you know, 60 frames It wasn’t about all the performances Of the story and about the game and when you played it You gave it your undivided attention and I and the praises that I saw You know even Microsoft given this game and in all the accolades and everything, I knew That this game hit it out the park. It included a lot of The RPG elements, you know, even though it’s kind of an RPG light elements But people like that so they included something for everybody in that game Whether it’s the action when Kratos came out with the the chain Chains of Olympus when he came back and unwrapped his hands It’s I mean man that just did something that was just something else man. They just they nailed it They killed it and there was no doubt in my mind years ago leading his six months ago when it came out all the way into now that that game was going to get Game of the Year. I put my money on the lineup of my credit on the line I was ridiculed shout out some what’s up later podcast, and now you clowns Night you know The the the the gods above they they say shine down on us and and we pulled it off Yeah, you heard Kratos from that multiplayer, man. I said I saw the clip. Hey, don’t you motherfuck? All the emotions like this moon Walker bro. He was old man He was out there like Eli Manning went into Super Bowl when shit Yeah, I got a piggyback off what you said Kratos about the changes. They made the God of War what? You know I’m a huge man of the original series like to me it was okay for just like this action beat him up type thing But I wasn’t really into all the lore and everything But this game changed that all for me like the way they presented this game made me a God of War fan So yeah hats off to Santa Monica studios for what they’ve done with this franchise Amazing because I think that this change was needed Definitely so, let me go on over done with a far fire euro super chat so two things about what two things we wore dresses first super chat, which is fun fact and this is interesting in 2010 this is his super chat in 2010 Got award three and Red Dead Redemption were both nominated for Game of the Year at the Video Game Awards on Spike Read their Redemption won. Wow, that’s pretty interesting. Yeah, that’s that’s pretty interesting. So Let me make my other note so shut outs over them and he did a quick video I guess after my little home, you know desolation of of Jtech, he did a video some type of crap being the shit out of another crab and he put me and J Tech on there So that was pretty funny while I was talking Like a poor act look at this video. I was like, oh shit So shout out to oven done with that and then we have a more super chair right here calls Crespin Thank you for the superjet. Thank you for the support. Um, he put holy shit. Just lost it it disappeared on me Oh, there you go. Xbox fanboys couldn’t wait for read there with them to to to win game of the year So they could claim it as a win for Xbox and Microsoft It’s all part of console war in the fuckery and stuff like that. Yeah, they try but you you know, they were ready They were ready. They were ready to attack that their armies were lined up. They were in formation They were just waiting for the sign to happen and didn’t happen, you know All right. What are you going to say Craig? No, because we watched Wonder Woman the other night in 4k beautiful beautiful 4k Aries is the God of War. So why is Kratos the God of War to kill them? I like to add that I’ve never played it God working. Oh, this is this and this game came out in 2005

There there is there is a statute of limitations If he killed them and took over So as the God of War crack you you are probation now So me j-dub, Jadhav, we’re gonna have to I’m gonna have to look at his contract So as far as your probation, you must get the HD remasters I’ve got a war one and two and you must play them bossy trophies confirm that the game I minimum minimum normal, no easy Ps3 ya know John they had the Dam dam, I don’t know. I don’t think you could play him on PlayStation 4 no pack was compatibility exposed To place and did he get to play all of them on PlayStation? I don’t I Just find another mystery How about we make Craig watch everything and play everything without HDR Oh On your camera go to your TV turn off HDR and it stays off for period of six months I’ll try to get at least two or is it three that is on the PlayStation? Yeah, it was Do what the other fraud is doing just you to be there, you know and just pretend you In the Wonder Woman she was fighting the God of War Ares you crazy Aries Aries vision part one. In fact, the the chaos blades was granted by Ares blades This is a broadcast of research you have to do research You’re not gonna find Kratos in a Wonder Woman movie Was he would probably kill her to Kill her too because all the more ways than one Nastya, right would if and this is what if right this is a just this is a would if way off Sony has the license Of spider-man right and you know how I said didn’t kind inclusive into Marvel movie. Mm-hmm What if Kratos actually makes a cameo and one of the big? Marvel movies kind of like going for the gusto As far as right There no no, but be listening, okay, so Sony already has the contract for the spider-man, right? They they will and deal all the time finally using games and authors, but I get it. All right There’s always willing and again what you say season here’s the thing cradles right now You are running on high right now and you don’t know exactly what you’re talking about See you right now and you’re like in the middle of the Super Bowl, right? You’re in the locker room your point champagne and you’re going nuts right now, like right now your endorphins and testosterone levels It’s through the roof like you expect Kratos to be in a spider-man game now like what are you snacking? Boy in a movie but like Christopher judge can play him cuz he’s 54 years old another Kratos is the old man now, right? Do all the big in good medic stuff I mean, all right, Oh days here anyway, that’s the podcast. Thank you very much

Eight eight Oh Joe Joe Cinco was God was God, okay It was God’s Way says you just showed up a so right now we’re talking about how your impressions or how you felt When God a war was announced as give me a year. So now After I’ll be last weekend I be red dead and you know, it was good, but got a world less, uh something in me more, you know, I mean like It just I don’t know man. I think just because they haven’t played of God award and especially with the new presentation and the new camera angle and New, you know, I don’t want to spoil them played it but yeah You know that that dynamic between him and his son and well we just learned someone that even played the first god of war who I mean no names My man asked no Craig’s leg is in areas that got a war Kudos well what the woman was fighting Ares. I’m like, ah I think it’s well-deserved the game received and they hit some nice accolades with that game and Coming for the next one man. Yeah kudos to Santa Monica studios, man. Oh god war it got worse The reason there’s millions of gamers out there that will purchase a PS 5. Yes. Yes Yes Yes, I’ll say this when I when I when I because I woke up to the announcer and stuff like that and then you know Of course I started my fuckery real quick. I instant for okay, how can I how can I how can I antagonize people right now? so that’s what I did the whole poll of X didn’t give it to you and whatever and did the ones enough so that he said, yep PS 5 hits do you think you could possibly see like a Like a remastered god war like No, I don’t see that and I’m gonna tell you why I don’t see it I don’t see that because Right now they’re at hard work on the second one Right so that they’re working on the sequel to the first one in the corner Cory Balrog. This is going to be a trilogy They wrapped up that trilogy then they’re looking into the Egyptian Things and you know mythologies and stuff like that. So they have a robe and I don’t think they want to fatigue and Enough time could have passed right? We may be looking at a God of War in the next 2-3 years Only because they don’t have to start from scratch They have the foundation, you know, and they can just go from there for the PS 5 I don’t think they have to build anything from scratch So it shouldn’t take five six years to do what they did and that’s kind of the the great thing about it. I You know, there’s gonna be some games that receive remasters God awards. Not one of those games that I’m I don’t think it’s needed Yeah, yeah Well, it would actually water down would Great question Lincoln. Um, but here’s the thing Most people got think there’s a reason why PC is backwards compatible to like 30 years and it’s because of x86 architecture these consoles The true frizzies councils are really pre-built pcs with their own specific OS that’s really what they are You know ever since once the decision was made to go from PowerPC to x86 they’re pretty much pcs with their own specific, you know OS Because of them being x86 and every game being built in 86, all future councils will be backwards compatible So the PlayStation 7 is gonna be back compatible all way down to the 4 unless Sony purposely puts in the work to prevent that which is Would it make sense? Because why would you put in more effort to not make some VC, you know and backwards compatible You know, of course Nobody, you know, most people don’t buy new consoles for backwards compatibility, but the truth is from Sony even Microsoft perspective It’s a revenue generating stream because you still are able to sell games that’s already in the digital store, you know So like the cells of Detroit will never die because we will always be accessible forever in a digital store even on the PlayStation 7 You know sounds saying so somebody won PlayStation 6 and there’s a brand new contra 3 Quantic Dream game and they’re like, man

I really love these guys or really ever played this game that came out like to genzler gonna check it out. Ok Let me go to store boom Detroit, you know, so these games will forever is like unlimited shelf space And they already made so it will always be some type of revenue generating stream, you know, well, I don’t know You can play the original game on your PS 5 Yeah, so what I think Sony might do is copy for Microsoft and do enhancements. I see Yeah see That’s what you do that though copy over Microsoft and all these games will get enhancements as it matures Over the perfect night and not an hour My every game will get enhancements because that’s just way too much work But I think the most common in the most popular games or the most requested games They’ll put in the effort to get an answer So I think out of war would again an enhancement on PS 5 I think horizon zero dawn will maybe blood-borne You know some of the top titles before but I don’t think came like, I don’t know fucking some People people can say what they want about Backwards-compatibility but at the end of the day a lot of gamers enjoy having that option and I’m sure stone that sees that too especially with PS now and these other you know Some of the games that they’re they’re offering to bring up to speed like medieval They’re they’re remastering or remaking that game. They know people want to play these older games and stuff again. Yeah Two of them when it got when it went back bc and on xbox one was a top 10 saw MPD a 360 game a top 10 seller in the current gen that was unheard of Never have a like a last gen game end Up being top 10 seller for a month in the new generation, you know say it’s revenue generating You know, I know everybody keep saying free backwards-compatibility free free It’s not free for most people because most people get rid of their games. That’s what people don’t understand man Everybody keeps their games most pieces they get rid of it Now you’ll see more people keep their games cuz they bought a digital so you pretty much stuck with it, you know But during the age of physical discs most people were getting rid of it to trade in for newer games That’s where I gain stop. You know, that’s why I use game industry was a billion dollar industry It’s because most people wasn’t keeping their games. So now that Microsoft’s BC Most people were rebind these games again is revenue generating so sorry You know, hey, you know getting back to the game Awards last night though. I have to touch on something Did you guys hear that The Last of Us was announced to be released next year, so I posted it. I posted it So there was a game like an indie game that was family, I Don’t know what the game is about But it was talking about the last of us like it was showing clips of the last of us The winner is the last was the last of us and then he was talking Oh, we’re gonna repackage this game because the gamers are stupid. So it was pretty funny because it was mocking what was the energy saying right but then towards that tail end the guy was like What do you mean the last of those two is to 2019 release as well? Because I guess they were afraid of releasing the game with the Last of Us. So that was a little joke Behind it. So Yeah, I think I think the only game that might be a 2020 game that could be like early 2020 is def stranding because he really gets started working on that too until like 2015 when he left I’m saying it for a long time that I think that the Last of Us 2 will be out in November 2019 by then. It’ll be out a Game I appreciate the super chat. He says III 2019 will be for four years since Xbox introduced a new IP But people think next-gen starts Even can you explain to the uneducated that you that you sell your next in Council by delivering in the current? Alright, so I I partially I I say I see 50% that is a true statement Yes, you’re half right because you can’t stop them from putting out the games It’s gotta come out soon. If they’re already cooking in a pot. They’re gonna be served. Yeah Like Sony’s half a Sony momentum for ps4 was how ps3 finished right like The Last of Us finishing off PlayStation 3 with the Last of Us a lot of people cuz of that game was like man fuck that I’m getting a PlayStation well, I just finished playing this game. I gotta get a Playstation That’s another reason why I think it’s gonna come out in 20 18 also because the last of us was their swan song for PSP Maybe they’re on song for the ps4. Yes It’s really uh the last of those two coming out in November of 2019 Interferes with my theory that the PS 5 is gonna come out in 2019 I I thought the same thing but I think it’s gonna be March in 2020 now

I did want to point out real quick that the ps3 launched in November of 2006 the Ps4 launched in November of 2013 and the a ps4 Pro launched in November of 2016 PlayStation 3 the PlayStation 3 was supposed to launch a Not it would no supposed to learn. Oh it was supposed to launch April of 2006 the blu-ray diode delayed the launch to November Cuz of fuckin blu-ray they couldn’t launch they didn’t want to launch a year after Xbox 360. They wanted to launch April That was the original launch They delayed the launched in November because they didn’t have enough blu-ray diodes the blu-ray player inside the PlayStation So you’d be surprised how much that blu-ray player fucked PlayStation as for the PlayStation 2 it launched in October in America In 2008 launched in Japan in April Yeah, therefore their fiscal year ends in March Yeah, so they want this out before their fiscal year starts so they can they can start off I would say it’s actually smarter to release your console early in the year then in the biggest shopping montolo because your launch month You don’t need November for your launch month Your game is going to sell by the mid by the boatload in a launch month people who buy it You don’t need know that the problem with that one Rock the problem with that is If people know that the pr5 is coming in March, right or January, February March This the holiday season, they’re not trying to fucking buy anything. They’re saving it. Yeah No, you got to think of the different audience because the PlayStation 5 the PlayStation 5 is a $500 council Yeah, you’re right people people are people are planning to buy a Playstation 4 for $200. That’s not that audience. Yes It’s not the same morning’s Think about it this way because I used to be the same belief Lincoln that it would be out in November 2019 I was a staunch supporter of that but as it gets closer i’m thinking they’re gonna push it out to march 2020 because you know again it’s the 25th anniversary and it’s also That’s a perfect time for Taxes and everything people get there Because I believe that well if it would have launched say in Mid-november of 2019 naturally the first wave of buyers are gonna be us We don’t buy it no matter when it comes out And I figured that the next wave of buyers might be like the Black Friday Shoppers and then the third wave where buyers would be the Christmas shoppers and then the fourth wave of buyers will be the tax People who get the taxes back if you launched the Council of March of 2019 After me and after the tax people, you know by the council You know, it might be us. You know, it might be a slow Incline until the next holiday, you know, I mean, so I think well, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing so the wave of buyers Like the way you pointed out They’re not gonna have enough councils to support that that’s the thing when you initially launch they don’t have a lot in Inventory to support that it’s gonna it’s gonna drop it’s gonna drop instantly. I think it’s gonna be early 2020. Yeah I don’t think that you’re gonna have games like des trans des stranding and ghosts of Tsushima coming out with the PS 5 but also that compatible with the ps4, so they’re gonna be crossing the The thing with the advantage of releasing in March of 2021 you’re gonna like you say You’re gonna have the big buyers cuz like I said You don’t need November for a launch of a console you like look at the switch, right? Then as the months go on Sony will be able to push out more Manufacturing they’ll be able to meet the demand of the actual holiday see because remember November December is the biggest Shopping month or really? November is the biggest shopping month for any for gaming period that’s where majority of the council’s get sold is in November 12 a year That’s the biggest month you might be right all day about des training coming out before that, but I think I really think that’s gonna be a ps5. I honestly to be honest, I think it’s go sighs. I think it’s def strangling That’s gonna be the leader Kojima left in 2015 He led the so he’s his studio opened up and he left he loved Konami in December 2015 His studio is still brand new. So his game at best probably cooking at this point for three It’s not a sixty a game. It’s not a mouth at that they were Done in 2014 They didn’t have to build an engine, right so that already takes three years off your game Do you already have an engine ready? You just got a Mechanic, but he has to build the assets from scratch

He’s not he’s not good. You must not gonna be able to build a great triple-a game in three years. Yeah I mean, he’ll Metal Gear had already a ninja Saying that they’re close to being done. Yeah, that’s from saying they say that they’re polish in the game That’s that’s why the rumors had that they were gonna announce a release date at the gaming I mean we all can speculate It this way if I were to pull my money on which game out of the big four, obviously We know these guns coming out next year But it’s between almost the last of us and they def stranding if I were money I will put there stranding as the one that gets pushed to 20 2002 she because Sucker Punch they were already done I mean what you McAuley infamous was already in stores in June So, you know they start on the next project a little earlier before the release of the final game because the final months of the game is really Polishing and stuff like that. So, you know they started they started ghost of Tsushima in 2014 So you’re talking at this point the game already have four years already cooking maybe longer depending out early this What you call it, the other game The Last of Us We already know that’s been cooking for a while. Hell that game was Chris announced in 2016 December no, 2015 2015 Cooking for a while his deaf strandings de ├írbol out because kojima loved konami in december of 2015 because if you look at a game like ghosts it We may think we’ve seen a lot of that game because of what they show but they really didn’t show a shit. I mean As polished as death stranding is right now I guarantee you that death stranding is gonna come out before ghosts I just I guarantee you dude. I agree. I agree. I think those the last game of the boss Yeah, yeah, obviously don’t know who Kojima is And a here’s now right, he’s the lane man game Personality I’m just used to Kojima taking six years. I Don’t think those two sushi I mean um Death stranding is a system seller. I think dose of Tsushima is a system seller in the Last of Us is a system seller I think So disrespectful, oh Do you was gonna change the industry with this game you’re talking Kojima? Somebody walking around with a backpack and shit on no, gosh, my guess what throw baby is right now probably the most interesting game out of everything because everybody For the most interesting video game right now to this day I can’t remember the last time a game hasn’t already been spoiled and be like I we already know it’s another it’s another this type of game. Yeah coaching was overrated bro. Yeah stop You know what? We’re mewing you right now. You’re in the corner There will be no disrespect of Kojima on this podcast The Matt has don’t wonderful places, but before we move on I want to say my piece about the game of the year. Um my I’ll say this so because me just seeing industry and just seeing how things get cliched I thought read there was gonna win it just because it was a rockstar game just because you know I mean look at the ratings. Um, it’s like what 96 97 now It’s whatever right but I am glad that it broke out of the whole cliche thing And they I’m got a war game of the year not because you know, so Sony exclusive But because hopefully this game will be an inspiration to have developers go out there Look at old IPS or whatever and be like, you know what? We might be able to reboot this and come out with something great for the current generation or even the next generation consoles You know I’m saying, you know, hopefully this game could inspire Sega to be like, you know what let’s take this Let’s take a look at Golden Axe and see what we could do with that You know, let’s take a look at Strider and see what we could do with that You know, maybe Capcom could go back and look at you know, let’s look at Dino Crisis and see we could reboot this You know and you know and they rebooted some games, you know In fact, they were one of the dudes that rebooted Resident Evil with Resident Evil 4. You know I’m saying It’s not the industry needs to go out there and take chances But also look at someone I piece because somebody’s ip’s they already have the foundation. They have the story they have the characters They’re very likable They just need to bring it back and put and reboot it in a way For today’s level gaming and that’s what Cory Borlaug and the team did they took a character that everybody liked? But they knew they couldn’t keep the same thing over You’re on something there because when I was watching those Awards last night All these premieres are showing me even all the double A’s and everything if there’s one thing that I kept noticing Is that all these developers and all these games keep copying each other and it’s the same shit We’re getting every fucking year. Like you have to take those risks. You have to god award That’s why I said at the beginning They did a phenomenal job

taking that risk and it paid off it paid off in full and it made me a fan of the series now, so The percentage of games nominated last night I think over 70% were PlayStation games and they were mostly single-player and if you look at the game and awards for CBS Close to 85 percent of the games dominated or PlayStation games And most of them are single-player So I look if I feel Spencer or whoever at Microsoft and I don’t have a lot of single-player Narrated games I’d say that – it’s like a coach who’s all these receivers are hurt. Well, you know what we got some You know, that’s what I would say if you know what? Spencer he adapts quickly Yes, he could mess up and he’ll be like, you know what this thing working out He knows how to change and adapt quickly. And I think that’s why he’s getting these studios that have single player driven mindset Because I think he saw like, okay I spoke too soon, but let me fix it And I mean, let’s make this happen, you know So I’m saying that’s right because if you look at the students he bought they’re primarily Single player studios and that multi player like, you know ninja play is not gonna make a multiplayer game, you know I got a shelter mouse for breeze in the chat, you know He’s talking about they should look at Soul Reaver and say what could we do with that? Exactly? So yes You know, so That’s and that’s what it is, you know fans hit the point, you know, um We all talk about power and we lost we lost the core reason for power. See the pork The core reason for power wasn’t just for better graphics. It was to give developers the ability to create world’s Gameplay design that the previous level power they were unable to do, you know, which heat generation of power? developers were able to go beyond the gameplay mechanics and actually implement new gameplay mechanics new gameplay styles, you know sounds saying, You know make games more immersive You know That’s the real that’s the true thing about power is how can you make gaming better gameplay better and stuff? Like that’s not just you know going from 4k to a resolution that doesn’t do anything, you know every generation what can you bring to the table with new intuitive games and stuff and Like you said Soul Reaver shit, that’s fucking phenomenal How can you takes orever and bring it back and reboot it? You know and bring it back because that that is a great franchise like you see a cane is a great franchise They just need to find a way to bring it back I know I know walking $10 super Chasez all that money and bread there to include a win game of the year Shows you in a game industry You can’t pump a whole bunch of money into gaming, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get good games It’s a great game Because it did win a golden. Joystick for game of the year It just didn’t win last night and it’s all subjective – okay – two things out two things I want to say about this right with with that subject is Here’s the thing right? There are some gamers that Play always online. They’re always they only want like multiplayer type games and really did offer that they offer, uh online mode So if you don’t care about the story or whatever you tackle that the same happened with GTA The the thing is is there a lot There’s a hell of a lot players that don’t play online or they don’t care about multiplayer games they play single-player story driven games and we can’t end up in the situation where we’re gonna Kind of like what Phil was alluding to a while back was well most gamers care more about the multiplayer aspect in the single-player and And I don’t ever want that to be the case out. I think it should be split down the middle you should make multiplayer games and you should cater to single-player story driven games because I Love single-player story driven games. That’s what keep me engaged. And yes, I get it people call them one-and-done You play one time you beat it? And that’s it. But there’s a lot of those one-and-done games that people play it multiple times Well, it’s not you don’t have to play it multiple times some of these one had done stick with you for life They just they speak to you on another level where these multiplayer games Just don’t like yeah, you can have fun with friends, but I I’m more of a single player driven gamer myself And even when I play a game like destiny I find myself Grinding on my own rather than going with a group or something because I’m that selfish person. I’d rather just get the shit everything I can myself rather than go out with people. Like I I know that with me and my gameplay style

It’s like I’d rather just play single-player experiences more often than not it’s just good. I mean this take I think what it is Put our info. I think what it is is because if your old-school gamer Right, there was a time where we had no fucking choice, but to have a single-player experience or you know, couch co-op But for a lot of people that are you know, all the the 360 era guys and ps3 era guys They were born in the online world. So they care mostly that’s that was their their claim to fame is the online They don’t really care and it would be attached to a story or a single-player experience So that’s why I think we kind of have that mutual feeling for the single-player game. Oh, yeah, not good Feelings about multiplayer games like I know dudes that just straight up. They just want to play co-op or multiplayer They they don’t like story driven games and you know, I could respect that. Hey, it’s a different time different age I you know whatever to me that’ll never go away because I love a game that plays out like a like a movie a game that has a great story and plays out like a movie and Then you play that game for a couple of hours and then I’m at work and I’m like man What’s what’s gonna happen to cradles when I get home, you know? I’m thinking about that kind of stuff while I’m at work Cuz I can’t get I can’t wait to get home to see the you know the next chapter of this story That’s one of the first fronts of the of this fate console war I mean that’s cuz you have you have people consumed in the media two different ways and the further Sony the more Sony so the more Threatened the guys like che pazzo saying they know that makes them feel this as a threat because I know if everybody is gonna play single-player games I like to play online with my friend who’s gonna make games like that for me And that’s a lot of what you what we saw especially in the first two years. Was that Jay dubs, right? There’s a group that has come of age and then they had the Internet’s been here for them. We’re right we’re old school We you know, I still River playing asteroids on the only Atari, you know, so You know online news there was no call friend. Hey he playing Yeah, the couch co-op the landline gaming I guess what mid mid 90s that was a big deal and you know your friend with you know would come over and link up with Your PC you could play whatever Diablo or forsaken, you know, something like that online with him But uh, yeah, this is all but to them it’s it’s they were bored So yeah, I go back. Even I go back even further than that. My parents gave me my first video game console in 1977 1978 it was one of those Telstar’s that had the arm the tennis the hockey, you know We got the white hash and the dot going back and forth across the screen so so I’ve seen the evolution of video games in this arm, you know, and I Single players they they have to stay If single players are gone, I’m out. I’m done Before when some of these new Playstations new president came out and said they were dedicated to single-player games You know first party games that a lot of people breathe a sigh relief To comes out that’s gonna be the complete game because you’re gonna have a very compelling story and Then it should have the multiplayer with it as well So that is gonna be a game that’s gonna give me um hours and hours and hours of entertainment You know III don’t even touch the multiplayer of some of these games I even read dead as much as I love that game I’m not touching them. I don’t think I don’t think I’m even gonna be read that online at all I’m not even gonna look at it cuz I know I’m not gonna play it Yeah, so I have no I have no curiosity to see Oh, let me see how it is Because for one thing you’re gonna have to spend just a million hours just to fucking insure a horse Is a different situation because we know we know they set that situation up so they can get ready to roll out those turn cards, but I think with um And if people want to stop and take a look at the Sony games Even than Sony games the exclusives that do have microtransactions in them. They only cost like $0.99 two dollars or something like that. It’s not as some egregious stuff So and I think that like going all the way back to the first Gears of War that was on the Xbox I always felt like you know, you play the campaign first. That’s the feature part of the game And then the multiplayer was just an added bonus, but oil boy had a narrative changed Yeah, I always let these dudes to talk down to me or try to and say you know you like those one-and-done sand and I’m just sitting to myself thinking, you know, I’ve been playing games since 1982 and you know, I’ve played so many stories and I’ve had so many emotions that went through with different games and what have you got to look forward to like When you’re older and you start thinking about your gameplay, what do you know about schemes make her transactions? Yeah, bro

Is why we game yeah like it’s not I mean you may down the line Turned into a multiplayer game and put your single-player game first as you’ve been gaming a long time. Come on now All-time favorite games But some of these dudes that started in a 360 era they are straight-up multiplayer dudes they do not play any freaking single-player They’re like that and it’s like they’re missed the fortnight. Like I said it Is skins and shit like guns, but think about it think about it for their generation Because their generation multiplayer games are taken out. There’s single-player anyway well Here’s the thing so we have to look at this whole single player multiplayer situation at different levels Let’s look at the non fanboy non console war level you have a generation of gamers who? Grew up on Xbox Live who grew up on PlayStation ID who grew up on Steam IV, right? So when they playing these games they grew up playing with somebody else. So enjoying a game is Enjoying it with somebody else whether it’s team deathmatch or co-op Just that’s just what they’re used to they’re used to playing with their friends. They’re used to engaging with their friends So gaining to them is tied to playing with my friends So a single-player game which doesn’t involve their friend is not as fun Because the fun is playing a game with their friends. That’s the mouth right? Listen. Listen Analogy I’m they’re real quick. So I can’t expect a Kid that grew up in a little Wayne era to respect to fuck you See them saying like I even though you should I don’t expect you to you didn’t grow up with it. You know, I mean, so That’s just the way I mean, that’s pretty much it. But all right And like I said, this is just the way they enjoy their thing lost we grew up primarily I’m single player and if we did play with somebody they had to be at your house Say so so more often than not you were playing on your own There you go, right That’s just how it is. Now the console war level this whole one and done They don’t really mean it because look at me automata How people did a 180 on it. Oh, of course. It was it was one in done jab trash to like man This games is my game of the year, bro The only thing they needed to happen was it just needed to be on xbox dos that bullshit? no, that’s what I was talking about on Twitter that said CCL logic on that console combat logic just Full of shit, you know, it’s not about one and done. It’s about what’s not on Xbox Like how can you not like one and don’t games but on the same breath you hype Tomb Raider? yep, like what like It doesn’t make sense like me. I’m genuine when I tell you I can’t stand racing games. I don’t play Gran Turismo Yes, it would be like me like oh yo you play for so now I can’t stand fucking I can’t stand racing games but then you see trophies for guns or is more online that makes no goddamn sense like If you don’t like so you don’t even see that she booted off like that shit’s like banned You’d even see 0% cuz I never bought it that she’s not even installed match it was never even in Mario Kart, that’s how anti-drug. Oh listen. This shit is getting so bad that I’m getting annoyed of riding around in a horse. I’m ready Thank y’all they replaced the car with a horse now like this is better Did they have joy, how’d you get around in fifth North Star, huh? Fist of the North Star hugs that shit was annoying, bro But you didn’t have to drive as much like the little races. I didn’t do the races like Like listen I get on Norway. Like the only game I tolerated driving was Batman cuz I’m fucking Batman So who doesn’t want to drive the Batmobile? It’s like I really, you know, I’m gonna tell you I don’t like driving because to me This is just my personal especially in games like Grand Theft Auto and you know fissile Monstar Mad Max cuz to me is shallow gameplay Even the horse riding like there was that was like what part I I was riding in a horse for like ten minutes I’m like, this is shallow gameplay because you’re not doing anything really you’re just sitting there waiting till you get to the next area But it’s still taking time to get there. You know, that’s shallow. Gameplay Mad Max was actually decent cuz while you’re driving around everybody’s trying to kill you Like you were just driving on to drive around like as soon as you got on a roll You have all these gangs just chasing you. So you have to like shoot your gun. Take them off the road

So you had real gameplay within the game so Mad Max, I could appreciate that because there’s actual real gameplay But like shit, like what was it LA noire and shit like that? Like you drove around just to go to a crime scene for like an hour like this is shallow gameplay This is not real gameplay, you know sounds saying like you need real gameplay for that shit Anyway moving on to the next what was it? What the fuck talking about? Fuck? Talking about single-player experiences and okay. Yes, so, you know us all the generation went so single play explain the fanboys They’re using it and this is wrong. This is what this is. This is the one thing I can’t stand about fanboys they hurt their own self interest and what I mean by that is yes, Microsoft’s not doing a good job of Having a single-player experience, right? Thank you. But if you know deep in your heart you enjoy single play experiences Don’t fanboy over it Let Microsoft know you want that there’s nothing wrong with Microsoft telling micros of a Sony is kicking your ass in this area I like it. You need to press on that They don’t write your own self-interest That’s why there’s a few Oh on that side that do push for single-player narratives and stuff on their gaming but yeah for the most part a lot of the X BOTS or They’ll just talk up multiplayer games and co-op games and that’s what they want. That’s what they want What he’d be challenging them and nobody wants to play more I’m not sure if the Xbox over there I’m not sure they know they wanted multiplayer games because I think Phil Spencer pushed that narrative and some of them followed it know they do want multiplayer mean. That’s why Xbox is is built Single-player, they just don’t want to What you said porta rock at the end of the day when they do get those single-player experiences over there Like he’ll play on change their attitude totally Like if they really hated single-player one and done, they should not be celebrating the purchase a ninja blade I mean Ninja Theory and for any things you should be going to Microsoft you. Are you wasting money on them? We don’t want these games. You should invest it on a company that makes multiplayer games is they wanna admit that Sony has games? Those games that they want on their platform. They just don’t want to buy a Playstation This is why when you got games like no man’s sky. He’ll blade and Near out of modern and stuff like that come out on this system They buy it. I mean they you know, they buy and they support you know This is great Even though it’s been on another system that could have been played a long time ago, but it’s it’s part of the family That’s one thing I give props about Phil Spencer He’s not listening to the fanboys because if you notice he the whole the whole big one in done shit He didn’t listen to them. He bought studios that make single play experiences And that’s why he’s gonna try to push cuz he sees that’s what gamers want. He sees a reaction He saw the success of Zelda. He saw the success of Horizons old dong got a war spider-man Detroit he sees The Ottawa it’s cheap It’s cheap top player only game because you don’t have to hire all these writers and actors And and all of this media to get glory together Cheap but I I would say there’s definitely a a a more of an different roadmap to maybe another revenue stream like Microtransactions, I think that is more acceptable in the game. That’s multiplayer driven But going back to what you were saying, though Like I totally saw that when hell-blade came to the console to xbox I seen some dudes that were talking shit about that game when it was on PlayStation Walking it up like oh this game is great. It looks the best on the X and wala blah. I’m like, dude They’re just a few months ago saying that that game wasn’t a game that she wanted to play and all of a sudden. Yeah It’s fucking Game Let me do some super chat Scala Christine, there’s no such thing as one and done it’s a made-up term that only Xbox fanboys use Nintendo ps4 PC gamers they don’t yeah, that’s true. That’s not a term PC your PC gamers don’t use that term and said no definitely don’t use that term and then what else we got a Samuel Ashe mean he says those acquire studios better not primarily dog shit games as service games, hopefully not Studios that they got up and this is what I was telling people if you look at most of the studios they brought up their double-a Studios I think that these double-a These double-a developers that they picked up

That’s what they’ve been brought in to make you know, I was pretty harsh about it on my own podcast I had said they brought in bootleg developers to make their games because They caught him in a vulnerable state because a lot of these these developers hadn’t done anything in a while someone were in financial trouble And then you have Microsoft what a goal of to reach 2 billion gamers You are gonna have to go very far outside of the counsel space to reach to two billion gamers You’re probably gonna have to attack the mobile market Very aggressively. So with that being said, I do think that some of these developers were brought in to make mobile games as well Well, we’re gonna talk about that That’s what that’s gonna be your your your entering topic that we’re definitely going to talk about. We feel spent another fight Real quick something was on Twitter a few months ago. Shout out to Tim dog because he actually told the truth This is when Spiderman was about to come out and he said I’m a paraphrase him This is when all that stuff was happening with the puddle gate and all that stuff. He actually tweeted if we keep hammering What’s wrong with this game? The Metacritic score will go down. Then it will not be as much to us So it’s it’s obvious that they want these games like Jamie posits a hell blade No, man, didn’t even know this guy came out they were bragging about that so if They want the same games is that they bought Xbox thinking they were going to get games like that and they get you get them So that’s the truth about These double-a developers they got coming in Like I think a Lincoln was saying that I think they are bringing bringing them into a game path style game you know like yours see a thieves your state of decays that sort of thing but and if you look at a game like state of decay two Undead labs. I had high hopes for that game Not in to the point where it was gonna be a triple a game mind you but I thought it was gonna be less buggy And it was a buggy mess when it came out So I stopped playing it but that game you’re talking about state of decay 3 being a possible triple-a experience That’s what undead labs were saying. They said second one was don’t yeah, but don’t count on that You know I don’t care if Microsoft is saying that these they’ve got endless amount of money that they’re gonna pour into all their studios That’s bullshit because at the end of the day undead labs is not they probably don’t have the talent and nor are they gonna get the money to make that game a Blockbuster. Sorry to use a baseball term You are not gonna take a double a baseball player and shoot him straight up to the majors You’re gonna leave them down to double-a for a while I’m good with a double-a. Just don’t make it buggy mess when it releases make it big late could make you couldn’t quality double a title control Because Microsoft has demonstrated that they’ve been looking over to developers shoulders and like basically, you know I gotta have got a microscope on them and I think undead labs in my opinion I think we really don’t know how truly talented this developer might be because I think Microsoft probably handcuffed them with the budget Yeah, Schanke thank like to me a game like state of decay Has to have a triple a budget when you try to make a big open world anything you’re already Talking triple a budget like it is rare I can’t see a lot of big open world games with that much gameplay mechanics with a single a double a budget is Something’s gonna go wrong You know Stella saying sorry in selling games. If you’re gonna be peaking ambitious, then you’re gonna have to back that me up even if it looked exactly like it does now and just polish it well polish game it entertains the mechanics to like Orbit game where you’re playing team versus team or something on there You know where you’ve got a group of guys in a certain? You know Area that can go to another area and take over another group of guys that are real people playing on the other end You know if they did something like that, I think it would be amazing. It doesn’t you know? somebody happens speaking up background If you’re playing if you’re playing a podcast on the background you muted yeah, it doesn’t matter the above graphic Whatever the end of the day it’s about Everything is to is that We’re at the marketing go for that game like Popping a game pass with no type of marketing so I Was just saying if I Ryan’s podcast let’s now go what the fuck happened. They just barely just announced that two days ago Oh, by the way, it’s gonna be in-game past like it was just some kind of it’s like, oh here you go guys Wouldn’t that tell you at the end of the day? It tells me that either able

Eat shit or be the not very good. They’re trying to expand into the radio But either way, it doesn’t look good consumer. I Provide this game. It doesn’t look like oh that’s worth my $40. Yeah, because they don’t care about it watch exactly It makes no sense Pass a hundred games seems to be the target they bring in three new games they drop three games So they this game that you guys are talking about that’s gonna fly another to radar what if they bring in this dogshit game and then take something on a classic trip late game out of the rotation well We have to give Microsoft a little credit They’re probably they’re probably gonna make that decision based on downloads If nobody’s downloading a particular game, then it doesn’t need to be on the shelf And here’s the thing poor to rock Like if you’re gonna put a brand new game into game pass and you want people to buy game pass for these games you have to sell people on the games now and The problem with it is is like I said as a consumer when you look Being slid under the radar into a game pass You’re not looking like oh I need to buy that game for $40 or all I need to slam ten dollars down for a game pass I’m looking at it like is that dogshit? That’s what exactly It’s sad that they’re doing that it’s game yeah Line OB. Thank you for super chases poor rock. I recommend you play yakuza 6 Or how’s Cochise who says it? You’re kuma six? The story in the game is way better than red there to story. I’m definitely gonna I’m definitely gonna binge. Um, Yakuza franchise from start to finish a lot of people I mean Yeah I’m a binge through all that right. So let’s let’s go on to the next topic Which is throw spencer since we already pretty much have free into that conversation. So Phil Spencer recently talked about Once again reiterating he wants Xbox games. He wants games to be on every device Laptops, you know everything phones mobile. So let’s crew up a couple of things cuz I was surprised on how many Xbox gamers still don’t understand why trying to do so while he’s trying to do he’s trying to leverage game pass and soon X cloud their streaming service to stream everything that you can play on your console and be able to play all those games on a Device, that’s not an Xbox console. Meaning you have a Toshiba tablet galaxy tablet Phone right now. They’re focusing on Android because that’s how you know They’re obviously you have an easier time where the Android system so you got your tablets Android tablets me buy HP, you know Toshiba Samsung Galaxy the phones You’ll be able to stream and try to play these games at acceptable level quality, right? That’s compared to what you have any Xbox now? Obviously not gonna get the bells and whistles They even say the council is like the primetime TV bells and whistles everything but You’ll be able to get a decent gaming whatever on all these all these devices and they feel reaching out to these devices are people who will not buy the console because that’s one thing people can understand we have we use terms like a Lot of gamers use terms as council only gamers. There are people that will not buy consoles as well In fact, there are more people that don’t know consoles as compared to gamers that do on console if that makes sense All right, you summed in Oporto, right? Everybody owns a phone let everybody does not want a council Let’s say they get it on everybody’s phone whether it be Android or iPhone Let’s say they do that they do it on tablets they do it on freaking the switch even Okay, what is gonna be the incentive to pick up game paths? If you’re not selling the games I? Mean, okay. So here’s the thing. No game pass wanna tap on a tablet and whatever Sells itself cuz let’s say let’s say you don’t have a console game path It’s about the games with in-game pass. Yeah, and if marketing these games, right what the hell is gonna sell the service? Although that’s that’s one thing they have to figure out the marketing. They have to get the marketing, right? That’s AB, you know, but once they get the marketing right, let’s say for example, I got a Toshiba tablet. I have no That’s something big to overlook in If they ever get the marketing, right cuz right yeah but even it’s not gonna take much cuz you mmmm we got to look at the audience the audience is this They’re not gonna by next March council. They’re probably not even gonna buy a Playstation Council, right? It’s just people who game on tablets and phones and there’s a lot more of those guys than there are console gamers right, so you got these guys a VR YouTube video or Twitter links in a you could play xbox games on the tablet yawn just by subscribing to the service, right? here’s a People are gonna be like what Xbox games it doesn’t matter. I mean, do you know the games are fun gamers playing you?

Probably can’t even name them You see you’re thinking like a console gamer. You gotta think like these guys these guys play bubble with you Watch a watch off. You don’t know then that then they’re really not hard to please. They’re really enough. Oh here was another Be surprises shit And now imagine you saw this tablet gamer Thank You Shawn. Imagine you’d is the truth So imagine you show this tablet gamer a little or advertisement a 30 day child game pass. Halo That’s all they need. Oh shit Oh, man, I like These are Casual gamers They’re gonna they what they want to do is take Xbox game the games that they’re investing and making and Try to sell it to a market They can’t reach with the Xbox Xbox is limited in reach but they want the games To still be sold to more people. They just can’t reach those gamers with a PC and Xbox I am your point quarter Rock about mobile gamers and stuff and I Really can’t get myself in that mindset because I don’t really play on mobile You know devices but at the same time I’m looking at it from just a consumers perspective Like I look at things like Hulu and flicks and I look at what’s within and weigh my options Based on that like will I buy it or not the service? because if there’s some dog shit titles in there that I’m never gonna watch why am I gonna pay the ten bucks and one but the same thing applies I think that the consumer that you can say what you want about some of these mobile gamers but at the same time at the end of the day They’re consumers and they’re just not gonna pluck down twenty ten dollars a month just for whatever bro My brother-in-law is a big-time mobile gamer He plays modern combat, which is the shit version of Call of Duty. You gotta sell the games. Whoa Modern car look up go to youtube Once you go to you to go to youtube type in modern combat once you see this game you’ll be like Yeah, these guys don’t have high standards This game is like ten dollars Listen ten those a month is not a lot. Let’s not pretend Within this technology reporter link you brought up a great point most of those mobile gamers are playing free-to-play games That’s a totally different experience bro. No, they’re also buying games One-and-done purchases though. There’s but think about this for $10 a month You get to play Halo because this is the thing you guys are worrying about the future times because you’re thinking like a console gamer Microsoft is gonna give mobile gamers. Halo and not a thumb down Mobile version like no the ones the console gamers are playing you’re gonna play it on your tablet You’re going to play Halo. You’re going to play Forza. You’re going to play Gears of War on your tablet. That’s Yeah, but I got a thing you’re generalizing a lot when it comes to mobile games, bro. I see this Name me one mobile game right now if the top your head that can compete with Halo you can’t you don’t know Because I think Microsoft is going to have to explore some free-to-play games if they want to try to reach whoa, all right gamers Play Halo Well, yes, that’s where the other big games are gonna come in, you know and here and here’s the thing it’s not just Halo it’s the third-party multi plans they got fallout 4 on game 4 on your tablet, let’s say for the sake of argument. They pick up the that’s this game pass on their phone They start playing these games and they decide hey, they don’t like this. Halo. So what happens then? Ok. Ok. So play fallout 4 Play Elder Scrolls online they Also have third-party games. They miss you cannot play for our foreign tablet. There’s no way to do it Myself other than a cloud streaming service. No tablet is powerful enough pilots Believe that no matter what industry you’re in it’s about the product and you need to sell it. I Really do I think that not and I agree, but think about it The reason why you’re downplaying the product is because you are a console gamer so fallout 4

Like you can’t fathom how grateful out 4 is on a tablet. You can’t see that because that’s not your world But your tablet gamer that don’t buy consoles and don’t play on PC and they have access to fallout 4 Reporter act I respectfully disagree So let me ask you this So how would a tablet gamer play fallout 4 if they don’t buy PC and they don’t play at consoles How would they get? How would they know about if they’re not selling the fucking game like it? They’re not they’re not advertising anything about these games like they throw an ashen as like like oh, here you go Here’s Ashley. My ashes a fallout 4 though, but the thing is it’s like they’re not even talking about so long. See it’s like this Black mirror is not selling Netflix daredevil selling Netflix. And once you got Netflix you end up watching black mirror You see I’m saying exactly Yeah, so so you got so you got the big titles and then once you once you subscribe to the service these good other shows that you normally wouldn’t see like Blackmer I didn’t get Netflix for Blackmer that blood even Homer is Fantastic, but no about but because I already have Netflix and yeah, there’s the key at the end of the day It’s about the games but you’re gonna have on you’re gonna have baked our party multi plats on this service They’re gonna be there. They’re gonna have big third party multi plasterer already. It’s already happening You’re gonna have their big first party titles, you’re gonna have their forces. They’re gonna have just war soon They’re gonna have fable you’re gonna have. Halo you’re on sound insane They’re gonna put backwards compatible games big third party backwards compatible games on there. You don’t saying you can’t look at it as vs Sony thing, you know, I Keep in my port Iraq. They also have Gears pop which is mobile and it’s gonna be more where that came from yeah, but that’s the solely super studio on that one like these two I Still think they’re gonna be aggressive it Well, yeah, but Sony does that in fact, you know, you know, the second largest franchises are mobile gaming The number two franchises are mobile game. I forgot. What is I don’t even know the name of it But that’s the number two billion-dollar franchise. It’s a mobile games Bigger than is big is bigger than Uncharted in The Last of Us Yeah, and it’s probably a standalone game too and not part of us But yes, probably a free to play game too as well. Right? I think so Yeah, but here’s the thing. We gotta stop saying such as reserved as bad. It’s not bad people are in on Free-to-play games are gonna be more enticing to move there the subscription service Yeah, but okay. Here’s the thing. So mobile gamers is because right now they don’t have big quality budget games on the mobile platform No one’s gonna make a halo level game. There’s in fact, there’s no studio That can make oh hello Mabel games most of those We don’t play games are like twenty man teams or whatever, you know, they’re not big teams on mobile tablet You do not have equivalents to Halo Fallout big 30 party. Multi Platts Red Dead You don’t got these games on those platforms Alright once you put them on and and nobody’s gonna take a risk of making a 200 million dollar game and put it on mobile For $60 no one’s willing to do that because they know it’s not gonna sell a mobile gamers not gonna pay $60 for a game no matter how good it is They’re not gonna do it But just ten dollars a month and you have access to fallout Red Dead The Witcher Halo gears, you know I’m saying Madden NBA 2k Ten dollars a month is nothing to them for that. They spent more on one game. They spent $1,000 on one game You know what I’m saying? Like we get $10 a month is not a lot for gaming it really is it you know Say we see it different because chances are 90% of good games are impasse. We already bought it No, I personally like game pass. I do. I mean I shitting on game pass. I’m shitting on their marketing I’m shitting on the fact that they’re sliding in games without really even telling nobody about it It’s like it’s just they’re just pops up. It’s like how are you guys these games based on that? Like why do you move with this way? Can they can they sell game pass to you with fallout 4? No, they can’t sell like me I’m not subscribed to game pass cuz the best games that’s on game pass already only or already beat it like There’s nothing there’s not much content for me on game pass to subscribe cuz most of the time I bought those games already You already beat it. There’s not enough content to Joseph. I perspective of a mobile gamer who never had access they literally have 100 games that they never had access to a Console gamers the potential for a revenue. There is huge for Microsoft You’re right but at the end of the day I still believe that consumers not all these consumers are as dumb as you think and I don’t think they’re willing I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think that I don’t think is really I don’t think is even considering them being dumb I mean if I go to a mobile game

Halo I think your standards ours lowers your Speculating bro. Look at the games. No, I’m telling you. I seen the game like my brother or my brother or plays these shits I see these shit. I see these NACO. They’re literally Chinese knockoffs of fucking Jordans I’m telling you but make Just spend five minutes type in games. There are knock-offs Problem these casual type phone gamers. They might play a game That’s probably too intricate to be played with touchscreen and and they might not pay the service because they can’t play the game, right? there’s a lot of That’s already been resolved you I’m telling you this industry. They have controllers. They have they have a controller Yeah result that has a hook that you put your phone on. No, no No, I’m telling you these guys turn around a fanny pack turn with this controller devolved, bro. I’m telling you My brother-in-law is knee-deep in this shit. He has controllers that holds the phone and he’s playing it with a control I’m telling you. This is all turned in. You see these not every casual mobile mobile gamer is into that That’s why they don’t buy a console. They don’t want to deal with any of that shit So they play these simplistic games with mobile controls. That’s the most bit of mobile gamers are like that because of that and you know, There’s first-person shooters that are touchscreens based Like modern combat modern combat, you can play with a controller and you can play with a touchscreen well And then their mind and and listen in their mind, they don’t think like you all the controls suck, you know You can’t play with touchscreen then that they don’t think like you most of these gamers on mobile are playing games like clash of clans And games that don’t really take a lot of skill involved on the touch screen Microsoft’s not going after that They’re going after the the guys who are playing the halo Malecha who the guys that would buy a console. No No, they are going after the guys who are playing. Halo knock-offs. I’m telling you. Look I’m not in combat Those guys let me put it this way you put Call of Duty and authentic Call of Duty on that tablet modern combat is done It’s over for modern combat. Mana comma is literally a Call of Duty NACO right down to the fucking Killstreaks, it is a genuine. It is literally Or what you might call it a knockoff or fucking Michael Kors It is literally that’s really what more that’s literally what mobile gaming is It’s a knockoff of the real industry but these K but these consumers are like the simplistic controls. I’m telling you It’s not gonna bode well for a lot of them and they’re gonna cancel right away if they yeah That J files that you make a great point that a game like Halo or something like that I think especially with mobile gamers if you want to make that game appealing to them You’re gonna have to make the controls of you know, intricate enough that you can use your touchpad to still get that experience. I Highly suggest you guys spend just 10 minutes 5 minutes go to youtube type in modern combat phone You once you see that game, you’re gonna be like listen, you guys see my brother plated All of duty I’m telling you You’re my brother. No effect at all. But I got it. I gotta say this by your logic Then you’re saying game pass is already a hit with mobile gamers what how can it beat? They’re not there yet when they get there It’s gonna be a hit I think I think it’s gonna be a hit All right I’m going to say it again spend five minutes on YouTube Look at modern combat when you see the game its Call of Duty It is Call of Duty in every single way from the grenade tossing from the aim-down-sight It is literally a Chinese knockoff of Call of Duty gloves You see this game and you see the amount of people play it but there’s a caveat there. It’s called doing widths more simplistic controls I’m have to call you on that Jay funds have you think? I’m telling I’m asking no. No, it’s not it is literally the same exact game left trigger right trigger It’s I’m telling you it’s Call of Duty. No simplistic controls its Call of Duty in every way to Play this game. Okay. No, he does the bow He prays you with a controller because he wants to be more competitive early enough for phone game But you can play with a tablet in the tablet screen has the same exact controller layout as a goddamn controller Um, listen, I’m telling you spare five minutes on modern combat. Just looking at it You will instantly change your mind and you will realize these guys are playing Council knuckles, whatever reason I don’t know why I don’t know we can move on I respectfully disagree, but at the end of the day, I think it is I think

Consumers are some group in your you’re making them sound to be even on the mobile platform I don’t think that game pass is automatically a hit on on mobile games or mobile phones. I just don’t okay one I’m not saying they’re dumb. It could be it could be a Hit for them and it’d be great for Microsoft to have game pass go anywhere and it’d be a big hit But I’m just not sold that okay, like with their marketing that they’re gonna these two things I’m not I’m not playing on their intelligence at all. I’m just saying this if you’re on tablet, right and because you permanent game on top of them phones and you and really the games we have access to is games like modern combat and Now Microsoft is like listen, we’re giving you call of duty the actual real deal They’re gonna jump on that That’s what I’m saying. They’re gonna have access to games that they don’t currently have access to on their platform They have knock-offs right now. They have now close to finals fantasy They have knockoffs to Dragon Age like think of all the top games we have what’s our mobile or knockoff? Yeah, that Microsoft is giving them a real dealer But Lionel Bojan, you know, most of those games that make money on they’re like candy crush in classroom coins That’s it. What I was getting at earlier talk about Those gamers. Yeah, but your games you’re talking about are in the minority like those aren’t the big mobile games It’s everybody’s playing. It’s mostly those can do pro games. It’s the simplistic controlled game ice How how well model combat is selling those games sell a lot? I think this and I think you guys are downplaying the mobile industry. Now you guys are downplaying those gamers. I’m not downplaying this I’ll say this I’m speaking from what I see from my brother-in-law who he plays with and he ieaves Podcast in my early days when he was talking about that. These games are part of a multi-billion dollar industry I was like, holy shit. No Yeah, you know, I think once you see the games these guys are playing how many people there’s even streamers Here’s the streaming these games. The the billions of dollars is made on the holistic games and their micro transactions That’s where it’s coming from. It’s not coming from please call it Call of Duty knock-offs. How do you know? because Okay. No, have you let me ask you have you looked it up? Have you have you done the research to discern? With me personally me hardcore come with me personally be a hardcore console gamer when I’m gonna go, you know I’m you know sitting at Walmart or something like that well You know why my girlfriend might be shopping or something like that if I won’t play a game real quick or something like that Whatever it is, it’s gonna be free. So to me it’s gonna be more or less about the price tag in the simplicity Rather than you know, whether I need to have a second could have a controller with me or not so with that being said, I only play shit like solitaire, you know, what a more because I Just don’t have time to be messing around, you know, trying to play um, you know, really intricate games when I’m gonna go Okay, so here so here. So here’s no more. Here’s here’s fallacy. Number one. Most of these gamers playing their house see again I’m trying to tell you they don’t own consoles they don’t have access to Call of duty they don’t have access to fallout. They don’t have access to God award They don’t have access to the game. You’re used to playing on any given day their gaming library is based on tablet for whatever reason their gaming library their Platform their primary platform for gaming is tablets and phones that is their problem means they’re in their house in the couch Or in their bedroom spending two three hours four hours playing these games. That’s what they’re playing. They’re playing multiplayer They’re doing raids. They’re playing RPGs MMOs. This is their play and I just Did real quick little research in the top 10 games. None of them are any type of game like what you’re saying? They’re candy crush mobile strike a game of war clash of clans clash. Royale double do a casino I mean, it’s games like that. It’s they’re not like Those are all free to play games and those strategy games that you mentioned. I’m willing to bet Most of them are pointer click from your on touch screen on your phone Well classic class it’s free to sign up. But you do have to it does have a lot of empties Well, I see what you’re saying yeah, but it’s that that’s the but it starts out free-to-play and I think that’s what draws people in and they’re All right. You don’t need to hook a controller up to your phone to play a strategy game You just pretty much zip your finger where you want you where you want your troops to go and that’s it Yeah I’m just saying that you know, it’s gonna take a lot to sell game pass to everybody on different devices and stuff And what’s gonna sell it is the games at the end of the day and they need to market those games, right? that’s all I’m saying, you know and I think you know disrespect pee right but I think somebody who

Whose mouth is watering to play Halo on a phone? Probably already owns the council to begin with that’s not true at all So I think it’s a good possibility because I don’t understand why someone would be salivating over Halo coming to mobile But not have a council knowing that the best experience is gonna be on the council It’s for the same reason that you so you’re telling me there’s not PlayStation gamers who don’t own Xbox, but wouldn’t it? Love to play Halo You got PlayStation gamers. I would like to play Halo. They just don’t want to buy an Xbox That way that sounds like somebody don’t want to play Halo not so much because they don’t expose because it’s an Xbox product Now we’re moving the goalposts, oh now we’re talking about console gamers so that’s different no He’s bringing in he’s bringing that if a game is on a platform then you should buy that platform Some people don’t want to spend the money on that platform for that one game especially if there’s a possibility of playing that game on some video and that’s honestly where I think the magic Most of their money is from other console gamers that don’t want to buy that console They’ll just cheap out and buy their service and play it on something else that they already own Now trots in again. I Think that’s gonna start but there You have to – 7 to 10 million consoles of their new console set because that’s the natural migration of people and They’re going to have to put game pass on all devices Including they’re gonna have to I think they’re gonna offer to Nintendo and sazon, you know, whether they’ve companies taking them up That’s the different story but there’s not a doubt in my mind if they’re gonna have a conversation Cuz they have to it’s not as if we look at the trend of what Microsoft wants to do they’re gonna Let me put it to you this way. I’ve Already stated that next generation. I’m not sold on the Xbox 2 or whatever It’s called because they don’t not next generation that I’ve seen yet that has sold me on that console But I’m buying a PS 5 now, let’s say that they come out with one game that looks interesting to me that Game on game pass and play it on something else Their ex cloud is kind of their secret weapon What the wait see, what’s that the way to see this but the X power X power is the whole point This is where we track the x cloud that mean the main thing for that platform is to reach gamers the council can’t reach because The Xbox consoles not a worldwide console. It’s a regional council right successful in certain regions of the world Mm-hmm, that’s not enough. You know, it’s not enough to make a halo level game for regional council You know I’m saying Especially when when Microsoft sees how Call of Duty cells have fall ourselves how third-party cells because they have access to more devices throughout the world Michael’s not gonna limit Halo to just Xbox console and I interested in that no more, you know, Sarah say you wanted other console This will lead into opinion so now, you know Microsoft supports PC So they got that sector gaming and now they’re trying to reach out to the tablet and mobile market and reach out even more people With these games that they’re making now with that idea what that said. I Firmly believe at a certain point and I don’t think it’s gonna have an accident. It might happen the gen after that Eventually Microsoft will push the button to publish their games on Nintendo and PlayStation platforms only because there’s no reason not to at that point Because then that been certain about the council so as much anymore what they’re concerned about is they’re trying to create software and services Right and try to and try to branch it out as far as wide as possible right now If you focus only on the council only gamer the majority of council only gamers around the world. Uh Nintendo and PlayStation, correct. There there there those two are primarily the main audience of councils Its Nintendo and so on. You know, like like I said Xbox is a regional council, right? Obviously Nintendo and Sony’s not gonna accept game paths. They’re not gonna take it because that takes away time apart yourselves from them so they’re not gonna deal with that, you know ain’t Even allow EA access. Yeah, they’re not gonna deal with that. Right? But Sony does allow EA games Oh I get anthem on PlayStation so I could see once everything once once Microsoft Pushes out the initial vision of X cloud and once people are used to the idea of I could play You know Xbox games on my Toshiba tablet. I can download an app on my you know

Amazon fire TV and now I could play xbox games on my fire TV I could buy an X cloud stick for 75 bucks and play xbox game once Everything’s finessed over the next-gen where everybody’s playing xbox games and not necessarily actually only an Xbox console. I Can see Microsoft pushing the bind be like a we’re publishing games directly on Nintendo on Consoles or devices whatever we’re publishing games directly on PlayStation devices because at that point everybody’s used to it It’s not a big deal in everyone. Don’t even get it twisted though If they could put game pass on the switch this generation and the PlayStation they would do it if they could yes The only people that will stop it sorting the telling themselves With you doing the court Boy, if you looks olivine at that door It sounds crazy to say but if I’m Sony I would almost have to have a written agreement from Microsoft that they are gonna get out of council gaming in order for me to let the product be on my platform was cuz I mean they’re still trying to sell consoles even if the Subscription is a higher focus in the council. They’re still trying to sell council you Don’t know but think about it. Why would you need over in agreement? Okay, Kabaddi if anything in them putting halo on PlayStation that’s hoping you cuz now the console gamers Specifically are saying well, I don’t need to buy an Xbox console no more. I got Hale on PlayStation I guess thinking out in left field because I guess I’m still combining the game passage. No, no, it won’t Publish yeah, now I know a lot of people are saying well, what about uh, Xbox vs. PSN, you know, you think microsomes gonna create a PSM? This is hilarious, I’m like, isn’t that what every other body does like Call of Duty there’s a Steam version? There’s a PSN version as Xbox library. Hello back Namco. Bandai is able to do it. Like that’s not a Baby, but that is an interesting scenario As a competitor to PS now, they won’t boot game pass on the platform door I’m not talking game pads I’m talking direct public like EA EA does not have EA access on PlayStation is Direct publish Right now Microsoft Ninja Theory, you know, it’s still available in a PlayStation Games that’s that’s where I disagree a little bit further. I think that that They will still have exclusives that won’t be sold to anybody else except through game paths And the reason why I say through game pass is because you we’ll be able to play the best Representation of their games on their own console, but if you want to place a watered-down version on game paths, you can play them Why would why would they make that choice to not put it on intend on PlayStation what will be the angle Have to be a business angle To make that decision. What’s the business angle business angle at that decision? either you get it on game pass or you don’t because For the day, they still have to have an incentive to for people to buy their concept or not But no, but here’s the thing go PlayStation gamers whatever or whatever and stuff like that How like I said when you talk about the console centric gamers majority are Nintendo and PlayStation gamers You know, you don’t think from a business perspective Microsoft wants to leverage that fan base. I think that those people really want to play an Xbox game they’ll just play it through a mobile device or something then if they’re a PlayStation owner or switch owner and they can’t get game paths on their car I don’t think so because look at PC PC gamers. Don’t play PS now Some people choose some people just don’t know a lot of gamers are just stubborn. There’s some people just won’t do it. Yeah because in reality You may want to play a game, but you don’t have to play it Okay, a lot of these pc dudes won’t even buy a console. That’s true. They won’t so, I mean, that’s not what I’m saying Just because you want to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it Okay, so like Michaels you have to look out for Microsoft’s perspective, you know The only reason to keep the games on your ecosystem is because you want to sell the console but Microsoft has made so many decisions That you really don’t need to buy the console anymore. They just ask making you know on it honestly I think that’s why they’re pushing game pass out is to let people play the watered-down versions if they so choose to But you can play the best versions on their console. That’s the incentive to buy their console at the end of the day

Every single Look game pass beyond PlayStation, but we’re giving best version of the games is not even on their council either Like that crackin eight were to hold our titles they would I think they would have to price it accordingly if you’re gonna keep so But that’s what you do. You say whoops. Not you in 50 games at $4.99 a month or $5.99 a month. We’re talking those people. Yeah. Most people will take that deal. Even if it’s just a trap Okay, they will take that because look if you don’t think that yoshida nobody’s in charge but Sean late and the wrestles exactly does not Want a home for PlayStation 2 a game pad and it’s a Gears of War in front of it. You’re crazy You’re you’re crazy. That’s exactly what they want to do. They just want to do it on their home turf Yeah, exactly because let me turn you around Porter I can ask you what if they were to publish games and put them out on every console Okay, and have no exclusive what is he incentive to buy an xbox while still central mine Xbox now? the incentive would be to buy like You know you want but a lot of gamers aren’t PC gamers, oh there you go. There you go Boom a lot of console gamers, which is the Mojo who owns the majority stock in console gaming There are millions of gamers right now that have an incentive to buy an xbox is to think why would that Well, let me ask you this house the house the council sells really doing for Microsoft. How’s that? Yeah, which is nothing sony 85 Nintendo’s catching up Trying to say I only to logic the only to logic is you trying to Take off do you want to say I’ve been wanting to say this for a minute? It says Microsoft is advertising the subscription more than they are advertising the council and almost giving you no reason to purchase the council I’m convinced as scarlet is not going to be a council built from the ground up with identical power to these room respects of the PS 5 I think it’s just gonna be I think Scarlett is gonna be Xbox one X in With the XT call it Scarlett Why would you spend billions of dollars developing a Council a new council from the ground up when you’re not even giving people a reason to want to buy Oh that’s you know, that’s the easy answer why because the technology Xbox is build on Jaguar. You can’t release another Jaguar console is the third party’s not gonna be able to make games for it They’re gonna be like, we’re not gonna make games for Jaguar console CPU. We’re not doing that Microsoft. So Mike I’m thinking that they would leave everything else in place and put these new processes it makes sense because the motherboard won’t be but I think if you’re gonna put in Xen and rhaegar You have to make a new motherboard you have to yeah, can’t you can’t use an old motherboard for new product? It doesn’t even make em, plus you’re not gonna save a lot of money To the PS 5 and probably gonna charge 500 bucks because even if the council wasn’t worth 500 bucks they will still charge that anyway, because They don’t have a choice They don’t have a choice. It’s not an option But our parties is our party’s gonna make the games the way they’re gonna make it you either make the card or we’re not gonna make a Fan why would they invest billions and billions of dollars into this hardware when they know that? the hardware is not going to all right, so let’s go back to Do this maybe snaps number one the games have to be made first right? We’re gonna start with the games well There’s a third party or exclusive the games have to be made first right in order to get the game’s Third party needs the hardware If you don’t provide the horror off front, they’re not gonna make you games for your platform right now You don’t even have to talk about that. You could just say, you know, then they would be reliving 2013 all over. Yeah, so that’s who but let’s look let’s look let’s look at this methodically. Alright Micro so comes out with a proper bill council as they’re supposed to So that way third-party can make the games that the suppose right now Those games are also going to be available on PC

So Microsoft’s not just relying on console cells for software revenue They’re gonna leverage PC those same games are gonna be on X cloud. So they’re gonna leverage Tablets low powered tablets low powered PCs low powered laptops to also sell these games They’re leveraging multiple areas to sell the same game You guys are still thinking Microsoft is trying to make money off a device. No They’re gonna make the game and they’re gonna leverage multiple avenues to sell them. They’re gonna leverage Xbox device, they’re gonna leverage X cloud, which will do game paths, and I’m sure you’re gonna also by Digitally direct Kranthi you won’t be able to download it But you’ll be able to access at any time you want and you’ll be able to buy games on the Windows Store. They’re leveraging They’re no longer looking at it like Sony you got to stop looking at Microsoft as Sony. They’re not doing Sony’s plans That is over. It’s done. It’s Microsoft gaining. That’s what they’re selling. Now how you get? To me that almost seems odd to build like a damn Super Council when the the subscription is the feature of the platform No, it’s just a device that comes with the vines. Someone’s gonna want their console, right? Go into them the sonic controls my share so we gonna do it, sony Sony because based on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty the PS 5 is already gonna beat microsoft Ok, so it doesn’t matter me man. Excuse re let me ask you son playstation 4 beat the shit out of xbox one Did they not? Ok, when you wake up tomorrow, you’re telling me nobody’s gonna buy an xbox one tomorrow. Somebody’s gonna buy an xbox one, right? Ok, so that’s it that’s all Microsoft means but I think if Microsoft what if Microsoft would a for sword For seen this ass will be coming the PS the Xbox one wouldn’t have launched with that I’m Kinect and it probably would have been 100 – that’s the ps4. That’s nice. That’s nice nice conversation. But guess what? That’s that’s five years ago. It’s over brother and we all know Those people buy consoles for the games they provide ok period so if the exclusives aren’t the reason why people are buying that Xbox what the hell would it be because Honestly, that’s the way their friends Will sleep tonight and you Don’t confuse selling as much as P station poor as not selling at all Ok, so we start over scratch right now zero zero next generation I have more Motivation to buy the PS 5 because I’m led to believe there’s gonna be more compelling content on the PS 5 at launch Versus the scarlet. Ok, you know, we know you know, we know somebody has a shit ton of arm triple-eight Studios They already committed to doubling down on triple-a exclusives as well as as well as the VR field whereas Microsoft is scooping up, um, you know double eight Developers then I’ve been vulnerable with financial problems. So yeah, I can’t so beat so when you look at those two, I Have no I have no reason to no motivation to pick up scarlet But I have yet and look look at looking looking at the last two years Xbox one had no fucking games No compelling games yet. People are still buying it. Not as much as PlayStation Because that’s the thing. The problem is you want to create a scenario where you’re hoping Microsoft can be PlayStation on Sophia It’s not gonna happen They don’t Come one next-gen either there is no cultural next-gen, but for the most part though at the end of the day These people are buying the console for the games. They can’t hold on There’s two councils out there $500 I’ll only have $500 to spin that’s how and what if your best friend plays on xbox. I went down that road before Sun somebody somebody somebody just in fact, there’s a lot of people there’s a lot of people there’s There’s people that have done that but for the most part people aren’t going out and playing Consoles because their friends bought their could that console? There’s people who do that yeah, there is I think I think having fun well, I know I know there’s people that do that but for the most part people are buying consoles for their At the beginning of the generation I was trying to decide which council I was gonna buy first the Xbox one of the ps4 My friends told me if you want to gain with us. You are going to have to get an Xbox We are not touching the PlayStation. I went and bought the Xbox one. I was not pleased with it I gave it away to my brother and you know, that’s a story for another day

Okay, let us go around my friends will not have anything to do with my decision-making process But now, let me ask you this are your friend still playing on xbox, oh, yes, so that’s good enough for Microsoft There you go. That’s what I’m trying to tell you Do not confuse PlayStation outselling Xbox as Microsoft or Microsoft’s goal is not to also play stage because they can Know they know their goal is to their their goal is no different than the operating system Other who create the hardware Toshiba youlet Packer Lenovo. We’re just gonna sell you the products. That’s their goal They’re no longer gonna rely on one device To get their money, they’re gonna leverage multiple avenues or devices. You know now people’s our phones and tablets It does not have the hardware to run these games. You’re gonna leverage X cloud for that Yeah, I agree that they would leverage that through game paths through a service But they will not leverage it through making all their software available physically whether on disk or digitally to the other consoles two competing platforms because that would By the time by the time that happens We’re gonna be living in a world where gaming playing Halo and whatever non Xbox console is going to be normal and that’s why that’s why I think Michaels gonna get to the point when you you’re used to seeing people playing xbox games on Amazon Fire TV app and a controller when you’re used to seeing playing on a low-end Toshiba laptop and like them all these people are playing xbox games and they don’t even own an Xbox console anymore then at that point everybody’s gonna be used to it the idea of Exclusive gaming on Xbox console is gonna be a dead concept I’ve already this I believe at this year’s e3 coming up I think Microsoft’s gonna show off a console, but it’s second to be Scarlett. It’s gonna be their streaming console For 2019 is on because I think Microsoft was going to try to break their back to get this streaming To be honest, it doesn’t even have to be a console. It could be a stick It could be a puck and I and they’re gonna have that puck They’re gonna have it, you know, and I wouldn’t be surprised If not only is It a park but I won’t be surprised that it’s just an app cuz right now you could download game fly streaming app in Amazon Interesting about that he thinks the streaming council is going to be a council because if it’s Now hear me out he thinks that if it’s gonna be some kind of fire stick, it’s probably gonna sit behind your TV Where nobody will see it if they do it in a council forum is gonna have fire stick type technology in there But if they do it in the council form is sits underneath your TV where everybody can see it that comes into your home They don’t care about that. Like what would be the point of that? It’s advertisement. They don’t the fire stick is behind your TV and it’s about the size of an all flash drive They don’t know you got that back there. Yeah, they do by planing Like a fumble if I said like if I’m in my house playing Gears 5 and they don’t console But that’s really Yeah, but most is like the house is not an advertisement most people if anything Most people are gonna brag about it, but y’all look check this out. I’m years of four or five Is that what they tried at the beginning of this generation with this TV TV TV crap Because they had on a do a gaming the TV TV we Listen, we gotta let go of the 2013 it’s over it’s gone It’s always Is still the same no The ball for Microsoft the goal for Microsoft is to sell you game they’re not gonna do it They’re not gonna rely on one device anymore. That’s That’s not Their Puerto Rock, I think they just want to be everywhere But I think they’re gonna do it through game pass and I think that streaming service is gonna be combined with game paths And they just want to put it push it out to Everyone know what they’re talking about with cloud streaming is you don’t have to have game pass with cloud streaming. It’s kind of like yeah, but I think that there’s gonna be plans there and That’s obvious But they’re not gonna remove the ability for you to directly purchase a game and have access to it now for cloud streaming It’s a little bit different because you’re not actually downloading the game onto your platform. What you’re doing is you’re pretty much Unlocking the ability to play a game

So if you buy a game on cloud streaming right now you have access that game and streaming anytime you want It’s yours forever for the streaming service. I couldn’t even imagine playing cloud gaming on a cell phone provider god I mean right now at this point, but at home, I mean think about this way You buy you buy a stick for 50 bucks and XCOM stick for 50 bucks Right and you you give it as a gift for your nephew who has Wi-Fi that’s good internet 50 bucks and you could play the latest games That’s not a bad deal. That’s not a bad gift. That’s not a bad cup population You see but at the end of the day, I still think Xbox wants to compete not only as just you know Putting out games or whatever, but they also want to keep the council alive I don’t think they’re gonna get rid of their consoles anytime soon unless it’s in there to sell them. So put it this way I don’t think I don’t think Microsoft putting halo on PlayStation is gonna kill. Oh I don’t think there’s gonna be minimal Hey Dude, I don’t agree with that at all If you’re saying that if they sold physical copies of all their exclusives to PlayStation that that wouldn’t kill their console. That’s ridiculous to say, bro Xbox is selling right now and they got no exclusive bro The game the consoles are selling on multi plants they the Xbox Xbox is not selling because of his exclusives. It’s Not yes at the end of the day everybody buys these consoles. Most people not everybody Sorry, but most gamers buy them for their exclusives. I can’t tell me any different Okay, so why does glue sit over the last two years our people buy an xbox for? Games, they haven’t played yet Gears of War. That’s just not selling I Could see the only person the only person I could say the only Dhoni platform I could say that that’s true Isn’t intended cuz zelda but for a while stays on MPD every senior got him Well the last time we think it’ll earn a top 20 for the rock porno is really buying his war Look III know you’re my brother. But sometimes you got to pull the pony reins back just a bit because Let me tell you say next next year leave I will say this year. No one’s really buying our PlayStation cuz of uncharted 4 Uncharted 4 cells is done. It’s already it’s already completes that game palm cells won’t copy every three months That can they gave us out of sustaining those games do not sustain high sells for two three years. They’re not Know but they still Five and she’s still top ten on PlayStation And that’s again people Not trying to discern between multi putts and exclusives because a multi-planet sell a sell me a fucking Xbox 1s It’s not. Okay. I’m just saying this microsoft has not been releasing compelling exclusives for two years Or great that’s I’ll put it this way. Tim dog is not gonna leave Xbox because halos on PlayStation They’re gonna ruin another reason. They’re gonna find another reason to stay on Xbox either. Look at PC. You’re some people Listen There’s spots. Yes. There’s some Xbox that are crazy enough to say I’m sticking with Xbox I’m and I think most well, I don’t think I don’t think putting whole is gonna there’s gonna be one thing I don’t think there’s gonna be one big mass exodus of Xbox or Playstation. We’ll just because halo I Think they’ll find a new reason first Look at now now no term count So only gamers that term came up and ever since Xbox started putting that games on PC That term was not around last year last gen Council only gamers did not exist. Those terms did not exist They created that term right and I’m pretty sure they’ll create a new term every they’re gonna read the find Reasons to keep my xbox and at the very least there’s gonna be the one big final reason Yes halos on PlayStation bought all my fronts playing on xbox So, why would I play on PlayStation when my peoples play on xbox? There’s not that many gamers today Cause you know Phil Spencer said quote Heavy media. Lots of what device is foreign to you? So their games are coming. I’m telling you with with nap Yep, I would imagine a conversation with not yes for ballast Oh Spencer And now the others I was like listen if you really want to keep gaming alive We have to have the windows mindset where we could put everything on every device where we could put Microsoft Office on a Mac computer That’s what I would that’s what makes us successful And I think now our co-sponsors job is to wean people into that scenario little by little we know

He’s not gonna drop the bomb tomorrow cuz that’s not gonna make sense But in a world where people are playing xbox games on a fucking Toshiba on auto-ship a laptop on a hewlett-packard Computer and on devices not called Xbox console. No one’s gonna care that halos on PlayStation That’s by that point because it’s a normal world. No one’s gonna care A lot of people on time for princess Pete Rock popular bodega Thank You girl for the support. I appreciate it Hey, sorry when we were in a good in-depth discussion, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean signor. Yeah, I know B He says psy comes out and is out selling the Xbox to the one again, Phil We’ll start selling ex machina hum PS v doesn’t make sense to skip over PlayStation gamers who will buy Xbox games to try to get mobile gamers That’s what I feel. I think might not I think microsomes more about the money and they’re gonna get it anyway, they can this go I Know I know B. Hold on poor Tarak Most of the money that’s made on mobile is games like candy crush in clash of clans. Those games are talking about just a minority And I’m gonna do a video on that I’m gonna show you how the truth Carlos Crispin Playing big budget games on small mobile screen isn’t going to be very appealing those games are meant to be played on the living room I think that’s more of a console gamers mentality that’s a console gamers mentality and then Show on w2 Microsoft video games are now an enterprise and Then damn there’s a lot of guys then we skipped a lot of classes Yeah We were we were knee-deep into this cover and I apologize to the chat you will need deepened azuz a very good this kind this I love This we go on chat main tell MP rock this reach about to pass Xbox 2019 W he says live is bigger than the console. I know be super chat again Thank you so much is that that’s why instead of competing with Sony image to focus on premium consoles maybe around six to seven dollars For gamers who can afford it and release their games on everything even on Sony consoles The Raven flow once ms. Saw Xbox Live revenue They want everything to exist on a service model. I think Phil had to show MS agnostic service was the future Good point these guys making a lot of great points Yeah, Raven, Flo Xbox would love to put their games on another platform its sony and nintendo are the deciders of that That is true because ultimately is their thing they’re gonna decide who makes game for what and only through game pads I’m telling you they’re not gonna ever release their fucking physical games to competing platforms while they’re keeping their own console because there would be Absolutely zero incentive to buy their house. I think People’s Council I tell you that on I’ll tell you why because game game pass includes third-party games So if you subscribe to game pass on a PlayStation console then if not, you’re not buying the third-party games on PlayStation So that’s why sony Sony Nintendo won’t have game pads on their High homo ms. Will focus on stream digital sales problem is that google stream will be in a way And then that’s it well, I think I think we made it wait man, I think we made it through for everybody hold on I think that’s well. Yes, that’s sec. Yeah sec video. Okay. Alright, go ahead Clay you know I had a wonderful time over here on the 60 60 frames the lag podcast. I definitely would love to come back Definitely a lot of interesting opinions around here and you know, and that’s the one thing I really love about you know different opinions even if something sounds absolutely crazy if you stop and think about it You know, there might be some you know some validity to it. But so but this was uh, this was an amazing podcast. I Definitely would love to come back, you know, hit the like button. I will holla at y’all later I want to Address the chat, you know like for me at the end of the day I’m just a gamer and I I’m looking at the whole situation like when me and Puerto Rock are talking about this stuff. The reason why I’m passionate about them not giving up the console or having a reason to stick with their consoles because I Don’t want a world where we just have a Playstation and a Nintendo because Nintendo doesn’t really compete with Playstation or Xbox They do their own thing I had was a playstation to get every year who knows they might slack on on things

You know, you never know what could happen without competition and that’s that’s all I’m gearing towards is this this is the reason why I feel not obviously not next gen but potentially the Jenna after that they gonna publish their games on placing in Tendo cuz again, Xbox as a council is a regional brand. It is not a worldwide brand. It’s not it happened to the competition with consoles then I Mean, let me tell you Microsoft is not interested in competing with Sony and Nintendo anymore. They’re interested in making money and What bad? They want to think about it if they put their games on Sony Nintendo consoles and I have and they now have access in Regions of the world and they have access to gamers Console gamers that they will never ever reach with their own console. And I think that’s why they’ll pull the plug Even if we’re just speaking on a games level they’re still fighting for that competition There’s still competition there fighting for your dollar regardless of what it is, but I don’t want to see a one console world I’m sorry III cannot subscribe I’m not telling you there’s a one console. Well, I’m not telling you any of that. Microsoft is still going It’s like all right, let me I’ll give you a perfect example surface tablet They make a surface tablet, right? They want you to buy a surface tablet. They make it they want you to buy it So, why would they allow? Toshiba to use the same operating system The same exact size system that the surface tablet has you don’t have to buy a surface tablet You can get it on a Toshiba tablet by the boy Porter Rocky III think showstopper was asking for a link I don’t know no shit I want you I want you answer that Microsoft makes surface tablets get the very same operating system is Available on Toshiba tablets. Do you not think that’s counterproductive to? Give Toshiba and now just Toshiba EULA Packard Do you not think it’s counterproductive to give the tablet industry the same? OS that you serve and have the same capability. I see what you’re saying Selling tablets at the same time you’re competing on a hardware level if then they would have Somebody somebody has something on the background somebody needs to stop that Hey Craig. Are you great Craig Craig? It’s watching the news wake up Craig commuter Hey The background is interrupting. The pockets are cutting here J font Yeah But there’s a lot of they’re still competing on a hardware level and and you if they sell all their games all their exclusive games To PlayStation and I’m not talking just through game pass like physically digitally downloads all that if you could play just as well on your PlayStation what you know, they’re Soulless. Oh so if you’re saying that then they would have to compete on a hardware level think you have to make a console like Lionel was saying seven eight hundred dollars and be just So let me ask you this Dave Fonz you said first statement is they are competing Harley level. Are you sure? That’s Phil Spencer’s mindset Are you sure that’s what Phil Spencer is thinking you? Making the assumption. Do you want to compare a level? That’s what you want I was saying that is that what that one’s? Tablets you were talking about or a computer hardware level I said with these with these games That’s what they’re competing with right now is the games. This is why you buy these consoles So at the end of the day if they don’t have the games anymore They’re all they’re going to everything. Then you’re screwed with your console. You’re screwed cool. Screw Microsoft how are these rules with their surface tablets, then I screw with this or tablets despite Every other tablet does the same thing, okay but their tablets some work better than others and and if you have a console also another words, so That’s similar to PlayStation. Why the fuck would They staged so then it’s not the software they cut advertised the Xbox as it’s a more power It’s the most powerful console on the market. You could buy it for that reason or we have the best Place that we have the best online network. Yes friends. Ok, but you’d have to Have to you’re afraid us. He doesn’t think I understand I get what you’re saying. You you what I find. I’m there with you I’m there with you What you’re afraid of is Microsoft doing this pretty much pretty much raises the flag saying we’re done competing with hardware level or That that’s what that’s really the scenario But the truth is we have to look at Phil Spencer while he’s trying to do I don’t think he cares about our selling PlayStation. I honestly Think he’d I honestly believe he does not care about

Market share in the council room. I think they already realize they can’t do it. So, how can they leverage? Revenue and make the most amount of money That’s why I think game pass came into play and that’s where I’m in agreement with you. It’s the other stuff that I’m not a They still gonna have to make revenue off of digital and physical cells of their games I’ma tell you this and I’ll tell you right now Wrongdoing like game paths last quarter during that chart only made like 40 million They still they still have to focus on game sales as well as not it can’t be that Game pass is not gonna completely overtake games Yes, and that’s not And that’s their incentive to buying their console to buy those physical games so I mean That’s what but their consoles not selling much but it’s not the majority of console gamers play on PlayStation Nintendo No matter what Microsoft does Yeah, we know why it’s no song myself is not gonna be the amount of games to take over the console. That’s not One big circle, but at the end of the day you even said it yourself The reason there selling as much is because they’re not putting out enough games like the past two years They haven’t had you know any real new game besides Forza. So I mean, all right. How about this? Microsoft had games in the beginning a year PlayStation Store also, no cuz what the The very best Microsoft had where Xbox is Equivalent to Sony’s worst gen I want you to think on that the very best output the most Successful, gen they ever had is on par with Sony’s worst generation in gaming I want you to think about that your best effort is as good as yo as the worst player on the field I want you to think about that Xbox 360 was their very best they ever done in console gaming and it matched Sony’s worst generation in console gaming. I want you to think about that. Your very best is not good enough at all in reality And I’m not knocking three cz I don’t want people to think I’m about to 360 outstanding console but I want you to think about that your very best if somebody else is worst and The reason being is because you need the games you need games. Give us a war Mass Effect Time exclusively for two years Bioshock exclusive for two years. Halo at is highlight Gears of War brand new IP 360 hat there’s there’s one thing we there’s one thing 360 had the fucking games what this? Play to them Xbox Live Arcade Indies. They had the games and they still at best Creation didn’t have those have games The first three years how fuckin all $600 for fucking Lebanese flip. I’m a PlayStation game of Thrones we have And Heavenly Sword our first peek our first big trip play exclusive didn’t come out till 2008, which was Metal Gear Yeah We had a way for your phone first I enjoyed Heavenly Sword. I thought it was a great game Come on Good game we played the first year and a half Ninja Gaiden Sigma a fucking remaster a fucking of a Console for that counselor for the first three years and I’m gonna spell it out for you It was well they had before that that yeah Before that sold them on that come it wasn’t really selling the first three years It broke sells once you reach the once to ps4 ps3 slim came out they hoped that boost ourselves a lot, but then wasn’t to Come out. No pay no truck says Microsoft had a generation where they did phenomenal, right? They had the exclusive they had the games. It was games games games best multiplayer some of the biggest emo players Japanese games If anybody listening to this can take away anything from what I’ve been saying is at the end of the day It’s the games that sell these consoles. That’s it. Okay, I don’t want to hear no arguments about friends Fuck your friends you buy the console for the fucking games you want Now again, that’s your view and yeah, I agree with you Fonz, I agree with you what you’re not getting Is those Phil Spencer care about selling mass? Consoles? That’s what I think you’re not seeing No, I think cares about Phil is not about selling consoles. He’s about how Big of a whine net can be casted so I can sell games and how can I get them out there? Mission. Yeah, the game’s wider profit margins. I get that it’s a business but and that’s why I think like if It’s just it’s just the worry I have and you already you know, talk about don’t worry bro. I

like Gaming I love console gaming. I don’t I want to have choice. Yeah with You know Phil Phil has a different mission and I’m firmly believe Phil’s mission is get these games on every single device possible every device and include PlayStation Nintendo and he’s gonna do it and I just He just needs to do it at the right time. He ain’t stupid. He knows there’s gonna be negative blowback, but he means It’s gonna be game paths and streaming that’s it bro, that’s it And Raven flow. I think I think this has the potential to Have the most negative effect ever and I think I know you guys think that a lot of Xbox guys are diehard guys but I can see them seeing you know, what the hell with this we’ve We’ve supported this shit through no games through games. And now you Ask you this. Let me ask you this if Microsoft let’s say gets to the position where Because I’ll be honest. I think ultimately Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to stop making consoles because they’re not are they’re not really a big hardware. They Then then yeah, they’re neither DRO Microsoft’s Court that the reason why they’re one of the richest companies in the world is because they were able to provide products without Associating the hardware with those products and most of the time like I think surface is really and our course Xbox buy outside of Xbox Surface is really their only successful venture where they sell a software productivity with the hardware. Everything else has been consistent failures I remember they had origami. I remember they tried to do web TV when they took it over Nokia phones Zune Zune HD Cuz it really fell over I think That’s really the only hardware these this company is based on that other people make the horror where We’re gonna find a way to put our productivity and our software onto that device That’s the key if they were to go the route. You’re saying Puerto Rock. I would say we need another console manufacturer in the game You need that, correct? But the thing is is hard believe it or not. If you look at the console menu for even right now, we only have three Nintendo Microsoft and PlayStation, right and there’s a reason for that it is a hard business It’s not like look and look how many manufacturers of tablets laptops cards refrigerators. Look at every product. That’s out there There’s more manufacturers who make kids to have it just specifically kiss tablet Then there are console manufacturers console manufacturing is a very cultural heart business most of the company’s failed there’s very few who survived it and if you think about it Sony Nintendo and Microsoft Are the longest survivors that’s why Microsoft has to come out with some great games for next generation If they don’t they’re dead in the water, honestly because I think most of the sales that came from 2013 third party came from Xbox know it came from xbox360 hardcore fans Oh, yeah That that’s why they bought this console because they love the games that were on the 360. So they bought into this Xbox one That’s why it hasn’t sold as much because a the games aren’t there and be the fucking you know that whole method – in 2013, but most of those gamers bought into the hype of Xbox they were already into the brand and I think that’s honestly where it stems from. I mean, I didn’t even buy an xbox I mean look at this Microsoft had at the back wall in 2013, right? They even they even publicly told people TV TV TV cable cable cable for five dollars No Xbox but a lot of Xbox team is still bought it yeah, that’s what I’m saying They had that hardcore base that was sold on the previous generation that you always have that Yeah, but you’re still that’s why I think I think Microsoft sees Xbox fan base as this 30 40 million group Now, I don’t think they’re gonna see Xbox ever being or 80 hundred million selling group They see it as this good solid 30 40 million group prime I disagree because the caveat to that is Good games can change things and if they come out with really solid fucking exclusive titles to the Xbox brand But they’re not exclusives no more Since everybody wants to use me me. I’m not buying an Xbox console next-gen is either gonna be PC or Ex-colleague. I’m not gonna I’m not gonna invest in another $500 console no more for max. I Know I know I’m not the only one making that decision But you’re saying I’d rather spend a grand or more on to play my xbox games That’s why I know I will tell you why I’ll give is it one I get to play Microsoft Xbox games, right? Microsoft has already shown a trend to make exclusives Right and I could play PC exclusives and I could use it for my youtube channel

You want to play like shower with Daddy to bro and the PC cuz like most of those a PC exclusive Some good in these and Most console gamers are not willing to go to PC like myself, okay So yes, if there’s good exclusive games that come out on the console. I’m gonna buy that But there’s most Xbox gamers not gonna go to place it. I mean we’re running we’re creating narratives All right, if we’re gonna say gamers have choice because of games then that exists right now Microsoft has given the choice right now to not buy a console. That’s just the truth. All right with PC Yes a little bit more expensive But you could get the hardware that you want you get Microsoft exclusives you get steam deals and you get PC exclusive Yeah, and now you got the egg big store you got five things now right there right If you’re a cheapo You know people who wait three four years to buy an Xbox console because you can’t buy a console at $500 So you wait three four years before you get it. You ain’t got to do that no more You could buy an X clock cloud stick If you have the Internet and you could buy these games day one from the beginning of the gen so you don’t need to buy You don’t need to wait three four years for a Black Friday deal to finally get an Xbox console you get a day one Started again. Like I said you Scenarios to not buy the council already. I personally know people that have gone to the PC route and said I’m leaving consoles behind and have came back to consoles because it heart their console gamers There’s there’s millions of us and I there’s a lot of us that’s never gonna go the PC and there’s a lot of us That’s not gonna go to PlayStation. They don’t like it just on the mere fact. They don’t like Sony that reason alone, Sony There’s nothing Sony can do to get those gamers they’re gonna stop gaming period or There’s people on Xbox Live Xbox consoles to go away. They’re dumb gaming. That’s it. It’s over for them There’s people I mean we could we could create little we could we could create little tiny groups of who do this with this ultimately You got a look at? Possibly what Phil’s trying to do fill their mission just get the games out there we don’t care what you own we want to make money off of the gamers that exist around the world and Here’s the thing and he’s saying 2 billion 2 billion You can’t get to 2 billion without going through Nintendo and Sony they’re part of that to build Those 2 billion gamers. That’s Nintendo and Sony they’re there. They’re part of that big group You want to get to 2 billion? You got to go through Sony and Nintendo. That’s just a reality You got to go through those guys. You’re not gonna get to 2 billion gamers and ignore Nintendo and Sony I don’t see how that’s possible. I just don’t see it. You want 2 billion gamers? Then 10 on Sony. Yeah, you gotta go through them and you just said yourself majority of the have mobile gamers play candy crush Right. So how they if they’re go in their mindset We need 2 billion gamers But yet you’re not gonna leverage the tunnel and Sony to get those 2 billion gamers then how are you? Ultimately gonna get there if that’s Geralt immense day. They’re going to put their games on place They just need the right timing, you know And I think the timing is when we live in a gaming world where Xbox games or playing? Microsoft games is normal associated to one specific device is just gaming now for Microsoft. Oh, yeah I played on my this I playing that once we get to that point where everybody’s just like Yeah, Microsoft poster games on everything then they’ll pull the plug I think they would just stick to like a streaming box at that point for themselves I don’t think that I would think eventually don’t be surprised if Microsoft’s trying to wean themselves away from hardware because it’s expensive Creating new hallway is expensive Don’t be surprised if Microsoft wants to do that too, if their ultimate goal to three gems for now. Imagine I get more money Yeah, they’re making more money with all their products and not creating accounts and not creating a counsel at all, right? I know. Yeah, I know you’re afraid of that world, but Would you like that to happen? No, I don’t but it doesn’t matter what I like Phil Phil Phil He works for Microsoft he’s gonna do was interested to them Yeah, there’s a lot of people out there who actually want that Sania. I don’t want What I want What I want is this is what I want Microsoft to keep their games on xbox don’t put on PC Don’t pull cloud streaming Sony does the same thing that tendo’s does the same thing Each of them makes exclusives where they one-up each other Forcing themselves to make better games that way all three consoles get better and better because they’re trying to one-up each other That’s what I want But that’s not what’s happening no more. That’s not what’s happening no more. Especially Microsoft Microsoft not trying to do that no more They’re not they’re not trying to do that no more. They just want to sell game services applications they just want Everything everywhere, you know, and I firmly believe one day I may be 60 years old when it happens, but I think Microsoft is gonna win themselves. Yeah, we’re gonna say that

Yeah, if it’s not next year, I could be like 65, you know It’ll be my kid talking shit to fucking die ears kid is at the end of the day software where they make their money so I mean, you know makes sense, but I Think Halle moco. Thank you for super Jackie says Ms Will focus on stream digital sales probably means Google already said that there’s a couple of news that popped up This has been an intense conversation Raven He says PlayStation ourselves also 360s initial years the exclusives. Just hope them catch up They were slowly eating away. Our Microsoft lead actually Microsoft 360 built eight million lead it started deteriorating Once PlayStation slim came out That’s when everything started going downhill. And and that’s when Sony started catching off top dog. Fonz is a stubborn old man We’re all opening in this podcast. Oh yeah, I am very stubborn when it comes to this stuff cuz I’m just passionate about yes, and by the way that scenario you gotta also add that with the PlayStation 3 when they started to come out with games like The Last of Us that really Was to sell for them. Yeah, so Show on Xbox not there cuz they got the money to keep punching. I mean, yeah, they have money If M s stops making hardware and we’re stuck with dog shit EE crap what Sony incentives continue providing great quality of screws So you don’t do it because that’s just there. I think Stoney look at look at ps3 that generation right that generation They lost money. They did not make any profit of a PlayStation 3. They even released a chart The only thing the only level of success PlayStation 3 had was losing less money year over year But every year they lost money, but you saw what they did. They were still pushing quality exclusive That’s just in their DNA They just want to make sure they don’t lose money while they’re doing it before any of that would even happen I think you know we we would probably see something bad happen to the industry as a whole Based on micro transactions and loot boxes and stuff before that ever happened. Yeah Of gaming for a while because a lot of you noticed that there’s more and more Gamers getting displeased by a lot of bullshit going on right now. That is happening – yeah And our voices are being heard, but at the same time the industry is pushing back they’re pushing back in a lot of ways and they’re not they’re stubborn where they won’t fuckin stop with a lot of the shit and dude Yeah, the best weapon we got don’t buy the games Yeah, that’s it You know and and gamers will get to the point where your company will just go away Look a EA. They already had two back-to-back flops to a certain point battlefield I mean Battlefront – and why I don’t necessarily agree with it, but battlefield 5, right? That’s the one That one sold are incredibly less as compared to his predecessors So there is a message being sent out, you know, don’t fuck with the gamers you will lose We won’t we don’t have to buy your games because somebody else makes great games – you know It’s not like we have to buy this game or we’re not gonna have good games to play There’s so many tons of options out there You could disappear, you know it’s important to support the good developers out there that are against this shit do like you’ve got CD Projekt RED that are staunchly against my credenza you’ve got fucking Who is it? There’s another big one. I got Podesta. Yeah, but all fuck Was the eject Buzz And then and then a lot of us gamers got to stop lying to others and ourselves talking about how we’re not buying microchannel Yeah, well you are cuz fucking billions of dollars are being imported It’s like the Spice Girls album everybody know so they didn’t buy it. But how did I held this a million? You made somebody bought it Game, like I’ll give you a scenario. Let’s take a game like Odyssey fucking Assassin’s Creed Odyssey now there’s been a lot of common, you know conflicting arguments about you know, whether the microtransactions are Really bad for this game or whatnot, but there is an XP boost in there. You can buy for 10 bucks for $9.99 Let’s say you buy that okay, just one time. You only bought one Microtransaction imported it you but here’s the thing. Let’s say let’s just base this off two million games sold of that game Okay, kinda I know I know that it’s probably closer to four or five, right? Now let’s say just one percent of you decide Hey, I wanted to buy that do you know that’s almost two hundred thousand dollars for that woman fucking transaction for something That’s not even an actual product because all it is is just telling the game boost your level up. That’s all it really is It’s not like it’s not an actual Yeah

Yeah, turn down the difficulty level and that’s what’s crazy you’re spaced are like 20,000 of you out of two million gamers that bought that one transaction and you just gave them two hundred grand Yeah what they need to do. They need to stay away I mean they just stay away from level boosting Like if you want to sell hats so hats if you want to sell pants or a different color gun Just stay away from energy boosting from stat boosting You understand cuz that right there I guarantee something like shadow like shadow war, right? Cuz I play shadow Mordor and I play shout a war shadow war was much more tedious than shadow Mordor it was fucking like Bad and I knew the reason why they did this because they want me to buy these fucking power packs and shit just so I could fucking bypass all this shit, but I’m a stubborn motherfucker and fucking because the game is good, but If it wasn’t for my patients, I would have fucking just dumped that game I’ll be honest though, even though I beat the game I will not buy another shadow mode or whatever game if they fucking have that stablish. I’m not buying the next game I can’t really speak on Odyssey because I didn’t play but with origins like the game was long and drawn out and I seen that XP booster and I’m like, whoa. Okay. Why? Okay, and I know a lot of people thought it felt the same way with Odyssey again I haven’t played it, but it’s there in effect there Even though let’s say you felt like the game was fine the way it was you didn’t need that stat boost. That’s fine That’s cool for you but at the same time just that stat being there the Potential that somebody could buy that is a bad deal all together because it gets people thinking about it and it gets people saying hey This is a problem regardless whether or not you think it’s a problem or not Others will and and that’s what makes it a bad thing in general like we need to stop that bullshit Yeah, that’s just young. So I think shit. I think we could pretty much unless anybody we know last thing We didn’t really talk about personal gaming a year. I really want to talk about that. So we’ll go down the line Here’s a quick. What’s your personal game? It doesn’t have to be any of the nominees Just anything whatever you play will start with all day your personal game here Why? Well, we probably covered our reasons we probably yeah, all right Craig your personal game of the year Craig’s is oh Man, this guy, I don’t know why he’s doing. All right. Hey Fonz. Yeah, I Said the beginning of the show. We’ll see if these great By you know game pass it’s on game pass see guys Everybody knows it’s red dead – that’s my game game. Okay. Alright, so Do I even have to ask cradles was this game of the year? – boy boy No, that was fucking on the game show when he told the kid was just standing there and he looked at him He’s a boy boy. No, it was like we don’t oh Boy, we do ward. Well, we do boy. That was pretty funny. I like the right so so all day you’re Craig Harris’s mass effect arm Mass effect always talks about masks. I’m just just arbitrarily say Craig Harris is mass effect. And To be honest Hey dub is cradles obviously – spider-man now the reason why – by the man, right? Ok, this is my the reason why is my gamer year? alright, I give it credit because spider-man has a disadvantage back a game like read the redemption and God award doesn’t have and what it means is source material in order to make an incredible game like spider-man You have to be close to the source material the comic books. If not, you will get tore the fuck up So insomniac being able to create this amazing game and still stay true to the source material Because in reality, they don’t really have much freedom on what they’re gonna do They can’t make Peter Parker run like the flash or any crazy gameplay mechanics like that. They have to stay true to the source material Because fans will destroy it apart and they they gave a great such a great fan service to the game and honestly It’s open world But I actually enjoy swinging through the whole city because they introduce gameplay mechanics like you could you know Stop robbers. You can stop car chases you go to warehouses So while traveling to different areas, you have great gameplay mechanics along the way so it’s not just like what I’m doing right now I’m red there when I’m riding a horse for fucking 30 minutes So that’s why shredder man to me is my game of the year for that reason great game design And I know insomniac has a tough time trying to create this game While they’re there

Arms is tied to a source material spider-man that’s been around for decades So they’re trying to make a great game while at the same time trying to please The comic book fan boys because they know if they fuck this up the coming back the farm boys is going to slaughter them So they have two fanboys that they have to cater to and they’ve done a phenomenal job They they pleased two separate groups the gamers and the comic book fan boys, and I think that’s a phenomenal job So that’s my gamer year Yeah, I heard it was fantastic. It’s you haven’t played it. You gotta play it. It’s for G And I know you like comics. I know you into comics. I love spider-man – he’s my favorite Oh my god, bro you I think I think you will come back if you were played you probably come back But I get poor Raj that’s long a year. You know what Fonz puts it in, you know Everybody that Twitter he goes man all my friends playing spider-man and what the fuck I got You ain’t got nothing On my friends playin spider-man and look what the fuck I got you do. Anyway these father used to play that man, especially oh My god, it’s fuckin. Um, you might change your mind If your be a fighter despite a massive favorite character, you might come back. Yeah. I’ma renege on read dead spider-man’s mine Don’t give me you now you Has got a Wars right up there right underneath the raised bed I’m sorry, it’s fine them as your favorite character you I don’t know how to explain it You just you just feel like you’re spider-man. It’s just like oh, yes. Yes. I heard the story is fantastic. It’s Telling you if you read the canal. I’m sure you read the comics you leave the comics. It’s fuckin spider-man in your controllers He’s in yeah. Oh my god. No, I just Bro, I’ve been waiting for a sale, but that game won’t go on sale Like they they they’re putting a Nintendo with that one on sale for 35 bucks. Where is it’s not on the store It’s not like it’s on the batches fucking store where he got assassinated Hey, let’s do our Altos we had a fantastic time the chat. I hope you enjoyed this fucking show We’re gonna go with little star and kick it off with all day Hey, man, thanks for coming out to 60 frames You know Also all this noise, alright and of course Craig Harris Be found. Uh, thank you for the vine. This is the Messiah of Xbox know. I’m your rock. I’m right here and And Red Dead has fake HDR Good night Bitches and and he’s providing a city You know and I’ll be streaming my podcasts at an undisclosed location Thank you for the vine borer Tarak, thank you for the vine funds Everybody take a look at that original see low quality Yeah You can find me at Jay Fonzarelli on YouTube and on Twitter and I want to thank the chat chat was interesting even though something I’m an ex bot. But okay Look I like to have good conversations about gaming and Speak my voice and so does portal rocks. It’s just homie You show saw me all day and Jade those going at me because I say betta sucks, which is true You stop beating the porter are clear you Cannot beat me away. Why? Put me up with a veto Rock, don’t worry. I’ll help fight fight against them with my PSP bro. There you go Check that for motherfucker at him I don’t care about Those ships were bookends. And of course not only is either the most toxic Twitter He is officially the only Twitter who is a game of the year winner cradles Hey everybody, thanks for rocking out with us. There’s a boy Jaidev aka Kratos the god of PlayStation and all things gaming Here again on the 60 frames no lag got a war winner champion So I’m just out here celebrating everybody you guys thanks for rocking out Make sure you like a subscribe button and we’ll see you next week. Yeah. Hey Craig. Oh Shit you a mutant he came. Oh, oh you came back. Were you muted or did you come back? No, I’m in here. Oh shit God then we talk of shit. I thought we thought you dip So Joe cake oh my god I’m here. I appreciate it Everybody’s play the games. Have a good time. My little hell is bad right now These bitches

All got taken care of last night this time those dudes like their biscuits buttery Biscuits one by one they’re dropping like flies Anyway, it was a great time. I’m glad you fellas were able to show up amazing conversation linking clay added a few a fuse Seasonings to the mix. It’s fuckin awesome. Fantastic. Hope to see you guys next week For everybody else. Thank you for showing up. Hope you enjoyed the show Don’t forget to Like subscribe and retweet it out all that stuff 60 frames know like podcast with your boy the only friend of these you to streets and the new king of PlayStation Legion me. Yes. Hey Xbox is the best box