ENG SUB【全职高手S2 The King's Avatar S2】EP08 | 魏琛被动摇欲复出?

Tencent Video presents Adapted from the bestseller The King’s Avatar by Butterfly Blue Copyright Notice All rights preserved by China Literature ♪ The dawn piercing horn ♪ ♪ is being played by now ♪ ♪ Is that a fantasy or memory ♪ ♪ Eyes wide open, but I can’t tell ♪ ♪ which side of the road am I running on ♪ ♪ Would I know ♪ ♪ the memories and breaks mixed in morning light ♪ ♪ They said you shouldn’t march on ♪ ♪ They said you have to say goodbye ♪ ♪ They say you can have no tomorrow but endless night ♪ ♪ Over the finishing line ♪ ♪ I will start my dream again ♪ ♪ Even if it’s dangerous ♪ ♪ I will keep marching, and get my crown back ♪ ♪ Put on my armor and step to the unknown future ♪ ♪ Hold on to my light ♪ ♪ On the road together with you ♪ ♪ becomes the power that supports me ♪ ♪ The morning light that burns in my heart ♪ ♪ will blossom at dawn ♪ ♪ Dawn of Glory ♪ ♪ On battlefield ♪ ♪ I will show you my edge ♪ Episode 8 Ancient Gods He can fly? What kind of weapon is this? Got ya! Lao Wei? Why do you have to be so difficult? Just die and let me get that 500 bucks = Blue Brook, Windward Formation = You mean that reward to kill me? It’s been cancelled Haven’t you seen the latest news? Is it? So we’ve been practicing all these days for nothing? It’s not my fault You should have done this earlier It just got cancelled You’re not bluffing, are you? What news? Send me the link Wait It’s Life-Risking Strike! Watch out! Body Replacement Technique? You win We didn’t get him? Like, seriously? Of course I knew you would have done so Who’s that chick yelling just now? You’re such a crook! You ambushed us as soon we logged in And then you attacked us from behind? This is the new low Write down my ID You can ambush me as well I’m so not that shameless Go solo with me if you got the balls Are you a real chick? Cause’ I mean if you’re real hot, you can be my company, I don’t mind I’ll kill him right here and now! What? You won’t say that if you know who he is Have you heard of Wei Chen before? Never heard of it Who is that? He’s the former captain of Blue Rain The first user of Swoksaar But he retired early Swoksaar? Isn’t that the account of Yu Wenzhou, captain of Blue Rain? All-Star level master But he He looks like a thug! Well, he’s from the street He’s a bit of a gangster When we first started in Glory, he’s already at a certain age So he retired after about two years Was he good? You know Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian, right? They were taught by him Their styles are pretty much inherited from him Slow-hand and chatterbox? Do you have to be that negative? Comrade Ye Qiu Can you stop hiding? Let’s have a head-on fight, shall we? He’s got that many people, and he tells you to go head-on? Nobody’s gonna stop you from getting help Except for you, lady

You don’t even count You’re just a body count I’ll kill him! Calm down You are no match for him I’ll handle him If he’s who you said to be, then is Blue Brook behind this? I don’t think so Blue Brook got better players than these folks I don’t think they would give him a team like this Then he didn’t do it for Blue Brook And the money is gone Why is he still here? For fun, maybe He ain’t got nothing to do anyway Ye Qiu, listen You’ve been surrounded To come out and die is your only way out Just let us finish you I want that 500 bucks for chicken dinner Didn’t I tell you the money’s gone? Do you really not know or are you just pretending? I beg your pardon? Can’t really hear you Louder maybe? You’re not gonna fight You’re not gonna leave You just hide and wait What, you’re really getting help? Now I have to go get more men That 500 bucks won’t be enough even for coffee Almost got me Dang it He got away again He’s definitely something Don’t ever leave the game today Let’s see how long you can hide That’s what I wanna say to you Talking big while fleeing You are definitely Ye Qiu I knew it! My help is on the way You watch it Help? You didn’t mean that silly chick, right? Now this is low! Get him down! Let’s see how you gonna dodge this What a mean weapon Gamma, come back Go to 3958, 2564 Alpha, go cut him off On it, boss Beta take left, go join Delta I need four who can move fast See if you can get around him Nice moves Tell me about it Hexagram Prison? Somebody’s behind you! You think you can fool me? Hell no Well, hell yes Say hi to the Phantom Demon One Inch Ash from Server 10 completed the Heavily Domain Challenge He now enters the Heavenly Domain This is the help you’ve been waiting for? A LV 55? Wow, impressive Slow down, man Somebody help Yifan, don’t be careless This guy would do anything to win He ain’t got no limits Just knock him down ASAP Ye Qiu, you bastard You are the king of low and no-limits Don’t try to pin it on me Young man You got some nice moves Which team you’re in? Tiny Herb Tiny Herb? That’s a great team You know what, I happen to know your captain I can talk to him, maybe even put you on the starting lineup I have a say over things like this You’re not bad All you need is an opportunity Sorry, but I’m not ready for that opportunity No You are not ready in the past But you’re ready now! Your time has come! Now get ready and let’s go! Zhou Yebo! I’m not Zhou Yebo Impressive Took two hits just to google him Unfortunately you messed it up Got it all wrong, man Seriously? Who are you then? My name is Qiao Yifan Qiao Yifan? Isn’t Qiao Yifan an assassin? Come on Yifan, don’t listen to him He doesn’t know your captain He doesn’t even know how to get to the south entrance of Tiny Herb Of course, I know how to get to the south entrance I had dinner with your Captain Wang the other day We don’t have a south entrance That’s what I said! You’re lower than me!

I’ll kill you! Watch out! Too green You’re waiting for the bus or what Go get him, all of you! You do realize I’m here, right? I know you’re here Yifan, Ice Boundary Interrupt him! Cast all the boundaries you can Are you really enjoying this? You think you can kill all of us with two LV 55? Here comes the full-level account! That low-rank, take this! How is that silly chick back? Where’s that low-rank? He’s been hiding somewhere? Is he dead? Not yet He got away He doesn’t give a heck about his teammates He has no team-spirit at all Lao Wei, come on out To come out and die is your only choice Or you can pay us 500 bucks Maybe I’ll let you live Ye Qiu, go to hell! I am so not going to surrender I will fight you to the end! Don’t stop He’ll definitely log out once he’s out of combat Remember, he ain’t got no limits Okey dokey Think about your team They died for you You gonna be the only one standing with their blood at your feet? Shut up! You’re the one who killed them! Don’t count on them to come back and save you They don’t buy you anymore I contacted Blue Brook, they are sending their men right now Don’t you leave! I won’t leave until I finish you Well, you have to come find me first You think we attacked you for nothing? I bet you’re still in combat So it’s not that hard to guess where you are You don’t hear us walk, right? That’s because, we’re squat-walking now At your back! The heck you did that for? Just to scare him He’s right there Cancel attack Use the machine gun on him Ye Qiu Go solo with me if you’re a man! Sure, just stop there I’ll go solo with you Like I believe you! We’re about to get him Not so sure That’s a dungeon ahead That’s a dungeon for a hundred Going in there alone is like committing suicide You die in a dungeon, you don’t lose your items You probably didn’t notice, but he’s got that silver weapon Is it? How did he get one? From the Blue Rain? Probably not Probably he made it himself He’s been a gamer for so many years He can make himself a silver weapon It’s no surprise Mister, I’m afraid we can’t get to him Want to kill me? Next decade maybe Ye Qiu, you shameless freak! You can’t just do that! Do you even know what it means to have a fair play? OK Now he’s all yours Yifan Slice him Yes, sir Young man, young man I can tell you’re a nice boy If you got my item when I’m dead, can you give it back to me? OK Great! I’ll get off my gears right now You can kill me any second He’s nice, not stupid Yifan, move Let me finish him up I will never let you do so Young boy, step aside Don’t want you to be the collateral damage Yifan, you didn’t fall for that, did you? Stand behind him Cut him off Ye Qiu, you bastard! Low-rank I’m here, too OK This time’s on me You obviously outnumber me I’ll take it It doesn’t matter if we outnumber you Bluff to the last minute We had a deal This is my precious silver weapon If you got it, you have to give it back to me Sure I’ll give you everything back except for the silver weapon I’ll let you know the feeling of heartbreak Silver weapon Come on! Lao Wei You can cry me a river now Ye Qiu! You get the freak out! Who the heck is been cursing master Ye Qiu? Your daddy What? Oh, you want to call him names? Want me to join you? Go play your game

Bro Wei, what happened? They got my silver weapon The King’s Avatar 2 Check on your item box = Death Hand = Man, look at its points! That’s amazing = First Season = = Death Hand = It’s not yet LV 70 And it has no skill points attached = From Wei Chen = Bastard, give me back my silver weapon! He’s here Why in such a rush? I wanna spend more time with it What? You got plans on how to upgrade this weapon? If you ain’t gonna clock out, then you’d better hide it good Don’t die and lose it Relax By the way, got extra materials? Get out I don’t have enough for myself Why do you need all those materials? It’s just an online game You don’t need a silver weapon I can sell it for you We can split up the money You go get a dope gear that’ll blow up the game I’ll keep up-grading my silver weapon Get out of here Do you know how difficult it is to get to LV 60? This is my precious! = Silver Weapon: Death Hand = Attributes enhanced = Spell: 777 = Critical strike = Melee: 530 = Casting speed Attack Range All points on the enhancement of personal attributes This precious of yours is quite different from the one of Swoksaar What kind of weapon I use is none of your freaking business You must have been lonely, Lao Wei What the heck? I don’t understand what you’re saying Why didn’t you stay in the Blue Rain? I heard that they wanted you as a couch I’m not interested in that You want to stay on the field, don’t you? You can never feel that in an online game, right? You don’t need me to tell you about it Have you ever thought about coming back? Come back? Me? It’s not funny, master So you just gonna give up like that? Or what? Let’s do it one more time One more time? Like just now, a full-level account, with a LV 60 silver weapon, and 19 other players, but got beaten the hell out by you two LV 55? One more time like this? For what? As long as you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible You going stream-of-consciousness now? Yeah Consciousness can also determine the outcome Think about that guy on your team = Pro League Season 8 = He’s a freak I have to admit, I was wrong about him I heard it was because you lost to him, you felt too embarrassed, that’s why you decided to retire My decisions would never be interfered by such trivial things No? Lost to a slow-hand who’s considered impossible to be a pro It’s a kick in the head, I can understand The heck you understand! This kid just beat captain! Even Huang Shaotian couldn’t do it Maybe cap’s just too tired = Defeated = This It’s impossible The slow-hand won two games in a row? Did you let him win? Don’t pity him cause’ he’s the last in our camp Bring out the real game Well played Let’s go one more round I’m not gonna go easy on you this time OK I can’t underestimate him anymore I have to watch out for his tactics He might be slow in hands, but very good at using all details of the fight His mind His calculations All those give him a perfect timing to attack He casted an Exhaustion? He’s still not giving up? Unfortunately that’s it That’s okay You’ve won two rounds That’s already impressive Hexagram Prison? How could it get to me? He planned that Exhaustion! = Defeated = Thank you

And what about you? You just retired, now you wanna come back? You caused all these dramas What’s going on here? I thought about it I want to make a big scene when I leave I don’t want to be a lonely man holding a silver weapon in an online game Get the freak out of my face! So, wanna ride with me? Take you back to the good old days? How good you think I am now compared to me in the past? If we’re talking about skills and speed, you are not as half as good But your lack of morality, still impressed me Before, it was Yu Wenzhou who learned from you Now would be the contrary Now after all these years, the empire strikes back He’s gonna love this surprise Isn’t that fun? Sounds good But according to the rules, you have to take at least a year off That means it’ll be the next next season I’ll be 32 when I’m back in the Pro League You want them to call me grandpa? You 32? I didn’t expect you to be that young I thought you’re 40 something The heck! We also need some time to break in You don’t want to come back and then just lose, do you? Have you ever had the championship? Peace off! Don’t you know who’s that low-rank got the triple crown? Wait You want to come back and be the champion? Besides this, what could be more interesting? Sure That’s a great goal I’m in Now that you said yes, why don’t you come to us? Let’s make a good plan Before you come, I’ll have the Death Hand for now If you lose it, you better kill yourself before I come to finish you up = Location: H City, Happy Net Cafe = Boys in the Pro League, on your knees Daddy is now back! ♪ If you can’t see the sky with your head up ♪ ♪ Then look down and focus on where you’re heading ♪ ♪ We all know ♪ ♪ that we don’t want to bury our dreams ♪ ♪ Step back for the next take-off ♪ ♪ I know you’ve been with me ♪ ♪ All channels are reconnected ♪ ♪ I remember you said you would wait ♪ ♪ Fine melody under my fingertips ♪ ♪ Perfect performance in digital world ♪ ♪ Are you ready ♪ ♪ For big show ♪ ♪ Brand-new melody ♪ ♪ Brand-new you and me ♪ ♪ Our passion will support us to the end ♪ ♪ Light the fire in you ♪ ♪ Shine away the weakness in dark ♪ ♪ You can laugh at me ♪ ♪ You can look down on me ♪ ♪ They would only drive me further ♪ ♪ Write down our pulses ♪ ♪ Running on our Glory road ♪ ♪ All those provocations ♪ ♪ They will only firm my steps ♪ ♪ The scenery ♪ ♪ we are missing will be waiting for us at the end ♪ = On the next episode = We’re getting the team together We’re aiming for the seasons champion! All we need is to win the last round in Challenge Guess I’ll make history again Lord Grim is about to crack Blue Crystal Knight You said he announced it in the World? All guilds are here How can I rob them then? = Blue Brook, Windward Formation = Not to hurry That nasty title of yours really drives me nuts I’m not your spy! Who do you think I am? Short Plays of The King’s Avatar 2 The King’s Avatar 2

Episode 8 You decided to join us? With your history, how can I believe this is not just for the silver weapon? You just try to trick it back Wow, I can’t really answer that Where are you right now? Why don’t you come to us? Let’s plan it out I will but not right now I can’t be irresponsible like you I have to settle things down Well, I hold on to your Death Hand, then If you lose it, you better kill yourself before I do What kind of materials you have? You can share them with the team now It’s difficult to get materials nowadays I got some low-level ones from some dungeons But I don’t have those high-end ones I’m trying to get to level 50 I need three rare materials from the wild boss Three rare materials for level 50? Your weapon is a gluten I mean it’s a bit not worth it My Death Hand might be difficult to make, but I can sell it to others whenever I don’t need it Your weird piece can’t be used in any other class Unspecialized is not a promising class Yeah, for the long run But right now it’s the king Former captain of Blue Rain will join us Hope he’s steady as our current captain They are talking about silver weapon already You trash You piece of sxxt! You know nothing Got a dxxk in you head? You do My ass! These retired pros are really steady